MEDIAWATCH: TVNZs weird character assasination of Matthew Tukaki


Ummmm, what?

Exclusive: Matthew Tukaki’s job history not checked before Govt role

Checks weren’t done on Matthew Tukaki’s resume before he was appointed to a key Government role.

…when this kicked off last night, I honestly thought something horrible had happened.

If Tukaki was leading the 6pm news on a Sunday with a blindside lead story, he must have done something fucking terrible and was about to be executed live on TV .

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As the story went on, I was struggling to understand what their allegation against him was.

I think Matthew Tukaki is an incredible talent. He is smart, funny, intelligent and has been very successful as an advocate for Māori aspiration. To take a huge steaming shit on him with a malicious character assassination with very brittle thresholds for corruption like TVNZ did was an extraordinarily misdirected use of the full force of the TVNZ news department.

The only bit that looked bad was Kelvin Davis looking confused when the allegations were put to him that Tukaki had gilded the Lilly on his CV, but Kelvin looks confused any time anyone asks him anything so that shouldn’t be the deciding factor on guilt.

This TVNZ newsroom have already destroyed the career of Kamahl Santamaria, why are they attempting to destroy Matthew Tukaki? Is there a hit list of men the TVNZ news room don’t like because this honestly felt personal, it didn’t justify the tone, the exclusive claim or the allegations.

This story sailed incredibly close to defamation.

It was such a bizarre news story you imagined some weird Machiavellian ulterior motive like trying to goad new Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson into saying something in defence of Tukaki so that the TVNZ news room could also destroy their male broadcasting Minister while crying ‘All hail feminism’.

Tukaki is a talented, articulate and passionate voice not just for Māori, but for NZ. He is unabashed in his support of working class people and has always been on the side of the angels since I was fortunate enough to see him speak for the first time.

Leaders must and should be held accountable by the fourth estate, but that wasn’t what TVNZ did to Tukaki here, they smeared him and called it journalism.

Unless there is a second shoe to drop here, this was surprisingly cruel and unnecessary.

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  1. Can’t but not disagree with you here. I’ve always thought of Tukaki as a middle class Tribal Elite grifter.

    Don’t what the motivations are for the hit job – that it has gone through OneWokenews suggests a left on left smear. Maybe just maybe Grunter is sharpening his knives against the Maori Squad.

    • Using a Key-ism here. ‘Nothing to see here, move along’

      Tukaki seems to have gotten the John Campbell treatment.

      … and a Martyn Bradbury blast from the media past…..

      Join the smelly little blue dots of dirty politics.

      • Well said and good research @WWRMOTLWB….. but you really need a shorter pseudonym.

        The groundswell of Kiwi racists who don’t want a bar of co-governance and their NACT-overlords trained all their dirty politics money and filth-mongering attention on picking off a respected media journalist like John Campbell and now the articulate Maori Matthew Tukaki.

        The only political Matthew allowed on TVNZ One, will be of the Hooten variety. God help us all!

        On the subject of God, TVNZ should be questioning Luxon on his slippery, Key-like teflonic two-faced attitude to Roe vs Wade abortion debate. Luxon front-footed with a “not while I am leader of the National party in one breath, then addressed the handmaids of the Upper Church with the opposite doublethink. Do you think Simon Power would go after Luxon the same way that TVNZ went after Tukaki? Time for a Ministerial enquiry into Simon Power and his role at TVNZ?

        George Orwell coined the term doublethink (as part of the fictional language of Newspeak) in his 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.[2] In the novel, its origins within the citizenry is unclear; while it could be partly a product of Big Brother’s formal brainwashing programs,[i] the novel explicitly shows people learning doublethink and Newspeak due to peer pressure and a desire to “fit in,” or gain status within the Party—to be seen as a loyal Party Member. In the novel, for someone to even recognize—let alone mention—any contradiction within the context of the Party line is akin to blasphemy, and could subject that person to disciplinary action and the instant social disapproval of fellow Party Members.[citation needed]

        • the whole point of ‘doublethink’ is that it’s unconscious the ‘thoughtcrime’ occurs when/if you become aware of the process..

      • the hypocrisy will be lost on many here – the ones who think we have a left woke media – no, we have a woke corporate media easily lead or bought in to by a conservative meme narrative. I was told the Herald was left wing the other day – do conservatives actually have any backbone or is it all status quo, there is no alternative, reds under the bed, gangsters going to kill my baby jelly.

