Angry Christian Boozer demands more booze


Proposed law change making booze available all year sparks binge drinking concerns

Kiwis could be able to grab a pint 365 days a year, including religious holidays, if a proposed change to our alcohol laws passes – but health experts fear what it could mean for our binge drinking culture.

Labour MP Kieran McAnulty is pushing to change the law allowing licensed bars and restaurants that are already open to sell booze without a meal on Anzac Day morning and religious holidays, Easter and Christmas. 

Angry Christian Boozer, Labour MP Kieran McAnulty, demands more booze!

“I went to mass on Easter Sunday and if I wanted to have a pint with my family afterwards, I should be able to”, snarled a blurry eyed McAnulty.

Personally I despise boozers and the booze industry, their continual attempt to be able to sell booze at every second of the day should be resisted, not enabled.

The damage booze causes every single year in NZ is $7.5billion dollars worth of social harm.

I have zero religious reasons to keep booze away on Christmas, Easter or ANZAC Day – it’s just nice that the booze barons are kept at bay for a couple of days a year.

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McAnulty is considered a ‘rising star’ in the labour Party which suggests the Labour Party doesn’t have a functioning definition of the word ‘star’ or ‘rising’.

Fuck the booze barons and their enablers.

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  1. +100 Martyn
    Pure populist bullshit for addicted Hobbits to pile in on.
    How about a plan to break neoliberal hegemony in this once-beautiful country Kieran?
    How about a plan to build infrastructural resilience and future proof our health system for the coming difficult days ahead Kieran?
    How about a plan to reign in the banking system and start mass production of pre-fab state houses Kieran?
    Yeah nah. Pass the bottle, it’ll be fine.

    Interesting to know if Kieran’s received any donations lately, and from whom.

    • Pub staff get few days off and that has got worse over the last two decades. They get few days with their families as well as working longer hours for a relatively shrinking wage.

      The investors in the booze industry will never answer for the damage they have done actively promoting a culture of youth drinking.
      Labour at one stage stopped booze adds on TV but then Nact undid that.
      Jim Anderton deserves credit for his stance against proliferation of products aimed at the young but he got inadequate support which shows the results of the booze lobby in the offices of the beehive.

      If this arsehole is so brain addled with booze so that he can’t buy a few bottles or cans to have at home, then what the hell is he doing in Parliament.
      I suspect he is another paid servant of lobbyists for the industry.
      Expose him and the Labour party for allowing such disgraceful clap trap supporting booze industry’s programme of deregulation.

  2. This will be Kieran McAnulty’s interview style in 10 years if he carries on the way he’s going

    Perhaps he should be reading his bible verses instead of going out for Sunday beersies after church

    Galatians 5:19–21: “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: … drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”
    Ephesians 5:18: “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery.

    • Yet religion controls you! No, you stick to your invisible flying wizard and I’ll order another Tokyo dry, at least I can physically hold mine

  3. There’s a nice civilised practice in Cheshire, UK, for example, of dispatching house guests to church on a Sunday morning, with recommendation to then adjourn to the local hostelry, for a pint in a tankard, or a gin and bitter lemon, before partaking of the literal leg of the lamb, or real English mustard with a bit of beef.

    And then there’s New Zealand booze artists.

    And there are the times when we would prefer that they did not even exist.

    Kieran may be yet another politician showing us that he lives a sheltered sort of life, or he may just be vote- gathering from certain boozy elements, but his drink-after-mass posturing looks a pretty cheap shot.

  4. For fuck sake people can buy alcohol almost everyday of the year and we have bottle stores on every corner especially concentrated in low socio economic area for maximum financial impact. People can do what they have always done, stock up and buy in advance. And if this is considered to be archaic so are many other things like the British royals who we still bend the knee to and many different cultural beliefs are considered to be superstitious. Alcohol is still one the the biggest health and social killers in our country.

  5. Bloody Hell. I had no idea he was either a boozer or a Mickey Doolan
    How uncivilised!
    He can still do both however without the need to open everything up over Easter unless of course he can’t exercise restraint and has to skull anything that’s around the place as soon as possible.
    He could complete the stereotype and drive that bloody red ute over the Rimutakas while pissed.
    That could end a star from rising for a while.
    (Take a note Chris Bishop – there could be a gotcha in it).

