26 Days until the NZ Election – where are we and what happens next?


So we are now 26 days away until the 2020 NZ Election due on October 17th.

What we are seeing right now is an ideological battle the likes we haven’t experienced since  the Roger Douglas blitzkrieg.

It’s not being identified as an ideological battle because we are so numb to the status quo of agreed neoliberalism between National and Labour that we can’t see wood for trees.

The Rights ever increasing amputation of the State so that citizens no longer look to it for anything other than the provision and maintenance of core ownership rights never ceases.

The pandemic however has thrown the progress of this free market small government project out the window.

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The inequalities generated by neoliberalism are now exposed in a way that the myths of hard work and rugged individualism can’t gloss over any longer.

The Right in NZ know that the neoliberal experiment will crash and burn if the sleepy hobbits rush to the Government to be protected by the State, so what do they propose?

Irresponsible Tax Cuts by National so the State can’t afford to protect and mass amputation  of the State by ACT so the State has no capacity to protect.

How does Labour respond?

Here is how the political landscape stands with less than 4 weeks until the 2020 NZ Election.



  • Tuesday 22 September – The first Leaders’ Debate takes place between Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins at 7-8.30pm on TVNZ 1. Moderated by John Campbell.
  • Monday 28 September – The Young Voters Debate in association with Auckland University will feature candidates from a range of parties and will be live streamed via 1news.co.nz and 1 NEWS social channels. Moderated by Jack Tame.
  • Wednesday 30 September: Overseas voting starts
  • 30 September, 7.30pm: Newshub Decision 2020 Leaders Debate with Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins, hosted by Patrick Gower and post-debate analysis by Tova O’Brien with guest panellists. Live on Three, ThreeNow, Newshub’s Facebook page and YouTube account. Simulcast on Magic Talk.
  • Saturday 3 October: Advance voting starts
  • 3 October, 9.30am: Newshub Nation presents Powerbrokers, its multi-party leaders’ debate  featuring the Green Party’s Marama Davidson , the ACT Party’s David Seymour, and John Tamihere from The Maori Party.
  • 7 October, 8.30pm: Newshub Decision 2020 The Cannabis Question, moderated by Patrick Gower. Live on Three, ThreeNow, Newshub’s Facebook page and YouTube account.
  • Thursday 8 October – The Multi-Party Debate will include NZ First, The Green Party and Act at 7-8pm on TVNZ 1. Moderated by Jessica Mutch McKay.
  • 14 October, 8.30pm: Newshub Decision 2020 The Euthanasia Question, moderated by Patrick Gower. Live on Three, ThreeNow, Newshub’s Facebook page and YouTube account.
  • Thursday 15 October – The final Leaders’ Debate airs at 7-8pm on TVNZ 1. Featuring Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins, this will be the last broadcast debate before New Zealanders head to voting booths on Election Day. Moderated by Jessica Mutch McKay.
  • Friday 16 October: Advance voting ends
  • Friday 16 October midnight: The regulated period ends. All election and referendum advertising must end. Signs must be taken down by midnight.
  • Saturday 17 October: Election day. Voters can vote from 9am to 7pm.
  • 17th October 7pm – The Greatest NZ Election Results Show on Earth: Magic Talk Radio with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant and Martyn Bradbury
  • Friday 30 October: Preliminary results for the referendums
  • Friday 6 November: Official results for the general election and referendums


LABOUR: Prediction 50%+

If only!

Speaking with people who are watching the focus groups talking about Judith and Jacinda, the group reactions are almost night and day.

When Judith’s photo is shown, there is an audible groan of deep trauma and many report the room temperature to plunge. Breast feeding mothers have their milk turn, children cry out in pain and men experience deep depression.

When Jacinda’s photo is shown however, respondents report to feeling lighter, happier and those with terminal illness gain miraculous recoveries. The infertile become pregnant and weak become strong. Pet owners claim they see their lambs lying down with lions.

