The hilarious irony why NZ Police might be pepper spraying children


More than 480 children and young people pepper sprayed by police

Children as young as 10 and 12 are being pepper sprayed by the New Zealand Police.

Figures obtained by Stuff reveal more than 480 tamariki and rangatahi, 17 years old and under, were sprayed between 2017 and 2021.

Māori made up the bulk of those being sprayed at 68%, followed by Pākehā at 16.8%.

Here is the hilariously irony as to why I think the NZ cops are now so trigger happy with pepper spray that they are using it on children.

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Before 2000, Police were built like brick shit houses.

There were physical minimums to being a cop, you had to be physically big to become a cop. A large physical size gave them a confidence when dealing with people and it made punters think twice before trying it on.

The physical requirements however made it difficult to recruit women and minorities into the police force so these physical size requirements were removed in favour of basic fitness levels in the early 2000s.

My theory is that the removal of those size thresholds has seen a wave of physically  smaller cops who are far less confident in dealing with situations and face far less respect from punters they are dealing with.

This in turn has seen these smaller weaker cops reach for pepper spray far more often to compensate for their lack of physical presence.

Read this…

“So the officer who used the pepper spray had no idea that the person was 10, they were as big, if not bigger than the officer themselves, and they were spitting in his face at the time when he made the decision to use pepper spray.”

…with all due respect, a 10 year old child as large as the cop isn’t the kids fault, it’s the Police force for allowing someone so small to be a cop in the first place!

Ironically the policy to lower the physical requirements to be a Police Officer so as to recruit a smaller weaker and more diverse Police have resulted in physically insecure cops who pepper spray Māori kids.

Go woke, go broke.

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  1. It seems you have forgotten how those great big coppers in their size 12 boots used to deal with little shits spitting in their faces in those good old rose-tinted days of yours, Martyn.

  2. Maybe.
    But there has also been a rise in gangs, drugs, violent crime and in the number of delinquent kids -Maori over represented.
    Like the lovely young chap with druggie gang member parents locally not old enough for prison yet( but waiting )who cops had to subdue in front if kids ,threatening and breaking windows with children in class at my kids school after forcing it to be locked down.
    Our son is adamant the cops had to draw an actual gun on him to stop him.
    Delinquent then of course isn’t locked up, parents don’t give a fuck and next week breaks in to the local dairy to steal vapes – using his head to break the glass, and calls his own ambulance which also results in his arrest.
    This is a result of government enabling and sponsoring gangs, turning out 30% of prisoners and not surprisingly watching violent crime increase 30%. And the gangs mistreat their children and breed more like the waste of space above, just biding time until he seriously injures or kill’s someone and is old enough for jail unless they let him back out too.
    I’m sure most people would prefer a 16 or 17 year old nut job was pepper sprayed to subdue them rather than risk innocent kids in a school. It’s better than tasering or shooting.
    The cops have to clean up the mess of bad social policy.

  3. Never thought of it like that before. Probably true.

    More buff cops I say, stat~!! Pay them a buff bonus~!! In all seriousness both the citizenry and the justice system need much improvement.

  4. Kerre McIvor, once said cops are recruited from the First XV. Women were just groupies that hung out in the police bar.

    As a kid I saw maori kids getting well roughed up by first 15 cops. And also a pedophile cop incident.

    More recently I saw a crazy male house owner not doing what two policewomen requested. So, they had to call their big Sargeant down to the scene to get some compliance.

    Not great but there are work arounds for a diverse police force. Just dont pepper spray kids.

  5. The merger with traffic in the late 1990’s was the start as many failed police applicants got to become police men and women. The focus also shifted away from crime fighting to writing traffic tickets which is why crime is through the roof in NZ. Many highly trained detectives walked out the door ! ️‍♀️.

    • Indeed Nick. It was John Banks’ allegedly cunning plan to deliver on a 900 extra police election promise, if memory serves.

  6. A 10 year old spitting in a cops face exemplifies maori ferals who deserve not only a face full of pepper spray, but much more as well.

    • Maori are not feral. They’re staunch. So you little tricky cunning types better watch out when they figure out you’ve been lying this whole time.. Talk about finding out what the bash looks like

    • Woolly Angus. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe everyone victimising Maori here is playing directly into the hands of the identity politics practitioners who function using divide and rule tactics, and who it very much suits to participate in the breakdown of ‘civilised ‘ society’ which we are living in now. Yep, there were always those for whom it was never very civilised, but now there are even more, and politicians are playing a reprehensible role in this, deliberately, or otherwise. Isolating Maori for social or other purposes isn’t necessarily the smartest idea either.

  7. A 10 year old spitting in a cops face exemplifies feral maoris. No wonder they get more than their fair share of spray.

    • QH. if it is true what your mate john Ansell says that there are no ‘real’ Maori anymore. Then those ferals you refer to must be pakeha or other?

    • You sure you’re on the right site, son? I come here to hear points of view, and express my own. But I’m fucked if I’d go Voltaire on your “right” to be a cunt.

  8. There’s nothing hilarious about this. In recent months neighbourhood family and friends have had crimes committed against them by kids, including car break-ins, attempted house break-ins, and burglary. The first two lots of perpetrators were returned home to their multi-childrened solo mummy by the police whereupon they went further afield, converted a car and used it to ram two separate bottle stores, and were picked up by the cops, again. Kids are naughty and small scared little coppers then spray them ? Really ? Ok, then get bigger cops back to beat them up, like in the old days ? Or defund the cops and bring in social workers to save the little shits from being sprayed ? Big social workers or little social workers ? What about a flock of mallards to turn sprinklers on them ? Would that work ?

  9. if you can’t hold your own in a fight because of size/lack of training you go for an ‘equilizer’…

    let’s be honest we pay the blue gang to deal with shit we personally don’t want to…are they cops or social workers? I know there are multitudinous and complex reasons for any situation…but faced with an armed shithead in that moment, right in front of you, right now, this moment, what would YOU do?

    and no there were no ‘good old days’

  10. One of the contributory factors in the Waitara shooting of Stephen Wallace was that the third cop on scene was a female officer and the other two just locked in the Falcon away from the action. Leaving only two to deal with a man armed with a nine iron high on meth, prior to the introduction of tasers.

  11. Good points Martyn. A sobering reminder that when diversidy becomes our north, we get lost.

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