Wow, hasn’t middle class NZ Left glee for State violence at Parliament been surprising?



I have no time for these lunatic protestors- they’re a collection of insane Facebook hate algorithms looking for a book burning – BUT economic mandates are hurting them most and they have a right to protest – even if the protest is angry and offensive, but right now Trev has thrown a temper tantrum and put out a 10 hour live stream recruitment video for every anarchist with a grudge – he’s radicalising this to a dangerous level and only extreme police violence will remove them BECAUSE OF HIS ACTIONS!

This is the Speaker of the House playing petty dictator psychological games with a mob he is inflaming – WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE ADULTS?

Why is this moron with anger management issues still allowed to start a riot???

Jesus wept – when will he start playing screaming rabbits on loop! This is bordering on psychological torture now – why the fuck is the tantrum throwing man child with a long history of anger management issues still being allowed to keep provoking things?

The question every Labour Party apologist defending Trev’s insanity on Twitter must ask themselves is this – what level of Police violence do you support to force these lunatics he’s radicalised off the lawn?

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Watching Woke Twitter cheer his provocation and senseless radicalization of this is jaw dropping!

Remember – on NZ Tribal Left Twitter – IT IS NEVER TREV’S FAULT!

Trev could order the Police to taser children and set dogs on old people right now and NZ Tribal Left Twitter would blame the protestors for having children and knowing old people!

I never thought I’d ever get to the stage in NZ politics where I was holding back the Left from calling on the the State to smash their fellow citizen – I always thought that was a threat from the Right!

If you are on the Left and see no issues with what Trev’s actions are creating, you are part of the problem!

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  1. Be interesting to know what Ardern is doing right now. Some would say she is packing her bags for a last trip in the limelight

    Some would say she is an incoherent mess and not able to gain her composure to deal with the problem as a leader should.

    If this protest turns sour, will Harvard still want her to lecture them? Will Biden be an incoherent mess by May? Will two incoherent messes make sense of anything?

    Where is Ardern? Will she be at work today? Is she working on her Harvard speech and seeing how many times the “comrade” reference can be included in said speech?

    I think the left really needs to question the Ardern leadership and her control over the bovver boy.

    • Any minute now, Jacinda is doomed, is all the hope that encompass the National Party’s right to rule. The epitome of failing upwards.

      • Sam the National Party are failing too, this is not helping their cause. This protest has brought about just as much anti-National feeling from voters on the right as anti-Labour feeling from those on the left. The there are people like myself who do not identify as left, centre or right, who think the entire lot need to be gone and a clean slate set. Mallard is the epitome of career politician, with all the arrogance and disconect that implies. If a new political party forms out of the protest camp there are many of us (myslef definetly included) who will probably vote for them. These are the people who are standing up for NZ, against the career politicians.

        • because in real terms on most issues you can’t slip a ciggy paper between the nats and lab….labour just employ slightly better spin doctors and use the word ’empathy’ a bit more.

          if the usual suspects get their dream and the nats win….no real change..then you will feel the disappointment I feel at jacinda
          ….welcome to nationals austerity

          • Personally I’d be surprised if National win the next election, and very disappointed. They are far too much like Labour, and there is a popular tide turning against our traditional political parties and their simplistic virtue signaling. I just hope the long time tribal-Labour and tribal-National voters will actually think next time around instead of just ticking the same box as every other election of their lives. I’ve voted Green twice (not recently), but apart from that I think I’ve voted different party every election and I jsut don’t understand the tribal voters. I know one lady who was raised on a South Island dairy farm who is proud her family have voted National every election since the party was formed. Insane, and brainless.

    • Jacinda is on ‘ Morning Report’ at last, at last, at last, expressing concern for the children subjected to the speaker’s petty and damaging bullying. Good to see that Jacinda is still concerned about children after all.

      Jacinda is on ‘ Morning Report’ saying government isn’t attempting to speak with the protestors because they don’t seem to her to be the sort of people who would want to speak, so government won’t even try to.

      Jacinda is saying Go home people, Go home, You really don’t want to to talk so go home, take your children with you. Think of the Children like I do because I am the biggest virtue signaller of them all when I am out of my depth; Go home because this government doesn’t do different, we’re only programmed to do same old.

      • taking yor kids on a demo purely as a tactic, is bullshit, forcing them to live in a cold wet field because you are just cruel, leave ’em at home with nan but no they’re used as sympathy bargaining chips (yes lefties do it to) and it’s just crass stand there going ‘wahhhaaaaa whaaaaaa whaaaaaahh think of my kids’
        you put them in danger guys YOU PUT THEM IN DANGER DELIBERATLY TO TRY TO GARNER SYMPATHY..nothing more.

