Trevor Mallard’s dangerous gamble: Thursday Stupid Thursday



I don’t like Trevor Mallard.

I respect him.

But I don’t like him.

Every time we’ve met, he’s been a smug condescending prick and I see no chance of him ever changing.

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But I respect him.

I believe he’s passionate about due process. I believe he’s been one of the best Speakers (YES HE IS!) but I also think he’s an unlikeable prick with a terrible short man syndrome that has left him with two chips on both shoulders and a breath taking capacity to ‘go there’ physically at the drop of a hat.

There’s no threat Trev can’t overkill.

And that leads me to today’s fucking fiasco on the lawns of NZ Parliament.

Trevor Mallard has today helped recruit more people to radicalism than Qanon could have ever have thought possible.

Is Trevor Q?

Let me be clear.

These feral lunatics with their crazy hodge-podge cavalcade of grievances must never be allowed to breach the threshold of Parliament.

No protestor can.

That is hallowed ground, and the State has a fierce responsibility to protect its seat of power for the sake of our Democracy.

I applauded the Police on Wednesday for their professionalism and calm courage to weather the storm some elements within the movement attempted by breaking through the Police line to get inside Parliament.

That line must hold and it held.


These people have the right to protest, but we can’t allow Parliament to be stopped.

By the end of Wednesday, the factions within this ‘movement’ were already turning on each other with various groups criticising other faction leaders.

They hadn’t been able to use their numbers to seriously threaten the Realm of Aotearoa.

That all changed Thursday morning when Trev had a spurt of blood to the head, and got all grumpy protector bear and ordered the State to clear the lawn…

…Let’s be very fucking clear.

He didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that!

Remember the Occupation movement? Remember they occupied Parliament grounds from 15 October 2011 till 31 January 2012, so let’s not pretend this isn’t politically motivated.

Police trying to force these clowns off Parliament grounds is a public relations nightmare – all Trevor Mallard is doing is recruiting more raging protestors!

‘Respect my authority’ isn’t a justification for using Cops on protestors like this!

It is unacceptable that Police were given tasers during a protest!

Today the Police acted as professionally as they could, but they should never have been put in this position by the Speaker in the first place.

Watching the mental gymnastics so many NZ woke on Twitter are using to justify Police arresting protestors is a level of intellectual flexibility that is as impressive as it is hypocritical.

Tolerate these clowns, that’s what a strong liberal progressive democracy can do. Sure. stop them from entering Parliament, but allow them to have their say, as demented as it is, and they would have faded away.

Or at least diminished in size to the point they could be removed quietly and with some decorum rather than create a propaganda coup for the fringes!

They were already on the verge of imploding under the weight of their own political contradictions, Trev gave them a common enemy and martyred them in the eyes of their global allies.

Today was a very dangerous stunt by Trevor for nothing more than a short angry man power play and it has all the potential to cause the next Convoy to arrive looking for a fight.

I feel that Trev at this stage of his punch drunk political life is a bit like Worf from Star Trek Next Generation.

Every time Captain Picard asks ‘what should we do’, Worf’s immediate response is ‘Open fire and kill them all’.




We get it Worf: warrior, grrrr, fight, bash, vague Valhalla cultural references.

Likewise Trev, as soon as he’s threatened, doubles down and authorises overkill.

Perhaps when the next convoy he’s inspired turns up, we don’t play this needless brinkmanship?

Let’s also remember that Policing has thankfully come a lot further than this…

…Right now Trevor Mallard just built this rebellion into something far larger.

Thursday Stupid Thursday!

As for the 120+ protestors arrested, these wild, free, exuberantly ignorant protestors?

What of them?

People pushed to the extremes because mandates impact them economically the most cruelly?

What of them?

Why they tasted the Jackboot of the State .

And they will never forgive or forget that.

Today made no one safer. It seeded something worse.

Can the rageaholic Speaker not be in charge of decisions that might have terrifying ramifications in the future?

Who woulda thunk forcing these people off the lawn would cause such a huge propaganda win for them?

Labour – can’t build houses, can’t raise welfare, can’t help renters & can’t implement a Capital Gains Tax – BUT CAN radicalise the fringes into political violence!

Naked Female protestor dragged out and arrested by Police

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  1. Protestor “you shouldn’t be so judgemental of people”

    Arrogant Nazi cop “Why!!!”

