Imagine Ardern-Swarbrick 2023


The Green Party result in recent Polling is poor when you consider the Housing crisis and the lack of real progress on child poverty and welfare reform.

Labour Left should be bolting to the Greens.

They are not.

Anything less than 15% at the 2023 election by the Greens should be seen as failure. The demographic of the electorate favours the Greens, the issues and lack of Labour action favours them and duh – climate change.

Green members should go hard or go home.

They should dump the co-leader policy and elect Chloe as the Leader to give her 18months exposure in the run up to the 2023 election.

Chloe is a unique talent. She speaks with the energy of the new voting generation in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the Leadership, she could dominate political debate.

What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?

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Marama and James should be thanked for the stability they bought the party, but now is the time to step up and be a 15% Party.

Chloe as Leader is a 15% Party.

If Labour gain another Majority MMP result in 2023, what was the point of the Green Party?

To be politically relevant, the Greens need to be needed by Labour. To do that they need to take Labour voters.

Chloe can do that. Marama and James can’t.

Imagine Jacinda as Prime Minister with Chloe as Deputy. Imagine the policy platform of truly transformative change a Government with that leadership could actually achieve.


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    • Genter missed the boat and I say that as someone who supported her leadership bid. Time to move on. Like Andrew Little, Genter must subsume her ambitions into the Greater Idea of The Green Party elevating one of there own as Deputy Prime Minister.

    • ROFL. Genters qualifications are Philosophy, Politics & Planning Studies. Her meaningful work experience is in parking policy – which probably explains her zealot antipathy to actually improving road transport for the vast majority of NZ users as evidenced by her secretive undermining of Wellingtons local democracy a couple of years ago. That attitude might change a bit now she is going to have a couple of kids to tote around on her bike.

    • If Genter was on the right she’d have been run out of town by the NZ media for her Pale, Male, Stale comment (being racist, sexist and ageist all in one). But she’s on the left and gets away with it…

      • You just worry about The National Party and Judith Collins and we will worry about ours. In otherwords mind your own business, okay sport?

      • Bg. No. Genter’s “Pale Male Stale “ comment, which I had forgotten, would have been unacceptable to many right across the political spectrum, as another cheap pollie shot which diminishes her more than it does any men – student level ‘ politics.’

        • Don’t buy into there sob stories. If calling someone male pale stale makes me racist then I want to retain my right to choose who represents me. Choice used to be the domain of the conservative. Now I don’t know what the fuck conservatives are or what they stabd for anymore. They’re just all over the place.

  1. I guess Natz bought in their voters to keep in power, but have a feeling it will eventually backfire for the Labeens as when you destroy all the better rentals so that new migrants as first home owners can purchase them, and the poor are now camped in emergency housing or on the streets it kinda loses it’s polish on that argument.

    Labeens have had 6 years but somehow still expecting a miracle of construction and private practise to do something with housing with more and green lighting more white elephant projects in the middle of nowhere for rich listers and overseas companies who just seem to be doing land zoning for their business and personal benefit and sucking up government taxpayers resources in alarming manners….. meanwhile the floods and congestion keeps continuing and the money has been stolen for the above….

  2. In addition this type of farce where worksafe should be prosecuting themselves instead of those who actually helped rescue the victims and the scientists! Disgusting!! The helicopter pilots should be on the Queens honours list not in the dock!

    The biggest organisation who should be prosecuted is work safe themselves over White Island eruption! They dropped the ball just like they did for Pike River and in the construction industry that they do nothing to help raise standards for. Worksafe knew the tourist industry were not acting safely but could not be bothered doing anything about it as that means depriving a precious business of profit and doing their job ahead of time.

    Such a kind face prosecuting rescuers and scientists! Sarcasm.

  3. People who voted this government in and observing it’s failures should be bolting to National – because the Greens certainly haven’t got any viable policies!

    • Even you Andrew would have to admit the nasty natz are just a complete shambles. Shambles at the border!
      Just imagine the Covid mess we would all be in if they had got into power. And the looney rimmer doing his utmost to welcome Covid to our shores. He’s a real nutjob. No, I think Labour/Greens with the 2 leaders Martyn is writing about would be good for progressive NZ. All the old redneck boomers would hate it, which is another plus. Roll on next election. Natz are toast for sure.

        • I know mary_a. I’m a boomer too, but my angst is towards the other type of boomer. The type that gets there jollies at others expense. Have a good day.

