ISIS Terror attack – political winners & losers


I know, I know, I know!

Even I felt like clutching my pearls writing ‘ISIS Terror attack political winners & losers’ as if a terrorism event can be defined into two simplistic evaluations, but this is The Daily Blog, home of the NZ dirtbag Left,  and everyone is an adult so consider this your trigger warning and let’s angrily evaluate the political ramifications of this insane situation whereby a known violent militant was able to conduct an act of religious political violence while the entire political establishment sat on their hands.


SIS & STG – After much criticism for their total inability to detect Tarrant before Christchurch, the SIS & STG regain their mana for their covert surveillance of this ISIS knife fetishist and their incredible response time saved lives and further serious harm. They have operated over and above expectation and must be congratulated for their professionalism and skills at keeping the NZ public safe. They deserve our gratitude.


ENTIRE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT- From the Prime Minister to Judith Collins, the judiciary, the Parliament & Corrections, everyone knew this ratbag was a nutter who was going to harm people yet no one managed to come up with a solution other than watching him every step of the journey up until hurting people. I appreciate his refugee status complicated things but that just means they needed to try harder! FFS, breaching Hager’s civil rights and Maori activists civil rights or environmentalists civil rights were all done without hesitation but an actual threat who might maim and kill we simply gave up on attempting to stop him? This has been a clusterfuck of buercratic incompetence and the entire establishment owes the nation an apology. I’m not holding anyone person responsible, this is a systemic problem not able to respond quick enough to a threat.

CORRECTIONS – The incoming briefing papers from Corrections to Minister Kelvin Davis in 2020 specifically warned of violent extremist radicalization occurring inside NZ prisons yet their seems to be no de-radicalization programs operating to counter this. Our prison system is breeding violent extremist radicalization, why the fuck are we creating terrorists inside our prison system?

GREENS, WOKE & QANON LUNATICS – In the name of the non-binary mother, non-binary daughter and the monthly ghost, the holy trinity of woke identity politics dogma are: All white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

When the Australian white supremacy terrorist committed his atrocity in Christchurch, the Woke & Greens pounced. This wasn’t as Jacinda had argued a crime perpetrated against NZ because we were the opposite of what the terrorist wanted, oh no, this happened because white cis male heteronormative toxic masculinity combined with evil white culture nurtured this atrocity.

That’s why so many in Auckland walked out of the memorial  because the Woke and the Greens used the massacre as an opportunity to peddle their critical race theory and blame all White people for the actions of one extremist.

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They have gone on to push for Hate Speech powers that criminalise the misuse of pronouns and impose a blasphemy law to tick their identity politic boxes using Christchurch as their justification.

So what now when an ISIS extremist has committed a terror attack in West Auckland? Are the Woke claiming this extremist is a representation of all Muslims?

Like fuck they are.

It is so important that in the wake of this shock of an ISIS terror attack on NZ soil that we do not do what the Greens & Woke did in the wake of the White supremacist attack in Christchurch and blame all white people – this extremist DOES NOT represent Islam

This despicable ISIS terrorist represents all Islam the way Brenton Tarrant represents all Christians – we must not allow the petty tyrants of our nature blame our Muslim brothers & sisters for the actions of a deplorable individual.

ISIS is to Islam what the KKK are to Christianity – judging all by one leads to cruelty.

The joyless puritanical Woke are pushing their own agendas for cultural power, their interests in laws and values that protect us all are as vacant as the alt right Qanon lunatics who last week were claiming Jacinda was a totalitarian socialist using Covid to bring about a Police state while this week attacking her for not being enough of a Police State by not arresting the ISIS terrorist.

The extremists on both sides are killing us, we need a radical centre!

Thank fuck the Hate speech laws protected us from another terror attack eh! Oh wait….

DUE PROCESS – The original Terrorism Act was knee jerked through by a terrified Government post 9/11 and was found to be unworkable during the Urewera terrorism fiasco and all the illegal spying was retrospectively forgiven by Key. That we are now going to rush through legislation after being freaked out again is a dire similarity. Allowing the State to arrest you for thought crimes is never going to be abused by the state ever.

