How crazy are these warmongers? Cancel RIMPAC 2020


The United Nations has called on the world for a global ceasefire in all conflicts and a stop to war preparations while humanity focuses on the fight against Covid 19.

But the US military doesn’t want to know. They want RIMPAC to go ahead.

RIMPAC (mainly involving countries around the rim of the Pacific) is the biggest war games exercise in the world. It is run out of Hawaii and happens every two years with the US calling the shots.

The US has put RIMPAC back to August and say it will be “only at sea” (normally it would involve air and land forces as well as warships) because of the pandemic.

How brainless is this when we all know ships are floating viral incubators?

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Despite all this our obsequious Minister of Defence Ron Mark is dead keen for New Zealand to take part.

We must join hands with people from around the Pacific and around the world to tell our governments to stop this dangerous behaviour.

Tell the government to withdraw from RIMPAC 2020. Sign the letter to the Prime Minister here and send her your own note to


  1. Trump has pulled the U.S out of TPPA. He pulled them out of NATO, the Iran deal, he’s stopped contributing to WHO, The UN, NAFTA, he pulled the U.S out of the trade deal. Once you pawn your crown it can not be redeemed for the same value. Trump is telling us clear as can be that we are all on our own. There is no more global police state.

    Not only did we find out that all the precursors to western medicines go through India and China but all the rare earth minerals needed in the construction of high end precision guided munition go through China and India. So far from enjoying globalization in a post corona world we will have an emphasis on domestic productivity.

    Could you imagine it? Could imagine New Zealand manufacturing its own Airforce, Navy and Army? That is the new world of global trade that awaits us where the U.S is no longer the global cop and nations have to secure the own republic of trade relationships, rules and cooperation. So we need to have more military excesses not less.

    • Sam
      Where does World Peace come into this.
      It seems to have been forgotten as nations climb further up the warfare ladder.
      We will not get peace through warfare nor being scared of the binding wish for peace that common folk and most Kiwis hold dearly.
      Lets not be armchair generals regurgitating military strategy based on what is fed to us by MSM.

      There is a wider agenda, one that is most universally held and it involves friendship. families and sharing as a basis for community and security.

      The League of Nations and the UN were reputed to be based on ending wars but both attempts have been subverted by the same crowd who are still seen today creating mahem, stealing resources and employing murder and genocide under all manner of false pretexts. Those enemies of human inclusiveness and finer endevour, reign with force, political manipulation and terror.

      Some humans are weak and follow the self aggrandising bully often accepting force as the way of creating security. Money is a tool used to build power but never morality nor strength of community.

      The real power is that of community where cooperation is seen as the blueprint for survival.

      Ron Marks has deep back pockets that no doubt steer his actions.
      Corruption is not new and this man has been caught out more than once.

      While NZ remains a puppet from within 5 eyes we remain vulnerable to US command.
      Billionaires and profiteers of war
      Ron Marks appears to have bought, or been bought into “the club”.

      I cannot find Ron ever having advocacy for peace nor heard evidence of in in my discussion with him.

      • We all of us have a responsibility to steer away from aggression. So when you go up against someone who can fight then the worst position to be in is fatigued. If you know how to fight then all you’re trying to do is make your opponent use more energy then once they’re tired that’s when you dominate them. Yknow the U.S was once China’s most important ally during WW2 but more recently the U.S has sort to dominate China but China even with a pandemic is set to grow by at least 4% and the U.S is set to shrink a bit and Washington knows that because of all the lashing out against China and now Beijing has every right to crush America.

        Australia is also very powerful and very wealthy relative to the rest of the region and if they are caught in the twin traps of hubris and decadence then they to will follow the natural path of great powers in decline and they to will lash out at weaker nations. So we have a responsibility to maintain the balance of power in our region with military exchange programs, trade and military exercises. And for that we will need an airforce, army and navy with capabilities of our own.