If people’s feelings are a canary in a coal mine, the second flashing warning flag for National is a canary in a minefield…

…when a critic like Sean Plunket is ranking the winners of a Business Leaders Forum he facilitated between Winston, James, Judith, David and Jacinda and he awards Jacinda the best performer, you know the tide has turned on National in a very extreme way.

This election is being based on feelings, not policy and those feelings don’t look good for Judith…


…I’m no political scientist, but could I humbly suggest that if 1 in 5 voters claim to be afraid of you, that’s not a great start.

People are calling out to Jacinda on the campaign trail, ‘thank you for saving our lives’.

That’s about as good as it gets on an election campaign.


NATIONAL: Prediction less than 30%

I like to beat a sack of puppies with a cricket bat.
Would you like a cucumber sandwich?

The National Party 2020 Campaign Launch summed up the garbled hot mess of whatever National are frantically throwing at the wall in the hope that it sticks.

Anything hosted by Maggie Barry leaves me sick and ill.

Maggie Barry is hosting.

She is listing campaign stats in some hope to gloss over the appalling Poll numbers.

The background of National supporters is an odd mix of white people who all look like you wouldn’t want to require their help in any situation.

They begin by jumping to different parts of the country.

Boiled Ham Matt King shouts about roads in a pub which sounds as charming as it was…

…what follows is a cavalcade of National candidates who I’ve never heard of all braying about how they can’t afford to stop polluting our water ways and something about blah blah.

This one looks like a group of Ok Karens ready to complain about loud music and funny smelling cigarettes…

…and this one looks like the angriest line dancing glee club in the Southern Hemisphere…

…they then do a panel debate amongst themselves about how great National is.

It’s less interesting than it sounds.

Judith finally pops out and lists a bunch of policies that barely seem to comprehend the enormity of the Covid recession.

They are selling her leadership as strong which is funny because most voters recoil in horror the more they see of her. When Judith wears a mask, it’s to protect the virus from Judith.

Apparently the Crusher nickname she has cultivated and relished over decades of politics terrifies 45+ women who vote National and these voters have all run off to Jacinda.

The bland nothing of the Launch was about telling those older female voters voters that it was ok to come back to National, that they could trust Judith to not be crazy in power, the way she was when she blew Iain Lees-Galloway’s brains out all over The AM Shows studio.

I just don’t think pretending Judith is less dangerous will work as a tactic, you can’t scrub clean in 6 weeks a lifetime of reputation.

Judith has all the bedside manner of a brain hungry zombie on meth, it’s hard to dress that up as ‘leadership’.

The Facebook Livestream never managed to get over 2000 viewers, and at the time of posting had a mere 900 reactions which suggests that the phone is simply off the hook to National right now.

Judith could promise obscene tax cuts while Goldsmith screws up the numbers and no one will care because no one is paying attention to National.

They will be lucky to get in the high 20s.


NZ FIRST: Under 5% – No electorate

Goodbye Winston Peters
Though we never knew you at all
You had the audacity to impose yourself
While those around you crawled
They crawled out of the media
And they whispered into your brain
They set you on the treadmill
And they made you change your game
And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a whisky in the wind
Never knowing which dog whistle to cling to
When the sinking polls set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just a kid
Your whisky drained out long before
Your legend ever did


GREENS: 4% + 1 electorate

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

At this stage as the Greens limp along friendless and only just realising how alienating their Identity Politics Cancel Culture Virtue Signalling Pure Temple stuff has become, you kinda just feel sorry for them now…

…they feel like cult members coming out of their bunker blinking with surprise that no one wants to be their mates, like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt minus the charm and basic human warmth.

If we pass the Euthanasia referendum, the Greens are the first ones we should use it on.

Hush now, go to the light Green Party, go to the light.

Chloe Swarbrick winning in Auckland Central is our only hope now and unfortunately that looks too herculean a task for even someone of her calibre.


