Personal responsibility? Let’s have more of it Judith!


National Party leader Judith Collins says obesity is about personal responsibility.

So come on Judith, why aren’t you demanding more personal responsibility from:

  • Landlords who charge massive rents for cold, damp, rat-infested hovels?
  • Employers who steal workers’ wages?
  • Farmers who pollute our waterways, abuse their livestock and expect the rest of us to pay for their methane emissions?
  • Politicians who use their ministerial positions to promote the private business interests of their partners? (Ooops sorry Judith – that’s about you!)
  • Employers who took the government Covid subsidy, posted big profits then sacked workers?
  • Governments which cancel healthy guidelines for school tuckshops while their own ministers have stomach-stapling operations? (Sorry again Judith – that’s about the National Party!)
  • Banks which make billions in profits while a third of our children live below the poverty line?
  • Government’s which pay public service chief executives’ obscene salaries for screwing over workers and beneficiaries?
  • Politicians who benefit from the welfare state but then slash that help from the next generation? (Yes Judith – National again)

Most of these apply to the Labour Party just as much as National but the spiteful hypocrisy of Judith Collins calling for more personal responsibility is hard-wired into her DNA as National Party leader.


    • The bit from her on the 10:00 news sounded like the National Party 2008 about housing shortage and poverty.

      Back then they didn’t say that what they meant was that they were actually out to create those things. Now their Wonder Woman who was there at the time has the answers. If it weren’t so tragic it’d be funny.

    • I guess she’s not aware that child poverty will swiftly cease to be a problem when the world is engulfed in flame due to catastrophic climate change. Even as National MPs go, she doesn’t seem terribly bright a lot of the time. National have been shit for years, but they’re especially shit this time around. Well done, Judith. You just keep right on digging that hole.

  1. “Farmers who pollute our waterways, abuse their livestock and expect the rest of us to pay for their methane emissions?”
    Oh God. See? There you go.
    Out jumps parasitic ignorance, even from the greatest hearts and minds. No wonder then that I could be forgiven for thinking that all is lost.
    I’ll say this only once…Or maybe twice. We’ll see…?
    It’s not farmers per se who decide to pollute our waterways, abuse their livestock and expect the rest of us to pay for their methane emissions.
    It is the mighty Bankster (Foreign owned.) who insists by many and varied means that farmers must use junk grass fertilised by using a chemical invented by the same charming German fellow who also discovered the chemical used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz .
    Farmers are merely a means to an ends. And those ends are AO/NZ millionaire and billionaire ‘entrepreneurs’ flying about overhead in Gulf Stream jets.
    You wouldn’t know, @ JM that farmers farming is merely a system of fraud and money laundering to which farmers, by virtue of what they do, of how they do it and the demands made of [it] are bankster shackled to.
    You wouldn’t know that, how could you? Because you’ve never bothered to find out and neither has most politicians. Certainly not the all-bought-and-paid-for Green Party who should really and properly be The Green Farmers Party.
    This is a tremendous effort on behalf of all involved. I started watching this documentary last night and it is highly commendable. A big thanks to all involved from this AO/NZ farmer.
    “A revolutionary group of activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians band together in a global movement of “Regenerative Agriculture” that could balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world ”

    Now read this.
    Regenerative agriculture: How a ( AO/NZ) dairy farmer learned to trust his instincts
    ( AO/NZ) Farmers dig deep at Regenerative Agriculture workshops
    And now dear City readers…? Get your heads out of up your iJunk and see farmers as your salvation after your generations of greed and waste and understand that it is the dirty cunning bankster that is the real enemy.

  2. ‘it is the dirty cunning bankster that is the real enemy’


    But also the idiotic economists that believe in infinite growth on a finite planet, and expect it.

    And the idiotic politicians who implement the idiotic schemes of banksters and economists.

    And the idiotic voters who vote for their own demise.

  3. Meanwhile in a parallel universe, a small isolated country is having its general election, but none of the political party’s could achieve an outright majority. The NZfirst party came close to getting back in, after Jolly Jude tried to scare voters with wealth tax, but instead drove them to NZfirst, since NZfirst had a track record of ACTUALLY blocking CGT, which is also a type of wealth tax, and NZfirst’s actions spoke louder than Jolly Jude’s hollow words.
    The Green party which did get back in, now held the balance of power, and started negotiating with the two other main parties, but Super Cindy couldn’t go along the Greens wealth tax bottom line.

    Against all the odds, the Greens then turned to Jolly Jude, whom they knew was desperate to grab the reins of power at any cost. And to the derision of her supporters, Jolly Jude decided to swallow the biggest slimiest dead rats in political history. She held her nose and agreed to implement the wealth tax wholeheartedly, going into coalition with the Greens.
    Eating her way through such large quantities of putrid rat washed down with sewer water, made Jolly Jude feel poorly, and caused her to pack on weight, until she became morbidly obese. The final straw being when critics said that her weight was her personal responsibility, and that she’d let herself go.

    This resulted in Jolly Jude experiencing a spiritual epiphany, and changing her name to Crystal Chrysanthemum. She then took up studies to become a monk, made a vow of austerity, gave her trust accounts to the City Mission, let dozens of vagrants move into her house, distributed free weight loss programs, became a rag’n’bone woman and vocal proponent of legal hemp.
    Crystal Chrysanthemum, said it was the best lifestyle change she’d ever made and that she felt better than ever, no longer brainwashed by neoliberal consumerism.


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