      • Lots on National bashing here! Still, I do enjoy Countryboy’s post more and more, such good reads!
        Anyhow, scary scenario for you lefties, but it wouldn’t take much to fix that National shambles. Labour turned on a dime back then, no substance whatsoever (hope you are all proud), just a Nike slogan and a big toothy smile, pure ID politics. So then here goes…with Collins out and gone (and she will be gone), some new faces in, some priority infrastructure and economy growth policies, by scrapping of all the woke and useless ‘PR points’ policies by Labour, like the cycle bridge, and by appealling to voters wallets with tax incentives, by increasing Pharmac funding and more free dental care, and by going into Pike once and for all…and there you almost have it. Adding to that, on performance it’s absolutely impossible to do any worse than Labour, they prove themselves inept every day, so that will become a huge problem for Jacinda and Grant. I see tv ads with the cobwebs on shovels as an eerie cold wind blows tumbleweed around and the muffled sound of Grant reciting all the shovel ready projects he promised. Will be long TV ad. Also, by then Covid will be part of ‘everyday life’ so not the ‘beyond human comprehension rocket science’ they make it out to be. Come election time the media and thus the public will focus on Covid failures like having no or not enough vaccines, and they will have forgotten the 1pm Covid Theatre on TV1. Also, it won’t be hard to enforce vaccination a bit better than what Labour are doing…they are not really enforcing it at all. And, back to the subject, if Jacinda should make as much as one tiny motion to hitch up to the Greens…oh boy/girl/they/them…bye bye all those National votes gifted to her at the last election. I think those votes are gone anyway, they are coming back home, so Labour will be back around or under 40% probably.
        Phew, that was fun! Now I actually look forward to that election!

      • You cannot seriously say that because:

        a) National have not had opportunity to be in government during CV19 so none of us have any idea who they would have performed. However they do have several medical professionals and scientists in their ranks so I suggest they might well have managed it better than, say, an ex teacher.

        b) All the heavy lifting was done by the various government departments, with Ardern showboating on TV when (and only when) there was good news.

        • Look; National proved they are shite, their ministers neanderthals and their policies are why NZ is in the state its in. Homelessness, dirty politics, you name it, tell me what National achieved in 9 long years, anything?Their leader is corrupt and temporary and you seriously want National to govern? Fuck no!

    • Lol please. What exactly are nationals policies besides shitting on the poor and the environment with their austerity, mass immigration, deregulation, large scale industrial diary, and neo Liberal trickle down bullshit?

      • Control Denied
        I wouldn’t go there…scrapping much needed infrastructure one day and announcing a cycle bridge for rich cyclists the next day and telling us there is not enough money for nurses the next day, and underfunding Pharmac, and spending trillions on an underground train that will go nowhere near the poor, and by not building cheap houses and by making it easy to become a landlord with cheap money, and by having more kids on the poverty list than ever before…that’s kinda shitting on the poor, not so? Maybe not? Maybe that’s just good solid Labour policy? You tell me.

        • I will go there @Jaspinda!
          Why? Even though what you say about Labour is true, all of it, all of what I said about national is of equal truth. So don’t you tell me you wouldn’t go there there about national then spout off your reasons not to go there about labour! Hypocrite!

    • Absolutely, I’d never give my vote to a party headed by a woman who calls for the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state, Israel.

      • crawl back into your NZDF funded Palestinian baby killing apparatus Gaby. We all know you won’t be happy until all Palestinians prostrate themselves before Zionism and offer themselves as blood sacrifices to your colonial ambitions just so some wealthy Zionish apartheid scum can steal more land and kill a few more legitimate owners of said land.

    • The problem is that National , Green and Labour polices are almost identical especially around housing, population growth, economic mantra and environmental destruction and destroying NZ as we know it, faster.

      So Labeens are more popular because we get a few more years before NZ has turned into Dhaka (and it only took Dhaka 50 years to go from a population of 1 million to 20 million. with all he issues that creates on infrastructure

      • First Andrew would have to display the ability to add 2+2 together. In otherwords, how has The National Party of Aotearoa New Zealand address their policies of austerity, trickle down economics, maori health authority, dogma, and ideology? 🙂

        • Actually the neo li ersl tri kle down theory was implemented by Roger Douglas. Hence the name Rogernomics. This was and still is Labour policy.
          The biggest problem here is they are killing the primary sector. Climate change is another neo liberal policy/ science that is designed to make piticians look good by achieving nothing. Rogernomics brought this country to its knees in the 80s we had relly only just recovered and now Climate change is trying to do the same thing. Without our primary industry exporting food to the world NZ will be the next Zimbabwe. Rwmember 40% of NZ income comesfrom Primary industry that equals 40 of the tax take that pays for everything you bleeding heart muppets take for granted

          • That’s a weird argument that neoliberalizm has nothing to do with The National Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, so let’s keep in place privatisation, deregulation and globalization. Neoliberalizm was never properly defined as an ideology. If anyone has strong opinion about neoliberalizm as an ideology they are projecting.