REFUGEES –You can see the backlash against refugees building already on social media and that’s incredibly unfair. The vast vast vast vast majority of refugees are good and decent people fleeing horror – we need to help them with counselling services and wrap around support to ensure their wounds are healed – that’s part of the obligation in taking refugees.



Look, the inability to arrest someone for plotting a terror attack wouldn’t have mattered in this case as the terrorist was convicted of a weapons charge which carries a longer sentence, it was his refugee status that was preventing deportation.

Rather than a purge on refugees and some Orwellian thought crime law, we instead invest in the social services that help them integrate and feel connected to their new host society rather than turn on it.

This was a radicalized loner, he doesn’t represent the wider Muslim or Refugee community and we should accept his presence here was driven by bureaucracy snookering our actions rather than the need for a vast new terror power.

In the shadow of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 please tell me we aren’t so fucking stupid to fall for the same old fears that generate the same State overreach into our collective civil liberties.

Please tell me we are better than that now?


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    • Yep, no doubt we will soon turn to the woke favourite discourse, the stale, male, boomer made him do it with their micro aggressive white supremacism.

      It could not possibly be linked to their own woke agenda to fill the country with people like “S”, described by a judge as “extreme attitudes, isolated lifestyle, sense of entitlement and propensity for violence”.

      If the judge added criminal activity, cash work and dodgy degree, then it would be the woke’s ideal beloved new Kiwi whose application for deportation is overturned by decade long woke interventions on the taxpayers dime.

  1. Losers:
    The public wounded, maimed and terrorised by this and left wondering why it happened when even the Prime Minister knew the threat this loser posed.

    Hate speech laws. The government wasted precious time dicking around with this subject rather than addressing glaring flaws in immigration law. And it proved just how pointless hate speech laws are.

    NZ’s immigration laws.

    Can someone please remind Jacinda that she is the Prime Minister of a majority government and explain to her what governments do! If certain laws are not fit for purpose and the outcome of such unfit laws see citizens as lambs to the slaughter, then a government CAN and SHOULD change such laws to protect us immediately. You know, do what parliament does, pass laws.

    For fuck sake Prime Minister, never ever again tell us you were seeking advice for 3 years life some impotent civil servant. That spin was nothing more than pure incompetence and shoulder shrugging indifference!

    • You don’t really have the type of genius and intellect we are after that could go at counter terror operations the way we remember Genghis and Sun Tzu.

      Sure waiting for advice is just us lucking out, but waiting for official advise is standard practice, as if some one else is going to hold your hand while you run the country.

      That’s just the limits to ones imagination.

  2. There’s no justification for punishing the entire refugee population ad infinitum because we found one person in Shri Lanka despicable.

    The principal that refugees must be published for what different governments do it do not do I think is despicable.

    Somehow we have to accept that the government of Shri Lanka is legitimate so we can help them improve. We can’t help refugees get to New Zealand but if they show up, we have to help them.

    • The government through the media have had absolutely no qualms about making an example of a single person failing to comply with ridiculous mask mandates or failing to give confidential information to some trainee at the supermarket. Ardern’s kindness projections are choreographed fantasy. With the risk groups now mostly immunised and supposedly protected these people are only a threat to themselves. A stabber is a risk to us all, and if potential stabbers get this same urge they should book a flight home immediately.

    • Agreed, knee jerk reactionism and stigmatising a whole group for the action of one is a fail. I think Countdown went so far as to take knives off the shelves but that is unsustainable. If the big hardware stores took all their potential weapon pointy stock off the shelves they would go out of business, as would any shop. It’s bad enough that the government treats individuals as biohazards, where everyone is presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence and health status.

  3. The global military-industrial–financial complex needs ordinary people to feel threatened so it can justify reductions in civil liberties and contracts to ‘security’ agencies.

    Real major threats go the general populace are downplayed or comeletely ignored

    It’s all a game for the political establushement, and ordinary folk are just the pawns to be manipulated, misled and sacrificed.