ACT: 6% + 1 electorate

The knitted support toy for the victims of ACT Party gun fetishists

I thought ACT’s climate change policy was fucking insane and could not be topped for sheer ideological lunacy because it was a fascist romper stomper blitzkrieg of every worst element of the free market set loose on a rapidly warming planet.

The Zero Carbon Bill would be dumped, the Emissions Trading Scheme would be dumped, the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits would be dumped and mining would be allowed on conservation land.

At a time when Siberia is in flames, California is in flames, the earliest and strongest Hurricane measured coming ashore and a pandemic triggered by destruction of the environment – ACT would like to accelerate the pollution that is sparking this acceleration of climate warming events?

Like I said, sheer ideological lunacy that can’t be topped.

Oh I was so wrong.

ACT have looked at the insane lack of capacity that has been glaringly highlighted by the pandemic and  after 35 years of a State amputated by neoliberalism, David’s come up with an unbelievable idea folks.

Let’s slash the State!

David Seymour plots radical overhaul of state, slashing spending over a decade

That’s right. The thing that is barely keeping the plague out because it has been so slashed back by David’s ideological coven, will be EVEN MORE slashed back if ACT are ever allowed anywhere near the levers of political power.

I love this new honest David, because he’s drunk on the exuberance of National’s terminal decline and the inflation of ACT support that is giving him.

People can see that the capacity of the State is essential to keep us safe, and that this is merely the beginning of a new normal that sees ever increasing off shore disruptions. People understand the need for that protection for the foreseeable future.

No one in their right fucking mind is going to agree to slashing and burning the State when they desperately are looking to the State for protection.

Keep talking though David, because every word ensures Jacinda’s third term. The idea of a National-ACT Government in 2023 so far to the right that they would self mutilate the very apparatus of protection that the people are crying out for certainly seems to be the most masochistic and ironic way of losing another election.

If this policy was a dance, it would be a white twerk from a skinny man with no bum.


MAORI PARTY: Prediction 2 electorates + 1 off Party list


Tamihere’s performances in the TV debates are far stronger than many had considered possible. If there are any surprises on election night, it will be in Māori electorates going back to the Māori Party.


TOP: Prediction 2%

Great policy on Sugar Tax, reminded everyone that they actually have some bloody good ideas. Unfortunately no one is voting on policy this election.


New Conservative Party: Prediction less than 3%

God will smite sin, Māori rights, environmentalism and socialism

Hateful of abortion, solo mothers, gays, solo mothers, cannabis and solo mothers, the New Conservatives love guns, patriarchy and more guns. Paranoid and frightened of any idea post the renaissance, the New Conservatives would represent a great leap backwards for New Zealand. Their half truths and disingenuous lies make them the political version of Whaleoil, but with less charm. They will gloriously rob the Right by wasting vote.


Vision NZ: Prediction less than 1%

Hates all the same things as the New Conservatives but hates Muslims most.  Libraries and clitorises would be banned if Vision NZ came to power.


One Party: Prediction less than 1%

Under ONE Party, Jesus becomes the Constitutional Head of State and God has to personally sign off on legislation. The NZDF would be given spirit spears to fight Satan and anyone caught working on Sunday is put to death. Gay Conversion treatment is mandatory for anyone who watches Glee. Electricity and any singing that isn’t praising Jesus is also banned.


Advance NZ, NZPP, NZ People’s Party & Reset Party

Journalists of principle can’t debate Billy TK and Jami-Lee Ross with the contempt they deserve!

There’s a difference between disagreeing with different political values and philosophies and what Advance NZ are doing.

In the former, that debate occurs within a parameter of 2 + 2 = 4.

In the latter, the debate occurs in a fetid whirlpool of QAnon conspiracy and naked fear mongering.

JLR & Billy TK aren’t good faith political actors, they are scam artists manipulating fear with Facebook bait conspiracy theories.

I feel sorry for their conned supporters, but hold them completely accountable for the QAnon mutation they have spawned.

So I am calling them out!

Jami-Lee Ross & Billy TK vs Me and Damien Grant in a tag team 1 hour debate live on Magic Talk Radio with Sean Plunket as Ref.