            I’m not an unemployed professor of economics, I just allow the data to guide me 🙂

            Neoliberalizm is a descriptive term to refer to the general economic and social policies of the entire western world circa 1970-1980s, so it’s rather self evident why no one can define it as a coherent, unified ideology, it isn’t one. There is no unifying school of thought, there is no unified theory of economics or a carefully built up logic that underpins it’s policies, actions, or doctrine, it’s something that just happened and others have slapped a label on it. It’s similar to “Capitalism” or “Mercantilism” in a way, it just happened before concrete ideological underpinnings existed and only later did people slap a label on to classify it.

            But most of those problems won’t be solved by tightening on Free Trade nor on the backing down on the concept of neoliberal economic liberalization. These problems are solved only with rising wealth and robust economic policies, so that people won’t have to think about what’s for dinner anymore, and start thinking about what responsibilities and obligations the government should service.

  4. Heh, imagine blood pressure maxing out in aged care apartments across the land, imagine provincial munters randomly firing off live rounds…

    and imagine doing something meaningful about the milk powder/nitrogen Republic…and getting the Cannabis Industry going…and a state house mega build…

  5. Still pushing the ‘Chloe for green party leader’ barrow I see.
    Do you honestly think Marama would take tens of thousands of a salary cut to step down as co leader for the future of the party…if so I have a bridge for sale!
    To be honest I think James would as he is basically a doormat for the women in the party, and has no spine in standing up for himself….Marama would only relinquish her position if the party constitution was reformed (as its a constitution in their party…joint leadership male/female) and they draggged her away by the feet kicking and screaming.
    So your musings about Chloe are just that, musings, although would be interesting to see what the membership think of the idea.

    • Martin doesn’t really have to, shes already the NZ Herald’s darling. She gets even more touchy feely promotional articles that Jacinda.

      The editors are infatuated with her.

  6. Martyn
    Nice dream. If they ran on that ticket, it’ll be the end of Labour in govt and the end of the greens in parliament. NZ is not that stupid to accept a combo that is a sure fire recipe to economic ruin. People vote with their wallets and they will see they fiancial emptiness awaiting them in future years.

    • the only emptiness is in my wallet – at least with Chloe and Jacinda I get social progression for it instead of freely manipulated
      market platitudes

    • Could be that the system crashes this year. People like you have repeating that statement for the last 10 years.

      • The effect of the power maniacs propping up the system via fracking and tar sands extraction etc. has been:

        1. to push the atmospheric CO2 level from 400 ppm to 420 ppm

        2. to increase ocean acidification

        3. to increase population overshoot

        4. to increase species extinction

        5. to allow yet more money printing and create massive bubbles in housing and other financial areas,

        If you think this system can keep going more than a year or two you are nuts.

        That won’t be a distinction because 99% of the populace is nuts (or grossly uninformed),

    • You and I both know that they’ll keep this shit show of spinning plates going for far longer than would seem possible on paper (look at Japan). That said, I give it under 5 years now though. The question really is whether it all collapses at once, or it collapses in slow motion over multiple years.
      The next major “shock” (I say that with “” since it should not be a shock at all) will be the West’s simultaneous complete banning of cryptocurrency following China’s move. That will buy fiat currencies a few more years at least.

