UPDATE: Nikki Kaye quitting politics – Auckland Central now in play


The implosions inside National keep detonating now with Nikki Kaye stepping down from politics at the election, this means that Auckland Central is NOW IN PLAY and that Chloe Swarbrick has a real chance at taking this electorate if the Greens wake the hell up and see the opportunity in front of them.

The Greens have not had a chance at winning an electorate since they won the Coromandel in 1999, with Nikki Kaye bowing out of Auckland Central, the Greens have never had an opportunity to win an electorate quite like this.

If the Greens were smart they would now lift they budgets to fight Auckland Central and swamp the electorate with as many volunteers they can get their hands on.

In terms of National, Nikki Kaye will have an idea of the damage of the looming inquiry and she will see the depths of hell Judith Collins has no hesitancy in plunging NZ and for Kaye’s own sense of honour, she is not prepared to plumb the depths of hell to crown Judith.

This is an honourable move By Nikki from a political Party now devoid of honour.

UPDATE: Amy Adams has also resigned.


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  1. This is an honourable move By Nikki

    Yes. She has my respect.
    Wishing her “Good health and good fortune.”

  2. I am genuinely sorry to see Nikki go. One of very few in National who played the game well. Her only blight was in protecting Mullers back.

    • bert. Me too a bit. I think her health was a big factor. Who needs the stress of belonging to the national party family.

  3. Its farcical to even hint National are ready to govern as yet another long term MP who was deputy leader only 48 hours before has pulled the pin just weeks from the election. Nationals break up continues unabated and all I can read into it is this is one big unhappy, massively divided group of individuals. And now the chief undermining individual of them all is leading them? How droll and ironic.

    How can this lot have any coherent policy when they haven’t a clue whose going to be doing what and who is resigning next?

    Going by the leaks reported by Newshub, some National MP’s are not much happier than the rest of us that Collins and the baffoon Brownlee are leading them.

    As for Swarbrick, she came across well in the local body elections politics and had she been the Chloe of 4 years ago she was a definite chance. But in central politics she has become more known rightly or wrongly as second in command of the woke brigade in the Greens, and is otherwise is known exclusively as a spokesmodel for tinny houses. I really do not know if that is going to cut it.

    • This is THE most divided political party since the Lange camp Douglas camp melt down 30 plus years ago. Possibly more so.

      Ready to govern. Yeah right.

    • It’s like Amy is trapped in a maze, constantly trying to find her way out. Should have attached a lead to Paula, she managed to find the exit.

      • trapped in a maze

        Is Jian Yang now spinning around?
        The Nats released a list of MP’s who are leaving, to tvnz. IT’s along list, but Yang’s name is not on it. (“things that make you hmmmmm”)

    • It’s like a “Last Call!” for those remaining, who wish to escape before the leaky pirate ship sets off again.

    • Bert,

      Hilarious. Retires to spend more time with family. Adamantly claims this was unrelated to Bridges being the leader. Yea right. Bridges gets rolled by Muller. Nek minute, Adams is not retiring. Spending time with family mustn’t have been so appealing after all. Adamantly claims her now not retiring is unrelated to Bridges no longer being the leader. Now Muller is gone. Nek minute, Adams retires again. Let me guess. Her retirement is unrelated to Collins being the leader and who will do a great job for National bla bla bla. She wants to spend time with that family again. FFS. I’d happily pay for tickets to watch this circus.

      National’s outstanding team…..of divisive,power hungry, arrogant, untrustworthy, selfish, backstabbing latrine rodents.

  4. A huge sulk – that’s what it is. Followed by the farmer’s housewife later today. Maybe be they want to start a new party, Puddle NZ? It could go into coalition with Labour.

    I wonder if the Lower Hutt tobacco lobbyist will follow tomorrow since he just become Neville no mates in caucus.

    What it means for National is that the Boag is well and truely dead and that even though they won’t win in a couple of months they can go back to being a party of principles.

