MEDIAWATCH: The Stuff/Spin-off merger

The Spin-Off and Stuff join forces at their new editorial office.

Buried where no one would read it was this odd announcement…

‘Gutsy values-led’ journalism sees Stuff and The Spinoff form partnership

New Zealand-owned media companies Stuff and The Spinoff have formed a partnership to help their journalism reach the widest possible audiences.

The two companies will exchange content, distributing important stories to mass and niche audiences across their sites and publications.

…great, the woke amateur media joining the woke professional media, it’s like being a middle class virtue signalling fuckwit in stereo.

Gutsy journalism? Like that time they framed a Labour Party Staffer for a sexual assault?

My guess is that NZ on Air, feeling immense pressure over the low rating middle class woke bullshit they fund, have tightened their criteria up so that only digital media with a certain audience range can get any more money now and Spin-Off and Stuff signing up to this will allow them to access these new rules they will have been quietly tipped off to.

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This merger reeks of a new way for them to both gain taxpayer funds.

A Spin-Off/Stuff merger would feel like being at a posh dinner party stuck between Toby Manhire, Duncan Grieve, Sinead Boucher and Ali Mau all arguing over who hates white heteronormative cis males the most while boasting how many miles they cycled between vegan snacks.

Note, The Working Group gets NO money from NZ on Air, yet we continually beat their legacy funded NZ on Air podcasts.

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  1. “at a posh dinner party stuck between Toby Manhire, Duncan Grieve, Sinead Boucher and Ali Mau” LOL

      • You made me laugh and you correctly identify what will result.

        Maybe when you look at that dictatorship of wokesterdom you might reflect on what gets censored here because the columnist doesn’t like what is said.

        You wont beat the tyranny of others thought by stifling free debate.

    • Pope Punctilious 11. Indeed. I am uncertain who Duncan Grieve is, and T Manhire can be a bit funny, but I doubt whether any of those persons would feature at a posh dinner party especially Sinead B.

  2. Is this the same ‘Stuff’ that publishes Sheree Trotter calling for refugee camps to be razed to the ground and the ground salted? Gutsy, value-led my ***.

  3. more subsidies for the terminally untalented children of the middle class, just par for the course with LINO

  4. Treat them and their little ‘rag’ as you would toilet paper.
    Hopefully its not as bad as the old railways ‘teflon’ toiletpaper was but, it is biodegradable and the words dont stick to your bum!

  5. Ahhhh wash your mouth out with carbolic ! … given their “unusually refined moral sensibilities” & expertise in Critical Theory Religion, our dogmatic, narcissistic & very comfortably-off Woke chums have sooo much to teach the rest of us. I, for one, certainly intend to live the rest of my life living strictly according to the instructions of ruthlessly self-interested morbidly-obese ex-boarding school girls suffering from several severe personality disorders.

    • They just need Newsroom to join up and they will have achieved the holy trinity of woke floggery.

  6. Watch out, Martyn. Morgan Godfery is going to courageously call out your racism, for not inviting him to your posh dinner party.

  7. My brichtie (we’re Scots NZ) cousin wrinkles his brow when I approve of Stuff, and then he recommends Scoop. I’m not an infant in this sphere.

  8. Theres an old rule Mark Twain coined about the press. “A man who doesn’t read the papers is ill informed. A man who reads the papers is misinformed”.

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