Judith Collins latest attack on Bloomfield is further proof she shouldn’t be Leader


Judith Collins dubs Dr Ashley Bloomfield a ‘one-trick pony’ who’s ‘good at standing up and talking about COVID’

National leader Judith Collins has dubbed Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield a “deified”, “one-trick pony” who’s “good at standing up and talking about COVID”. 

Her comments came after Dr Bloomfield apologised to Parliament’s Health Select Committeefor telling MPs he hadn’t discussed the transfer of an ill United Nations worker from COVID-ravaged Fiji to New Zealand with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) officials. 

Look, Judith had every right to criticize Bloomfield’s convenient memory lapse over airlifting Helen Clark’s mate out of Fiji despite NZ officials originally turning down the request but the way she has gone to attack Bloomfield in the manner she has while he is the Director General of Health in the middle of an ongoing pandemic is outrageous.

It’s like Judith just help herself and twists the knife out of spite and malice.

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She would just be incapable of handling any Executive power rationally.

Attacking the Director General of Health in this manner when his credibility while fronting a pandemic demands total respect is a type of political vandalism.

Judith can’t be trusted with Prime Ministership.

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  1. So the leader of the opposition can’t question a civil servant that mislead members of parliament? This is exactly the job of the leader of the opposition. The cult of St Ash should not mean the man himself is above criticism.

    • Frank the Tank … as Opposition leader Judith Collins is entitled to question public servants. However that comes with relevant facts and points relating to the person she is addressing. In this case, Ms Collins doesn’t have any relevant facts or points available in relation to her recent statement about Dr Ashley Bloomfield, by calling him a “one trick pony who is good at standing up and talking about Covid.” So what expectations of Dr Ashley Bloomfield’s handling of Covid-19 does the leader of the Opposition have? Perhaps Ms Collins can enlighten us as to how she and National might have done better.

      Considering, Dr Bloomfield has done a very good job helping keep NZers safe from Covid-19 since the virus hit, Ms Collins’ narky words demonstrate her lack of ability and credence to ever hold a position of prominence representing NZ internationally. I’m just thankful Ms Collins and National are not government at this point in our history!

      • I totally agree with you mary_a. Ms Collins’ is totally unsuitable to be a leader of anything – sadly she seems intent on destroying the National party’s credibilty.

  2. More vile rhetoric from Her Nastiness.
    Good leaders can criticize and voice opinion without resorting to hate and personal attacks. Judith is no noble leadership material.

  3. The problem with Collins is that she is using the Trump playbook for her political guide complete with his hallmark of unrelenting vindictiveness. Having said that St. Ashley deserved a ripping. His department has survived on a popular TV show and luck.

    • yep – if anyone is a one trick pony it is Collins – she is projecting her narcissism like Trump did – they can’t help it.

  4. The problem with Collins is that she is using the Trump playbook for her political guide complete with his hallmark of unrelenting vindictiveness. Having said that St. Ashley deserved a ripping. His department has survived on a popular TV show and luck.

  5. Judith is just there to keep Labeen in a feel of safe security so when they keep implementing their unpopular policy to the middle class while enabling the woke, who they think will not matter, until a few months before election when a new Natz leader will emerge and then start their campaign…..

      • Or not do anything much and then we are all doomed, Nats, ACT, Greens, any person of ethnic minority etc. etc. everyone but the rich. For starters the borders will be opened no matter what, there will be no benefits, no climate change policy ( again ) no money for health education etc. and Paula Bennett will be on her third season of “I didn’t have a clue”

  6. Absolutely Frank the Tank.
    Bloomfield told at best fibs and the leader of the opposition is not allowed to question him?
    That’s ridiculous.

    • John, open both your eyes for once please; SHE DID NOT ‘question him’, she actually rudely and publically called him incompetent and not fit for the job. Is that the way you think a leader should behave?

  7. TV3 (NZ’s 3rd most trusted news source) reports on the National Party screech regarding a portrait of Winston Churchill being removed from outside the Greens Party offices at parliament and rehung in a public area elsewhere in the building, to make way for a new painting by a NZ artist. National claim that by doing this, the Greens have proved that they don’t like Churchill and all that he did during WW2 and also the Greens hate Western Civilization, Democracy, Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Association. Woke National or the Greens? Ardern says FFS, who cares? I’m in agreement with that comment.

    • only a narcissist would react like that – she really expects everyone to think like her – corrupt fascist.

    • Jesus wept, is Collins serious about her job, a friggin painting, whilst the real opposition leader Seymour talks about his belief in opening the borders next year!

  8. a day can’t go by without Collins losing the plot – what are National doing? Showing how useless they are? Hoping for her to just go away? Still searching for someone better?

    • Thanks John. I just wish that National would get rid of her before she destroys any remaining credibility they have. Cheers.

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