    Only Goodfellow to go Jude – perhaps Friday afternoon? That would make the Friday drinks so much sweeter.

    BTW first time is have heard Shane Reti this morning – very impressive fellow. I can’t fathom why he wasn’t promoted earlier – great backstory as well

    • Frank, a “huge sulk” is very wishful thinking. Kaye and others just knew what it was going to like under Collins. And if Collins is some so-called messiah then why has she not been leader until now? The reason is her caucus loath her probably even more than the rest of us and they know her best. And you can best believe there will be those in that caucus who won’t mind a bit seeing Collins full flat on her face and may even stick their leg out to assist.

      Picture that leadership vote, it must have been blind panic. Aside from a cameo from Mark Mitchell (bravo old chap) who made it look like there was a vote, no one but no one wanted that hospital pass. But Judith’s ego just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

      This is the true example of the deck chair rearrangement on the tilting stern of the Titanic. Who can stay drier longer!

    • Reti was an incompetent Doctor in Whangarei . A Creep a first rate Uncle Tom who has never openly identified with his roots. A self promoter of limited intellect and thoroughly indolent. So yeah nah Frank.
      Wouldn’t let him oversee a toddler’s birthday bash let alone the Ministry of Health. So he ticks allt he boxes of utter odium required to be in Judith’s cabal

      • Thank you. A politician comes on wearing a suit and he’s a doctor and he’s been to Harvard and to people who’ve never heard of him he’s God. If god was a misrepresenting weasel, who plays slimy political games, he’s god.

    • Impressive! he answered questions like a politician always does,without answering them,but super impressive compared to when Muller or Bridges speak.

  5. Interesting stuff. We are indeed seeing the implosion of rabid far right wing neo liberalism and those left with any sense of integrity leaving . This is what we are witnessing in real time. A credit to Nikki Kaye is needed.

  6. Last Tory to go please turn out the lights!

    This is big, this is real, behold the glory of ‘Nashnull’ going…down, down, down…

  7. I believe in compassion, but National’s leprosy is out of control. Bits are falling off left and right .. mainly right for comedic value though. Take some penicillin already .. it’s getting hard to watch.

  8. When a politician puts their hand up to be the leader or deputy of any party, they are affirming their long term personal commitment to that party they want to serve. As a result, when attempts at leadership roles are unsuccessful, you’d still expect that personal commitment to remain.

    Jonathan Coleman made a play for the leadership of the National Party in March 2018 just a few months after the 2017 election. He again spoke of his commitment to the National Party. Simon Bridges gets the leadership nod. Nek minute. Coleman retires from politics. Adamantly states his retirement is unrelated to Bridges being the new leader.

    Steven Joyce also made a play for the leadership of the National Party in March 2018. He spoke of his commitment to the National Party. Simon Bridges gets the leadership nod. Nek minute. Joyce retires from politics. Adamantly states his retirement is unrelated to Bridges being the new leader. Says he wants to spend more time with family.

    Amy Adams speaks of her long term commitment to the party. Bridges becomes leader. Adams announces she will retire from politics. Adamantly states her retirement is unrelated to Bridges being the leader. She claims she wants to spend more time with family. Bridges gets rolled by Muller. Nek minute Adams announces she has had a change of mind on retiring. Adamantly states this move is unrelated to Bridges no longer being the leader.

    Paula Bennett was the deputy PM and election campaign head. She is rolled as deputy leader by Kaye. Nek minute. Announces retirement. Muller “resigns” haha cough cough, nek minute, Bennett is interested in being the deputy leader again.

    Nikki Kaye becomes deputy leader. Spoke of her long term commitment to the party. Is replaced as deputy leader by Brownlee of all people. The most stale white male in National. Farcically congratulates Collins publicly online but must be feeling completely shafted and disillusioned. Set to retire from politics today. I’m sure this will be unrelated to the new leadership of National and the diabolical process. I feel very sorry for her….