    These Mallard brownshirts show their true colours.

    • No Biggy. Completely unacceptable comments from a police officer who should face disciplinary action for them. His job is to enforce the law, and the judiciary do the judging, that’s why we have separation of powers

      .I expect Commissioner Coster to disassociate himself from this blockhead’s vile comments, which may not be true, or relevant. I’d like to see the copper substantiate his comments in a court of law, and join the ranks of the unemployed himself, he’s not fit for modern law enforcement duties, and is patently stupid.

      The only obvious relevance his unwashed comment has is in relation to his own mouth which his mama should have scrubbed out with sand soap years ago, standard practice in the olden days where he belongs.

  2. OK Martin, so I’m guessing you’re at least average height, so think its fine to make multiple references to the lazy trope of “short man syndrome”. Thanks for that insightful observation.

    • yeah I didn’t know Trev was a shortarse either. Explains a lot.
      But then so was Muldoon, Helen Clarke ,and Winston and Kelvin Davis,and so is Jacinda.
      What’s a vertically challenged woman called?
      Do you they have a syndrome is it really relevant???

    • John Edmondson – Short man syndrome most definitely exists. Should you ever transgender like so many politicians keep warbling on about, beware them, they’re all compensating for something – or else their brains stayed too short too.

      As a rather short women I’ve been targeted by them in a way non-vertically challenged ladies are not. Tall men tend to be pleasanter, and more civilised and protective, the shorties are the angries, and a surprising number of current and former male politicians are too short; some like Napoleon succeed brilliantly, but our lot may be genetically challenged there.

  3. What about the kids who are struggling to get in and out of school? Or the people living in the area having their life’s disrupted, or the pedestrians have verbal abuse or at times even facing physical abuse for following the rules put in place to stop us all from falling dangerously ill?

    Do these sound like good morally sound people to you? I’m all for protesting when the cause is against something that is clearly wrong, but most of these people are entitled narcissists throwing a fit because their privileges got taken away, and it’s really easy for them to get those privileges back.

    Also what about the vaccine hesitant, who have been taking videos of disabled people with neurological disorders being exploited and used to fear monger and spread lies to people. Not very decent if you ask me.

    • “I’m all for protesting when the cause is against something that is clearly wrong”
      So people can only protest if you think it is clearly wrong? Can you not see the problem there?
      Protesting is a right for all not just for what some people think is clearly wrong.

      • No Biggy, I hear what you’re saying but the “real” protesters of anti mandate weren’t at the head of the queue. They were squeezed to the back.
        It is clearly wrong to protest freedoms whilst denying others freedoms.
        I’d go as far to say that the real protesters are activists not mob anarchists.

        • Gosh that’s so stupid.
          Bert I think you should do the decent thing and stop commenting.
          For your own sake and the credibility of this site.
          I think you mean well.

        • I’m with you Bert. It seems to be the ultimate hypocrisy to deny others their freedom so you can have yours. Protest in a way so not to overly affect others. It’s like anti vax people wanting their freedom but putting their own families at risk to have it. It’s like the minority trying to take down the Capitol in the States. I’ll take your freedom so I can have mine. Doesn’t sound right to me.

      • A right for A Biggy Day Out!? And at the country’s expense and possibly creating a super-spreader of Covid.

  4. This is like getting inside the head of an unhinged person. Scared out of their wits, making mountains out of molehills, seeing things that are just not there. Insightful.

    Otherwise the problem is simple. Number one problem is jobs, that’s the same old problem, over and over. Mandates threaten jobs, this is the glue that has brought everyone together.

      • Then give me the peer-reviewed, independent of manufacturer, safety data, Shona. Allay the chief concern of the AV crowd, a concern that they have for everyone and not just themselves, btw. Safety – where’s the actual data. I won’t hold my breath.

        And in the meantime, you are yet another person happy to see government punish people for not following government action. What has the wold come to, that people have become so callous towards other people. The ruling class are salivating over this turn of events.

        • “Then give me the peer-reviewed, independent of manufacturer, safety data”, err, that would be institutions such as the WHO and the CDC.

          You’re welcome.