  7. @ MB. You write…
    “The Green Party result in recent Polling is poor when you consider the Housing crisis and the lack of real progress on child poverty and welfare reform.”
    ( Damn! Not enough sugar in my coffee… I’ll be right back…)
    OK. That, right there, is an interesting paragraph to ponder.
    Can I posit reasons for that poor polling despite the “ Housing crisis and the lack of real progress on child poverty and welfare reform.” ?
    I can…? Awesome.
    That’s because :
    james peter edward shaw
    Career before politics.
    Prior to returning to Wellington in 2010, Shaw worked in the consulting division at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Between 2011 and 2014, Shaw worked as both a consultant for HSBC bank on “environmental awareness programmes for future leaders” and also at Wellington social enterprise the Akina Foundation.[6]
    Wee jimmy is one of the Thems. He’s as ‘Green’ as a slab of asphalt.
    Despite the best intentions of the worst types of people the labour party is still entirely neoliberal. Not partially or slightly but entirely.
    Now? That might be because labour are, in reality, greedy soulless bastards but I don’t so. I think Labour have no real idea what to do about a history that haunts them. A history that was shaped by greed and inhuman malice Trojan Horsed into Labour by traitors to us all except themselves and their psychopathic overlords hiding in plain sight within [their] media-normalised Kiwi-As Big Business.
    roger douglas and his cohorts used David Lange’s intellectual and professional largesse slip by us to infiltrate Labour where they proceeded to destroy Labour from within while making huge money ( By selling off OUR taxes paid for stuff and things then throwing us naked and tied at the ankles to the foreign banksters ) and cementing themselves well within positions of power to ensure an on going and ever giving scam of tangled swindles designed to look like best intentions when in reality it was a cynical, covert, financial terror attack against us and our beautiful AO/NZ. If you don’t see that by now then you’re not paying attention.
    Labour’s fucked because of its history and its associations with a greedy pig farmer runt and it hasn’t yet grown balls big enough to come clean. There will be, within Labour, political tacticians working overtime trying to come up with a plan to fumigate its past while trying to appear progressive and reinvented.
    Forget about it labour. While Labour stays on its current trajectory of piling bullshit on top of bullshit on top of bullshit you will always be known as the neoliberal party that sold out normal, good and hardworking people to monsters and the baggage that your carrying as a result of that is poverty, homelessness, hungry kids, suiciding farmers buried in debt and one or two multi billionaires.
    Labour? You’re done for. You’re gone. The sooner we forget about you AFTER we hunt down those scum who fucked us without the kissing … You’re done.
    The Greens. This is your chance at greatness.
    Little mr business man shaw must go. He’s a liability. A cancer. You can smell the money on his breath. ( David Lange’s uranium. )
    Marama Davidson is well intended but she’s hobbled by her personality. I.e. She doesn’t appear to have one.
    Chloe Swarbrick? Just be you. That’s all you need to be. And Christ only knows, it’s all we need.
    Farmers? You do that thing which makes us all our money. You work all the daylight hours and are on-call for the night time. You work and work and work and yet it’s still not enough for your natzo traitor abusers to steal from you to appease Big Business men doing their Big Business.
    I know…! They’re the ones who insist ( by using financial pressures.) you use chemicals and poisons on your land and up your animals. I know how hard it is to get a kg of wool off a sheep that you get less than a dollar a kg for. I know those things. And I know who’s behind that swindle and I know that isolation and of being constantly lied to and manipulated has led to the deepest levels of mistrust and I don’t fucking blame you at all. You farmers have every reason to not trust politicians because all they’re done is fuck you on the deal for generations.
    But you must remember; city people are not the enemy. They’re just as vulnerable as you albeit for different reasons. Median-Wellington-House-price-in-Wellington-is-now-one- million-dollars-vulnerable is pretty fucking vulnerable in my humble opinion.
    United farmer and city people support for The Green Party is the way to go.
    Mark my words.
    ( Farmers? You’re welcome to print this off and show it to any natzo or natzo supporter. And as you do? Watch and listen very closely to what they say and the colour they turn. Also ? Learn the meanings of the words confederate and Machiavellian. )

    • Christ you sound like my father-in-law @ Countryboy. After a lifetime of supporting Labour, during the neoliberal awakenings (ultimately, they’re a bit like learnings in that space, going forward) of the 80s he defected to Greens and vowed to never ever vote for the traitors again.

      When in ’23 – if I make it that far – I’ll be party voting either Green, or for them Maries as long as they keep their cargo cultists in check. And sure as shit it’ll be in spite of James Corp and the cadets in Garrett Street who’re aspirationally green most days of the week except Fridays and Saturdays when a bit of preloading and partying excuses all their shortcomings.
      Fuk! That reminds me.
      Where’s that retail politician whose name eludes me at atm? I expected something in support of his leader’s railing against neoliberalism.
      And where’s Winnie? I expected some sort of announcement in the QB Honours list.
      Has the retail politician decided to walk on his east european side of the pavement?
      Or maybe he’s managed to get his cuzzies off the couch and is out planting a billion trees.
      Against neo-liberalism? – my fucking arse!!!!
      Fuk – who knows. Maybe he’s in hiding and plotting a comeback with a geriatric mate or two devising uniforms to be worn when they piss in some corner of the corridors of Her Madge’s parliament buildings.

