TVNZ POLL: Bad Christmas present for Jacinda, Greens slide into irrelevance & Judith will burn Bridges – it’s a shocker on the rocker!


Shocking Christmas present for Jacinda, the latest TVNZ Poll…

Labour – 43%

National – 46%

NZ First -4%

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Greens – 5%

…the horror take away is that despite all the madness inside National, New Zealanders still adore the National Party!

Despite China buying 2 MPs, despite the allegations of corruption, despite the internal meltdown, Kiwis desperately worship at the feet of the banal and the malicious in the hope their speculative property portfolios can soar  in 2020.

There is something very damaged in the dark part of our soul to see National at 46%, after all the social service underfunding and damage they caused the poor over 9 years of economic vandalism, 46% still yearn for their leash.

How ugly, how petty, how spitefully muddle Nu Zilind.

For Labour, petrol prices are biting, school donations are still due, workers are barely getting by and rents are sky rocketing. The neoliberal welfare Ministries continue to hold sway over easily trained Ministers meaning the poor who hoped to see change from toxic WINZ and CYFS when voting Labour feel betrayed.

NZ First won’t sweat this, they always peak in elections and the TVNZ Poll, now that it takes so much more account of cell phone numbers, suppresses their vote.

The Greens however should be shitting themselves. Their alienating woke middle class politics is actively driving voters away. Maybe Marama Davidson might want to stop demanding  white bros delete themselves and stop trying to reclaim the word cunt?

The other major problem for the Green brand are their woke online activists. Nothing turns other voters off like the smug self righteous glitter beard top knot militant vegan electric bike riding 4th wave feminist Trans rights above all else Green supporters, they are a daily advert for exclusion. The Greens are now Pure Temple over Broad Church, they’re activists  are all about excluding those who don’t agree with their woke middle class pretensions. Unfortunately, ‘You’re wrong and I’m different’ isn’t much of a recruitment tool. Seeing as they have gone backwards 3 elections in a  row, 2020 could be the end of them if they are cannibalised by TOP.

The real interesting bit of the poll however is in the preferred Prime Minister numbers, and it’s all bad for Simon Bridges…

Jacinda – 39%

Bridges – 7%

Judith Collins – 6%

…with JLR set to detonate his last nuclear bomb in the Parliamentary debating chamber under the protection of Parliamentary privilege, Bridges will be so mutilated and destroyed the Party in blind panic will turn to Judith to save them.

And that’s when darkness will really threatens the Land of the Long White Cloud.

If the Queen of Dirty Politics becomes leader of the National Party, God better defend NZ, because sweet bugger all else will.


  1. I wouldn’t be quite so pessimistic. The Greens and Labour together poll 48% – still above the Nats. Nor should NZF panic. Polls are alwats bad for minor parties between elections.

    The curious thing I find disturbing is that the Nats still rate highly. That, I don’t get. Unless it’s to do with property values remaining high?

    • Sure all 120 parliamentarians are good politicians but they’re not debating each other. All the good debaters are not debating each other like Jacinda has some good arguments but she doesn’t really go at it by tooth and by claw with any one who’s rating.

      I’m not saying we’ve got low political participation rates I’m saying the party leaders, particularly Shaw and Marama need to go at it on screen against a contender that can make them uncomfortable. I don’t know when the last time I saw Shaw but he looked tired and the interviewer is like a tubby little dude and it just doesn’t look good, yknow?

      That’s what’s wrong with politics and that’s why politics is in the doldrums now adays because you know who’s going to top the corporate polling before the polls are released. And that’s the pollsters are not evenly matched with a full list of parties.

      And if politicians don’t believe in debating with characters that they believe will push them, then that shows that they don’t have confidence in there own ability. Should be more like Winston trying to embarras all these soft pudgy looking journos.

      That’s what polls look like now, it looks like National are going to win before the election results are in. It looks like National are going to win all the time and that’s not what politics is all about.

      Politics is about being pushed and challenged, by challenging yourself. The left can talk about any of its party leaders. Helen Clark got her ass kicked fighting for party leadership and for the 9th floor and she won. Then she stopped debating and lost. John key beat her ass and he came in. These people don’t take the 9th floor by osmosis. They fought for it. Jacinda fights for it.