    • The Leftorium I think that both Tukaki and Davis have sometimes sung from a songsheet not necessarily music to non-Maori ears. Just because people occupy the same political space or share the same ethnicity doesn’t mean that they are always right or even quite what we think they are.

    • Bit naïve to think that the hit-job was left-wing? @Leftoriumand & @Frank the Tank
      This hit-job has the stench of deep-blue, dirty politics Nactorium.

      Let’s have a little side-bet that it’s more likely to be mates of Hamish Eggstein​ and Emiliano Donnrumma, , Judith, John Key and Camero-nator. It has the stench of dirty politics. Looks like dirty politics; smells like dirty politics thank God we didn’t trod in it!

  2. HR didn’t check his CV? You can’t ask for the public service to be run like the private sector and then act amazed when it actually happens.

  3. ‘People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’.
    Last night one of his own ethnicity threw a polystyrene pebble at Matthew Tutaki, and it led the news!
    For god’s sake, the world is crumbling, burning and flooding around us and TV1 choose a total non-story as its lead item when, if mentioned at all, it should have been a one-liner at the end of the bulletin.
    …Or maybe it’s all part of the the cunning plan of the new minister of broadcasting, and he is grooming Tutaki for the new RNZ/TVNZ board and TVNZ.
    Serve TVNZ right!

  4. Lol

    I had no job to go to in Australia, but I knew something about recruitment, so I rang a recruitment agent in Australia, a guy named Justin, and I put on this thick Australian accent. The one thing I knew about recruitment agents is that they all go to the pub on a Friday. So, I’m like: “G’day mate. I met you at the pub last Friday.”

    I mean, I’d never been out of the country before. I hadn’t met him at the pub on Friday. I was calling him from New Zealand before I even had my passport in my hands. He said: “Oh, yeah, yeah.” Recruiters — they love to lie. He said to me: “What job are you looking for again, Matt?” I said: “Anything in sales and business development.” He said: “I’ve got something for you.”

    A week after I landed, I had my first job interview and got my first job in business development, selling software education training. And it was magical because the insecurity I had about my financial situation was all of a sudden gone.

    Here I am, earning this magical number of $65,000, plus superannuation. When I was in New Zealand, I was on $25k per year. All of a sudden, I had this amazing job gifted to me because I used the same technique that Māori have used for a long time, which is the art of storytelling. I told a story to get myself into a job that I had no skills or qualifications to do.”

    He’s a left handed screw driver salesman from way back.

    • In fairness there would appear to be a little bit of Walter Mitty about poor old Mathew who couldn’t believe his luck when he hit the jackpot with Kelvin Davis. Processes weren’t followed and that is on Davis NOT Tukaki. Not the crime of the century admittedly however arguably now he is damaged goods and can’t hold his roles. But we know he will………

      Methinks Grunter, Parker & co just fired a shot across the bow at Willy and Mahutacorp – what will be fascinating will be their response. They talked a big game – will their feat match their words.

      All the while the WokeWorldTour by Our Glorious Leader continues with a corporate shindig at ANZ’s offices in Melbourne……..

      • Not sure it’s an organized hit from the top, more likely a taste of intertribal infighting amongst the unelected elite iwi blue bloods.

        Just a glimpse of what co governance will look like.

        Endless intertribal politics was apparently one of the main reasons Maori signed the treaty in the first place: one set of rules for all. You know, it’s actual meaning, not the made up stuff like “partnership”.

        • kca don’t carry on
          There was more to the expectations for the Treaty than you have stated so don’t try and remake it with your limited knowledge of matters in the 1800s.
          That comment on cogovernance problems and Maori infighting will, I think also, be a factor but hopefully a small one.

          I have been reading about Cambodia pre Pol-Pot, the 3 and half years of madness as he and cohorts tried to tear the country from all its past traditions and morals, and post. Not pretty. Going off on different, competing paths, perhaps a purist ideal line, would definitely not advance Maori. However they have a big streak of practicality which will arise from the people when needed I am sure.

          • “ There was more to the expectations for the Treaty than you have stated so don’t try and remake it with your limited knowledge of matters in the 1800s.”
            Which is why I didn’t say it was the only reason Greywoobla, I’m assuming you weren’t present either but it’s still a fact.