Now, you can front up and debate your crazy bullshit that the virus is a bioengineered weapon spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world underage sex trafficking Government or you can slither away like cowards.

It’s a really simple choice.

So if there are any of their crazy supporters reading this blog, go tell them that we’ve called them out and urge them to prove they are as tough as they claim.

Game on boys, let’s be having you.


The Integrity Party: Prediction less than nothing.

It’s that ugly blue green colour you have when environmentalism gets hit by capitalism. Has the kind of Māori buzz words you get when Wellington Bureaucrats are opening a sustainable pet crematorium.


Tea Party: Prediction less than 2%

The People’s Republic of China have decided their investment into National requires a new tail to wag it into an MMP Government.


Euthanasia and Cannabis referendum will be a lot closer than they are now.


The TV Debates will become increasingly important to voters in their final decision making.

With the enrolment rule changes that allow for enrolment on the day, prisoner voting alongside booths in Marae, I think we will see a large turnout.

I think overseas votes will go overwhelmingly to Labour and not the Greens.

I think with the huge number of fringe parties we will see more wasted vote than ever before.

I think the Government will be a Labour Majority.

I think National will be lucky to gain 30%.

I think Judith will increasingly become more desperate and vicious.

NZ First won’t be politically relevant.

The only hope for the Greens is Auckland central, and that is increasingly looking very difficult.

ACT will suffer rapid growth pains from candidates they haven’t vetted properly.

Labour only need 47% on election night to get scaled up for a majority AFTER specials get counted.

Greens must hit 4.5% on election night to successfully get scaled up over the 5% threshold AFTER specials get counted..

NZ First must hit 5.5% on election night to guarantee they won’t get scaled down AFTER specials get counted.

Because of the high amount of wasted vote, the Māori Party should be able to gain an extra seat from their list with as little as 1% if they win an electorate seat.


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  1. ‘The Right in NZ know that the neoliberal experiment will crash and burn if the sleepy hobbits rush to the Government to be protected by the State, so what do they propose?’

    Actually, the neoliberal experiment is already crashing and burning. None of the propping up done since the mortgage-backed-security crisis of 2007 has fixed anything, and ultra-low interest rates have been pushed as low as they can be pushed without going negative. Meanwhile, debts and deficits have been inflated to beyond-spectacular levels, and the environment [that makes life-as-we-know-it possible] has been thoroughly trashed to the point of it coming back to bite us on the bum on a daily basis.

    America, the epitome of economic and environmental madness, is on its last legs, and is unlikely to make it to the end of the year in its present form. What is more, the death throes of America are going to take down all the phony systems that acolytes of business-as-usual hold so close to their hearts.

    Watch this space:

    ‘In the US, the latest poll of consumer sentiment remains very negative year-on-year (-15%) but improved in September from August. Things are even more negative year-on-year about current economic conditions (-19%) but less so for future expectations (-12%).

    The US Fed balance sheet is rising again, up +$54 bln in the last week to September 16 and the fastest rise in 15 weeks. In the period from mid-May to early July, it was well over $7 tln and then fell back steadily. Now it is back up sharply to US$7.06 tln. A rise like this indicates the Fed mandarins think their economy and financial system is in need of enhanced support.

    The US Administration raised its agricultural subsidies overnight by another US$14 bln in what has been described a “vote-buying”.

    Wall Street is sliding and now at a six week low. Prospects for economic support from Congressional fiscal action is fading fast as Republicans block any meaningful aid. Oddly Democrats, and now the Trump Administration seem willing to act.’


  2. Bring back egalitarianism again as they did ‘post second world war’ to set us up back onto a clear shared economic wealth, health, ‘well being’ path for all in NZ again.

    Labour introduced the ‘Community Well being act’ as law for all to follow in 2019.

    So – ‘lets do this’ – Jacinda.

  3. All very nice but where is Labours clearly defined election policies? So far they seem to be missing in action. So if we vote for them what are we voting for?