  6. Oh god no!! Tell me that the labour party has not only got no actual working class people and true unionists in it, but is now attracting the religious idiot classes? It’s bad enough that there is nobody in the party I grew up supporting that has ever done more than a bit of mucky work while at university.. Now we have to put up with god bothering morons.. “rising star”? More like rising scum.. Just take a look across the Tasman boys and girls, and then I dare you to tell me that this brand of idiocy is really the answer to what ails us… Just how totally bereft of common sense, and moral fiber has it gotten in the “Wellington bubble” that we can’t go a single day without being able to fill up on “piss” whenever the urge, or the addiction dictates… ? I’m no fan of the power that the Traditional churches have over how we live our lives.. But I’ve always supported the idea of having one day a week when the booze don’t flow.. Seriously, if that’s such a problem, then organise supplies for that day, or get help for your addiction… Lest we forget.. These are the same people who welcomed American fundamentalists to spend huge amounts of money to make NZ into the most backward country in the western world when it comes to a common sense, and humane approach to drug laws. Now they want us to turn to alcohol.. So how much money are they making out of the misery that alcohol abuse has caused ? Principled and moral? You must be joking!!

  7. If he can’t wait to get home to have a drink, he should carry a hip flask. His wife can drive the car. Or he can walk home from church, or weave. You can get to anywhere in the world from St Patrick’s Church in Masterton, so he should be able to make it home ok, sober or not.

  8. Ignorant dickhead who has never understood the reason for Alcoholics Anonymous or why those who know him have long wished he becomes a member.

    • Shona- The irritating thing is that this man seems to be doing his best to live up to the historical New Zealand stereotype of the Irish being drunken sods, regardless of what his own personal habits are.

      The Irish in NZ were prejudiced against in very real terms, until well into the 20thC, in terms of employment – including highly achieving professional persons- accessing finance, and social acceptance. Many may well not have deserved to be treated as they were, and some were our hard -working parents, and our grandparents. It would behove McAnulty to look at the bigger picture here, especially in societal terms, and it is Labour’s tragedy that they still don’t seem to have any elder statesman on board, and are as bad as the Nats in terms of social impact. Plus I think that Catholics are meant to respect the sabbath. Plus his timing is lousy, springing this one at Easter – and not necessarily anything to do with ‘religion’ either, but preserving patterns and rhythms of living.

      • I remember Jim Anderton detailing the appalling history of prejudice against the Irish in NZ. However i find McNulty’s stance inexcusable in this day and age when ignorance of the damage to our society by alcohol use and abuse is ignored by those who are paid to know a damn sight better in their public utterances.

        • I’m glad Jim Anderton detailed this. The only book I had specifically on NZ Irish, didn’t really touch on it, and it has vanished, but I do know various occurrences. Plus, there was the everyday stuff – Southland kids stoning Catholic kids on their way to school; Dan Davin thrown out of a Sat night dance because he was a Marist boy – I knew the now-deceased thrower, and he boasted of it to me.

          Alcohol is a different issue altogether. It has a ‘middle-class respectability’ , and when a member of Parliament asks for it to be more widely available at certain times or places apparently to suit him, then there’s something a bit unusual happening.

          As others have pointed out, alcohol is already widely available, and is probably too widely available, and it can be bought online, and be home delivered, so I think that there’s possibly some lobbying going on here – it is starting to sound like another chapter in a Nicky Hager book.

          If I’m right, the drinking age was lowered (Shipley?) allegedly to bring about a culture change in young NZ’ers drinking practices, to make them more civilised, and temperate, and continental European-like. That’s not what happened, and
          Kieran’s wish list won’t improve the status quo one iota – apart from helping the booze barons’ profits. For the sake of our young guys/ and guyesses, I really wish that he hadn’t done this.

          • Yes it was Shipley with her addled ignorant view of a “cafe society!” What tosh. It was a green light for a**holes like Erceg to poison our young (especially women) with effing RTD’s . These things contain alcohol of such a low quality that it should be used in vehicles. It is a by product of the modern dairy industry. The increasing need for liver transplants and liver disease amongst young women both sides of the Tasman ditch is down to the advent of RTD’s and pill popping.
            I have raised a family during these times of alcohol abuse and easy access for the young.I have zero respect for any politician who promotes alcohol consumption.