    • Over at are numerous reports on the massive global economic shitstorm that is now demolishing ‘orthodox’ economic arrangements – from the US to Europe to China to Australia and all points between- of falling retail sales, falling factory orders, gridlocked supply chains and falling confidence.

      And apparently NZ lost control of its carbon trading scam to speculators. Not a misspell there. Definitely carbon trading scam, not scheme.

      Let’s see how kind and compassionate LINO are when the global economic system melts down (later this year?).

      Needless to say, the ongoing meltdown of the environment continues unabated, LINO or no LINO, and lockdown or no lockown.

  4. the SIS & STG regain their mana for their covert surveillance of this ISIS knife fetishist and their incredible response time saved lives and further serious harm.

    I’m not so sure about that. The guy in Dunedin who stabbed people at Countdown harmed fewer people than this guy. And the police weren’t watching him. Police have admitted the latest attack may have lasted 2.5 minutes. That doesn’t suggest he was being closely monitored. And wouldn’t you think the knife aisle would’ve been a good place for police to be stationed given the guy’s obsession with knives? He was unlike to use a leg of lamb to carry out a violent attack.

    • Well put it this way. If we don’t improve our counter terror posture then China or (god help us) America will.

      I guess the question is what can politically fly and it can largely be answered by what Al bin Mr S new Lynn mall attacker what ever his name is wants us to do which is lash out uncontrollable.

    • Yes the woke probably stopped them doing their job, as they didn’t want to hurt his feelings and feelings of persecution, by knowing he was followed.

      The mental illness foundation are denying he was mentally ill as it stigmatises others, the government trying to deny he was muslim inspite of court records, in case it hurts the muslim feelings… More interest in hiding the truth as usual than solving the problem and helping the victims.

      Most muslims probably hate these types in NZ.

      These lone wolf attacks in the name of Islam are pretty common all around the world. Labeen should not be sugar coating it and pandering to the woke brigade, as they were pretty keen to denounce the white supremacists and gun owners as being the problem last time. There are a lot Islam lone wolves attaching others in the west, than white supremacist lone wolves.

      The message should be killing/attacking others for a cause and extreme individualism lying and entitlement which seems to be pandered to, in NZ, is not tolerated. Lessons need to be learnt or they will continue to happen.

      Will woke win again, and instead change hate speech laws, so that the woke can criminalise the middle class speaking out against the terrorists and criminal groups operating in NZ, becoming ‘one of us’ and running amok, sooth muslim feelings and donate another 2.75 million to rehabilitate the foreign and local gang members.

        • Thanks for the silencing, woketard. But there’s is a ton of upset Kiwis out there like myself, looking for answers and reassurance that it will not happen again, and people are still safe in NZ not just a few favoured groups.

  5. No winners here, only losers, but mainly the public as t hey will be losing a bit of a right here and there in the name of security, and the victims for whom all that hindsight is just that, hindsight and too late.

  6. Bomber
    We dont agree on much
    But I do agree with much of what you pen today.

    Especially your plea that there is no over reaction in terms of giving state agencies more power.
    They have the powers.
    Use them more efficiently rather than clamor for more.

    As Voltaire warned: Beware of the words, “internal security,”
    for they are the, eternal cry, of the oppressor.

  7. Freedom is not free( to subvert the catchcry of the US right).
    My fear is that in the panic and alarm more ill considered and unworkable”anti-terror’ laws will be rammed through parliament.
    Mainstream media claim that all over Auckland people are fearfully trembling and demanding immediate government action. Is that really the case?
    To put things in proportion. As soon as lockdown ends various drunken clowns( most of them New Zealand citizens) will get pissed up and drive like idiots, take offence at something trivial and king hit some poor bastard or give their female partners and children impromptu boxing lessons.
    Do any of you stay home and fear to go shopping because of drunks, hooligans and crims? ( you are much more likely to meet one of these than an islamic terrorist).
    Do we propose passing special laws under urgency when a vehicle full of high spirited and drunken youngsters crashes with multiple deaths? That is a tragedy too and we cannot blame that on anyone but ourselves.