        • Oh for goodness sake, are you saying only Maori squabble and don’t agree. Have you watched parliament, have you read stories in the MSM. Have you read the many differing views on this blog ??????. This is nothing more nothing less than tall poppy syndrome, if he was a woman i would call it misogyny. His CV was checked by the ministry of health and he got the job, so it must have been correct because employers like to see a certain amount of years and jobs on this document. I wonder if all the ex. Politicians aka. “ jobs for the boys “when they are invited to join their cushy jobs on various boards. I wonder if John key had to submit a cv for all his corporate welfare jobs and what about the realtor Paula Bennett i wonder if her cv was checked.

    • lol – maybe I was a bit harsh up above but yeah – sniff of an oily rag and the woke corporate media are all over it like an undiscovered gas field – the right will want to keep him on = got all the Right Stuff. Blag your way to the top and all that.

  5. Mathew said that he yelled at a woman in the Wellington CBD who allegedly made a racist comment to him. I don’t think that middle-aged men should behave in this way, it’s bad enough when children do it. I hope he’s not involved with Oranga Tamariki.

      • Keepcalmcarryon Oh. I see he has a bro working for a Labour Minister. I expect that helps. There was a Margaret Tukaki working at WINZ in the early 2000’s. I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t a case manager; she was friendly with a former colleague who worked in policy, and it can’t have been Matthew as she was a white woman and he is not a white woman, and it is probably just a coincidence that his mother is also called Margaret and ergo this WINZ connection doesn’t seem to be mentioned in bio notes.

        I’m uncertain how apparently elitist St Pat’s, Silverstream is or was. Many Catholic parents made big financial sacrifices to get their kids an education in tune with their belief system. Formerly it was a commandment of the Church to send Catholic children to Catholic schools. That isn’t so now, but the old traditions can cling and influence, especially in families impacted by the state aid to Catholic schools controversies which were a major political issue back in the 1950’s. Nothing’s simple.

    • Indeed middle-aged men shouldn’t behave in such a way to marauding racists making racist comments to them in the street.

      A question for “The Chase”: “You’re a Maori in the streets of Wellington and some woman makes a racist remark to you. Do you a) Just ignore it, b) Get down on all fours and say “Sorrow ma’am for letting my brown skin intrude on your dominion,” and lick her shoes, or c) Say, “Fuck off ignorant bitch!” ?

      • Peter. Every day thousands of persons walk the city streets going about their business, for years in end. Stuff rarely happens, unless there’s a demo or similar event occurring.. People are too busy in their own lives to often even notice the odd busker, entrepreneurs selling their jewellery or poetry, and the religious nutter outside the bank peddling his tracts. Any shouter is best ignored. Walk on by. We don’t know her/his/ it’s/their back story – could be a complete psycho. Walk on by. Once I told a shop manager when a doorway lady was threatening passersby with her umbrella, otherwise walk on by, try not to exacerbate an already tense situation.

  6. everybody does a bit of turd polishing on their CV if the employer didn’t check references etc… that’s on the employer.

  7. If TV one want to do a hit on anybody it should be on the many religious schools whom for decades turned a blind eye to all the abuse of many boys by their teachers, the brother, preachers and priest all of the faith who got a way with it for years destroying peoples lives. And most either got of or got very light sentences for their heinous crimes. I watched the doco on Dilworth last night one of NZ richest schools and the abuse of power was disgusting and yet NZ turned a blind eye too busy locking up Maori and gangs.

    • indeed covid as well as removing tax exemptions and any form of tax payer funding from any and all religious organisations

    • Dilworth shouldn’t be just blithely dismissed as “ one of the richest schools”. Dilworth was and still is a charitable educational undertaking established to provide for orphan boys and boys sons of widows, and it is not some exclusive rich boy territory. It has an impressive academic track record. Equating Dilworth with privileged rich people is mean and shabby, that’s never what it was about. I billeted a Dilworth boy once, and he sat in his bedroom and cried.

      St Pat’s College Silverstream, however, has produced at least two old boys, Bill English and Matthew Tukaki, who’ve seemed compelled to say that they weren’t really like the other boys there, and that they were different. Oh really? It’s all part of the victimhood playbook and it is becoming boring.

  8. I thought it was a welcome change. TVNZ skipped important parts of the employment process when hiring Karmal Santamaria who “seemed” to be the right fit for their agenda so was gifted a free pass. Nek minute.

    Seems to be very similar with Matthew Tukaki who “appears” to have greatly embellished his work history. That situation would have very likely been exposed if hiring him didn’t also fit an agenda.