    • “So if we vote for them what are we voting for?”
      Probably for something a shitload better than any of the alternatives……bearing in mind they’ve probably got JA (Mother Teresa) with maybe 7 or 8 others whose surnames don’t include fa-a-aaFoi or Sepulon – truly truly luverly people that they arei) to work with.
      However it plays out – we’ll get what we deserve. If you’re happy with a Collins and a Seymour figuring anywhere near the strings of power – let alone any of the other freaks that Mother Nature is having second thoughts about, then more fool you.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: $ 4,000,000,000 is a National Party Budget” Rounding error .”

    Judith Collins has described the 4 billion dollar alternative opposition budget mistake ,(identified by Grant Robertson ) as as a ” rounding error. ” [. RNZ morning report this morning 21/09/2020]

    Four Thousand million dollars, is in most peoples minds , not a trivial oversight .Apparently ,the highly qualified Paul Goldsmith ,upon pressure from the leader ,has now changed his name to Paul Leadsmith .Oh dear.

    Strong Team ready to govern and masters of prudent economic management .Yeah right .Its a Tui’s ad.

    Thrown together in 2 days .Ready to trust these guys ?

    If they are this sloppy and disorganised on the campaign trail would you trust them with managing Covert ? Would you trust them to keep us safe ? Would you believe they would put peoples health before the economy ? Would you risk letting them turn us into another Europe/US /Brazil for the mindless expansion of wealth for their mates ? I simply don’t trust them .

    ” Nice Judith ” isn’t working either .Known for her long history of dirty politics , I simply don’t trust her either, nor I suspect a significant number of normal Kiwi’s. When will the wolf take off her Ba Ba sheepskin coat …….because lets face it ,old nasty Judith is far better value and far more entertaining .

    In the heated volley -return of a TV leaders debate ,the term ” Ms Rounding error ” could stick like velcro .The irrelevant leading the incompetent .

    But that is not to say the concept of Swedish Rounding isn’t valid . If National score 29.9 % of the popular vote at the election , I dare say we could round them up to 30 %.

    Have a nice day . This certainly cheered up my RNZ morning radio hour .

  5. Some things sure shifted in the last week,
    “the Crusher” engaged in real “dog whistle” politics with her tax policy to all those affluent wage earners running with Jacinda on the red quad to” get back up on the blue truck where you belong” and it will work, Nothing like the smell of more money to influence the populous who have it.
    the “Greens” fired a further shot into their foot with their fishing policy. Do they actually have any policy that is not about shutting productive things down or involves serious inhibiting these industries. They are now, out here in the hinterland, regarded as complete loons, with no concept of the reality of the current economic situation.
    Two interesting moves by Jacinda relating to NZF.
    The first the virtual endorsement of Tracey Martin “as an NZF MP she would like to poach to Labour” (on stuff) Now is this a subtle message to the voters in Ohariu to vote for Tracey? it would do two things ensure NZF is back and she has a coalition partner (given the Greens are all but gone now) and further rid her of probably the last remaining Alpha male in the Parliamentary Labour Party. The second move was the statement that the Provincial Growth fund would be no more if they are reelected. Now that sends a very clear message to those regions where funds have be promised but not yet uplifted that “if you want to ensure your project actually happens you need to make sure NZF is backin Parliament to fight for it. Interesting!
    But the killer blow of the week was thrown by Winston with his $20 packet of smokes, devastating! The boy’s down the pub on Friday night were ecstatic “he our man”

  6. One could be forgiven Martin for thinking that your continued repetition of these predictions is an attempt to convince yourself. A lot of elections round the world have gone quite opposite to poll predictions. I note the following in the NZ Herald today from someone who has accurately predicted many election results re the US election.

    He believes that Trump is set to win again despite the poll numbers. Whilst the election framework is a bit different to ours there is a phenomenon that has been showing up more in recent years re polls. It seems that a lot of people who intend to vote for candidates or parties that are not perceived as popular either lie to pollsters and family/or friends or say they are undecided.