        • Gagarin yes, it would have been been better had the kiddies not been there, but once they were there, then Mallard should have been cognisant of that fact before he turned the sprinklers on on an already cold wet rainy windy night. Blasting them all with loud pop music, was shocking. Bit rich for Ardern to now lecture protestors about thinking of the children – many may know and care more about children than she or anybody in government does.

          • they took the kids specifically to try to limited the options used against them, using their own children as human shields… slime

        • And taking your child to the UN to be paraded around the world is ok I guess?

          Ah those were the times, Jacinda was adored both here and overseas. Just like Obama she hadn’t actually done anything but it’s the optics that count. Now she’s loathed at home, and rediculed abroad.

          • let me think now bg ….UN ?


            much chance of violence? well no not really

            exposure to various ‘interesting diseases’ not likely

            ‘naughty words’ sullying there ‘shell likes’ can’t see that

            so yeah trip to the UN very different risking exposing ‘gods little angels’ to all the above

        • /agreed!
          I really is sick shit.
          Last week some of the protesters sent their kids around to Oriental Bay (6,7,8 year old) by themselves) to go swimming. They had no idea the area they were about to jump into was really shallow and they’d have busted their heads on the rocks.
          So much for coming down to Wellington from Levin to spend some quality toim with them. Said kids DEFINITELY did not want to be at the protest and would have preferred to be in Levin – at school even!

  2. Trevor is not the problem. The problems are the measures used to combat this crisis,chief among them – mandates – that have cost workers their jobs. Secondary is the division and discrimination of the former team of five million.

    We allow any of this stand, then we enable a world of hurt to fall upon “all” of us thereafter. This is just the start. We allow the corridors of power, one tool, two tools, several tools to help them push policy over us…then you all know what that leads to!

      • Care to compare what other countries have done? Nz has followed suit mostly, and we’ve done very well to prevent multiple deaths

        • We havent had a covid wave yet. If we want a normal life, we will need a covid wave.

          Then the deaths will come.

          All you can do is protect yourself and forget about if your neighbour has had 4 or 5 shots. They can still pass it on. It is up to you how healthy you are.

          If you discriminate you are on the wrong side of history, always

        • Morning Daryl, I think it’s really too early to state that the policies implemented in NZ have saved multiple lives – there are many studies emerging clearly showing that we may have just reallocated death from the old and sick towards those with preventable illnesses if the latter are caught early which of course they weren’t as all the hospitals were in lockdown. Then there’s the tsunami of mental health issues still to deal with let alone the harm we have done and control do to our children.

          As for comparisons, yes many other western countries followed similar approaches however outside of Victoria in Oz and China I am not aware of any other countries taking such a hardline approach to their citizens.

          It would be great to see Labour acknowledge the hurt and suffering across NZ by sharing their view of a pathway forward out of lockdowns, mandates and what have you.

          We can’t and won’t live like this forever although I think there are many who have become addicted to the power the pandemic has afforded them.

          Will mandates be required once Omicron has ripped through NZ? I’d say no as what purpose would they serve? So what’s next and when?

          Imagine if you can, Jacinda addressing the concerns of many not just those protesting by clearly stating that once we have reached an agreed point NZ will begin the process of dismantling all of these punitive restrictions (here’s a comparison) like so many other nations are now doing?

          The protest would end, there and then.

          It won’t happen though as there is no plan and never has been other than to lock us all up.

          The world has accepted COVID and is living with it. We all need to do the same.

          • The hospitals were not all in lockdown. Globally you can just as easily point out the numerous examples ( think USA) of people being prevented care for other illness because the hospitals were full of stubborn individuals who had a good chance of not being in hospital…. if they got bloody vaccinated.

          • “The world has accepted COVID and is living with it. We all need to do the same.”

            Lols. The world had acceptance of Covid forced upon it, no choice in the matter.

            Often poor decision making in otherwise well resourced nations has resulted in millions of avoidable deaths. Not so NZ.
            New Zealand has thus far arguably performed better at protecting its citizens and systems from death and disruption than any other developed nation. It is a success story already. Celebrate it.

            NZ is not facing an epidemic of the same disease strains that have earlier ripped across the planet. We have already prevented that. The past two years we have enjoyed a level of relatively anxiety free freedom which has been the envy of the world.

            The situation remains unstable. Although the probability that we have seen the worst of the corona trains is reasonable it is not a certainty and things can change rapidly, note that Omicron has only been known for 3 and a half months.

            The infants screaming at parliament this week don’t know how lucky they are.