        • AO you probably could have all of that for the AZ vaccine. If they filed in EU I am pretty sure the EMA publish the data that supports the submission. Even US commentators who are completely pissed off with the data sharing situation in the US accept that given the millions and millions of doses of Pfizer’s vax issued it is abundantly clear that it is statistically safe.

          • Still no safety profile, no wonder there’s no independent, expert analysis. So, what do we hare here – finger pointing and assumptions. No wonder there is such a thing as an anti-vaxxer when a simple safety request has gone unheeded.

        • No they don’t, they are living underground in their rabbit holes and they are selfish people who only think of themselves. DO NOT BLAME ANYONE FOR THIS CHARADE. This is a super spreader in more ways than one. They arrogantly strut around without masks, without vaccination they spread their covid germs and their vile violent thoughts on placards for all to see. They threaten the innocent with their children in tow, SO DO NOT BLAME ANYONE ELSE, THEY HAVE THEMSELVES TO BLAME.

    • vax mandates don’t threaten any jobs, anti vax numpties resign from their jobs.
      …just like drunken forklift driver does

  5. Let’s blame the government for the way they handled covid. Let’s blame Mallard. Let’s blame the police for not dealing with routine work in the Wellington region. Let’s not focus on miscreants, the malevolent, misfits, mongrels and the moronic. Let’s not delude ourselves about the manic mixture.
    Mallard’s moves rousing and uniting them as much as they would’ve been turned on by seeing us reach 10,000 covid deaths so they could blame Ardern?

  6. I’m vaxxed, but anti mandate. After todays shit show I’m leaving for Wellington tomorrow.

    Easy for the left to mock but just wait till the govt changes and a climate protest gets the same treatment from a Nat govt. It’s now a case of standing up for the right to protest.

    • And I expect you won’t be alone. I know of two bus loads heading down tomorrow with no doubt hundreds more from around the country. Tomorrow and this weekend will be wild, hopefully everyone can stay respectful.

      • ..and COVID will spread unabated in Wellington and when/if they return home, they will take it with them. Basically, a motely, whining, selfish, treasonous little nongs will ensure NZ enjoys COVID like the rest of the world. Fortunately for them, I remain offshore… take that however you wish.

    • Thank you Criklewood. I would be there with my family if i could, but my wife is pregnant and could pop at any moment.

      I’d love to contribute in some way though

  7. Perhaps Labour are hoping to incite them? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they wanted to push all their buttons so they look like a kiwi version of Jan 6. Perhaps the protesters are just mad they can’t get on the slide.

    I agree with everything you said apart from Trevor being one of the best speakers.

    This doesn’t bode well for us on the left for when we protest. We’re normalizing shutting down protests, a lot of these people are anti passport not anti vax and Trevor is just recruitment drive for them.

    I’m about to get my booster but they don’t look feral to me the cops look feral. A lot of people will be looking at this and being angry at the cops and the govt not the protesters.

    • oh you mean like they haven’t been suppressing the left since the year dot….

      imagine a neo-lib rightist world if they win…if you have kids start sweating now.

  8. Trevor Mallard decided to use force to suppress the protesters, but Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins led the way with their vaccine mandates which have left thousands of good people and their families jobless, homeless and hungry. Is the policy of starvation into submission, first practiced in Afghanistan and now right here in Aotearoa, the colonial regime’s idea of kindness? Is it any kinder than a gun to the head? I can’t see it. Our people are right to rebel.

    • Poor Geoff Fischer – thought there would never be an End to the Golden Weather, a play set in NZ but shit happens. Like climate change coming with golden weather to burn, and temps in the 40 degree centigrade. NZ was never that good anyway as the abuse commission shows. The play was aboit troubles here in godzone. Covid is just another cross to bear, but this time the government has actually pulled finger, protecting people, not totally money first. Naturally they haven’t got it really right which will be partly due to demands on staffing and some workers with poor attitudes.

