Socially Progressive Green Change Is Priority For Green Party Candidate For Pakuranga


The Green Party has announced Lawrence Xu-Nan as their candidate for Pakuranga for the 2020 election.

Born in China, Xu-Nan attended Pakuranga Intermediate and Pakuranga College, before completing his doctorate at the University of Auckland. He currently works as a manager at a tertiary education provider.

“I am excited to be bringing truly progressive values to Pakuranga. It’s an honour to represent the Green Party in the electorate where I grew up,” says Lawrence Xu-Nan.

“Pakuranga has not only been home for me and my family, it’s also been home for many migrant families just like us with almost half the population of Pakuranga born overseas. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that the voices of our migrant communities – who are often our low income workers – are heard. The Green Party recognises that the contribution of migrant families to Aotearoa New Zealand is invaluable and has been pushing for liveable incomes and fairer immigration policies that sees families reunified.”

“I know the issues facing Pakuranga such as traffic congestion, polluted local beaches and waterways, and the ongoing climate crisis are issues that all our communities feel strongly about. Neither Labour nor National governments of the past have taken truly bold action on these issues to improve our transport system or environment.”

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“The Green Party is the only party who understands that caring for the planet is deeply intertwined with caring for our people at a flaxroots level. That sense of community resonates with me. I look forward to showcasing what is possible with modern progressive policies and Green solutions on these issues.”

“I firmly believe that only when we start looking after each other can we be unified in addressing climate change, the biggest crisis of our time. Looking forward, we have an incredible opportunity to reshape policies that give our future generations the best chance in a post-pandemic environment. But we can only achieve this by having a stronger Green presence in Government.”

“I’m asking the people of Pakuranga to Party Vote Green to ensure the strongest Green voice possible in the next Government.”

Xu-Nan is ranked 17th in the Green Party list for the 2020 election.