Ummmm – Chinese vigilante gangs are probably a really bad idea 


Of all the things to NOT do right no, creating Ethno-nationalist vigilante gangs is kinda on top of that list…

Covid 19 coronavirus lockdown: WeChat groups spark police concerns

New Zealand Police will talk to people who made comments on a Chinese social media site encouraging others to arm themselves and form vigilante groups.

The Herald has been told that more than 10 groups have been formed through the platform WeChat, with members based by location.

…look. Are there some dumbarse NZers who want to blame NZ Asians for this pandemic? Sure, but those people are the same ignorant folk who are fearful of eclipses and basic math.

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Responding to abuse by forming your own race specific vigilante gang will do more to enflame this situation than anything else, because the fucking last thing any of us need are white men forming counter vigilante gangs.

We all get where this ratcheting up of race tensions gets us right?

We have a Police force, if people are feeling intimated or threatened, they should call the Police, NOT form their own vigilante race gang.



    “Stories on Chinese social media, censored or removed almost as soon as they appear, reveal how local governments cover up new cases and how hospitals are ordered to report new cases as normal flu or pneumonia.
    The stories indicate that Hubei Province, far from moving toward normality, is being locked down again by people and police in the surrounding provinces who know the real situation in Hubei. One video showed a riot that occurred when Hubei police tried to open the border with Jiangxi — people and police in Jiangxi revolted because they would be exposed to Hubei. The government brags about mass recoveries from the virus, but independent media have reported that up to 14 percent of those have tested positive again. The regime appears to be cooking the books on epidemiological statistics, to be not counting cases in which tests indicate infection but people are asymptomatic. Censors almost immediately removed a photo from the Caixin website showing a truck delivering 2,500 urns filled with the ashes of cremated people. Censors removed as well as an accompanying report that a truck had made another such delivery the same day.

    In the past, the Chinese Communist Party’s restrictions on the free flow of information seemed to Americans and others in democratic countries to be a matter mainly concerning the freedom of the Chinese people, important as a matter of upholding the universal right to freedom of expression. But the regime’s distortions of the truth are now more than abstract problems for the international community. They are threats to global public health — indeed, matters of life and death.

    Jianli Yang is the founder and president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China. Aaron Rhodes is the human-rights editor of Dissident magazine and the president of the Forum for Religious Freedom Europe.

    • Right lets not get too heated about what China is doing and compare it to what the English-speaking countries are doing. Everyone but good little us, trying to be sensible and precautionary. It is good to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes eg the Trump watching, and double talk that is going on, but don’t let a head of steam build up in the minds of ignorant, thoughtless males. We saw a pic of a line outside a gun shop and saw the mostly young men. Who or what will be in their sights. Farmers can expect more incursions no doubt, better watch out for your ducks, and we don’t want a repeat of the Terry phenomenon from back pages of history.
      He was from a prosperous family and roamed the world having adventures. Wrapped up in his upper-class bubble, he resented the poor for needing to work to support themselves. And noticeable among the poor were Chinese.
      It is interesting how the comfortably off can fire criticism and hate at the poor and struggling in a 360 degree sweep as has been the attitude to Chinese. But in all races, nationalities if you don’t work you are automatically despised, and if you do work at whatever you can get, then you are likely to be despised for stealing someone else’s job, bringing wages down. There is no place for you, no time for you, no respect for you. Don’t let this malign genie out of the bottle here in NZ.

      • This line of inquiry has been around for a while now.
        The USA don’t seem to want to play ball with making their home data available to international research.
        Why if there is nothing to hide.

        • By going to the 18 minute mark of this video ,,,, people can hear the words of this man ,,,

          ‘Michael Osterholm’, ,, ” he is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota.

          Look for his book “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs”

          In the link He is talking in a Joe Rogan interview ,,,. People can have their own opinion of Joe Rogan ,,, but imo, he is a good interviewer, as he lets his guests impart their knowledge and information pretty much uninterrupted.

          So the 18 minute mark for an experts take on the bio weapon conspiracy ,,,, But I recommend watching the whole thing for general information on viruses and disease.

          They talk a fair bit about a ‘mad cow’ type disease running through north american deer populations ,,, and also how the disease is mutating and jumping / crossing over into other species ( mice).

          which may seem irrelevant to us, unless we consider how ‘rock snott’ came into NZ ,,,

          Remember ,,, The last National Government used the last Global Financial Crisis to DOWNGRADE New Zealands bio-security ,,, leading to more failures and Scares.

          The video also touches on disease which largely spare the young while making Adults quite sick ….

