While Jacinda Ardern battles white supremacy and hate crimes, Simon Bridges has started a fight with a slushy



Why is Simon Bridges picking fights with bloody slushies?

Simon Bridges lashes out at ‘slushie fund’ for prisons

National Party leader Simon Bridges has slammed the Ministry of Corrections for spending over $1 million on slushie machines.

Corrections bought 193 ice slushie machines for their staff with the intention of improving “their health and wellbeing during the summer months”, documents released to the party under the Official Information Act show.

Corrections say prisoners and staff were exposed to uncomfortably hot conditions during the summer of 2017/18 that could have led to unrest within their facilities.

That year, Corrections responded by providing staff extra breaks, access to cold water, fans and flannels while also allowing prisoners more cold showers and time outside of their cells.

Despite the fact no significant unrest occurred that summer, further measures were deemed necessary the next year.

…for the love of Christ, is this what our political debate has been reduced to?


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Let’s unpack this shall we?

1 – Rather than bitching about slushy machines at Corrections, perhaps we should consider how these old prisons won’t cope with the extreme heat conditions climate change will bring infrastructure like jails?

2 – It turns out from Arthur Taylor’s blog this morning that prisoners weren’t getting access to cold water or slushies at all and it only happened after he started making complaints! Shouldn’t we get an explanation about that inconvenient truth?

3 – This is just bash a crim stuff, and is being pulled out right when there is debate about Simon’s failed leadership.

If we are going to play the ‘spending pointless money game’ and complain about averting heat exhaustion in our under ventilated prison network, can someone mention the cost of the flag referendum vanity campaign?

The Leader of the Opposition picking a fight against a slushy is one thing.

Losing that fight is another.

Maybe Simon needs to start with a less formidable beverage, how about a weak cup of tea? Start there & if you beat it it, then move up to a Milo



  1. Martyn;

    Today useless ‘simple Simon’ Bridges states on ‘Newshub’ AM show’ that his government will have an ‘environmental policy’!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah right; – if so – why did he kill our regional rail under his leadership while in the last Government???????

    Simon Bridges – ‘he is a vacant brain’ waiting for a transplant and should not be trusted at all.

    Mr Bridges; – Bring back the regional rail freight and passenger services you killed again to save our road deaths and then we will listen to you.

    • Yes, Bring back the mass haulage public rail system and screw the private trucking firms. The only contacts the trucking firms should be getting is small transit routes from the point of docking of the railroads.

      This country should be leading the globe in rail transport.

      Instead , – after Key and co it is a truckers paradise.

      Keep it up , Cleangreen.

    • +1 to CLEANGREEN and WILD KATIPO for their commitment to bring back useable rail to NZ!

      We don’t just need cheap, clean, reliable, frequent public transport via rail, for industry we need it for commuters too!

  2. NZ has high rates of imprisonment which I would guess goes merrily hand in hand with growing inequality fostered by decades of capitalism.

    If we want this to change then in my opinion we need to vote for parties who are willing to dump neo liberalism in favour of fair more inclusive forms of government.

  3. The slushy machine is really a rather feeble attempt by Simon Bridges to get traction in the media. No doubt he wished that someone in corrections would confess that the machines were for the benefit of “prisoners” and then he certainly would score a few points, but alas they were for corrections staff.
    The real story here is that Simon Bridges’ leadership of the National Party is quite obviously hanging by a thread.
    On Morning Report today Guyon Espiner intimated as much and several times directly asked Bridges if he trusted Judith Collins. Bridges refused to give a direct answer either way.
    Listeners’ texts on the subject to Morning Report generally derided Bridges for his stance.
    Bridges may have a made a fatal mistake here. You can score political points against prisoners, but if you start criticising the people that manage and guard them whilst you have a former Minister of Corrections breathing down your neck you are unlikely to live long and prosper.

    The real story here is that his leadership of the National Party is hanging by a thread.
    On Morning Report today Guyon Espiner directly asked Bridges several times if he trusted Judith Collins, and Bridges would not give a straight answer either way.
    And the listener’s texts about the slushy machine were scathing about

  4. Agreed, just a whinge really, though why anyone would want to drink/eat coloured (blue?) ice is beyond me. For $6k they could have bought a top notch ice making fridge, beverages for a year, a proper barista unit and still had change. Politics did go soft and slushy last week. On Newshubs The Nation they didn’t discuss the dropping of CGT, plans for hate speech censorship, National’s tanking poll, dropkicks stealing guns from a fuc#@g police station, or international events such as police breaking into a country’s embassy to arrest a real journalist. No the big item on the agenda…insurance. Should have stayed in bed.