      • Yeti agreed Labour created this mess, but with support from all other parties. There needs to be a massive soul searching amongst these 120 MPs…. or better still, a political purge where all 120 of them go back to working in the real world where their income is determined by value.

        This is the perfect Allegory for NZ Government: Mallard comes up with a great idea, wash the trash away! Practical people in the crowd have the problem fixed in 5 minutes. This sums up Govt, an inept, incompetent arrogant bunch of ideologues who cannot achieve anything without highly paid consultation groups etc, imposing their ideas on to the practical people who would have come up with a much better scheme in 5 minutes and probably have the job done in half the time the politicians took to even make a decision.

      • Labour are merely following orders (from their capitalist rulers). National would do the same, but of course, with a bit more sympathy towards the upper middle class and above and a lot less sympathy to those below.

    • Mandates are protecting our children and sick by keeping unvaccinated people from looking after them .I know I know they can still be infectious and pass it on but I believe it will be a milder form…
      The mandates have given us a chance to sort out some of the bad apples that put themselves before others and could have past this selfish attitude on to our children .Society will be better in the long run with these teachers gone.

      • Children don’t need protecting. They have less chance of dying from Covid than they do from the flu. And the sick, the sick shouldn’t be at school, especially in this age of super safety. And the mandates aren’t meant to sought people out, nonetheless, I think you are giving the game away in regards to their true purpose!

      • This is the saddest, most deluded thing I have read for a long time. I am an organic farmer with a long time aversion to Monsanto. They were the quintessential evil megacorporate, fraudulently falsifying health data to make their products appear safe, manipulating the decision making by putting their people into key regulatory roles in US FDA, USDA, EPA and other similar roles. After passing GE-friendly legislation they revolved back into higher paying jobs with the biotech companies. Monsanto also destroyed the reputations and livelihoods of any scientist who dared to stand up against them.
        Pfizer is the medical equivalent of Monsanto, an unethical huge corporate holding the pleasant record for the biggest medical fraud fine in US history. They habitually lie and falsify their records. They developed this mRNA vaccine in record time encouraged by Trump, and bypassed the safety testing that would normally take at least a decade. Yet the entire world suddenly believed that they had produced the safest, more effective vaccine in the history of the world… based entirely on their own fast-tracked safety data. WTF is wrong with NZ??? These guys are an evil corporate, when did the Left suddenly become the fan club for huge unethical medical corporates? The sad reality is these vaccines are neither safe nor effective, as can easily be seen by anyone who looks at the international evidence from hihgly vaccinated countries. In the UK for instance currently fully vaccinated people have 200% chance of catching covid compared to unvaccinated.

    • Its either mandate or thousand will die just like many other countries who still have thousands dying daily.
      Now the tools our government has used have been both necessary and effective other wise we would have a lot more than 53 deaths by now. And one death is one too many and then there is the social and economic impact for many whanau.

  3. Jacinda has a serious credibility problem here. She appointed Mallard as speaker of the house so he becomes her problem. Her famous all-inclusive team of 5 million is not so inclusive, is it? She has cast these people out of the team. Her kindness is long gone…nobody believes her kindness. Be interesting to see how she will spin her way of of this.

    • Ae. Day 8: Still there and still singing!
      Jacinda has fallen down the conspiracy wabbit hole! Blaming Hitler and the nazis and some mythical terrorist mob.

      This isn’t gonna end well for her and her government.

    • Judging by the ridiculously high vaccination rates it’s a hell of a lot closer to a team of 5 million (on the issue for COVID) than not.

      • Wheel
        of course it is, that why i said ‘all-inclusive’…that’s how Jacinda sold the whole thing to us back in the days before vaccination. But now it’s not so all-inclusive

  4. The irony of course is the speaker could set dogs on the protesters and the PM wouldn’t do a thing. Let’s face it there hasn’t been a larger disgrace in NZ politics than Mallard’s last 2 years.

    As for the PM – spare a thought shall we. The crafted narrative is coming crumbling down. When the peasants realize there is NOTHING left in reserve for the impending economic crisis then the parliamentary protest will be small fry. In the interim poor man’s Gordon Brown is playing checkers on a chess board unaware the tide has turned.

    • Beg to differ, Frank, but Mallard’s last two years, are the lesser disgrace compared to National’s dirty politics chronicled by Nicky Hager. Mallard’s idiocy has been more public, played from a balcony, like Shakespeare gone horribly horribly wrong, the Nat’s operate more at gutter level, Greens and Maori a self-preening circus. There’s no-one home down in Parliament.

      • So to use an analogy – Mallard is a 2yr old flinging shit around the playroom whereas Key’s National was the Head Prefect smoking joints in the garage when the parents are out.