          And provides a bit more info on SARs, MERs etc

    • Please, Jacindafan, trim your links. Everything after the question mark is usually not needed to visit the linked page.

      Also, why are you giving us links to US neocon propaganda sites?

      That site is about as credible as a source as

      If you want reliable information about the state of the COVID-19 response in China, I suggest checking out the work of the WHO-China Joint Mission:

        • It’s so lovely that you two have found each other. Particularly for Sam. Nobody posts more diligently and yet is ignored more regularly… mostly because his musings are completely unintelligible… but now he has his own little sycophant. Not so much a circle jerk because there are only the two of you but at least you’re able to give each other a hand. Bravo to you both!

          • WARNING: Stupidity Alert, was not actually a invitation for you to post ,,,, OMB,,

            ,,,, Anyway Relax ,,,We are part of the ‘so many’, involved in trying to organize the toilet roll riots ,,,, with Hone leading the chaos ,,, in your ga ga MAGA sad mind . 😉 🙂

            OMB ” ..the riots on the streets because of toilet paper shortages that so many on this blog are gagging for.” ,,,,

            You sound angry and stressed OMB ,,, ,,, try some humor again 😉
            “The Translators – Interpreting Donald Trump: The Daily Show”

  2. Just what we need, more morons creating race based identity groups.

    Tarrant might only be the start of what is to become of NZ, and my guess is the authorities go from one extreme to the other, from following the Islamists to following the white supremacists, these days.

    Or maybe they are still hoping to find some dirt on Nicky Hager or Keith Locke or a person who wants their earthquake damaged house fixed in Christchurch. Who knows because it is not transparent who they spy on, as it should be in a country like NZ that is historically been extremely stable and peaceful.

    Look at the UK – seriously scary statistics. We don’t want to go there!!!

    Identity is one of the big killers, so I have no idea why our government has been obsessed with encouraging identity disputes for the past 6 years and pouring hate on the current ‘lazy, drugged, out’ and ‘racist’ kiwis while eulogising newcomers, who internalise that message that they are superior and it’s all the local’s fault who have major flaws aka the above.

    Our government has been rapidly changing NZ demographics in a decade of mass immigration which history shows, is highly socially dangerous, especially encouraging people who will struggle here, come in as criminals on fake paperwork, and become desperate, take up a lot of resources like pensions without needing to contribute equivalent taxes here, or are here for ideological reasons but don’t seem to want to be here as their country is so much better (aka pro China/ Beijing). Meanwhile ignoring a growing underclass across all demographics from Maori to Pacific Island to working families with kids. Our government policy is not to care and let all these completely different people compete it out.

    History shows when you have huge influxes of people, there are racial tensions and more terror attacks. The woke might not like it, but that is what happens. No identity group seems immune, NZ should have had an eye on this from the get go, but as usual thought the markets would compete it out.

    Immigration is getting the quantity, quality and mix right for a country. NZ immigration is around very short term perception of easy money, not social cohesion and that is a huge mistake. Likewise the view to privatise and get rid of social welfare by overwhelming the system. When immigration goes wrong, the social fabric goes wrong.

    Immigration should be done with a lot of care to get people of good character which is thoroughly checked, and government constantly checking whether immigration is helpful to society, aka measures of what is happening to the local peoples jobs, houses, infrastructure and so forth to see if it is positive for all, (is it positive or are wages declining in real terms, are there more hardship grants, food parcels is money laundering affecting housing prices?).

    Instead in NZ we have Laissez faire obsession with bums on seats and let some other person be victim to the latest job loss, suicide, mental health episode, Meth import, money launderer, and racism based identity group’s feelings of victimisation.

    Like the constant messages from NZ government that NZ’s are ‘lazy, drugged out’ individuals, it is only a simple step for those to then feel the right to protect themselves from on WeChat by forming groups with weapons or small dairy/liquor owners association perhaps when people run out of food, alcohol and smokes and start to help themselves with ram raids while the dairy owners arm up?

    NZ’s biggest protection has always been our low population, pre 2005 immigration strategy that made it very difficult to migrate here you had to fulfil a high level of criteria to become a citizen here, high level of welfare, high level of education, and Island location.

    That protection has been progressively stripped and now we have Tarrant, WeChat vigilantes, money laundering galore and anybody can buy their way into NZ.

    Selling citizenship to rich people did not work out well, for democracy in Malta that has been selling EU citizenship for a price attracting many criminals there.

    NZ also does not care as long as they have deep pockets.

    Four of China’s ‘most wanted’ residing in Auckland

    There is no interest or control in NZ of whether new citizens are ideologically a good fit here or even want to live here.

    Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and the death of democracy

      • He did not flight in his plane did and it took 4 people away .What is the drama in that. The Germans are coming to take away their nationals.

      • He did not flight in his plane did and it took 4 people away .What is the drama in that. The Germans are coming to take away their nationals.

    • Tarrant is also said to be an admirer of the Chinese authoritarian Han ethnic rule.
      These wechat groups shouldve investigated by our intelligence services.

        • @Spikeyboy, I don’t hate China at all, I just think that China is not superior to NZ just because the intense amounts of money. Their money has mesmerised many in NZ, both left, woke and right.

          I don’t agree with the suppression of freedom of speech there, the Uyghur situation and feel for the Chinese people’s fight for democracy which typically leads to their imprisonment/torture and possible death. On the other hand, China is an overpopulated country with huge issues on pollution, corruption, food quality, education and health care, resulting from that so it is not exactly easy for the government to function either. The world looks on and applauds the economic miracle and cheap compliant workers there working away for big business factories but is it really the way forward?

          We can have a beautiful and high quality life for all in NZ but not the way things are going, which is NZ trying to emulate other economies, get bums on seats for growth, without understanding the advantages our country and lifestyle has over others. Especially in the Covid-19 situation.

          We are all lucky in NZ for having such as small population and more distancing which might provide us with a magic bullet during the Covid-19 situation. Who knows if we are out of the wood yet, though. We could just be lagging weeks behind and turn into Italy.

          • What are your sources for the Uyghur situation being worth mentioning.
            The Uyghur are a centre piece of US propaganda so beware of what you read unless it has a genuine Chinese origin.

              • Which is worse simonm ,,, the plight of Muslims in China ,,,,

                Or their situation in India ???

                Which situation is getting the most attention in our press ???

                And why in the five eyes ,,, are we getting such one sided reporting ,,,, and awareness ?

                Why Simonm ??…….
                “Anya Parampil speaks with Danny Haiphong, a contributing editor at the Black Agenda Report, about his recent two week trip to China. Danny discusses what he learned about China’s economic model, it’s efforts to reduce poverty nationwide, and his experience in Xinjiang, the province where western media, politicians, and human rights groups claim Beijing is housing millions of Muslims in concentration camps. Did Danny see any evidence of this policy, and what do average Chinese people think about the claims?”

                “Busting pro-war propaganda: What China is really like”


              • I have read worse conjecture. Haaretz is a bit rich without any reputable evidence but then their comments on Palestine make Israel out to be victims.

                I have looked for reputable Asian based evidence and the hearsay conjecture from some Western sources about Uyghurs just doesn’t make sense. Believe it if you like but do you know much about the Uyghurs, their history and recent involvement of some younger Uyghurs joining with middle East fighters that some call rebels and others classify as terrorists. The USA funds some of those groups.
                China has two ethnic Muslim populations. In recent years more young Uyghurs are a part of the Chinese public service which is a breakdown of the ethnic separation which may be partly cultural but likely as a product of their religion.
                China incarcerates few people while NZ incarcerates nearly twice as many and the USA just under 6 times as many on a per capita basis.

                • China’s “justice” system has a conviction rate of 99%. Quite remarkable really and by far the world’s highest.

                  It also saves a great deal on incarceration by executing vastly more prisoners than any other country.

                  • Yes the Chinese are not lenient towards those apparently transgressing and the rate of execution is not available but high. Corruption in Govt office is not tolerated.
                    Asian justice can be very different to Western ideas.

                    On the other hand death by deliberate action in the USA is 5,3 people per 100,00 where in China the rate is 0.6 per 100,000.
                    So over 9 times the murder rate per capita in the USA and 2.7 times the number of murders in the USA compare with China which has about just under 4.4 times the USA population.

                    But looking at the Uyghur situation, the incarceration alleged by Western influenced reports is just not supported by reports from Muslim groups who have visited the areas that are predominantly Uyghur.
                    But the Chinese Govt appears to be active in countering “distorted doctrines spread by religious extremists” that are against Chinese law.
                    The hold over people instilled by religion has been fought by the Chinese state since Mao led a revolution. A degree of religious fundamentalism is found in the mainly Muslim Uyghurs community along with recruitment for so called terrorist groups. Guantanamo Bay held Uyghurs also.
                    The process of bringing Han and Uyghurs into a more harmonious community will take time and effort. There appear to be about 10-11 million Uyghurs across many groups and ethnic mixes..
                    Hui are the largest Muslim community who have assimilate into the Han community where as the Turkic Uyghurs have been more isolated. Both groups are Sunni.