    Being a democracy involves some risks. The alternatives are gulags and concentration camps and punishing innocent people because they could ”potentially” be criminals.
    Are there any countries that do that I wonder? Can anyone think of any obvious candidates that oppress whole groups of people in the name of national security?
    Do we really want to walk hand in hand with people who traffick body parts?

  8. We’re all losers when this happens here. After the Aromoana tragedy when Kiwi loner David Gray shot a cop and rural dwellers in idyllic Otago countryside, I talked with a not-unknown N Z’er who spent time inside his house post-mortem and described it as a picture of devastating loneliness. I don’t recall any rush to place
    curbs on guns then, but Gray was one of us, and was not conveniently politicisable.

    It shouldn’t be surprising if a new term enters the local lexicon, along the lines of: quarantine psychosis. Even
    affluent, seemingly well integrated and well buffeted citizens, have moaned and whinged ceaselessly about Covid quarantines, and whatever deprivations these have placed upon their privileged life styles. The isolated, and those crammed wth kids into aunty’s laundry, are finding it pretty tough too.

    • After the Aramoana massacre, New Zealand’s firearms laws changed dramatically. The 1992 amendment to the arms act stripped us of our lifetime firearms licences and restricted the use of military styled semi-automatics (MSSAs) to E category (newly created) endorsed licence holders. The vetting & security for MSSAs was greatly increased with the new law changes and subsequently no E cat firearm owned by an appropriately licenced firearms owner was ever used in a crime. All E cat firearms were registered and almost all of them were confiscated and destroyed after the Christchurch terrorist attack, proving once again that registration leads to confiscation.

      The 1992 law changes categorized firearms as MSSAs based on a number of cosmetic features (free standing pistol grip, bayonet lug & greater than 7 round magazine capacity for centrefire rifles) and placed no restrictions on the ownership of high capacity magazines (no licence was required to own or buy one). This was the loophole that Tarrant exploited when he was able to legally purchase A cat semi-automatic rifles and then separately purchasing numerous high capacity magazines that just “happened” to fit those A cat semi-automatic rifles (incidentally the magazines also fitted a bolt action rifle he had also purchased so as to “justify” the magazine purchases if he had been challenged by the Police, which he never was). When he placed a high capacity magazine in one of his A cat semi-autos, it became an E cat firearm which he was not licenced to own, thus he broke the law. Of course, as he went on to murder 51 people and injure 40 other, this breach of firearms law was largely overlooked.

      If one looks at most of the mass killings (with or without firearms) that have taken place in New Zealand over the years, they are generally committed by severely disenfranchised individuals, often with a history of mental illness, who are known to pose a danger to themselves and those around them. Often the authorities are alerted to the dangers they pose, but generally nothing is done, no help is given even when families have pleaded for it and then the authorities just shrug when someone dies & say “well there was nothing we could have done to prevent this sad tragedy :'( “.

  9. Look agree with all this, all political parties have failed the country.

    But it is truely crazy how a person on a student visa is able to then claim refugee status (sounds bogus as his family don’t seem persecuted and detained in Sri Lanka) and plan attacks on others in NZ and the woke do nothing.

    Refugees and those waiting for deportation need to be detained (like in Australia) while their status is being determined and questions need to be asked why so many high needs people have their deportations overturned by the migrants protections agency (1/3) and why it takes to long – years. If people are detained while they wait deportation the are much more likely to leave voluntarily and not keep the systems rolling for years.

    Also questions need to be asked why they are so underfunded for deporting people in NZ which seem to be few and far between.

    “Investigators joke about having a ‘whip around’ or ‘raffles’ to pay for deporting target after budget blowout, according to Immigration NZ emails.”

    Those who are deported also come back, pretty quickly into NZ under other identities like the Malaysian builders. The whole deportation systems needs to be upgraded to reflect the ease of travel and the world opening up and entire countries nationals are now able to decide to claim asylum once getting to a country they decide they want to settle in and do it very easily by just getting a visa, flying in, and then claiming asylum or in NZ having kids under various visas for years, and then refusing to leave due to their kids being Kiwi citizens and claiming permanent residency and citizenship that way.