      Look. Mohammed Ali is the greatest fighter that ever fought and he lost. No one is ever going to say that Ali isn’t the greatest fighter ever because he lost.

      So being shy and reserved, staying out of the public eye doesn’t mean shit if you don’t put yourself to the test.

    • The main reason I wouldn’t panic is that neither TV One News nor the NZ Herald, who headlined this poll as a “surge”, told you the public that a whopping 10% were “undecided”. Make of it what you will but that is a large % not often seen and no doubt generated by an immigration issue left unresolved by the previous govt but used to their short term advantage.

    • Well you have limited intelligence then, if you don’t get that people are sick and tired of the medicore job Labour and NZ First are doing. Hence going back to National. While booting The Greens and NZ first out of the park

  2. In case you missed it, JLR has already confirmed he will not be back in the debating chamber until next year.

    • … and anyway he will release the Big Story the day after the other Big Bombshell Story is released, you know, the one about John Key.

  3. “…the horror take away is that despite all the madness inside National, New Zealanders still adore the National Party!”

    And precisely what has Labour done to provide a better alternative?

    Giving a serious criminal residency whilst in jail?
    Building affordable homes that the intended people can’t afford?
    Lollies for the students whilst nurses and teachers strike?
    Costing thousands of oil and gas workers their jobs whilst offering no alternative?
    Flushing $160k of seedlings down the toilet?

    Tell me, in what way is Labour any better than National?

      • “Flushing $160k of seedlings down the toilet?

        Tell me, in what way is Labour any better than National?”

        By not flushing $11.5 million into the toilet of a Saudi businessman to facilitate a fta with the Gulf states (which we still didn’t get).

        Howzat Jays??

  4. Also amazed that National still has so much support. How? Why? Labour really needs to get to the bottom of what makes anything about National more appealing than a fresh dog turd. I’m assuming(?) a lot are saying “petrol prices were lower under National” and “I didn’t need to get a babysitter for my school kids under National because of strikes”. National voters are all about instant gratification; e.g. what they think “tax cuts” gives them.

    • People really must be shit stupid if they think what matters is more petrol and diesel for their cars at low prices, and that they can hand their kids over to schools without having to cover them for a one day strike action (hardly a big drama).

      Fact is: We will eventually have to stop using fossil fuels for cars and other means of transport, better face up to it, and prepare for getting alternatives organised.

      Also: This strike action by teachers is hardly made of the stuff that strikes were once made of, e.g. such as general strikes. The teachers have so far indicated only taking very limited strike action. If parents cannot prepare to find alternative ways of having their kids looked after for one day of strike action, they must be pretty useless as parents, or lack connection to any family or other networks.

      But then again, Nat voters may not be the brightest anyway, or would they be?

  5. It’s the way 46% of electors roll. The main-stream-media is still very effective at brainwashing the public and distracting large portions with inanities like The Block NZ.

  6. Yeah but…?
    You can see how the natzo’s did it though? They allowed, or more likely encouraged, the banksters to artificially inflate house values then allowed/encouraged the owners to borrow against that false economy which is really debt burden, not income secured. The result of that is that the Natzo’s have a very focused voter base with no choice in the matter. I mean, razor-edge focused. The natzo voter was, in fact, conned into a trap the Natzo’s sprung and now they, the dear, greedy, unthinking little borrower, is fucked. ( Jonky/ANZ? )
    In other words, the ardent followers of the Natzo Nation are, in fact, trapped to follow where ever the Natzo’s lead them, Off a cliff, if so be it.
    An ugly and unfortunate analogy, and please forgive me for this, would be of the pre Kate Shepard woman who was freely abused by the brutish husband… But he did bring home the bacon for her and their children which, in a sense, is entrapment but none the less , makes her very focused on not pissing the brute off.
    In short. The people who must vote for national were trapped, into debt, by national so they must continue to vote or forfeit the V8 Curb Crusher 5000 and the private school tuition for little Ms Twinge Smarpnipples.
    Like rats to easy tucker in the trap aye @ CT? x

    • See how house values can plummet. Or that houses can become liabilities rather than assets overnight in this increasingly chaotic world. And see how ineffective central government is, and how city/district councils are in the driving seat but actually don’t know what they are doing most of the time.