  8. Totally agree Andrew.
    Labour has defaulted on almost every issue they campaigned on.
    Greens particularly Swarbrick good at rhetoric but faced with the realities of running a huge business which Government is I’m very doubtful they have the skill.

  9. That’ll definitely cause the voting public to look elsewhere to vote. More identity useless leadership politics is what we don’t need.

    But, it could work if they recruited Gweneth Paltrow to do some PR work and the quid pro quo could be that she gets to flog some of her ‘product’ in photo ops and videos!

  10. There was a recent article about the Greens considering making changes to their leadership model.

    Swarbrick’s view? ‘Auckland Central MP Chlöe Swarbrick sees value in change but she hasn’t made her own mind up about what that might look like.
    “It could be a Te Tiriti-based model, or non-binary or trans, there’s so many options and some people are driving certain elements of that conversation,’’ she told Newsroom.’

    Don’t know what she is on about, but I think it rules out a model where Swarbrick can be sole leader of the Greens.

  11. So a couple of white chicks with virtually zero diversity of thoughts and opinions. Is this coming from a place of white privilege? Perhaps you need to decolonize your ideas. It’s 2021, man.

    • Who else in parliament could write this and be bang on off white? Judith? Mark Mitchell? Christopher? Maybe one of the new guns like Dan Bidios?

      Copy and pasted from Chloe’s fb page.

      It matters that we have a senior member of the opposition continuing to argue that colonisation was, “on balance,” a good thing. There’s been a larger cesspit of racism flowing into Parliamentary inboxes this past week, arguing all kinds of grotesque and factually inaccurate nonsense to justify – you guessed it – even more racism. This cannot be left unchecked.
      Colonisation is literally defined as “the process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area.” In Aotearoa, it was the violent and murderous dispossession of resources and land (from 100% to ~4%), the aggressive theft of culture and Te Reo (revived only through constant advocacy and activism) and brutal suppression of Te Tiriti’s promised tino rangatiratanga (absolute sovereignty) that forced and subjugated tangata whenua into governance by Westminster (politics of which they, of course, became a minority in).
      Whether or not white privilege is taught in our schools, it exists there. That’s because those schools once beat the Māori out of tamariki. That’s because tamariki Māori are turning up without the same resources or support as others, because of a history that politicians in their country continue to seek to deny the teaching of.
      Privilege doesn’t always mean you get a head-start in the race. It usually just means you don’t face the same barriers that other people do. It doesn’t mean you haven’t worked hard. It means other people have to work harder to get to the same place.
      Pretending something is “on balance” good in the face of devastation and atrocities that weren’t necessary, to get to an outcome that easily could have been more equal and better, is grotesque.
      Pākehā, Kiwis, European New Zealanders, please listen up. If you’ve ever shaken your head at an instance of racism, or said this isn’t us; if you have shared articles, memes, black squares or whatever else on social media; it’s past time to get anti-racist.
      Sure, proverbial Uncle Jim’s racist jokes at Christmas might not hurt anyone present. Outside of that room, those views inform a politics and a system that do. Poverty, poorer education, health, housing and everything else. Stuff that has been taken, and stuff that continues to be denied.
      None of us are always going to get it right. It’s going to be uncomfortable. But that discomfort might help erode some of the norms that allow a front-bench politician in the 21st century to trot out tired rhetoric that at best is ignorant and at worst is dangerously dogmatic. Maybe this history curriculum should be compulsory at our Parliament before it hits schools.

      • Wow you really believe all that? You think the English all came here with the same ideology? My ancestors were Scottish turfed out of there homelands or Irish survivors of the potato famine they had no mana or status or choice just like the low born indigenous people and they lived and loved and became whakapapa along side low status Maori. You think all us white face Maori have some Uncle Jim? What do you think the confederation of chefs or what Tapuru the first signatory of the treaty thought of colonization? His siblings were interbred into the royal lines. History is not so black and white nether are Human!

        • Jack B, one man’s parody is another’s reality. But you’ve illustrated nicely how oppressor/oppressed is not just based on ones skin colour. Yet the left is just blame whitey, poor Maori and have low expectations of the latter.

