Auckland Mayoralty 2022 contenders


Auckland businessman Leo Molloy to run for mayor in 2022 local election

Auckland businessman Leo Molloy plans to run for the city’s mayor in the next election – saying he is tired of the central city’s traffic congestion issues and promised to create a “vibrant town” if elected.

Molloy’s intention to run for mayor was announced via a post on the HeadQuarters bar Facebook page – deeming him a “coruscating contender” that wanted to get Auckland “moving again” and was against “woke pretentious white whingeing wankers”.

Leo won’t win. He has no political machine behind him, no political strategists and is a mouth with no trousers.

His pinpointing of Auckland fury at never ending cycleway infrastructure and rail building combined with the rage of gridlock and the never ending rise in cost of living in Auckland however are legitimate and open for manipulation.

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It just won’t be Leo doing that manipulation.

My understanding is that Goff is going to be offered the ambassadorship to America if it hasn’t already been offered. The Americans want him and NZ officials secretly fear conflict with China and think having a Hawk in America would be advantageous to us.

So if Goff leaves, the field is wide open.

The political Right in Auckland has been split and divided for at least a decade but with Michelle Boag locked out of being involved because of her leaking Covid patient details, they have managed to coalesce around one possible candidate, Mark Mitchell.

It’s not public knowledge yet but his recent puff piece in the Herald was an attempt to soften his image as a dead eyed mercenary because few Cities outside Mogadishu welcome Mayors with that Full Metal Jacket thousand yard stare.

The Auckland Right are trying to get Paula Bennett to run as his running mate.

With Goff out of the way, John Tamihere might have another run, but it’s not clear who would have the mana on the Left to attempt it. Richard Hills certainly has the misplaced ego to believe he could but the Left’s answer to Simeon Brown is no real contender.

Could Chloe Swarbrick feel frustrated enough by the Greens not offering her the leadership to leave and run?

What about Louisa Wall who must by now realize Labour punish independent thought?

The only current Counselor on the Left with anything close to resembling the name recognition required is Efeso Collins. He has the vision and mana that none of the others have.

If the Right put forward Mark Mitchell and Paula Bennett as a team the Left will need to reciprocate with a stronger team.

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  1. Something puzzling about John Tamihere.
    He ran for mayor in the last election. Bear with me with for a moment.
    Because my Chinese father-in-law lives with us the television in our house is permanently set to the Chinese New Zealand television channel.
    During the last election John Tamihere was on that channel literally every few minutes in what can only be described as a China style propaganda campaign. I never saw any other candidate promoted by this television channel( admittedly I do not watch much television – let alone the bullshit shown on the Chinese New Zealand TV channel).
    I kept wondering what Tamihere offered the Chinese business community( who sponsor the TV channel). As I recall at one time he was quite keen on selling assets. Could that be it? I also recall his campaign was overseen by the Wicked Witch of the North( Michelle Boag). She who sent a rescue helicopter to pick up her passport.
    Anyhow see what happens this time around.

    • Apart from symbolic gestures, the Mayor in Auckland had about as much control over Auckland’s destiny than Jacinda has in housing, mental health and light rail combined. In other words, zero!

      But there is an element within the CCO’s of Auckland Council that’s would love to sell assets so any candidate that looks good for that is best avoided!

    • He was proposing to sell watercare! Clearly had Chinese backing for his proposal. Wonder who will buy more water from NZ??

  2. “What about Louisa Wall who must by now realize Labour punish independent thought?”

    I love your sense of humour Martyn. A fanatical gender warrior who wanted all “TERFS” expelled from Labour, and who’s married to another woman – she’d go down a treat in socially conservative Pasifika communities of South Auckland.

  3. Russel Norman or David Cunliffe would be popular, but after being harassed out of parliament for their interest in sustainable policy for NZ, might not be interested.

    The Mayoralty is a powerful role that could make a valuable difference to Auckland families and community, if they could overcome their reluctance to enter the dirty politics arena. (Possibly less around now that Covid took some wind out of the sails).

    If they don’t get it right, unfortunately, the right will be back as Mayor in AK and selling off our assets as fast as Phil Goff faux lefty and his merry band of Auckland Council CEO’s can sign the papers.

    Look at the accum showed!

    Half a hectare, 18-level ex-council HQ sold for just $3m: Panuku’s plan revealed

    Auckland Council just sold prime waterfront land as well, so quietly that MSM don’t seem to bother reporting it.

    Council’s unrealised hedging losses hit $2.7b, years of pain forecast

    (note in spite of being caught out with billions of debt at double the mortgage rates that the average home owner managed to avoid, Auckland council is continuing with the same treasury practise with the same treasury advisors and selling off Auckland’s land to pay for their constant mismanagement mistakes).

    Oh and we can all look forward to higher rates, less council services and less assets owned by Auckland Council like selling half a hectare of prime Auckland city land for $3million.

  4. Leo Molloy will win it. He has the balls to say what has to be said. and Aucklanders will want to hear that. Auckland needs someone who is not shifted on from Labour.

      • You know Bert, I had to think about your comment for a while there. I have decided that I don’t care how he does it. Neither Ardern or any of her team or most politicians are setting high standards for transparency, openness or honesty, therefore I am fine with someone like Molloy. Anything is better than Phil Goff or Labour Mouthpiece by another name. Labour all over Wellington and Labour all over Auckland. And in both places the fundamental basics are not looked after properly. Funny that. Auckland Council and Transport need a serious attitude change. They have created a fucking expensive mess that is hard to live in.

        • TheKraut your morals are complete opposite to mine but that’s another discussion. As for your comment on Wellingtons mayor, don’t know where you get your facts from but he is so far right he walks with a limp.

    • Nope, I’m seriously worried that the right will be back. Goff was getting so unpopular that he would not have made it easily thus saving himself the bother if it’s true he’s off to another plumb role for his servitude to money for the super rich capitalists.

  5. “My understanding is that Goff is going to be offered the ambassadorship to America if it hasn’t already been offered.”
    Fark, really?
    I can see a new reality TV show funded by NuZull on Ear in consideration now. Killing two galahs with one stone. Goff on a Harley doing what’s left of Route 66 alongside a flee-on-the-wall deep and meaningful analysis of his political career into irrelevance.
    Better to just give the prick a knighthood on condition he just goes away

  6. Having the dynamic duo of Mitchell (poodle) and Bennett (dog handler) get the mayoralty chains would kill 2 birds with one stone for the right. Mitchell picked the wrong horse, decided to gelignite his ‘Bridges’ (lol) whilst doing so and while being a useful retail politician is unsuited for higher honors. It would remove one of the 2 remaining leakers out of caucus as well.

    It’s unlikely anything on the left would be able to compete IF they get their funding lines up.

    Please be Richard Hills that lines up on the other side. It is always amusing to see smug wiped off a face.

    They would be a ‘middling’ team and it would be no huge swing to the right however would put some pressure on some of the far left lunacy at institutions such as AT. Better than what we have at the moment.


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