      This play was famous in its time.
      The End of the Golden Weather is a play by Bruce Mason about a boy’s loss of innocence in Depression-era New Zealand. It …was made into an award-winning feature film directed by Ian Mune in 1991. Wikipedia

      • Greywarbler wrote: “the government has actually pulled finger, protecting people, not totally money first”.
        Millions of New Zealanders don’t think so. They see billions going to support business, including Australian banks, Chinese dairy companies and US forest owners, while the careers of their brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins careers are destroyed because they chose not to trust the vaccine or submit to government mandates. They see the net worth of the wealthiest section of the community increasing dramatically through the government’s Covid policies, while the condition of the New Zealand working class becomes more desperate by the day. Meanwhile Covid is poised to rip through the community due to the state’s dereliction of its duty to protect the public health.
        I don’t know about an end to the golden weather and I fail to see how it is relevant but I do know that our people’s tolerance of the regime is stretched to breaking point.

      • Greywarbler Yes, “ End of the Golden Weather “, was outstanding, I’ve been trying to get another copy, mine went in one of my shifts. It was recognised internationally, and when it was performed at the Edinburgh Festival, in the 70’s I think, the audience laughed at the depiction of a New Zealand Christmas in that so-called golden weather, with picnics on beaches, instead of the cosy bonding togetherness of the winter Christmases of the northern hemisphere. Mason was fortunate in having the support of a good wife, Diana, and the glorious freedom to write.

        The good wives are also we who kept the show on the road and kept up appearances living in abusive families , and I don’t understand why this government entrusted addressing family and sexual violence to someone who may be regarded as a political dilettante burdened with her own prejudices, and perhaps handicapped by thinking that one size fits all.

        Bruce Mason may not fit the repressive algorithms which seem to govern education today – and it is now possible for a boy to advance through secondary school without reading a book. A NZ First pollie boasted that he hadn’t read a book since sixth form, the PM said that she was going to read one during her Christmas break, and a lack of knowledge could help explain our under-whelming public figures.

      • Bert, it’s still a pandemic of the vaccinated. Oh well, no getting through to someone firmly against human rights, employment rights and science.

        • Thank you Dr Off White. So the spread of the initial Covid outbreak(ground zero) was a vaccinated person, someone who didn’t know they had the virus, a virus that never existed?
          Oh well, no getting through to someone who is thick as fuck!

              • Do you think human rights depend of if Bert agrees?

                Discrimination is always wrong. If you support discrimination you are on the wrong side of history. Always has been, always will be.

                Unless of course you have a historical example of discrimination uniting a country and benefitting its citizens?

    • God you get more stupid by every comment Bert.
      I think you’ve never been anywhere except NZ but accord yourself an expert.
      On your own blogs you admit you don’t even own a house and have a landlord who hasn’t increased your rent in 10 years.
      He has obviously observed your limitations and feels sorry for you.
      That’s very nice of him.I too feel sorry for you.

      • Okay, retardation obviously runs deep in you Jeremy/John.

        Why the change of names, what are you afraid of?

        ” On your own blogs you admit you don’t even own a house and have a landlord who hasn’t increased your rent in 10 years.”

        Definitely John. Really interested why you changed names, what are you hiding from mass debater?

        • I own a number of properties and have so for many years.
          Not all residential but across the whole spectrum which is beyond your capability.
          My name is Jeremy of which I’m proud not sure Bert would’ve done it for me So go cry in your beer and lament you failed life
          Don’t forget to blame everyone else.

          • Wow a legend in his own undies. Gotta love the self adulation. My name is Jeremy, people call me Jeremy, I’m a mass debater, stalker,talker, house owner and proud boy.

            Don’t forget to blame everyone else, oh the hypocrisy of that statement!

        • It’s called integrity, I treat the property as my own, respect it, groom it, etc etc. The landlords respect this. It’s also called “old school” Jeremy would not understand because he is all about the money, how much you own is more important than integrity. The landlords have told me they have never ever had better tenants than us. But apparently we don’t count as Jeremy said we don’t own it! Judgmental is his modus operandum.

    • Yes Geoff look at the NZ we now have after just over 4 years.
      New Zealanders hating New Zealanders.
      Protesters across all sections of society.
      This divisive woman and her accomplices have to go.

    • The idea of kindness is to get vaxed so you don’t catch covid, spread covid, infect other people, 2% of whom once infected die. Please be kind and get vaxxed.

  9. If it walks like a duck. Talks like a duck. Its probably Treva.

    A career poly who has done nothing in his entire 38-year political life.

    • Bit of a rasict streak as well… “Mr Mallard jumped into the race relations fray again yesterday, accusing Mrs Turia of encouraging Maori girls as young as 13 to have babies in order to build the base for “Maori ownership of the country”

      He’s a fucking embarrassment.