      ‘Eight months since a violent storm flooded the homes of residents in Piha, west Auckland, they’re still waiting for the Auckland Council to tell them whether they can return, or if their homes are condemned.
      Some are still paying rates and mortgages for homes that aren’t liveable while living in rentals elsewhere…..

      …There are more than 100,000 homes in flood-prone areas across Auckland. The council said it’s working through the options with property owners.’

  7. Hmm… Wage Slave Labour Party continuing to grant voting rights to resident foreigners to the tune of tens of thousands of Natzi voters every year? Quelle surprise!

  8. Well there were enough who voted for John Key and David Seymour et al, keeping Nats in power for nine long years.

    Brainwashing and conditioning has sadly succeeded in the case of many who still support National and ACT.

    Check out NZ media, do you hear any reporting of substance on global climate change and the looming climate catastrophe? Nope, hardly any significant reporting on that main issue. Do we hear reports about the endangered species in NZ Inc, rather seldom, I note. Do we get reports on the volatility of global trade? Nope, only glossed up news from the government (Grant Robertson gets excited about growth figures and confidence), and the negative reporting in the MSM has also gone, replaced by better opinion surveys of consumers and business.

    Business as usual, also on the property market. Few renters will vote Nats, I suppose, so the ones who support the Nats must be those Kiwis still able to afford residential and investment properties.

    Checked the rubbish collection lately, NZ Inc is still decades behind other countries when it comes to recycling, waste minimisation and so forth. In Auckland the Council still tells people that batteries should go into the landfill destined bin.

    It is beyond belief, but that is the reality we have.

    The recent poll only shows how things are, and that people have not changed much either. The country is divided, between soft neoliberals and staunch neoliberals and supporters.

  9. Don’t sweat the small stuff Martyn, we are far beyond politics now.
    We really are living in the end times.
    The witches brew of fractionized society and climate chaos has no political antidote.
    You Tube Canadian Prepper’s latest offering “mankind’s last great war is coming” .

  10. If this poll is to be believed, 46% of Kiwis support Natz, along with the corruption, lies, dirt, filth and cesspit activities it indulges in, then that’s scary. Really scary, particularly as Natz has been caught out considering selling list seats to foreign nationals!

    Another thing is how is it possible for Bridges to rate so low as preferred PM at the same time the party he leads has supposedly bounced ahead of Labour?

    Something isn’t ringing true here.

  11. If I was a National supporter I wouldn’t be too worried about Bridges polling, because Helen Clark was getting the same result immediately before becoming prime minister for about ten years.

    Remember: In NZ we don’t vote new governments in, we vote old ones out.

    My guess is that a big poll shock for Labour will be when Cullen’s plans to tax the middle class to death are presented to the voting public. He is way out of step with the 21st century reality of aspirational middle NZ. His statements to the press give the impression that he thinks he’s still the minister of finance. if I was Grant Robertson I’d keep him at arms length and make some statements to calm people down.

    • If the TWG refuse to even consider a financial transaction tax/robin hood tax on money-shifting transactions that benefit nobody except the players, but can destroy whole countries – Greece – then government’ll never be transformational.

  12. That 46% represents the New Zealanders that work and are sick and tired of paying taxes to support all the bludgers that like the Daily Blog.

    • 46% is not enough Stephen you need 50% and you wont get it cause more people are sick and tired of those who think they know best wankers and bullies in the tory party

    • Your enlightened post has made me reassess my morals,ethics, and political beliefs. You have convinced me with your intelligent argument that voting for National is the only way forward for me. I will now be reborn as a right wing troll… as soon as i smash a brick into my skull a couple of hundred times in an attempt to lower my IQ enough so we can have a discourse as equals.

    • They present the New Zealanders who are happy to have cheap immigrant labour come in to pick the export crops, milk the dairy cows, serve in rest homes and hospitals, fill their bags at the supermarket, and who work on call for minimal wages in the backs of fast food and other restaurants.

      New Zealand has over the last decades seen a certain level of GENTRIFICATION, you can see it in many suburbs in Auckland, where the wannabe better off compete with each other by showing off their latest imported SUV, their newly painted, artificially over valued ‘home’, their newly added ‘investment property’, generating high rental income from the working poor who live in cramped and crappy conditions, while having too little to put in the fridge due to exorbitant rent charges.