  5. What is he thinking?

    There are so many areas to attack this govt, Kiwibuild, worsening child poverty, Slush Fund pork-barrelling, CGT flip flops…and he goes after the fact that we paid for giving hot workers, in a highly stressful environment, some ability to cool down??

    Hardly the crime of the century is it? Who put him up to this? This is as bad as handing David Shearer a couple of snapper, before entering the debating chamber.

  6. Yes but. Poor old simon bridges is really just bus tucker.
    The national party is the den of those who are responsible for the burgeoning prison musters so when we come looking deeply into the national party and their demonic past they don’t want us to find the likes…( not in chronological order because I can’t be arsed and some might notice labour members in the Natzo list, but we should know by now they’re the same-same but different. ) …of don brash, muldoon, shipley, richardson, prebble, lange, douglas, quigly, holyoak, english, jonky etc and all those others within national and neoliberally parasitised Labour? They want us to find a hapless little lawyer with a Wall Street hair cut that ‘they’ will grab and chuck under the Airport to City express bus which will drop his crushed little political career at the top end of Queen Street with the street hustlers and bag ladies to deflect attention away from the real crooks with street addresses in Zurich and private islands here with private helicopters are used to get them there.
    Humanoids? It’s this simple:
    Our country’s been asset stripped, the fortunes from that conveniently politically legitimised criminal enterprise has been grifted, the Veuve Clicquot’s in the crystal, the hookers are cocaine’d up, the viagara’s been taken and the sallow, flaccid flesh of the criminal gangster Kiwi-As’ers is becoming glazed in sweaty anticipation of spending ever more of YOUR MONEY.
    As I’ve written here before; The national party is now an abandoned get-away car left under a motorway over pass. It’s doors are swinging open and there’s little soimon still hanging onto the steering wheel with a gobsmacked look on his widdle face while not understanding what’s just happened while over his shoulder we can see a trail of money leading off into the shadows.
    An interesting exercise would be to follow that money. From where it came from to where it’s gone. ( With that final sentence? I can hear the bleached anal sphincters going into spasm. Making a kind of slushy sound. )

    • “Simple Simon goes to the fair” was it his boss propagandist Steven Joyce???
      Who did Simple Simon meet while going to the fair?

      The rhyme is as follows;

      Simple Simon met a pieman,
      Going to the fair;
      Says Simple Simon to the pieman,
      Let me taste your ware.
      Says the pieman to Simple Simon,
      Show me first your penny;
      Says Simple Simon to the pieman,
      Indeed I have not any.
      Simple Simon went a-fishing,
      For to catch a whale;
      All the water he had got,
      Was in his mother’s pail.
      Simple Simon went to look
      If plums grew on a thistle;
      He pricked his fingers very much,
      Which made poor Simon whistle.[1]
      He went for water in a sieve
      But soon it all fell through
      And now poor Simple Simon
      Bids you all adieu![2]

    • China refuses to buy our recycling anymore so mostly they end up in Malaysia in a black market for recycling that nobody else in the world wants.

      In the end landfill or ocean.

      • Z says; – “China refuses to buy our recycling anymore so mostly they end up in Malaysia in a black market for recycling that nobody else in the world wants. – In the end landfill or ocean.”

        Yes that is obviously Simon Bridges ‘environmental policy’ he said National had one today on Newshub and TVone so if we haven’t seen it announced this must be part of it he put in place with Judith before they left government.

    • Exactly DENNY,

      Can they make paper cup slushies as they do with my strawberry ‘thick shake’?

      Paper cups please jacinda cut out plastic please.

  7. Something more worthwhile to think about

    Half of all land must be kept in a natural state to protect Earth
    New science says land conservation must double by 2030 to prevent dangerous warming and unravelling of ecosystems.


    If climate change is NZ ‘nuclear free moment’ what is our government doing about it?

    Greens need to dump the identity politics because no mater who you are you are probably going to be effected by our lack of conservation efforts and lack of interest in the natural environment, in relation to survival not just ‘nice to have’ but economy more important speak….

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