The countdown till December 13th begins – will Simon Bridges still be Leader on the 14th?


And we have a date ladies and gentlemen…

…count down until 13th December begins – will Simon Bridges still be leader on the 14th of December?

This is the worst outcome for National, all that will consume the media between now and the 13th of December is what JLR will say in Parliament under Parliamentary Privilege.

National will be scrambling to put out the feelers  to work out how far JLR will go, but after their hand in the anonymous MeToo smears and sectioning him, you would think there was no way those napalmed bridges could ever be rebuilt.

That puts the acid on Bridges and if he’s going to be spilled, the hit will come just after Parliament stands down and allows for a move against him over the holidays.

Judith Collins will be waiting in the wings.

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    • It sure will be interesting what JLR has to say. Even more entertaining, will be watching Natz MPs’ reactions. They will no doubt be as uncomfortable as hell.

      As an Independent MP of the smallest party in Parliament, JLR will speak last and will be allocated less time to do so. However, he probably knows this. So it could be a quick shoot from the hip speech, to make the strike on Natz as potent as possible, in the time given.

      • Mary – Hopefully one of the govt mps will yield their speaking time to JLR to give him more time to speak. (Or is that an American senate thing?) He should have a few interesting revelations to share with us hopefully.

        • Never heard of it happening in NZ politics before MJOLNIR. Well not as far as I can remember that is. But who knows? First time for everything I guess.

          Like you, I’d like to see it happen on the day. Or perhaps JLR might leave it until Parliament resumes in the new year. That would definitely give Natz MPs something to stew about while on holiday!

      • I just hope that J-L Ross has good body guards keeping an eye on his safety. I have a feeling there are some rather sick or should that be slick National MP’s not looking forward to 13th December.

        I also hope that J-L focusses on the corruption tactics being practiced by the National MP’s – the sexual exploits of MP’s is a boring topic of no interest to NZ’ers, just another diversion – we need to know just how corrupt the National Party was operating whilst in government.


  1. More’s the pity if it distracts parliamentarians, public, and the shackled MSM, from the big issues facing the country and mother earth.

    Paula Lee Bennett may be honing her list of women impacted on by Jami
    Lee Ross. Paula Lee often wears strange shoes which cut her off at the ankles. I don’t know where she gets the time for idiosyncratic shoe searching, or whether Freud would see it symbolic of what she does to other people, or of what she’s doing to herself – I’m more Jungian really.

    Chaos Theory could impact upon Collins if she says or does dopey things just to get attention. She may not be able to help herself. She may sport more bizarre jackets seemingly designed by a desperate needle-man in a catatonic trance, triggering a rush on the $2 shop for eye shades.

    Mitchell, keeper of the dogs, seemingly says he’s going to Czechoslovakia to find out why the NZ govt is allowing one of its criminals to stay in NZ. Good thinking. Brilliant thinking. It could lead to an exodus of Nats all over the world earnestly attempting to understand NZ Govt decisions.

    Surely, somewhere in that assorted group of Christmas mix special,they can do better than this ? Not that it matters now that they are busy entrenching themselves as Opposition – and opposing the people is all that most – but not all – of them have ever wanted to do.

  2. they brought in crims too mainly chinese ones that paid them and their government million. William Yan aka Bill Liu later William Yang. Maybe the gnattys have forgotten their part in this saga. I’m sure if someone looks their will be others they have let in.

  3. “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

    ~ Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

    • dont be silly Obi would never have said that!

      “a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you will never find”

  4. Bridges is fighting for his political life. Only today was he calling for Lees Galloway’s resignation. How many is that now 8? You would think someone of Bridges nous would understand it’s his head on the chopping block, no one else!

    • Let’s be fair here. History shows that NZ has to be very careful about who we let in.

      Look what awful chain of events was triggered off when this kind little country allowed the Key family to settle here. And then this Johnny-come-lately had the gall to tell fourth and fifth generation NZ’ers, and the tangata whenua, that he wanted to change our flag.

      One can’t be too careful. Paula and Simon could do worse than draw up more lists, perhaps of persons who stuffed up the whole country.

  5. Doubt he’ll say anything. The guy (JLR) is scared stiff of being ‘waka jumped’. The reality has sunk in – he must keep his mouth shut in order to retain his taxpayer funded lifestyle!

    Money talks and that piece of slime has its’ snout firmly in the troth.

  6. You say a taxpayers lifestyle Zack yet he was voted in by the people of the Botany electorate so he (JLR) has a mandate to represent them who vote for the rotten party he was once a good friend and colleague but now he has put the party in danger he is an outsider and they will be trying to get rid of him so they can protect their taxpayer funded lifestyles and all the perks that go with it.

  7. I guess Bridges will then still be leader. Jami Lee Ross has more or less been silenced, since that compulsory referral for mental health assessment. It has worked, Jami is now less vocal and less aggressive, even intends to return to Parliament and cast his independent vote along with National, so he can stay there.

    In some ways the Jami Lee Ross saga, and how it got out of hand, has helped Bridges. Then again, this may be a blessing in disguise, because he is a leader with limited appeal and capabilities.

    So even this lacking government seems to have the next election win ensured now, due to Bridges and National’s internal strife, and tensions, their competition between potential leaders and lack of real alternatives.

    Only next year will show whether Nats will be more concerned about Bridges’ low ratings, or not.

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