    BUT, how can you believe a far king word these people say about…..anything?

    National are now trying to sell the illusion things are all above board and stable. If you believe that, it’s a safe bet you still believe in Santa and him coming down your chimney. The party is in free fall heading for a well deserved wipe out in September. Collins honeymoon will be over very quickly despite all of her media assistance and she can add to her CV leading National to an epic and unprecedented election loss.

    Sincere question. After their inevitable upcoming epic loss at the polls, National will look like a very different party with a difficult dynamic for most of their MP’s. When they are confronted by this dynamic, how many National Party MP’s will announce their retirement from politics quickly and force a by-election? I’m picking at least six within six months. Chaos will remain with National for a long time to come. Their new savior Christopher Luxon will not make a shred of difference.

    R.I.P National.

    • HAHAHAHA you wish. The party will be stronger for this in the long run. Remember politics goes in cycles – you just have to be patient and wait for the worm to turn as it will.

        • Patience……its all about patience.

          CCP Operative = gone
          Puddle (labour lite) members = gone
          Strong, intelligent leader = found

          Only the stain and smell of the CCP-orientated headquarters to go and we get our party back. Now that the CCP has abandoned National Goodfellow is as good as gone.

          In the immortal words of a historically inaccurate Mel Gibson inspired, William Wallace “FREEEEEEDOM”

        • Didn’t think they would have time between tossing their pink teddy bears out of their cots. So Adams didn’t get the Covid-19 recovery portfolio – boo hoo sucks to be you. Both of them are acting like spoilt brats who didn’t get the right colored lolly at kindly.

          • Ummm Nope, Frank da tank. It was Madam Hissyfit herself who threw a big two-year-old temper tantrum. She could not handle that the Party had chosen Muller over ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’.

            She gave a public ultimatum. Either they fix it fast, or she would defect and go work with Helen Clark.

            Right after that, immediately if not sooner, the wheels started to fall off for poor old Muller.

      • From NZ point of view Frank, cause this is about governing NZ we don’t have time……We need proven leadership of Jacinda Ardern……….

        BTW I don’t buy the stuff on Kaye. I am holding my opinion on that till the Heron report comes out.

        • Yep – maybe both of them were ‘Boaged’. Maybe Todd didn’t know anything all along.

          Michelle Boag – the Maxwell Smart of political operatives

    • To Jacindafan. Its amazing how the nats can tell such beautiful impressive lies with a straight face. Niki and Amy- ‘We still love you Judith’ Michael Woodhouse sounded quite chipper and pleased with his demotion
      Only Donald can do better although with him it’s safe to assume that everything he says is a lie.
      Nice to see Judith promoting Simon and Todd. (keep your enemies close but only after you’ve gelded them.) I’m waiting to see Mark Mitchell’s response to his demotion but then he could still be a threat to Judith as he hasn’t been completely emasculated yet.
      I still haven’t had time to open the popcorn bag yet… Waiting for tomorrow’s news.
      Perhaps Cam Slater replacing Matthew Hooton as advisor in cheat, I mean chief?

  9. Good news.
    Would it be fair to claim that the National caucus are now bereft of any semblance of humanity?

  10. I agree with the general sentiment that Nikky Kaye was one of the quiet performers of National. Possibly not really PM material, but anecdotally a popular and well regarded electorate MP.
    But yes it does raise the question why so many National MPs who were, or on the fringe of leadership, have decided to quit around the same time.
    Could there be an unexploded bomb in National that could go off anytime and burn anyone near it?
    Perhaps we shall see soon.

    • Must be remembered that Niki Kaye was elected and beat Adern twice, only because the Greens split the vote -three times. Bless them. Labour and Green vote was more than National in the last three elections.and they’ll probably do it again. When will the lefties ever learn that divided they fall?

  11. The National Party is represented now by very white, and very old males.

    The party is Knackarood.

    Today shows how divided it has been for a long time, they dislike each other so how the hell are voters expected to like them.