      • Keepcalm… What has happened about Tarrant? I got sick of the little twerp – last I heard he had pled guilty? What Now. I wouldn’t like a nutter like him locked in with our nice clean criminals, he would sour their minds even further with his patter. I think he is ripe for sending over to Australia to be locked up at their expense. If they let him free it would make them look dodgier than usual wouldn’t it?

        • Dunno, he plead guilty, got convicted but not sentenced I think?
          Ship him back to Australia as long as they never let him out and they can pay the bill. House him at the nuclear waste dump.
          Then begin the court case against the officer/s who licensed him and those who were cost cutting and only spending half the firearms budget on licensing and safety.

  3. Khan Academy is a good on-line learning watch.
    Here is them talking about exponential growth in Covid 19 and looking at China.
    Why they have found it there so hard to get their heads around is understandable when they didn’t know what it was and how infectiious it is and officials didn’t want to be the one to break the news. Average human behaviour.
    China officials and national government may still be guilty of some fibbing. But look at Trump, knows all about it if he wishes to read or listen, and wants to deny, sit back, turn getting supplies into a bidding war between the States apparently.

    But the reason that China was staggering behind the onslaught of the virus is demonstrated by its exponential growth of infection. It is pointed out how it works; of the 400 cases definitely diagnosed, and then the people were asked when they had felt sick, likely to have been 10 days earlier which meant that those 400 people had been infected then, and then using the exponential growth model, it meant there would likely now be 12,000 people infected, but not yet definitely diagnosed.

  4. Notice plenty of MSM articles about allegations of racism on-line, yet apparently WeChat groups organising online with weapons, are not to be worried about or worthy of MSM news!

    Not sure whether it’s the woke version of racist micro aggression or incorrect pronoun use they are talking about in terms of racist on line use, but after the Tarrant are the authorities really going to turn a blind eye to groups taking up weapons and organising online on WeChat and thinking foreigners and recent newbies to NZ are all harmless folks who are not capable of hurting a fly with all their (legal) (automatic) weapons and boasting online?

    My impression is that we should be proud of NZ at this time. Everything I see is positive, people respecting everyone else and the rules, police being pleasant when asking what you are up to (maybe Wellington has no police because they deployed them all to Auckland, cos they are everywhere here) and I have yet to see any negative behaviour at present. I hope it continues, but feel the authorities might be hoodwinked yet again, on the foreign threats vs domestic threats, especially on-line arm ups….

  5. Maybe someone should design a virus to target those in society that are stupid fucks!
    Its going to happen with people going stir crazy. Lets see which group in society are going to break the lockdown and protest?
    It shouldnt be the socialists but, what I’ve observed on social media in the last few days, most that claim to be socialist are labour stooges who vote with their sex, not for good policy.
    In this coup d’etat, its going to be interesting to watch the ‘vanguard’ reveal itself. Or will they?

  6. Our great CCP “friends” and trading partners bought up 160 tonnes of essential medical supplies in Australia earlier this year and shipped them back to China:

    It’s front-page news in Oz, but there hasn’t been a peep out of the NZ media about it for some reason…

    • here’s another thing we don’t hear a peep about ,,,,,,, perhaps because Nice and Kind little ol New Zealand is involved in some of this cruelty …..

      Your thoughts Simonm ??? … : “Expert: US sanctions on Iran, Venezuela during pandemic could be genocidal”

      “Trump intensifies murderous Iran sanctions during COVID-19 crisis”

      The usa is our great english speaking pirate leader ,,,, and we are presently involved with their siege / sanctions,,,, which are kiddy killing acts of war. ….

      Siege warfare ,,,,, should NZ be involved in it ??

      Whats your thought Simonm ??? ,,, if you can get off your relentless mission for a mo.

  7. Sounds like pie in the sky to me……Been a lot of China bashing on the MSM but the reality is they are managing this far better than we are in the West.

    • Do you trust their figures? Funny how Chinese telcos have lost between 10-12 million users in China in the last 3 months…where have they gone?

  8. God ..A Pox on both houses. It seems that the left US haters find themselves arguing in favour of fake communist social fascist China in order to have a line of attack against USA while rightwingers believing the sun shines out of Trump’s arse will use anything they can to stick it to China. They’re both shit. Neither Washington nor Beijing nor Moscow. Fuck em all. They are all the enemy of humanity one way or another.
    In the USA it seems the Dems are still in cold war mode & hate Russia while sucking China’s dick & the Republicans on the other hand seem to like Putin fucking them in the arse while they spit at China while at the same time China bukkake-showers them with money & germs like the whores they are.

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