    It actually is stopping other refugees who need it more, to get the status to come to NZ. And now we even have celebrity refugees like Behrouz Boochani, personally picked up at the airport by the Greens while claiming he would not claim refugee status in NZ if they gave him a visa, obviously a lie. Behrouz Boochani should have had their refugee case determined in Australia not NZ, because that is the first country he claimed asylum. Many of the entitled woke coming to NZ, are then critical of NZ and Kiwis, and in extreme cases turn violent like S if they don’t get their own way.

    You just need to claim you are gay, mentally ill, economically challenged and will face negative forces in your own country, and somehow milk becoming a refugee, where apparently you can do no wrong, and openly state how you want to kill others. Not the only refugee to be constantly in jail. The woke are taking over the refugee space, against genuine refugees it is mean’t for.

    There are 85 million people in Iran alone, 21 million in Sri Lanka, 1.4 billion in China and India, and 39 million in Afghanistan and these are the nationals of countries that are claiming the most refugee status in NZ.

    You can even declare yourself stateless by renouncing your other citizenship (like the ISIS terror bride) which seems to work a treat to have a free VIP service to get back into NZ and not take any responsibility.

    As well as student, visitor and work visas, all you need do to come to NZ is marry someone these days. If you don’t get into NZ quick enough (during Covid) you can sue the immigration minister because of your love interests are not met fast enough. Some are on their third spouse sponsorship under this system. If you break up within a few years, dowry and money changing hands, no worries, just another person who can become a NZ citizen through this means.

    Clearly there is now a plethora of people flocking to NZ, who claim refugee and other visas status, but seem to be more entitled nutjobs or privileged, middle class woke, playing the system here that our woke system loves to entertain for years. Once here the coveted refugee status or identity politics like claiming they are mentally ill, gay etc, means they can do whatever they want, while milking maximum amounts of help and media attention, that Kiwis who are born here, don’t get.

      • A true critical thinker and expert in referencing when it suits his POV, often using spicy sauces he’d otherwise criticise as being unreliable.
        I agree with much of what he says usually (in relation to our immigration policy and implementation being a COMPLETE FUCKING SHAMBLES) except that the sauces for geese and ganders are usually quite different. It reminds me of that Key Hardtalk interview.
        As for the SriLankan tearist, I’d rather wait till the expertise of the likes of Alistair McClymont, Paul Buchanan, Stewart Dalley (Chair of the Auckland District Law Society’s Immigration and Refugee Law Committee), and one or two others can be analysed properly. I would put money on the Far Foy and one or two officials in that Ministry for Everything doing what they do best – which will amount to BAU – in this space, going forward.

      • @ Daryl, Shouldn’t you be at a committee meeting, putting down others while offering zero comments yourself, woke style on this forum.

    • Yes, lighten up a bit saveNZ. You run the risk of coming across as a far-righter that positions all immigrants and refugees as “dangerous others”. For sure, immigration has become a lightening rod for discontent, here and elsewhere, but don’t go too far down that path least you find yourself radicalized by someone far more extreme than Winston.

      • uphill.shit.push I’m afraid @bozo. which is a shame.
        An intelligent mind hampered by a pre disposition.

        (but you know – hark at me – who the fuck am I to judge) If I was still marking student assignments, his wouldn’t get much above a C average and in moderation we’d be nodding heads about his being a try-hard.
        Mind you. most moderation meetings were like a mothers union knitting b where peggy squares where compared with each other to see which would make the best bed covering
        pffft …….. next

      • Bozo, the problem is that the woke keep silencing and pushing everything under the carpet. This has been going on for over a decade, the solution is not silencing people, the solution is to solve the problem of immigration in NZ.

