Is Judith becoming Trumpian in her delusion?


Ummmmmm, what?

So she’s never seen her tortured and frightened Caucus so happy and she looks forward to defying expectations by winning in 2023?

Look, there’s self confidence and then there’s a Trumpian disconnect with reality.

Add in her attack on Dr Wiles and we have a Leader who has become frantic with desperation.

By calling Dr Wiles a ‘big, fat hypocrite’ Judith isn’t fighting for the center, she’s fighting ACT for the Right.

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Judith sees the quickest way to 30% is by stealing back reactionary vote from David Seymour and that’s why the dark arts of Slater & Williams are in demand.

Trump played malevolently to cultural resentment, he weaponized it and that’s what Judith is left to desperately play.

At some point her National Party MPs have to end this farce, I mean even the crew of the Bounty mutinied eventually!


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  1. She’s more like a Hillary than a Donald in my opinion. A defeated placeholder treading water until the Nats regroup and appoint someone electable in time for 2023. Who that will be is pure speculation at this point but it had better be someone who can make them look like a “Government in waiting” or they will suffer another humiliating defeat no matter how much political ground ACT gains in the interim.

  2. Soooo if Trump went head-to-head with Biden right now who would win?

    P.S. We all know the answer even if we don’t want to say it.

    • “Frank the wank” must hold all records by now for repeated instances of logical fallacies in TDB comments section.

    • More self serving hypothetical bullshit isn’t what’s required now… Some actual common sense is… Not seeing it here… Just more self defeating, childish drivel that points to why we won’t survive as a viable species for much longer, if we are still a viable species.. The odds are not good…
      You do understand that “political debate” is not just people stroking their own egos, but the dissemination, and discussion of ideas as to how human society achieves it’s potential, without burning our house down around us, don’t you?
      Or is it already too late to do more than fight over who gets the deckchairs as the ship sinks?

  3. Judith is awful in every conceivable way regardless of how you want to define what “awful” means. Rimmer is only held back by an utter lack of charisma – not a bar he can’t overcome imo if your core competition is Judith.

  4. There is usually someone in a discussion on Parliamentary party leadership that says of a wounded, inept or unpopular politician-keep them in the position! And today that someone is me.

  5. I have never seen the caucus so happy’.

    Further proof of the truth of the ancient saying: ‘Those whom the gods destroy they first make mad.”

    I suppose it is like those Party rallies under Stalin. Nobody dares be the first to stop applauding.

  6. So the O’Brian creature is part of the campaign to oust Collins now… No surprises there.. What does surprise me is that there is a number of those on the “left” that have recently been giving this tory pundit credibility as a real journalist.. Nothing she’s written, or uttered is anything but self serving in the extreme, and is more about keeping her relevant until such time as they can get her real bosses back into power… I’m rapidly getting back to the point where, once my family commitments have been satisfied, and the covid situation has settled somewhat, I will be running away from what has become nothing but a tory playground peopled by a captive, and exploited population of “serfs”, and getting back to having a life worth living…
    The plan of succession has been set in stone ffs.. The Luxon monster will be the next leader, and the ensuing euphoria will create a wave of support that will deliver the treasury benches to the exploiters, who were the ones who utterly munted this country, while the “geniuses” in NZ spend years trying to shift the blame for the whole mess onto a labour party that was turned into an upper middle class glee club as a result of the general stupidity, and deliberately induced lazy mindedness that stops any real debate in its tracks… Well done NZ.. You’ve been played yet again, and by some seriously mediocre con artists at that..

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