      This country is becoming like Latin America, where you have a self entitled ‘middle class’ wanting to live up to North American and Western European living standards, and where the growing underclass, some imported, are only there to serve them and their sense of entitlement.

      New Zealand is starkly divided, and this government has its hands tied, as a three headed coalition and support arrangement, they cannot agree on anything radical to really change much.

      It is coming as I feared, it will be a one term government, and Nats will come and rule with Orwellian fashion for two to three terms from 2020. Put on a warm jacket, get your emergency kits ready, it will be a nasty future for this country.

  13. It is one poll they will need a lot more than that to win the next election
    we all know national in power equals more inequalities more homeless, more foreigners allowed to come here to help keep our wages low, more of the same old shit and remember they said we had no housing crisis, they sold some of our assets despite knowing we didn’t want this, they wasted millions on flags, Saudi sheep deals and they destroyed our public sector (ACC, HNZ, MSD) at a time when the most vulnerable people in our communities needed it the most.
    And why would you sell homes when we don’t have enough. And why would you undermine teacher, nurses and other public servants this equates to strikes. We must make sure this nasty power hungry spiteful party never get back in they damage our country and our people too much.

  14. This has everything to do with broken promises and nothing to do with a dark soul of the Kiwi voter. The CDU in Germany isn’t having a good time of it and why? Because they did not listen to voters concerns regarding a raft of issues including immigration. France is having the same problem with Macron being egged and people cheering protesters in the street.

    I dislike National intensely but that said they have been open about their policy whilst Labour have oscillated between being vague to outright lying. The TPP is a classic case in question as are the so called Cannibis reforms.

    I’m a left voter but the reasons I vote left are not self interest (I’m personally better off under National). Its altruism, the belief I’m helping other people because I feel we have an obligation to one another. If Labour starts acting like National and lets be honest they have mostly continued down the neo liberal path then why would I or anyone else vote for them.

    Suffice to say the failing is theirs, not the average Kiwi who just wants a fair deal for all.

    • That’s it in a nutshell, couldn’t agree more. In the 30 years I have been living in NZ, I have seen over and over again this insistence to copy failed practice from elsewhere hoping for a different outcome and this includes politics. When will we turn the fact that we are developing at a slower pace than other other parts of the world to our advantage?

    • I voted Labour ever since I was able to right up till and including 1984 I have never voted Labour since, and I don’t see any reason to change. I am a left wing supporter not a national lite.

      • It’s likely the Not National Lite Labour would attract about 19% of the vote but their integrity would be intact. As intact as their permanent place in the House.

      • And I could never vote National. Theirs corruption holds no bounds. Their petulance, arrogance and bully boy tactics cross over into their policies to create a massive divide in N.Z’s populace. National are the “bludgers” of N.Z society. We need to keep them as far away as possibly from the purse strings for many many years to come.

  15. Agree with the perception of the Greens. They keep making a lot of mistakes. I feel so annoyed still about signing off that water sell off and then not even apologising about it or making urgent measures to rectify the OIA and the RMA.

    Agree 100% with…

    “The other major problem for the Green brand are their woke online activists. Nothing turns other voters off like the smug self righteous glitter beard top knot militant vegan electric bike riding 4th wave feminist Trans rights above all else Green supporters, they are a daily advert for exclusion. The Greens are now Pure Temple over Broad Church, they’re activists are all about excluding those who don’t agree with their woke middle class pretensions. Unfortunately, ‘You’re wrong and I’m different’ isn’t much of a recruitment tool. Seeing as they have gone backwards 3 elections in a row.”

    I actually was wondering if the more vocal ones who talk about their Green relationships and meetings are actually working for the other side, especially with all he revelations from dirty politics and Cambridge Analytica. If they are infiltrating low level animal right activists in relationships, then imagine what is going on for the bigger stakes like politics with befriending the Green Party!

    How can Greens be so out of touch is the big question? Are they being manipulated or even the way the party list had so many newbies who ranked so high, and now turning people off when they seem to be more about themselves, their online bullying and issues and their career paths than the Green party and changing the worst laws faster to benefit Green policy and looking longer term more holistic solutions.

