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New Zealand First Action Team

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Keep It New Zealand

New Zealand First leader Rt Hon Winston Peters has said:

‘This is just more left-wing radical bull dust.

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Changing our country’s name and town and city names is just dumb extremism.

We are not changing to some name with no historical credibility.

We are for keeping us New Zealand.’

We have decided to launch a petition in opposition to this wokism in order to save our country’s name. 

We need to show this and any future government that Kiwis want to keep it ‘New Zealand’


As much as Winston and I parted company years ago – this in my view is the first of a series of winning steps Winne will play to end up the Play Maker come next elections. 

This is the step that National should have taken – but with such a pitiful leader (and now compromised that she may not with credibility challenge government’s failure to balance the covid response and accept zero is never going to happen), this simple message appears to have been a commitment she could not make.

Seymour did step up – but now has a competitor who, in my view, will pull the conservatives.

A week’s a long time in politics – and SFO enquiries currently involving NZ First will undoubted be a card played closer to the elections but with a growing majority seriously unimpressed with the constantly changing covid message and increasingly offended at the elevation of Maori above The Rest of we who make up New Zealand, Winston too has a number of hands he can play to capture the business sector and believers in New Zealand.

This step will deliver a huge sigh of relief among thousands who were beginning to read, “real estate for sale in Australia”.

Of course, in my experience in politics, it is always prudent to ask oneself, who pays the piper?  But in the case of the policy enunciate below by Winston, I can see no benefit for a dark hand.

Whereas, I do question the integrity of Government funding to main stream media to promulgate its imposition of Maori on the masses, which I consider to be a case of a piper playing a tune.

For NZ First, its early days and a lot of water yet to go under the bridge.  Perhaps there may be a bounty of fish in that water? Who knows?

As I predicted: Arise Sir Winston. (1) 

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies; currently Honorary Consul for an African state’ Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interests.





  1. Winston is starting to say the right things but can he be trusted and who will put their hand up to stand on his ticket. The odious Shane Jones would try and get on the gravy train again but who else is there of the old brigade that made his party creditable.

  2. Winstone can’t help himself he has had a long career and now he needs to take a well earned break maybe have a kit kat and bow out.

    • Covid is pa. “ Have a Kit Kat “ ? A man who catches his own fish ? Just because Aucklanders load up on KFC all the time doesn’t mean that Peters should have to start eating junk food too.

  3. If this is Peters’ opening salvo it shows his politics is as shallow and transparent as ever. Ditto to the above. Winston retire. In addition how historically significant is our country’s current name and how well does it represent our demography? Supposedly derived from a place in Holland except the spelling is different so not even accurate in that sense. Is it trying to say we are a nation with New Zeal? Let’s prove it then and come up with something new and helpful to all people of this land. Rather than criticise the suggested new name, criticise the wasted energy on changing the name when there are far more pressing issues. Reminds me of the flag debacle.

  4. I see no problem with us calling our country both names. Two people signed an agreement that being the Treaty of Waitangi. Yet one people have had everything there way for over 150 years, its high time Maori have our fair share of decision making and our fair share of the resources particularly if we want to move forward and advance as a country. Too many of those against more Maori authority, power sharing and culture inclusion aren’t even born here. And many of those angst over more Maori inclusivity have unfortunately brought their ugly baggage, bias, discrimination and entrenched racist attitudes with them and we don’t need this.

  5. We should have a reeferendum? Put up some name choices like, “KaaPie Au!” Or here’s a favourite of mine, “Land of the Lame Woke Crowd!”
    Seriously! This can be some fun that we all could have for the rest of the decade whilst we’re in lockdown. Reeferendums forever! Maybe even we could be governed by reeferendums! No need for an ackshull government then. That’ll be a saving of a huge expense.

    • Denny – “Spot” is quite a nice name, or, “Rover.” “Rainbow Paradise “ would cover a lot of noisy bases, or “ Land of the big Boozy Crowds” , “ Cardboard Coffee Cup Country” or “ Wife Bashers Galore and Children of the Poor Place.”

      John Key should be able to come up with something tasteless, and the KFC brigade won’t be all that choosey.
      Some poetical Chinese’s phrases might be better than anything factual – mauve mists on bank notes, flutes players instead of hakas at rugby matche – the options are endless, but no more “white cloud” fluff – sounds like a kid let loose with shaving foam.

  6. Based on the last election results Winstone and his party was not on track as they didn’t get re-elected. Not even his right hand man Shameless Jones could win a seat or enough party votes to resurrect them.
    Now he is on track according to Ross and why is that? could it be because once again as usual he is poo pooing on another important Maori issue.

  7. Yep, At this point in time, I’ll go Winston. He’s not one of the divisiveness mob, and nor is he particularly extreme. The whole scenario of tinkering with history is another diversionary tactic distracting from the bigger issues. We need more elder statesmen in Parliament, and suddenly Mr Peters seems very normal compared to some of weirdos up there now; he has the institutional knowledge, and recycling him could be a good idea.


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