        I have to say I very much like that.

        Oh and I agree with your last sentence

  5. I personally always thought the left was more authoritarian. The death count globally from left wing governments against their own citizens outstrips the right by a factor of 10.

    But it’s good to see Bomber wake up and smell the roses. He is on the side of the dictators and discrimination (medical apartheid)

    • I don’t think you can call Stalin & his purges as being “left”, they were evil.

      The right or capitalism is also authoritarian, just replace government with employer dictating to employees.

      I know low paid workers who can’t move jobs because of restraint of trade. So they can’t change employers with in the same industry

    • glen nice to see a rightard using a modifier when they use ‘apartheid’ it doesn’t work but nice try…now tell us about iosip vissarionovich aderns ‘holocaust’

      • If history repeats we have about 4 – 6 years before ostracization turns to rounding up and imprisoning/enslaving and killing.

        The timeframes are the same, be it for Communist Russia, Nazi Germany or even Maoist China

        • yup history repeats
          1st as tragedy
          then as farce

          and that’s what we see outside parliament a farcical mob of assorted nutbars….ironically a composition similar to the original nazis…alternative health nutters, belivers in magical thinking and conspiracies, religious maniacs and the slow witted.

          actually maybe you have a point glen history is repeating itself out on the lawn.

      • Also, the definition of Apartheid for you here. As you will see, it applies perfectly when taking the 2nd and 3rd meaning. The first meaning is exclusively for SA.

        ə-pärt′hīt″, -hāt″
        1. An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites.
        2. A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.
        3. The condition of being separated from others; segregation.

        • yes but it’s a specifically afrikaans word isn’t it glen…so can we please go with the actual policy you claim to be suffering under…because let’s face it your suggestion was that your minor inconveniences could be equated with the victims of SAs racist system…if you meant ‘segregation’ why use the more charged term…answer cheap rhetorical histrionics.

          You’re just ‘victim signaling’ the rightard version of ‘virtue signaling’ trying to dramatise your position by comparing it to something it’s not remotely comparable to.

      • strictly speaking ‘separate development’ was the fig leaf racist south africa used but in practice…discrimination based on skin colour, a feature that isn’t changeble, being unvaxxed is a CHOICE not an IMMUTABLE FACT therefore you have a choice the fact that you make the choice you do is down to you not an accident of parenthood which you have no choice….the choice is in your hands…people living under apartheid had no choice.

        • Mugger puts a gun to you head and demands your wallet, you have a choice to hand it over. And any Wellingtonians disgruntled with the protestors have the choice to move.

  6. I heard the PM on the Nat radio this morning going on about the kids at the protest.
    Ah the PM the minister of child poverty, the woman who got into politics because of child poverty, the woman who has done next to nothing about child poverty. Dear me worried about the kids at the protest.
    The woman is a sham.

    I have no problem with those outside parliament. Many of them simply disaffected Kiwis on a range of things. let them be they will leave eventually. Sure tow away their vehicles.

    Having demonstrated literally hundreds of times in my life I am absolutely in support of that right. It is anti the mandate as it should be, not as Ardern has tried to turn it into anti vax.

  7. So. Would that poll be considered hate speech? Who is going to report that person for it?

    This great! The left are all gonna get locked up for spewing their hate for a group of protesters! How fuckn ridiculously funny! These called left have turned into the very same group of haters that they’re scared of!
    Or I should say, that they have been trying to set up.

    • and that’s different from nats and evangelicals exactly how, jeremy?

      trust me if the religious nutters and crystal karens get power then you will know about your choices being restricted….

      close all ERs and open homeopathic trauma centers is the way to go—-HUZZAH..covid licked in a week

      • Not that I’m aware of.
        I have never thought I know more than than the next man but that doesn’t prohibit me from from having an opinion.

  8. Wow! There are some excellent comments in this thread.

    Since elected Ardern and Labour has been nothing but poison to our society. So far she’s attacked:

    >Farmers for being “dirty dairy” when they’re the economic mainstay of the country
    >Fuel companies for putting the price of petrol up when it was she who increased taxes
    >Landlords for providing a service, when it was she who has driven up the price of rentals
    >Supermarkets for being a duopoly when it was her lockdown rules that gifted them that
    >OK Boomers for daring to exist
    >Tradies and farmers because they dare to drive diesel powered work vehicles (not that she has an alternative. Under 6% of government vehicles are EVs)
    >White people in general because apparently everything in history is somehow our fault
    >People who refuse to be vaccinated, forcing them out of jobs and public places despite having previously promised to end restrictions once we reached 90%
    >Kiwis overseas who have a right of return under the Human Rights Act

    At what point will you all wake up and stop supporting Team Red? As someone quite correctly pointed out further up in the comments, the Left has a 100 years of blood on its hands so this sort of behaviour is somewhat typical.