  12. I would be happy to see Nikki Kaye in the Labour Party, as she is a good fit for middle of the road politics.

        • Sad really then.

          She’d be a good Labour party member all things considered. Dunno about John, ponytails don’t come cheap , and Nikki doesn’t seem the type to take things lying down either.

          A couple of black eye rings may have been all Johns reward for all his troubles…

  13. Please Cleangreen, we don’t want Nikki in the Labour Party. I believe her fingerprints are all over the Boag documents. Anyone who is such good friends with Boag is blighted.

  14. https://twitter.com/Rachel_Smalley

    Both Kaye and Adams say Collins has their full support. Rubbish. If Collins had their full support, they wouldn’t be resigning this morning. Kaye and Adams led the revolt against Bridges, tipped up Muller, and now revolt against Collins. Party first, really?

    It doesn’t make sense for Kaye and Adams to resign now. They’ve ankle-tapped Collins’ momentum and sabotaged the Party’s plans of a late rally for the Election. Unless that was always the plan? The point is, they could have waited 60 days and then pulled the pin. That would have been in the party’s best interests.in which case, they have put self-interest and internal politics ahead of the Party and (supposedly) our democracy’s best interests.

    This is the greatest tweet ive seen all year –well done Rachel !

    • Brian, Here is Rachel’s immediate follow-up tweet (at your link):

      ~Just listened to @nikkikaye on @radionz
      this morning in a longform interview and I stand corrected. I understand the spirit of her resignation. Go well, Nikki. Rest up, resurface and look after your health. ~ [My bold]

      As Rachel says, “Go well, Nikki. Rest up, resurface and look after your health.”

  15. You are always judged by the company you keep.
    Kaye was one of the few in the National party was at least part human but her ties to Boag are a concern but not surprising.
    I thought she was brighter than that.
    Now National and its gangsters are getting a taste of what the Labour party have to put up with one difference , they never has a supportive media who can somehow sell a turd to the public but it still stinks and looks like shit.
    It shows how shallow it all is when you read and listen to them sell Collins as Nationals saviour when her own past deeds are hardly what we want to see in a potential PM.
    The general election will decide that.

  16. Clear that Collins’s attack will centre on the government taking on too much debt and this being mismanagement of the economy – however I have been looking into this and can someone please let me know how accurate these figures are:
    Our debt pre-COVID was approx 19% of GDP and the $50 billion USD that we are borrowing will take us out to approx 34.9% of GDP?
    And in comparison current national debt for the UK is 103% of GDP / Germany 85% / Japan 261% / Aussie 27%?
    Could someone please correct these numbers if not correct?
    Just trying to understand if the Nats have a point or this is just scare-mongering . .

    • Don’t believe any numbers until Steven Joyce tells us. Before then hear the worst and double or triple it to get a conservative guide to what Joyce will tell us. Of course somewhere in there Peter Dunne will give us the benefit of his wisdom too.

  17. I’m picking there could also be a few more Nat MPs getting closer to the exit door before the election. Seems to be a lot of grievance in National at the moment.

    National … going, going … almost gone …

  18. I don’t know. I cannot stand the Nats.
    But Nikki probably doesn’t deserve the brutal politics the same day.
    There are serous mental health issues going on here.
    Give them a day or two before you put the boot in.
    That’s just bullying.

  19. Peter Goodfellow.
    Ok have a laugh at the name.
    But why are none of you investigating this person who drives the culture.
    Never mentioned. Why.
    Can I publish the facts about this guy, or will it just be banned.
    Why is the Daily Blog protecting this guy?

    • SOB, All I know is that he is the billionaire president of the NZ Nats. Made a lot of money out of industrial dairying/ farmers? If there’s more, ordinary folk probably don’t know much about it.

  20. Although Nikki Kaye got the candidate vote, Labour got the party vote. Are you overlooking this support for Labour when you weigh up the possibilities Bomber?

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