        I don’t expect everyone will be happy with the military decisions and capabilities that have to go through in the next 20 years. Recent polling over the Airforces P-8 maritime patrol aircraft says that about 55% are okay with military spending. When you love something a lot it can often be difficult to criticise it, but constructive criticisms can be good I mean how else will we learn in the first place if we don’t know. Yknow if we take a quick look at the history it will give us a little more insight into why these mistakes are being made.

        But when criticism comes along half hearted then it means the critic no longer cares and I for one care very deeply about kiwi culture. When the China FTA was signed it meant kiwis was giving up half of its businesses in exchange for access to cheap Chinese labour and we’ve never really recovered from that which means that with out China we are not going to be profitable Yknow and we don’t want to expose the rest of the economy to those financial dangers.

        The Labour Party never really embraces the culture quite like we do so they sold half our business to a giant nuclear armed state. Now who in there right minds does that? Basically we wanted help scaling up all our operations especially now when small and medium sized businesses has access to a lot more money than any other time in history it seems like we’ve got more lower ranks interfering in the final project. When China represents 60 billion in trade there’s a lot of pressure to succeed. And that’s the most important part of any project as one scales up and others declines.

        Kiwis are most creative and free when they’re just doodling on a pad. But as kiwis become more famous with advertisers and hiring staff and taking on sponsors then things become more restrictive and before you know it, it’s not about creating what you desire, it’s about creating what will keep the boat continuing to sail smoothly.

  2. Oh how I wish our military commitments would be debated before the next election. I would like to see one party at least, promote withdrawing from, saying NO to, military and espionage commitments..and saying YES to promoting NZ as a leader in diplomacy and universal values.

    It should be pointed out that a major reason that the US is shockingly lagging in its handling of the Covid-19 crisis, is that an obscene amount of money is poured into the military every year, much to the delight of politically powerful military corporations. Expensive military exercises, like RIMPAC are not what global society, including Americans, needs, this year or ever.

  3. Agreed……HOWEVER it’s a bit like asking Michael Corleone (The God father) to NOT use violence.

    IT IS THE ONLY way the American (Mafia) empire can continue. It’s in its dying throws and will hold on to it’s military dominance, even though it’s people at home are dying in poverty due to the cost this dominance creates; think, Prussia was an military with a country !
    I fear the control files on our politicians makes them unable to act in the best interest of humanity or Kiwis.

    • Well at the very least we need really fast fighter jets that can travel fast enough to intercept commercial airliners and fly in close formation with non milt are airlines. Yknow having another plane in eyes shot of you eyes really tight flying esspecially if the pilot isn’t even competent. So we have to spend 2 million dollars training our own pilots to fly on the edge and do I think we will get fighter jets of our own I do. We will get our own fighter wings because having an in dependant foreign policy means we will have to construct a military industrial complex of our own.

      • Which comics do you read Sam? Or is it Star Wars in A/NZ skies that you are describing in your visual nightmare? Are the pilots flying on the edge colliding with each other? Give me the next frenzied page, I like your humour.

        • I’m not 100% for the NZDF, I don’t want to make that statement because the only thing that I’m certain of is that there are no certainties when it comes to the NZDF.

          I still go to my local RSA/RSL for a quick rum at the dawn service in between my crazed pursuit of pure profit. Yknow and as I mingle with all the veterans I’m reminded that time heals most wounds, or at least makes us forget how devastating the wounds were received.

          Nostalgia like rum will fill you with warmth and happiness in a race of all of our pains the more you embrace it, but then again a final show down with the NZDF coming in victorious is so much better than remembering death and defeat.

  4. Oooh…? RIMPAC…I thought you meant RIMJOB. As in what the Right Wing including the National Party would do to be included in the American military- industrial complex or as an act of subservience to the American banking ‘industry’.

  5. It is too late to look to your defences when you can see the sunlight glinting off the weapons of your enemies.

  6. Only a week or so ago, the US Navy had 90 ships at sea and 24 of them were infected with C19 including the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt which is out of action.

    I think they’ve got a bigger problem to deal with. “The Enemy Within”.

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