MEDIAWATCH: US propaganda finally responds to China soft power with massive new broadcasting conglomerate


AT&T and Discovery to create new streaming giant

US telecoms giant AT&T has agreed to combine its WarnerMedia business with Discovery in a deal to create a new streaming giant.

The tie-up brings one of Hollywood’s biggest studios and Discovery’s channels under the same ownership.

AT&T owns CNN, HBO and Warner Bros, after acquiring many brands in a $108.7bn (£77.1bn) purchase of Time Warner in 2018.

The American Military Industrial Complex is finally recalibrating and pivoting against China’s soft power and grey zone warfare.

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Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the American Military Industrial Complex. A mass media consolidation like this is a National Interest level move, America doesn’t care if you watch their content on a Chines made product, they only care you watch it.

Coke, Levis and a Big Mac alongside movies and music have done more to cement into place a global culture hegemony for America than naked military force has.

Previously Corporate Hollywood had escalated internet piracy to a National Security level after it threatened Obama with no donations. Shortly after that threat, the case against Kim Dotcom was built as America attempted to assert their jurisdiction over the internet. That case continues in NZ.

This consolidation of media is a strategic geopolitical move and a clear indicator that America is actively refocusing on countering China’s soft power.

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  1. Except, these days 9/10 Hollywood blockbusters are only successful because of the Chinese market and any anti Chinese stuff gets films banned from China.

    The only rhin

  2. Movies don’t make profits anymore, films can make two billion and barely make $40 mill profit , they are merch opportunities and china not only makes the merch products but also consumes the merch more than USA and has movie themed parks. I think this used to be true but I dont think it is as much anymore

    I don’t think it’d be wise to cut ties with your biggest market in a global recession and multinational corporations have no allegiance to anything but money

    Globalization of capital has made Hollywood just as owned by china as Washington it’s share holders are the around the world. I don’t doubt propaganda is happening but it’s more likely to be anti western propaganda from Hollywood, they know where their money comes from plus western lefty’s love anything anti west so it makes money there too

  3. +1 Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the American Military Industrial Complex

    I just hope the NZ government who supposedly wants an independent foreign policy, stop the persecution of Dotcom (at NZ taxpayers expense) and call it a day.

    If Hollywood want to prosecute him, then they can pay their own lawyers fees. We have starving and murdered kids in NZ, that need our taxes, more than Hollywood’s non taxpaying misoginists and sexual abusers who have been found out for the terrible culture at the top, they have!

  4. Oh Fuck – imagine how woke this shit storm of a corporate will be. Also imagine how big Toxic Tova’s head will be if she is the political editor of CNN (little) Aotearoa. This is the stuff of nightmares……

    Back on the topic. This says more about AT&T and a desire to dump non performing business arms. Remembering this is the business model the Dutch bell end that used to head up Fonterra subscribed to – buy everything that moves and think you can milk the cash out of them.

  5. The problem for America is that, whereas people in the Anglo-Saxon sphere used to seek out American products, they now avoid them. Not that America makes much outside the requirements of the Military Industrial Complex, and industrial ‘food’ to keep the corporations profitable and keep the people obese and sick.

    As for American films and TV, too many people chasing one another with guns for far too long to be at all interesting anymore.

    She’s going down fast, now.

  6. I don’t know why you think this has anything to do with China or US propaganda. It all about AT&T distancing itself from a company they paid far too much for that is currently losing it billions of dollars (mostly due to woke programing that no one other than Blue Checkmarks on Twitter want to watch). If anything, they’ll pander harder than ever to that sweet, sweet Chinese market, just like Disney.

  7. Every one of the posters in the image above is either ancient or is a bit shit. I might have also just described the U$A’s catastrophic societal dalliances with their ‘capitalist’ iteration of democracy.
    Hollywood’s either guns, car chases and muscles or soft core porn where someone dies in the end. Or in the end someone’s end drops off.
    The only way to get through almost all U$A Boo Yeah Muthafucka films is with a massive amount of Pot and a death wish. I nearly ran screaming from a mad car chase scene in a film titled ‘6 Underground’ and the irony wouldn’t have escaped me if I’d run screaming from the house only to get run over by a car going along my street.
    If you really want a crazy movie to watch, here’s one? Take LSD and go and sit in a mall? See how long you can take it before you have to go and live in a forest?
    In the end, dear friends, all you’ll get from a merger with AT& Tb and WarnerMedia is exploited. You’ll watch some unsatisfying junk before you notice that your pocket’s just that little bit lighter.
    Don’t do it. Spend that time in your garden or learn to play the guitar.
    Russell Brand is fantastic. Why is he not the prime minister of the UK? Instead of that awful untidy little blond blow fly? The UK has a blond blow fly and the USA had an orange thing? And now? The U$A has a wax works escapee choosing to ignore the slaughter of goat farmers by a rich and murderous monetised regime knee deep in U$A money. That’s what the main $tream media gives ya?
    Here, Russell Brand talks about magic mushrooms. ( I can’t spell Psilocybin mushrooms so had to look it up.) He makes complete sense in his broader views unlike virtually any politician I can name.

  8. Hollywood has, for a long time, been America’s main propaganda foghorn & many Movies have promoted the American Exceptionalism narrative? This subtle promotion of so called American superiority is evident in many films about Western lifestyles emphasising Freedom, Technology, Scifi & particularly War Movies that promote America’s so called, superior Military might? What America fails to achieve in the real World & Geopolitics, Hollywood then comes to the rescue to create Fantasy versions of what American policy would wish to happen? The mentality is, if you can’t make it happen, fake it or the “ Fake it till you make it” strategy? In Hollywood, Film versions of rewriting History are numerous, America always wins the Wars & the nasty Russians or Chinese get their comeuppance by the good guy Americans? Pathetic!

  9. Also, what I found hilarious was the recent Colonial Pipelines ransomware attack that crippled this major American infrastructure Company? In the Hollywood movies we always get the US Govt winning the Day & saying the oft repeated mantra line “We don’t negotiate with Terrorists” & then some outfit like the FBI or a everyman Cop like John McClane comes swooping in to thwart the nasty Terrorist’s with a Yippie Kayee Motherfucker taut? Well, in this case, the nasty Cyber Terrorists were the ones shouting Yippee Kayee because they WON & got paid millions of dollars in ransom payments, so how will Hollywood spin away that humiliating US Govt failure? Bullshit & Propaganda will only get you so far & may work in the Fantasy World of the Hollywood Movies but in the real World, this scenario rarely, ever works? The situation in which Die Hard’s John MacClane or the heroic American Govt swoons in to save the day is just more American bullcrap & baloney? Fake it to you make it America, if you can’t win the Wars or defeat the bad Terrorists, Hollywood can do it for you on the Silver screen!

  10. I can’t think what soft power China has. No-one in the west, and many other places, watches Chinese films or tv or listens to Chinese music

    • Do you even know what soft power means? It means DIPLOMACY! Instead of bombing the shit out of people like America does, or Regime changing them by overthrowing their Elected Govts, how about offering assistance? America has overthrown over 60 Govts from South America to the Middle East, Africa & everywhere & left chaos & failed States in it’s wake! China just wants to Trade with everyone but America wants to dominate everyone & that’s why America is collapsing & China is in the rise as the next Superpower!


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