    So I wouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch. Nothing will surprise me this election. I say this as a genuinely undecided voter – and I know a lot of others. No-one in my household has yet decided who they will vote for and the same is true for many friends and colleagues. The only thing I’m reasonably sure of is that my vote won’t be for Labour or National but, who knows? Even that could change.

  7. Gee that Brian Tamaki looks butch eh?. If only I could be as tough as HE. I’m truly in awe – what a lucky man with such a dutiful woify. If only! AND to think!!!!!!! – a Bishop too!
    But if at first you don’t succeed, and all that ….. I’ve decided to get my expert people to work on it. They’re exploring everything: the effects of colonisation and how we/I/I/me/me/me can use it as a platform; whether or not we need to pivot; the rate of tithing and whether or not we should go for discounts on the non true-believers; whether or not cargo cultist activities are sufficiently well known to have an effect on our agenda; whether or not we should give out a bit of bling to the loyal suppotas.
    I’m hopeful I’ve got it all covered cos I really really want to be as butch as the Bish. My insecurities really have been eating me up so far. I almost invested in a Healy and I was looking at crystal solutions (in this space going forward)

  8. BTW Geoff (in that hoodie), Green is not really your colour. What was your wife thinking!
    I’d go for another shade ….. BUT DEFINATELY not in a pastel. And do something about that bottom lip if you really do want people to take you seriously – or have you been too busy eavesdropping around Garrett Street.
    And shave that hair chest and invest in some lycra while you’re at it!!!

  9. If Auckland!s, undecided 20 odd% are to be heeded and applied over the country then the numbers will for sure alter on polling day and obvious be very differing from cold calling polls and i would presume that a large amount of that 20% will go to the more prominent so called minor parties, with the caveat that many so called working class are in themselves Tory minded voters.

  10. Media person Heather Du Plessis-Allan says “National’s ‘small’ mistake proves costly.” Who knows.

    Her big mistake is what she said a bit later: “The economy. That’s their (National’s) area of strength.” What fucken planet is she on? That’s not a mistake though I suppose, it’s bullshit, myth promoted by ignorance and shallowness.

  11. Heather Du Plessis-Allan and her mate Barry Soper are just simply not worth the time of day. They are trying desperately to validate their existence as paid political commentators and as they say welcome getting a tax cut to boot. Must be as worrying down at ZB as it is for the National party as that “busy” sound of the phone being off the hook drones on as they scramble to find any audience of significance listening.

  12. Thanks for the entertainment, Judith. Not that there is any shortage of clowns campaigning for votes. But you party’s definitely was the best skit of the day.

    I see that the ‘Titanic’ sank a little deeper into the icy waters today. Not surprising when its got such a gaping hole in the hull.

    The negative interest rates are a bit of a worry.

    Westpac made late changes on Friday, and ICBC did so today. Both cuts of course.

    A failure to plan and act has led to a sudden and severe traffic problem in Auckland. You can check today’s bottlenecks. Engineers may save the day with a speedy remedy, but the whole issue has exposed the vulnerability of key infrastructure to an unplanned event. Fortunately Aucklanders are practiced at working from home and adaption and adjustment will come quickly. But there will be two severe consequences. Firms will lose confidence in the ability of the CBD to ever recover. And secondly, national productivity will take a hard hit as new costs will come with lower output.

    Credit card spending in August came in -4% lower than the same month a year ago. Seasonally adjusted, it was down -5.5%. Balances on credit cards are falling much faster, with the August levels down more than -15% year-on-year. This is because the proportion incurring interest is now at historic low levels.

    The Shanghai equity market has opened to a modest -0.3% slip. Hong Kong is down -0.7% at its open. Tokyo is up +0.2%. In Australia, the ASX200 is down -0.6% in early afternoon trade and a 10 week low, and the NZX50 Capital Index is down -0.5% near the close. The S&P500 futures trade suggests that Wall Street will open -0.2% lower tomorrow. At least they are looking at a small decline that when we checked earlier today (when it was a full -1% drop expected).

