The most important question 3 Waters can’t answer

Could this Cartoon be any more Wellington focus grouped?

Our water systems are a fucking joke!

Farmers have stolen it and polluted it for so long they believe they have a right to.

Maori have been impoverished for so long they jump at anyone with a few flash bucks to give them access to water.

City Council’s have kicked the can so far down the track in terms of upgrading their water issues that we have run out of track.

So I endorse the State just moving in and taking the entire country’s water systems under its control because the mix of incompetence and corruption is intolerable for such an important resource.

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Yes, I agree 3 Waters is being pushed hard by Wellington Council because their feckless criminal negligence has allowed them to be the biggest water basket case and hence biggest benefactor of handing over power to the State, but you learn pretty quickly in NZ politics that you have to bribe Wellington first if you want to advance big ideas.

If you don’t think Labour won’t just seize all the water assets via the Public Works Act then you don’t know how passionate David Parker is about this reform!

The problem however is that the 3 Waters proposal can’t answer the most important question which is will it, once implemented, be able to stop water being taken by foreign companies!

What is the use of water reform if it can’t guarantee in a dangerously warming planet where fresh water will become scarce that overseas interests can’t simply steal our water like they do now?

Once a country becomes dependent on us for fresh water, do you think they will allow us to stop them taking it?

I’m all fine for taking water assets and running them by the State, but are they protecting our water for us or foreign interests?

We need to halt all foreign taking of water in NZ. The planet is burning, we have the water, let’s keep it for us!

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  1. Another ‘Crisis’ that Labour will fuck up.
    Best for them to deal with all of the other Crisises first before they consciously create another Crisis and then abandoned it because its too difficult for them to resolve and then it will become Crisis no.8 going unresolved.

  2. Another problem caused by the neo-liberal monetarist policies introduced in the 1980s where public good was abandoned for the “free market”

  3. not going to happen. if it does Labour will be out of office for a minimum of 3 terms.
    Not all councils are Wellington. Not all councils have water debt. Why give up a profitable asset for fuck all?
    This scheme is another privatization scam only thing a piece of neo-liberal scum like Parker has left to sell.

  4. The government could just buy up the council water assets of councils who refuse to hand them over – and then charge them for water use.

  5. Jeez Mr Bradbury…..they won’t be run by the state.
    Surely you know the playbook, the only one Mr Parker knows.
    Funder provider split. 4 management heavy ‘public’ entities, staffed by a bunch of Randians from the UK, awarding 40 year contracts to operate to Veolia, Suez, Beijing waterworks, Nongfu and some pitiful crumbs for TOW ‘partners’.
    Fucks sake, this is a means to privatise without saying so.
    They are calling this a utility, same as electricity, same as telephones. Try drinking electricity.

    • Well put Syd, it is worth some of the parochialists like Whangārei District Council, and Kaipara to name two, putting a spanner in the works so that the exact nature of what the Labour Caucus is up to with 3 Waters can be more widely known and then opposed as necessary.

      No one wants water than makes people sick–but privatisation by stealth is too high a price to pay, particularly when power generation and supply desperately need to be restored to full public ownership.

  6. Completely agree with Bomber, but go further, nationalise all water and make it irrevocable in law so later governments can’t reverse it, at least easily.

  7. If you want fresh water then tax the four foreign owned banks back to Wall Street.
    The four foreign banks control our every move. That’s because they design those every moves we make which is how they keep one step ahead of us. The four foreign banks will be looking many years into the future, they’ll already know the outcomes of their handiwork of today and one of those outcomes is that they’ve laid out the ground work by corrupting what we naively think is our politics to allow their biggest customers to come here with immunity. For example peter s-thiel the eye out of a needle, larry Google and no doubt elon muskrat and jeff The Beast bezos. Apple for example, are nearing the 3 trillion dollar company value mark but with a burning planet and nowhere else to go except AO/NZ then you can bet the Apple Boys will be cuing up for a pass port too.
    While morons embarrassingly blame the cows of cow farmers for shitting in our fresh water they’re ignorantly oblivious of the financial machinations that entrap and imprison farmers into engaging in such obviously destructive practises because, morons will be morons. The on-farm mortgages and sundry on-going debts which must be appeased to the devil banksters is steering AO/NZ family farming into vast U$A centric corporate feed lots, and that’ll include the milk froth on the flat white you morons gulp because your designer sneakers broadcast that you think you understand an agrarian infrastructure as well as you know how to insert that butt plug but you have no real idea of what you’re talking and writing about. That, I find, hugely frustrating. And extremely dangerous for the devout moron because mark my words morons, there will come a day when you’ll literally eat your coffee machine or die.
    I dare you? Fuck with agriculture. Corporate greed and urban ignorance is already starting to set in motion a disaster the likes we’ve never before seen. Allow the banks to influence and propagate ignorant urban hatred of those who put the food on your plate and you’ll soon be eating Fi Fi the $4000.00 dollar designer poodle without sauce or salt.
    You fucking moron.

  8. The trouble is no one owns the water yet foreign companies can get a cheap long term deal under our councils bylaws and extract water and sell it back to us bottled. We are mugs and while the council might be paying for this water to be treated so it can be bottled, drunk and used by the general public, we are paying the councils rates. And to add to the mix, who has largely been in control of the councils and who has mainly been responsible or our drains and sewerage as they have let it get in such a state. Now councils like Auckland can moan as much as they like but they were draining the Waikato River and still are. And to add insult to the matter Auckland Council were paying their water man 800k a year when they had no water. Now how dumb is that. Some of our councils need a good kick up the proverbial backside.

  9. I have full confidence in Minister Mahuta!!! And I am sure all councils in NZ will join me in this new found confidence. Mahuta’s vast experience in ‘real world’ project management and implementation of very big and very complex infrastructure projects (acquired through years and years of being a Wellington career politician) make her the perfect manager for this project. Nothing cna og rwong!

  10. The biggest outstanding question in my mind is why the media won’t present all the facts to voters — and especially that iwi will be given equal say to the rest of the nation in deciding how much we pay for water as consumers, and how much we will pay for infrastructure etc.
    In the South Island around 100,000 Ngai Tahu representatives will have the same say as the more than a million non-Maori. No one is saying this out loud.
    In part, it is a result of the govt’s $55 million media fund that stipulates a view of the Treaty as a partnership.

  11. And they’ll give the 4 corporations fucking Maori names like the woke PC fucksters are doing now.

    Then the 12% Maori will have 50 % ownership of what we already own.

    You want to see some nasty race problems coming to New Zealand – just wait 3 to 5 years … this is going to get fucking nasty.

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