    • I agree – horrible man, absolutely horrible. No poly should have more than 3 years in parliament. End of story, if they haven’t achieved what they wanted when they went there then they should get out.

    • Labour just don’t understand that point. They’re a fascist authoritarian neoliberal woke political party of fuckwits.

      That’s how/why they can be fascists, authoritarian and neoliberal fuckwits. Because they’re fuckwits.

      • Hey, anarchy is looking pretty good right about now, especially with these fascists in charge. We could all do with a little live and let live rather than a bunch of know nothings imposing their nonsense. Dividing and conquering.

        • you do know ANARCHY the actual philosophy not the t-shirt is about ‘the freedom to do anything until it impinges on the freedom of another’ I ll just repeat that…..UNTIL IT IMPINGES ON THE FREEDOM OF ANOTHER…it’s not a blank cheque to get pissed and shit on your neighbours lawn.

    • Yes off white hard for left wing governments and their loyal followers to understand freedom they want complete control.
      They need to be told what to do every day
      George Orwell said a a long time ago and now it’s true.
      A populating of complying Zombies.
      I think we will rise up and get rid of this insanity

  10. Just a lot of lunatics who have done their own research. Tow their cars away, pack up their tents.
    Just another right wing hate Jacinda crowd – this is Seymores crowd, and Hide, Winstone, Pugh etc. How will the dirty politics gang manipulate this failed protest. Its been great watching it on -line, I hope it goes longer. But sad for disruption to Wellington businesses and workers.

      • Yes he and Rodney Hide having a man hug protest. Imagine a threesome of Seymour, King and Hide on “Danciing with the No Stars” Ewww but that is where their politics belong. King and Hide are failures, Seymour is next. King represents the National male or the Jeremy’s of this world, unintelligent and societies failures.

  11. Yep know what you mean Bomber. Mallard epitomises the under efficient public servant the type that loves to wear high viz, walk socks and Roman sandals and carries a clip board everywhere. But for once agree in what he has done in moving on the protesters, as the Prime minister said they’ ( the protesters) have made there point so time to go home, besides there ninners getting cold and Mum will be worried about what there man child is getting up to in the big smoke!

    • He has not moved them on has he? Just ordered sprinklers dumped over mothers and kids for the night. Plus Barry Manilow of course. Meanwhile the protestors are having a great big party.

  12. You already know from their behaviour that many police hate the poor and that they believe the unemployed are scum but its still a shock when they say just it out loud.

  13. What about turning the tables. Addressing the crowd and asking people to form into groups who would like to work with the government on their other issues besides Covid19. Hell that would confuse them.

    Tricky police fast on their brains and feet should be able to deal with these meatheads and hysterics. and devout-protesters who are just waiting for a 76 trombones parade, many of them. I have walked against signing off on the trade agreement with no music though we had a drum to keep us in step and chanting something to make a communication with the gaping onlookers..

    But there are the firmly considered ones who are working towards a considered and reasonable end. Appeal to them and it could break through the curtain that separates the masses from Labour. The Party just has to come to the party; one thing they can do is have a surge of a purge on most or all of their oldies including Trev. Let’s just have John Clarke’s one to remember. Those were days when we had hope in politics, Trev (one of them) would save us. Those days have passed.
    With New Zealand in crisis during the 1970s, the very sensible Mr Dagg addressed a wide range of issues on national television. He was elegantly dressed and was often accompanied by a dog. Fred and The Old Sheila had seven sons, all called Trevor. Very good boys they were too. Especially Trevor.

    In the 1975 New Zealand election, there was a 100% swing to the Dagg Party. Then in the 1980s some clown imported Market Economics, the belief that a beautiful day has no value if you can’t sell it. Fred and Bruce Bayliss pulled the country’s infrastructure out of a ditch up near Taihape in 1987 and gave the government a lift back to town in the truck. They still owe Fred for the petrol.

  14. Jacinda in a nutshell.

    Go to 6 min 11 where she fails to hide her superiority for driving an electric vehicle. The mask slips temporarily. She really could not care less how much people are struggling out there. I know you really couldn’t give a fuck but we cannot all afford electric vehicles love.

