Sir John Key caught out deceiving NZ again – Smug Hermit Kingdom gets smugger

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COVID-19: Pfizer shuts down Sir John Key’s claim Government could have bought vaccines earlier ‘for $40 million more’

Global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the company behind the COVID-19 vaccine being used in New Zealand, is shutting down Sir John Key after he suggested the Government could have paid more to have earlier access to jabs.

Pfizer has since said it hasn’t done that for any Government in the world.

It comes after former Prime Minister Sir John wrote a column published on Sunday describing New Zealand as a “smug hermit kingdom” because of the Government’s COVID-19 response. 

In follow-up interviews on Monday, Sir John doubled down on his criticism – saying New Zealanders needed a plan for beyond COVID-19. 

Sir John on The AM Show claimed a Government failure to buy COVID-19 vaccines when they were offered was behind New Zealand’s continued lockdowns.

“The reason we locked down hard was that we failed to buy the vaccines when we were offered them, by the way, for $40 million more… but the lockdown’s been costing us $1 billion, sometimes more than that a week,” he told host Ryan Bridge.

“I know for a fact – over time when interest rates go up, the future Ministers of Finance will one day get up and say to the New Zealand people – ‘by the way, that latest drug, those more police, those various different things you want, we can’t afford those.'”

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In response, Pfizer said the idea of any Government paying extra for early vaccine dose delivery was “incorrect and baseless”.

“Pfizer is committed to equitable access that will give all people access to a vaccine,” said a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical giant. “Pfizer entered into an initial agreement with the Government to supply 1.5 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on December 22 2020 and entered into an additional agreement for 8.5 million on March 5, 2021.”

The spokesperson said Pfizer’s discussions with the New Zealand Government were confidential but noted each agreement was based on dose availability at the time.

One of the favorite lies of the Right is that Jacinda’s slow vaccine roll out made us vulnerable to Covid when the truth was that we were limited to supply side issues beyond our control. The truth is we couldn’t have gotten the vaccine earlier.

The Right have pushed on this lie with Key going as far as claiming we could have spent more to get it faster.

Pfizer have seen those lies and have gone as far as publicly attacking Key for spreading them.

If the Right are so confident we on the Left are so wrong about putting public health before them making money, why does Key have to lie?

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  1. Why does Key have to lie ? Because it is in his nature ? Because he wasn’t the smartest boy in the class? Because he really believes that money can buy anything ? Because he knows that pond ripples never regroup, but settle as sludge on the other side ? Because he has an agenda ? Because he flounders every now and then for want of nothing else to do ? Repeating childhood patterns ? Just because ?

    • “Why does Key have to lie ?” straight forward answer…

      Because he is addicted to money and like any addiction deception is never far away.

    • Why does Key have to lie ?
      Because he’s a liar. Born to it or had to practise, all the same result, he’s simply a natural liar.
      An antipodean Trump without the learning difficulties.

  2. Key doesn’t see it as lying, merely playing the game like companies that used to declare bankruptcy to avoid paying debt. And the law was written to allow it. Thankfully politics is showing signs of moving on and Key and his type are just the celebrity con artists of yesterday that were once pandered to.

  3. Indeed Applewood. We can tell them by their fruit (their actions). John Key is a manipulative deceitful traitor to NZers. Dirty Politics. Member of (NAT) aka The Filthy Few. A terrorist. Lock him up!

  4. Martyn, not sure if you, or many of you here know how big business works. Maybe you never worked in it? Ok, so they have these ‘damage control’ people (PR spinners much like Labour but much better) that make sure to ‘fix problems’ or smooth things over when shit hits the fan. Like ‘our reputation’ shit. They do this to secure and hold onto future business. So when a former PM of some standing in the big business community our dumb Govt and implicates Pfizer, then those damage control people kick into action. Hence the govt like response: “Pfizer is committed to equitable access that will give all people access to a vaccine,” said a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical giant. Doesn’t sound just like a pre-programmed Labour resonse? Yes it does. In fact, I bet they asked Jacinda or Ashley to write that sentence themselves and then they just signed it off. Like you would write your own letter of recommendation.
    Folks, do you seriously believe that Pfizer would publicly admit: “Yep, had they paid us $40mil more back then, then we would have given them priority and fast-tracked vaccines. Like we did with all the other countries that play that game”. NO!

    • I agree TK. If Key made the story up where did the 40 million figure come from. You don’t just make that stuff up because you’ll be caught out. Pfizer isn’t in the habit of embarrassing it’s customers. How is it that Key is always the evil greedy liar on this forum. As if this government isn’t capable of telling porkies. Maybe the impartial journalists can dig around and find the truth. If Key has lied trash him that’s fine by me but let’s question this Government more closely.

  5. I smell a longer game at play. Why else would he wade in now? The timing suggests a leadership tilt at Collins but not quite yet, perhaps closer to the election when a fresh face without the baggage on record is introduced…my bet is on Luxon. It worked with Key, and National can try it again…Luxon seems a softer empathetic choice than both Key and Collins

  6. Warning! Will Robinson!
    Identity Politics is Dangerous!!

    He’s ackshully right. But he’s a sneaky bastard. He’s just positioning pieces on the table….somethings coming.