        We have rural NZ putting tractors through petrol stations, such is the state of our country which seems to have more than a few rotten apples. Meanwhile I know a number of migrant doctors who are about to leave NZ, due to feeling unwanted. Why do the woke fight (and government listens) so hard for bad people to live in NZ and criminals rights, while allowing 95% collateral damage to victims here, meanwhile great applicants for migration can’t get though because they don’t fabricate their applications.

        The last thing I want is right wing, Boris and Trump like figures leading NZ, but that is where we go, if the left keeps up with their obsession which has deteriorated into a farce, such as a two person security detail on a terror suspect who then goes on to knife people in a run of the mill, mall in Auckland.

      • Bozo, SaveNZ is just exceptionally good at seeing patterns in the data that most people don’t understand until much much later. Look at immigration – SNZ has been pointing out for years this is a ponzi scheme, same as mass scale tourism and ‘education’ and sure enough, once Covid came around, our economy is doing just fine without this huge influx of people that when we step back now and look at it, actually contributed sfa to NZ.
        If you want to bag SNZ refute their arguments, don’t make ad-hominem attacks unsupported by anything.

        • SaveNZ is very good at backing up many of their claims with actually links to reported examples. Interestingly one of those examples was a quote from the deceased terrorist before he committed his fatal terrorist act. So I would back SaveNZ before many of the random, nameless people with their worthless personal attacks & dismissals that pass as commentary here. Oh and I say that as an immigrant & former guest worker.

          • Thank you Richard, I hope it is clear that I am not against migrants and migration, I am against some of the stupid immigration processes that don’t seem to be working very well for the good and safety of society and the quality of NZ education and working conditions.

            • It’s definitely very clear, the system really isn’t working and a lot of those abusing or gaming the system, not only get away with it a lot of the time, but are handsomely rewarded for their illegal & exploitative practices. New Zealanders are generally on the losing end of this “deal”, and are having their country & futures stolen from them, for the profits of the few.

            • “I hope it is clear that I am not against migrants and migration,….”

              That’s a surprise save NZ. But of course you are entitled to your view. You are not the only one it seems. And granted, for good reason since you are correct in saying immigration processes have become a sham. When NZ opened up to wider immigration in 1974 (effectively putting an end to the white only policy that existed beforehand), it was never quite like that – although granted there was the sham of certain East Asians using NZ to educate their children while spending most of their lives outside the country (and no they weren’t from the PRC) . But, that’s loopholes for you. Now that’s not possible because taxation laws have been changed. We could go on …. always loopholes to be exploited and bureaucrats chasing their tails.

              Yes, from the mid-90’s immigration was captured by industry. That changed the game. Skills shortages are a smoke screen (although for sure there are pockets of skill shortages). Exploitation of labour became the rationale for many. So yes, you are correct to point this out.

              I urge you however not to confuse immigrants with refugees. The the NZ context they are quite different (whereas in Europe the term ‘migrant’ seems to apply to all and sundry). The vast majority of refugees come to NZ as part of the humanitarian UN Resettlement Programme., of which NZ is a signatory. You have no beef with humanitarian goals, do you, or are they just another woke intention? S it seems was an asylum refugee, although some reports have him originally entering on a student visa. Asylum seekers are different again. They are allowed to claim asylum under the 1951 Geneva Convention. It seems he lied and then it all got caught up with the legalities.

              My point is that most refugees are a vulnerable group, most of whom have been through stuff you and I can’t fathom. Sure language, culture, religion are different. And yes, resettlement costs the state. Its not easy for them, whatever their age or educational background. But in my experience they are truly grateful of the chance to live in peace, get on with their lives the best they can, and find ways to contribute.

              You just can’t tar all migrants with the same brush.