  9. Yes Martyn. The latte middle class are showing their true colours.
    They’re everyday run of the mill bigots, and racists with some crazy conspiratorial ideas of Nazism and Hitler followers. Who wouldn’t thought!

    She’s gonna blow! Jancinda is doubling down and I reckon she’s gonna outsmart Count Ducko Mallardo!

    She will get the cops to go in hard!

    Funny, where’s the kindness? Where’s the team of five million?
    Where’s, ‘I feel your pain?’
    Probably all in the same place as her integrity. In the wharepuku!!

    • Oh! And anyone who supports the right to protest is right wing! Because the latte lefties says so!
      What a bunch of wankas!

  10. Agree Martyn, when this started, I had little time for the antivaxxers on the basis their choices risked others lives although I agreed with their right not to be vaxxed. Then we saw what was happening to real people and its effects, intended and unintended.

    Omicron came and we saw that the fundamentals changed but the government kept bringing out more and more hare brained systems of phases, levels and traffic lights. No-one really gets it anymore and the government has gone full on propaganda with Ardern saying the protesters have imported their ideas or backing and by insinuation, arent really NZers.

    Child endangerment etc – anything except genuinely engage or consider the morality of what is happening. Like Verall and Poto before him, Mallard is lined up to take the heat whilst Ardern who is in charge of this CF, keeps her hands clean.

    I’ll say it again – This is not a labour government, it has various agendas, many unstated but they have nothing to do with socialist democracy and everything to do with imposing its agenda on NZ to the detriment of our society and its people.

    Worth noting, due to recent money laundering laws, DIA registers all payments of a certain level coming in from offshore so if it is really true that this ‘uprising’ is being funded by shadowy forces offshore then they should be able to find the evidence to back up their claims. Counterspin? sharing a free speech platform with Alex Jones does not a conspiracy make.

    • Zombi unreasonable about the government and Omicron. Sitting on the fence watching the herd mill round making wisecracks as to how we should all be handled is your strong point perhaps. God help us if we need real strength of mind and commitment in NZ.

      We have to think our way out of things more and not just sit on the sidelines criticising government. We need changes to gummint definitely, perhaps starting with limited terms, say 3×3. No lifetime sinecures, growing fat on the job. Let them fix themselves up with an outside job while they are still reasonably young.

      As for the moral on the wall – I like Lord Rutherford’s approach, both of these are good –
      “Gentlemen, we have run out of money. It’s time to start thinking.”
      “We haven’t got the money, so we’ll have to think”
      ― Ernest Rutherford

    • Agree Zombi.
      Jacinda Ardern is wheeling out her propaganda machine.
      Denigrating the protesters inferring they are not New Zealanders reference to money coming from off shore.Her divide and rule tactic at full speed.
      Divert attention from the fact there really is a protest going on.
      Looking for sympathy inferring the protesters are bad parents.

  11. “She will get the cops to go in hard!”

    The cops will do what the cops are going to do. Rest assured Jacinda will be distancing herself from any and all decisions that can be spun as ‘operational matters’ Even the in-secret chinese whispers between politicians and senior public servants aren’t going to work this time.
    I’d take bets on who it will be that gets thrown under the bus, but I’m not into gambling (It’s moi roit).

  12. Dont be silly. Hate speech is whatever the Govt says it is and pesky things like Noise abatement laws and sprinkler bans dont apply when they occur on government land. Some animals are more equal and all that.

  13. Jacinda should be dealing with Trev behind closed doors but she won’t. Not her job. Her interview on the AM show was a show in itself. She talked all over Mel with her usual smooth banter, not answering questions properly and not letting the interviewer get a word in. Many will see this as Jacinda’s strength but I see it as another example of her lack of leadership and lack of a backbone when dealing with her ministers. When you analyse Trevs actions they have been verging on psychotic but no, this is not Jacinda’s area. Whatever happens this is Labour’s show and good luck to them.

    • NW if you go back and watch the interview again it’s the presenter talking over jacinda who was being as evasive as usual….so no need to over-egg the pudding.

      • G. Not the way I saw it. Mel interrupted after JA not answering her questions ( in my opinion) and cleverly had gone off on another tangent. An example of not satisfactorily answering a question would Mel saying it was a difficult process to apply for the RAT’s. jacinda simply said it wasn’t. It is. Jacinda was evasive and has no trouble calling black white. Maybe I see what I want to see, you certainly do.

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