    • @ DP.
      “He’s just positioning pieces on the table….somethings coming.”
      That ‘something’ you refer to is the same ‘something’ that never left.
      [It’s] always been here, lying in wait.
      ZQT sometimes has to divert flights to Dunedin because ‘the special people’ have taken up all the parking at Frankton with their Gulf Streams. The poor unfortunate little special people must then leave their jets in Dun then fly to ZQT in chartered helicopters. Poor lambs.
      What they really need is a city full of homeless people with hungry kids between DUN and ZQT to fly over to make themselves feel better.
      In my humble opinion AO/NZ’s being stolen from underneath us by the foreign hyper wealthy and is it merely a happy coincidence that they can move about above and beyond our reach because we’re all fucked up down here under a fucking virus scenario?
      Poor old larry.
      “Google boss Larry Page hoped to keep child’s medical evacuation quiet”Government emails about billionaire Larry Page show he wanted his child’s medical evacuation to New Zealand to be kept quiet.
      What? As quiet as he kept the fact that he’s already an AO/NZ citizen and has been so for quite some time?
      Again. RNZ.
      “An immigration lawyer says Google co-founder Larry Page can travel in and out of New Zealand on his current visa.” Awesome! And I can see hungry kids traveling fucking nowhere while they chow down on white bread and fizzy drinks.
      jonky, the hair tugging little bully fuck should be in prison.

      • Countryboy “ NZ’s being stolen from underneath us by the foreign hyper wealthy.” Correct. But it pre-dates the various virus scenarios. A half-decent msm would have been documenting all this, but for some reason they’re too busy manufacturing racial divisions and slights between bona fide NZ’ers, where none exist.

  7. Jacinda should team up with Key and form a new alliance party that has two policies:

    1- Enrich the 1%

    2- Destroy poor peoples lives

  8. Of course Mr Key believes he knows everything about everything. John Key was once described as a ‘master derivatives trader’. Interestingly it was an American who explained to me how Key had manipulated the NZD to serve himself. He must have been a sneaky, devious little boy growing up in the house we taxpayers provided for him. He is the quintessential salesman. Selling ‘thin air’ came naturally to him. Michelle Boag is a little thick, like Key, but she also possessed ‘street savvy’. All she could see was money in bank, when she introduced him to National. He saw himself as PM from childhood, but not as a ‘servant leader’, rather as the owner and CEO of New Zealand Corp. Now he sees an opportunity to ‘control’ the minds of the myopic and greedy, once again.

    • Prunella. So John Key is a sneaky little fuck who grew up in a modest home, lived off the tax payer as a demon child waiting his time to go through metamorphosis into the rich wealthy arsehole that you describe. So he should have stayed poor then and certainly shouldn’t have reached the status of our PM for two and a half terms. Obviously all the people who voted for him were deluded but you weren’t. Maybe you should run for PM.

      • Being rich does not make him a better person or better than anyone else New view and you always run down our PM despite her receiving overwhelming support to lead our country. And by your words and constant negativity you are also implying all of us who voted for Jacinda are also deluded you can’t have it both ways.

        • You think you know me but you don’t. I don’t particularly like Key or Judith but they’re not the government. The reason I criticise this government is the painfully small amount of progress that’s been made with that overwhelming support you talk about. You’re deluded if you think John Key or Judith Collins is the countries problem. They haven’t been near the treasury’s benches for over four years. If you’re happy with our current situation you’ll vote labour or green again. You’ll get what you’ve got and you’ll be happy.

      • New view. Key grew up in a reasonable home in Bryndwr, a fairly good suburb on the west side of Christchurch. Christchurch City Council policy was not to have council or state houses built masse in large enclaves, to avoid social stigma and ghettoisation, and tax payer funded homes were scattered throughout the city. Key’s boyhood detached house was one he would have been comfortable bringing friends home to, if he had any.

  9. The notable thing about John Key’s lies are that his supporters like him for them: they are good, politically justified and confidently delivered lies that make him a skilled and successful politician. Admirable. And they smile when Lefties squeal about his lies.

    • InVino we all know all politicians lie, but for some reason the lies this government tells are more righteous. Those on the left believe a broken promise is not a lie if there was good intent. You only have to look at the list of promises JA made to get elected to start with. But they weren’t lies because there was good intent. To me that’s worse than a John Key lie because Jacinda plays the emotions of the people. Her lies are smoother. We’re trying to fix that but we just haven’t got there yet. Those on the left distrust business leaders especially wealthy ones. If they thought Key became PM to make more money and rip the country off they need to get out more. He didn’t need the job for money, maybe prestige, maybe he thought he could do some good. Jacinda thinks she can do some good but we haven’t seen much evidence of it yet.

  10. Ridiculous to believe a large pharmaceutical company when called out by John Key is going to agree.
    Instead they rolled out a political answer written by their PR people.
    Good to see TK and NV are able to see it for what it is.

  11. So, John is being John, and the wrinkled rodents of NZ’s rat pack are overjoyed at being able to do his PR again… SSDD.. Why, and why now?
    This is starting to remind me of an Australian soap opera that was aired during 2018.. The John Howard character is played with aplomb by John Key.. The Malcolm Turnbull character is played by Simon Bridges, and Scott Morrison is played by the protege himself, Christopher Luxon… Judith Collins gets to play Spud, the federal defense minister, and nuclear submariner…

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