  10. Lets hear it from a professional shall we?
    The Spinoff.
    “The legislation cannot and should not be used to plug a gap in criminal law, writes mental health expert Anthony O’Brien.”
    “The Mental Health Act is not a tool to detain would-be terrorists. The very idea is dangerous”
    “In the wake of such an atrocity such as the terrorist attack at Lynmall shopping centre there is an understandable search for reasons, causes and explanations – anything that helps us make sense of such a terrible event occurring in our community. It is reasonable to ask questions and explore all the avenues of intervention that could have been or should have been considered. But the Mental Health Act is not one of those avenues, for very good reasons. Security expert Paul Buchanan is quite wrong to suggest that the act might have been used to detain the individual, as reported by RNZ.”
    The murderous actions of a madman will be seen as a golden opportunity by officials and others. That, is what we should now be hugely concerned about.

  11. Agree. There also needs to be a wider conversation and joined up thinking about how the perpetrator came to be radicalised with extremist ideology. What was missing in his life that made him susceptible? Social connections? Mental health support? Adequate housing? A job with dignity? Sadly for far too many in this country, this is their life. How many others are there like him, on the same trajectory to the same tragic and futile end? We have to be better than this.

  12. Winston Peters: “We should only take people into NZ that we need, not those who need us.”
    And: “New Zealand should fix its own backyard first, pointing to 50,000 homeless and “degradation” in places like Hokianga.”

    Never count him out.

    • Correct we need to tidy up our own backyard first.

      Winston and NZ First have been going on about the unsustainable high numbers of immigrants coming into NZ however Labour and National will not listen. Evidently China have the thumbscrews on Labour re Immigration.

  13. It is getting crazy the amount of time and effort NZ has to spend on high needs foreign cases, not just extreme cases of terror, but the general entitlement and lawless ness of foreign nationals turned NZ residents, that seem to be get into NZ and stay here, so easily.

    Gang connections, Meth addictions, escaping police custody, etc. It would be a comedy, apart from Police don’t seem to have enough resources anymore to help genuine people at risk in NZ from the growing cases.
    Guarded prisoner Uditha Punchihewa escaped from hospital toilet

    Unlike foreign claiming refugees we actually have torture cases in NZ, but the local victims get no justice.

    Time to look at NZ victims and start supporting them instead of foreign woke students playing the international system to their advantage.

    Wake up call, it’s only going to get a lot worse! In the EU they have so many economic migrants streaming in that they are unable to process, under the guise of refugee. The status of refugee and protected person is so wide now, half the world now can claim that status! The more the status is given, the more the people come.

    Time to stop pandering to these dictators whose nationals stream out and claim asylum in the west and tighten up the definitions of what a refugee status, should look like as currently more than half the world’s population can claim it.

    • We definitely have a problem with new immigrants in NZ especially the Asian & South American Drug Importers who have linked up with the NZ and Aussie Gangs to distribute their products. We have very porous borders and it is virtually impossible to stop drug importations.

      These Gangs are supplying people who already have mental health issues and it is putting more pressure on our police and health workers who are trying to deal with these issues. I do not know what the answer is, more police, more money, more health professionals is not going to solve the problem of illicit drugs entering NZ.

      Maybe make all drugs legal and then treat it as a Mental Health Issue ?

  14. “Could have been worse” is not a great reason to call the police response a “winner”.

    Contrast how the counter terrorism unit acted when arresting Kim Dotcom.

    The have a lot of discretion and wide ranging powers. I seriously doubt Jacinda’s excuse that they had tried “everything”.

  15. The ‘lawlessness of foreign nationals turned NZ residents?”

    What is the amount of lawlessness of ‘foreign nationals turned NZ residents’ compared to lawlessness of other New Zealand citizens? If there is a difference why do you think that is?

    • What is the amount of lawlessness of ‘foreign nationals turned NZ residents’ compared to lawlessness of other New Zealand citizens?

      Said like a true empiricist Peter. Not sure how you’d get the data. Perhaps the next census can explore that, although self-report is not all that reliable! Plus, a devil of a job with defining what constitutes “lawlessness”.

  16. Correct we need to tidy up our own backyard first.

    Winston and NZ First have been going on about the unsustainable high numbers of immigrants coming into NZ however Labour and National will not listen. Evidently China have the thumbscrews on Labour re Immigration.

  17. I’m getting a warning about a lack of security on this blog Martyn. Don’t know anything about it just letting you know.

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