    We don’t have the final data for today yet and if it is significant we will update it here. The 90 day bank bill rate is unchanged at 0.30%. The Australian Govt ten year benchmark rate is down -1 bp at 0.92%. The China Govt ten year bond is also down -1 bp at 3.13%. The New Zealand Govt ten year is down -2 bps at 0.53% and below the earlier RBNZ-recorded fix of 0.54%. And the NZGB five year is even more negative at -0.03% pa now. The US Govt ten year is unchanged at 0.70%.

    The Kiwi dollar is staying elevated at 67.7 USc. Against the Aussie we are unchanged at 92.6 AUc. Against the euro we are marginally softer at 57.1 euro cents. That means our TWI-5 has taken a slight dip to 70.5 but still in its 2020 range.’


  13. Chucky trying to sell to voters the idea National will embrace the “tech sector” with a 1.29 billion dollar injection for scholarships etc.

    Chucky looked like a $2 shop Rolex watch salesperson in her presentation. She repeatedly and farcically described it as “tech center” even after being pulled up about her blunder.

    I’m sure voters will remember that the “tech sector” was extremely busy during Nationals 9 long years at the wheel but they avoided and ignored that sector like they were invisible….but now they care.

  14. And once again… no Social Credit anywhere, even though they will be on every Party list at the election booths. You will say that given how low their voter base is, why should they be included in any political analysis? The reply is naturally ,if no one admits to their existence how can they possibly get any votes at all? Is this the way to run a democracy?

  15. The promise: Build 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years
    The delivery: 548 built (0.5%)

    The promise: Fund the planting of one billion trees over 10 years
    The delivery: 36.8 million trees funded (3.7%)

    The promise: Govt vehicles emission free by 2026
    The delivery: 108 (0.6%) of 15,473 government vehicles are electric

    The promise: End homelessness
    The delivery: Priority A housing waiting list has increased 331% from 4,054 to 17,493

    The promise: Net zero emissions by 2050
    The delivery: Net emissions in 2017 were 56.9kT. Projected 2020 emissions are 66.6 kT – a projected increase of 17%

    The promise: Reduce net migration by 20,000 to 30,000 The delivery: Net migration gone from 54,150 in Oct 2017 to 81,240 in Feb 20 (pre Covid) so increased 27,000

    The promise: Reduce child poverty
    The delivery: The proportion of children in material hardship increased from 12.7% in 2017 to 13.4% in 2019

    The promise: Start construction of Dunedin Hospital in 1st term
    The delivery: 0 bricks laid

    The promise: Complete light rail from Auckland CBD to Mt Roskill by 2021
    The delivery: 0 metres done of 13,000 metres

    The promise: Relocate Government functions to the Regions
    The delivery: In 2017 41.9% of public sector in Wellington, in 2019 43.8% so fewer staff in regions

    The promise: 100% renewable electricity by 2035
    The delivery: Share declined 1.2% from 83.4% in Sep 2017 to 82.2% in Jun 2020

    The promise: Free tertiary fees to lead to 15% enrolment boost.
    The delivery: 1st year enrolments dropped 3.2% from 63,890 to 61,790 from 2017 to 2019

  16. Because of our presidential style of electioneering now the debates will matter. Regardless of how any policy is rolled out from both sides, voters now have a choice of philosophy. Business first with no trickle down, or welfare state who will borrow on behalf of the next generation. National have had a shocker few days but JA’s close quarters publicity stunt didn’t go unnoticed, so no one’s perfect. Judith is struggling for traction and credibility but a good show against JA could change things. If the country was in good shape it would be different but it’s not. I think even those who think JA is a dead cert will watch the debates because one bad mistake either way could change things.

  17. Gweens hit 4.5%!
    Its a bit like Act getting 5.9% and labours being able to govern alone!
    Who believes this bs? Woke Middle Class Privileged pakeha.


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