    How awesome would it be to have the right people in the job rather than such high priority being placed on gender and skin colour.

    • indeed TM how these appointments were made and by whom is the crux of it, those responsible should be sacked with no pension..
      until administrators are HELD responsible for their actions nothing in NZ will work.

      • gagarin,

        I think we both know the person responsible will be gifted a free pass…..unless of course a scapegoat is required.

        Speaking of not being held to account. An “expert” in Christchurch gifted an off the chart nutjob in a mental health institution a day pass recently. On the same far king day the nutjob went off the deep end and stabbed to death an innocent women walking home from work. This very strongly points to an offender who was totally unsuitable for a day pass at the exact time he was given one. Will that “expert” be held to account? Hell no. His back will be covered by the inner circle and they will avoid giving media statements citing an “ongoing investigation”….then it being “before the courts”……then because of an “appeal”….. and then the total closing down of it due to it being an “employment matter”.

        Transparency and accountability…..haha yea right.

  9. Interesting KeepCalm…..Mr Tutaki has the perfect CV for an ACT party candidate or party supporter…..

      • Thank you Nanct for bringing to my attention my spelling mistake…..A thousand apologies…..I actually prefer Tutaki so I will probably use that name as well…..All those Māori words sound the same to me…

  10. Leaders must and should be held accountable by the fourth estate, but they smear and called it journalism.

    Standard state media op

    They do this to any workers group, who try have a voice.
    Don’t think they even realise there doing it some times.

  11. Hey I’m glad we have The Daily Blog and Martyn & Co….plus the readers replies.
    I don’t always agree with everything said but the content on this site always gets me thinking.

  12. Who’s next?. We should probably just compile a hitlist now and allocate some public interest jonolistic funds for a vestigative journalist cadet to vestigate. There are C.V’s to create and careers to build.

    Jamie Tuuta maybe. So many Maaries to cut down to size in this space, going forward eh?

  13. Disgusting, even more disgusting on the TV tonight, suggesting he had overcharged and hadn’t paid back oranga tamariki.

    Hatchet job.

  14. ” they smeared him and called it journalism ”

    Yes TVNZ moved away from serious journalism and by that I mean a non biased then right wing position that they always could be relied upon to be impartial before the neo liberal corporate approach swept away what was an exceptional news service.

    I have not watched TVNZ , or the John Key politically bailed out TV3 for two years but this story is what they focus on when there is no other target in the room and despite their overt National party bias they will out of thin air run this type of story.

    Make no mistake their will be an agenda here and its like trying to light a fire in the wind they keep on trying until the fire takes hold.

    That is why I no longer watch my nations excuse for a news bulletin or infotainment current affairs and who can forget the infamous Jessica Much McKay
    and her ” I don’t think that’s fair on the National party ” remark in 2017 to Adern and Davis after they dared to criticize then then English , Maori , ACT government.

    Corporate propaganda Bomber that keeps the sleepy hobbit’s safe , secure and entertained in the shire.

    • Mosa I’m wondering if this is all a fiendish plot to entice deserters back to watching television, but I was well aware of Matthew T way back, well before he complained to Stuff that a woman made a racist comment to him in the street, allegedly, and he duly reported this woman to the media, and I thought what a sheltered life he has led, but who knows what she said to him or why, or whether this is all part another scenario altogether.

        • Mosa. Mind you, if I’d been Matthew I’d have told the police, not the media, about the alleged racist lady. She could be a nutter at risk to the public, still out there, they seem to be popping up daily and some are downright dangerous.

  15. I don’t want co-governance and Labour never mentioned it as a policy at the last election. I wish l never voted Labour last time, I won’t make that mistake again.

    However, l agree, the attack on Tukaki seemed weird, a jilted lover at tvnz perhaps?

    • Harriet Jenson. “Jilted lover”? Golly. That’s National Party territory, surely. If, as I gather, Tukaki has gotten a job with blighted Oranga Tamariki, then I’d be sort of comfortable if he had the odd catapulted lover or two. A middle aged chappie with a wife/partner with one or a few children, is likely to be more in tune with contemporary family dynamics, than someone who hasn’t experienced the pleasure and the pain of having and raising children and trying to provide for them as best one can. This is what Oranga Tamariki is meant to be about, except that here vulnerable little children start off damaged, through no fault of their own, and if that’s not bad enough, things can get even worse.

      Good luck finding a party to vote for, I’m still looking. One who wants a Commissioner for Children could be ok.

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