  15. Jacinda in a nutshell.

    Go to 6 min 11 where she fails to hide her superiority for driving an electric vehicle. The mask slips temporarily. She really could not care less how much people are struggling out there. I know you really couldn’t give a fuck but we cannot all afford electric vehicles love.

  16. Why are the clowns gathered outside our parliament being treated like precious little brats?
    I was eight years old during the 51 waterfront strike. I never experienced the scabs, the police brutality, the throwing into jail if you gave food to a wharfie’s family.
    But later we marched against Lyndon Johnson’s tour in 66 and for the Anti-Vietnam movement during the late ’60s until 1975.
    We were appalled by the racist dawn raids of 74 and 75
    We protested and raised loot for the Anti-Nuclear protests during the 1960s right through to the ’80s.
    I sailed my yacht across the bows of the USS Truxtun as she entered Wellington harbour in 1976.
    The 81 Springbok tour where we all got smacked and bloodied by Meurant’s Red Squad
    We had ago with the Save Aramoana Campaign, Bastion Point, killing whales, the invasion of Timor, the continuing ethnic cleansing by Indonesia in West Papua and Israel’s abusive and cruel system of domination over the Palestinians.
    Everything we did was for a just humane cause from police brutality, to crime against humanity, apartheid and to polluting the Pacific with radiation.
    Right and decency were on our side.

    These “Convoy for Freedom” dicks wouldn’t know any of the above

    “Got a vaccine pass? shove it up your ass!”.

    • That’s factually wrong on most every count reflecting the brain washing as a child you were subjected to.
      It wasn’t a strike it was a lockout.
      As for your other comments complete uneducated drivel
      I suggest you read history of the events andnot some far left leaning sorry I was born without a chance.
      Feeble excuse for the failed

  17. I think this is awesome.
    I don’t even care why people are protesting any longer, so long as they protest.
    Go the hoi polloi!

  18. It is no surprise that 120 protestors were arrested today and I feel it could have happened yesterday but the authorities were biding their time. I feel they chose the right day.

    As for the Prime Minister I feel she has done her best in this situation. She has been answerable to us as a Nation over this pandemic for two years. She shouldn’t have been pressured by this inane crowd into addressing them. Her time is precious. She has already put a lot of time into responding to Covid-19 strains, anyway.

  19. I got some feels for the poor coppa. Poor bastard has probably missed out his weekend with the family and is being harassed by an “activist” with a mobile, and is made to look like a dick. Which is totally not what the phone weilding “alternative journalist” was being.

    Perhaps they should fuck off, and let him do his job, rather than asking stupid questions and then getting stupid answers.

    • standalone complex. Good comment. Some of those police are our friends and neighbours, ok mums and dads continually being made fall guys for the effete politicians on the hill, baited by slippery journos, and seen as the enemy by mindless protestors.

      Sooner or later the NZDF should just bundle them up at Trentham – or Waiuru for the winter – and let them wend their way home from this disruptive picnic.

  20. Day 4. Protest win all four days and Mallards looking like a turkey!

    The Police on the other hand are looking like harassers of little girls and naked women.

    Theyve something on common with Labour there too!

  21. Taking into account the high rate of vaccinated people in NZ, the high transmissibility of Omicron variant and its multiple mutations from the original one that makes it very immune evasive, it is sure that the vast majority of infected and infectious people will be vaccinated, so there is no scientific reason for mandates and passports. Vaccination is not a public benefit, only the private one. The highest risk factors being obesity and diabetes does not make the government to have all people suffering from these commorbities to leave their jobs and lock themselves at home, so the excuse that mandates and passports are necessary to avoid the collapse of hospitals is not valid. Denmark, England, Chechia and other European countries revoked all restrictions in the middle of the Omicron surge because they clearly saw their futility.

  22. Firm but fair , and cunning, removal of the know-nothings. Not to say they don’t mean anything, just their fellow freemarket refugees in America will probably overthrow their facade of democracy but we have more of the actual. Despite Roge, Helen and Jace.

  23. The mandates are wrong, vaccination under duress is wrong. The majority of these protestors are fellow New Zealanders and at least they stand up, rather than the apathy displayed for thirty years, over the employment contracts act, weakening of unions, casualised contract work, cost of living out of control, kids living in cars..the whole lot that most of us just sat pathetically by.

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