          • Shipley was a liar and couldn’t give a stuff about the mahem induced by taking away the minimalist protection for young growing brains.

        • That prejudice against Catholics stems from Protestant colonialism and divisions in community created by bigotry encouraged by churches and the separation of kids during their education.
          Secular education is a great healer of that bigotry if kids from all walks grow and learn together.

          • John W – the anti-Irish prejudice existed before they even arrived in New Zealand. It emanated directly from the English racism which was happy to subject the Irish in Ireland to horrific conditions of living and of dying. Let us never forget that, for the Irish were not the only people subjected to the annihilating ravages of imperialism and exploitation, including Britain’s own poor, reduced to serfdom – which is precisely what is now happening in this country now, as a direct consequence of neoliberalism.

    • Cannabis and alcohol damage young growing brains. Both very bad news with lifelong effects on youth..

  9. This, sadly, is the policy that will win them the 2023 election.

    I laughed at the headline! Laughed out loud, snort-laughed! I laughed even more at the liberal use of the word ‘booze’ in the article! Thanks for the great Thursday lols but seriously…

    The first time I got kicked in the arse by my mum was the first time I used the word ‘booze’. I was about six years old. My friend at school had taught me a new word and I was trying it out. ‘Booze is another word for beer’, she had told me, authoritatively. Coming home from somewhere, walking up the steps to the house, dad not home when expected probably, my mum said, “I don’t know where your father is”. Six year old me piped up helpfully, ‘probably at the pub drinking booze’. BOOT! Truth hurts.

    Alcohol does cause harm in this country. We shouldn’t be wasting energy, time, or column inches to liberalising regulations around it. We have far bigger fish to fry. The Mew Zealand Labour Party, in government, continue to disappoint.

  10. To Mark
    ‘But we arent allowed cannabis causing 3 times LESS harm than alcohol.
    This country is a joke.’
    SO FUCK OFF THEN! See how much weed the Chinese government allows you to smoke.
    After all they shoot drug dealers in China.

    Long live the Dalai Lama. Fuck the Chinese Communist Party.

  11. Terrible priorities!!
    Another complete waste of expensive MP’s time if it gets the time of day in Parliament. Agree these expensive MP’s seem to be becoming totally detached with the real world problems that their successive parties have caused in NZ society. Wake up!!

    • Why are they terrible priorities? Because religion above all else? Give me a break. The Friday night late night is a thing of the seventies! A person should be able to purchase anything they like, seven days a week. The fact that religious groups can have monetary transactions on a Sunday proves this. If you believe in religion good luck but why should the rest of us be punished if we don’t believe. Do others have the right to hold the moral high ground and if so based on what, which one of the multiple gods do they believe in? Love to go out for Sunday beersies.

  12. I trusted politicians and held them in such high esteem, especially those willing to vaccinate publicly in solidarity. But mate, the photo doesn’t lie: those eyes, sullen and distant, the sweaty forehead of need, the clammy complexion. We’re here for you, KMac

  13. I remember these arguments prior to every election in the 80s — what was the inbuilt referendum question then, prohibition, state control or no change? Go with Geoffrey Palmer’s recommendations but don’t seriously fuck up a long weekend with stupid arbitrary alcohol restrictions. Two days disallowed and no shops open on Good Friday for some reason. And the beautiful kicker is how nightclubs all close at 12 on the Saturday night. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Killjoy Saturday. Killjoy describes it all, that aspect of the old NZ we memoralize every terrible Easter Weekend for no good reason except remnant self-hatred. Piss off with this nit-picking crap that brings into doubt the rationalism of progressives, which since we don’t have money or power is our only ‘thing’.

  14. You in the comments there, you’re a strange bunch.

    You despise boozers, Martyn? Really? Abstinence and socialism, the twin tines of the working class’s salvation like 1900s turn of the century British Labour? Or you could go for understanding of reality.

  15. First the man takes a drink,then the drink takes a drink,then the drink takes the man.Mr. Macanulty must be on his 4th.Cheers!

  16. When the Shipley government “liberalised” licencing hours it was to bring about a cafe society or so it was said. What did we get–an out of control drinking society. Time to close bars at 11 pm and get rid of booze outlets on every corner of our towns and cities.

  17. The power of the lobbyists.

    7 deaths on the roads this Easter would suggest that more alchohol availability over the Easter break might not be a good idea.

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