    One plus for Greens is that they are banning the bag and got country of origin food labelling through but again more market driven type solutions than actually making the polluter’s pay or helping local produce which is not even owned by NZ companies anymore anyway so could just be reproducing bad food practices from overseas like intensive farming, but with the NZ food label sticker.

    • ex Greenies should vote ‘Fish and Game’ which supports NZF

      …Fish and Game are the real NZ environmentalists and the most articulate about the issues that really matter

      …so vote NZF which listens to them

    • Greens – act like there is actually only one overriding issue that matters.
      Food labeling – nice to have. Preservation of human race – essential.
      Indeed, reconstruct their caucus to show their focus with assigned responsibilities as follows:
      Shaw – climate change leader, programme coordinator, low-emissions agriculture
      Davidson – social impacts of climate change
      Genter – low-emission transport
      Sage – managing the environment/conservation under climate change threats
      Hughes – smart use of technology to reduce emissions
      Logie – prevention/management of civil abuse unrest and violence from climate change
      Swarbrick – youth activated to push climate change reform, local government acting to mitigate/adapt to climate change
      Ghahraman – foreign affairs and immigration issues/pressures as climate change bites

  16. You need not concern yourself about the Colonial Parliament any more, as I have just received word that The Emperor has dissolved that Council, permanently, due to the lapsing of the consent of the governed regarding the democratic system, which now languishes at an estimated true value of <30%.

    Accordingly, the regional Police Commands will now assume direct control of their territories under the supervision of The Emperor's appointed Governors. The Emperor further decrees that;

    – Landlording is now banned permanently
    – Housing will be requisitioned on an as needs basis
    – Lending at interest is banned, to be replaced by lender's fees
    – Banks will be seized and renationalized
    – Farmlands will be requisitioned for agri-pastoral hamlets
    – Fisheries will be rerationalized, nationalized, and protected by Navy
    – All troops wrongfully deployed overseas will be immediately recalled
    – All rivers will be restored to the level of drinkability
    – Aerial poisoning will be replaced with non toxic integrated ecology
    – Combustion engines are henceforth banned
    – The electricity industry will be nationalized and prices capped

    Inevitably many will fault the hand upon the sword that felled, but the Emperor merely fulfills the duty of His office. To further fear Him is redundant. To hate Him, heretical. Those more sensible will place responsibility with those who have forced His hand. With some fortune they may foster this hatred into purpose and further rule their own fates by coming to His service.

    Love the Emperor for he will lead you into the light of the future.
    Honor His servants for they speak in His voice.
    Tremble before His majesty for we all walk in His immortal shadow.

    • Empires do not use negotiations, they use force. Surrounding your emperor with loyalists will yield your empire with certain successes. All that planing is now a layer of force separating the emperor from his people. There’s no parliament to maintain order among the people. Your greatest weapon is gone, production halts over night and you have besieged your own emperor. Thanks to you, you will have delivered to the next generation a clean slate.

      The arrogance of empires court disaster.

    • “Honor His servants for they speak in His voice”

      We’ve had this problem before.

      They speak in THEIR voice. Always have. Always will.

      Anyone who believes otherwise is probably ‘waiting for miracles.’

      And if this Emperor needs people to tremble – he needs a good shaking. First cast out fear.

      Combustion engines are henceforth banned. And? A return to the mistreatment of draught animals and tonnes of ordure in the streets? The casting aside of the elderly, the disabled, those who live outside of cities and can’t afford over-priced, inaccessible and highly inconvenient public transport? Paying over the top for imports? Huge volumes of discarded vehicles? Stressed electricity grid because the Emperor’s little helpers can see good dosh to be made if they can step in when people are desperate?

      The Emperor is a clown, dear sir, and needs to upgrade his ideas big time, big hurry.

  17. As usual, the MSM make a big song and dance over something very insubstantial.
    You know, it was interesting when I discussed this latest poll with my workmates – the majority of whom have political right sympathies.
    None of them were particularly excited, they generally reckoned it showed indifference to politics more than anything else and that probably most people contacted were more interested in planning their Christmas break.
    In other words….yawn!
    That’s what I think we should regard this poll as…. a big yawn.
    The MSM desperately trying to come with an exciting story because Donald Trump hasn’t said anything outrageous for a couple of days.
    Have to try a bit harder, chumps!

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