      • Ma, so you are quite impressed with Chloe’s word salad. You see it’s all just regurgitated leftist woke speak. There’s not an original thought in there at all, it is just mainstream talking points.

    • …Plus bugger all life or work experience. But then Chloe told Victoria University students that experience doesn’t count. How would she know ? She’s not old enough to have any. The LGBTQ brigade need to grow up – or go back to sleep.

  12. If this combo came to power then we would not have many friends left as both China and USA would not past the sniff test of the Greens and i am sure Australia would be in the firing line,. We would see tourism chooked by regulations more bike lanes less roads dairy would be cut and the country would be a lot poorer but there would be lots of reports being done.

    • Trev, our country would be better off with all of that. We need to change the old ways and views. Less roads, more bikes (especially ones with motors), less tourism win win win. USA and China couldn’t care less what little NZ does. Australia? Well they will get put back into there place by China and rightly so IMHO. Who cares what they think. They (Politicians/Business) certainly don’t give a stuff about us.

      • In a ideal World your wishes would be desirable and survivable but I worry about the bills that need to be paid to support the many strands of the government that look after its citizens both young and old.

  13. The idea of Jacinda and Chloe is terrifying.
    Whether one accepts it or not government has to perform like a profitable business to enable it to meet its commitments.They actually have to be financed.
    Jacinda and Chloe in my view wouldn’t have any idea how that is achieved.
    I’m all for improving the issues of child poverty, homelessness, the unemployed, mental health, health in general but not naive enough to believe this can happen if we don’t have a healthy buoyant economy.

  14. What a lot of looney, old, rightwing, 25%er, tory, moaning, angry, Jacinda-hater, misogynist, boomers. I’d rather vote for the suggested Labour-Green female leader combination than the current or any future Nat-Act leadership. The Nats-Act party dont care about the poor, homeless, unemployed, Maori, immigrants, etc because there’s no votes in it for them. They will reinstate the tax breaks for investors (read speculators) and rising house prices which helped Key create his so called rock star economy.
    I, like the economists, international commentators and the 50%ers am happy to back Labour with the support of the Greens and their respective leaders. As the right-wing commentators keep saying, NZ has been lucky over last 18 months – yes, lucky they didn’t take Nat-Act advice on opening the borders or follow Sweden and Taiwan’s covid policies, etc.
    Once again I say to our friends above, rejoice that our leader Jacinda and the Labour Govt have listened to the scientists and other experts and taken the correct options and made the right decisions thus making Aotearoa the most free and the safest country in the world.

    • I think you will find that new builds are exempt from the foreign investor buyers and the 10 year bright line test bill so it’s all spin and marketing to keep the foreigners buying NZ property while pretending to do something about it.

      The new builds that government pretend is for Kiwi home buyers and renters is often not affordable on NZ wages. Some nurses are on $25 p/h and it’s not looking like a kind face for them on the pay rises. Someone should give Grant and Jacinda and Chloe a $60k income, 3 year student loan and ask them to buy a house with that in Auckland or Wellington with little hope on a wage rise.

      If the Labeens cared about Kiwi buyers and renters, then only NZ citizens would be allowed to buy NZ property while there is such a housing shortage. Instead everyone including OZ, Singapore, (the rest of the world with new builds) as well as anybody who is a visitor to NZ on a student or work visa can buy here. You can even be an overstayer and buy NZ property apparently! Be a billionaire and buy up NZ mansions here (even before gaining permanent residency and citizenship you can buy land in NZ) you can also bring in your own low paid ethnic work force to farm it.

    • That’s thoroughly adult of you @John.
      Have you considered a challenge to that good fella fuckwit? We need a healthy opposition and sure as shit there hasn’t been one in quite a while. You could be the Man – as long as you can keep your paraphernalia in check.

  15. “What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?”

    At this point in time I just want a leader who unites rather than divides, isn’t pushing through a race based agenda’s they have no mandate for, is practical, pragmatic and gets simply things done,

    I don’t care what demographic they come from.

  16. I’ve forgot her name but there is a great politician who started out at 23 as a Christchurch councillor, ended up as a much loved Left-wing mayor. She is the gold standard, proved and certificated. She MUST be called up. The two ladies you mention have potential but are dubious at this stage.

    Lord Melbourne spent 10 years in his library before being called to be PM. She MUST be called up. She has zero ego but she will respond to conscription for her country. Not a one of solid mind will ever take against her.

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