UPDATE OF UPDATE – MARAMA STRIKES BACK: Sigh – the continued march towards political irrelevancy and transformation of the Greens into an alienating woke middle class identity politics vehicle continues at pace


That face you pull when you suddenly realise Julie Anne Genter was a way better choice as leader.

Sigh – the continued march towards political irrelevancy and transformation of the Greens into an alienating woke middle class identity politics vehicle continues at pace…

Green co-leader Marama Davidson tells people to ‘delete’ themselves in late-night Twitter tirade

Green co-leader Marama Davidson has called on the “bros” to “delete” themselves in a Twitter rant criticising the treatment of ethnic communities in New Zealand.

In late-night tirade, Ms Davidson said ethnic communities had been treated like “economic units” long before the release of secret phone recordings by former National MP Jami-Lee Ross highlighted an alleged cash-for-candidate system.

In her tweets, Ms Davidson said “white immigrants” had never been “slayed” by the same derogatory or dehumanising abuse as Asian citizens or people of colour.

“Under this long-standing false narrative, struggling and marginalised communities have been pit against each other,” Ms Davidson wrote, saying people shouldn’t be surprised by the revelations coming out of the National Party.

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Admitting she was “p*ssed”, Ms Davidson kept her most brutal comments for the political analysts she labelled as the “bros” that “cover up power abusers”.

“Get out. Delete yourselves,” she said.

…fresh from reclaiming the word ‘Cunt’, Marama has decided to go on a barely comprehensible twitter blizzard against white bros for patriarchy and interpersonal heteronormative power imbalances, or something.

If only Marama could put as much effort in remembering the costs of her policy announcements as she does sticking it to the white bros.

The Greens seem to think that lots of retweets and likes by the woke twitter echo chamber amounts to wide spread electoral support, unfortunately we’ve learned the reverse is true, anything the woke love is generally detested by the mainstream with as much intensity as your average feminism student towards Donald Trump.

The problem with alienating woke identity politics is that when you are barely staying above the 5% threshold, I’m not sure that’s the smartest tactic, but then again when it comes to strategy, the Greens have all the vision of a blind Cyclops.

They have gone backwards with a smaller and smaller vote every election over the last 9 years, and they still point blank refuse to take any responsibility for that.

I think a resurgent TOP, while not being able to cross the 5% threshold themselves, will cannibalise the non radical faction of the Greens and lead them to fall under 5% in the 2020 election.

While the climate burns, the Greens read a poem to their vegan electric bicycle and will predictably blame everyone else when that self mutilates them at the ballot box.

UPDATE: For suggesting that this kind of woke micro-aggression policing is probably a counter-productive message for a Party barely keeping over the 5% threshold, Marama Davidson has decided I too am a bro who also needs to delete my twitter account…

…Gholriz has chimed in by complaining I am Tone policing, which is funny because I think tone policing about tone policing is so micro-aggression policing it’s almost at an atomic level.

If the Green leadership honestly think this is what gets them re-elected in 2020 good luck to them. 


UPDATE OF UPDATE: One day Marama is calling for white bros to delete themselves, then she is crying for engagement…

…flakiness is not a great political value.


  1. Yeah, defending transnational capitalists just because they ain’t white… well, that just ain’t very “Left” at all… at all. It’s about class… pity the greens are almost entirely a bunch of chardonnay socialists these days… hardly surprising when all but a couple of them are members of the propertied elite. And defending foreign capitalists who vote for the Natzi Party… well, that’s just retarded.

  2. The right in the US have adopted a new meme that triggers the left-wing like I’ve never seen: “NPC”. It derives from video games, and is an acronym for “non-playable character”. The idea being, that NPCs in video games only have a set number of pre-programmed responses, regard. This fits the (dare I say it) majority of left-wing folks who indeed do respond to most conversations with contextual pre-set answers e.g. “racist”, “white male”, “misogynist”, “Russian bot”, “Nazi” etc, as well as constantly slapping hash tags such as #BadOrangeMan, #HillaryWon and #RESIST on just about everything.

    • I know right, can someone please Photoshop NPC meme faces onto the AM Show and The Project panelists – they are total NPCs!

      • The “woke” left are so amazingly triggered by this meme that Twitter just deleted 1,500 NPC troll accounts. Further I gather YouTube is actively demonetising videos promoting it. This meme is total gold, and no surprises the woke left are apparently so devoid of intelligence/insight they haven’t thought to unleash the very same meme onto the right yet despite how equally relevant it is (the right waffle on about “libtard” and “SJW” without arguments in the same manner).

        • The NPC meme goes so far beyond name-calling. What makes it so incredibly effective is that it exposes the inherent contradictions in the alt-left’s narrow identitarian world view – especially their penchant for cognitive dissonance, that ability to hold two mutually exclusive views simultaneously – which they do in many ways, the most obvious example being the alt-left’s virtue signalling about male harassment of women, whilst at the same time, fetishizing the importing of certain sects who are disproportionately committing such crimes across Europe (a statistically verified fact).

          It’s as if their ability to recognise such patterns of behaviour by groups is permanently switched off. This ability to literally turn off a portion of one’s cognitive apparatus is very automaton-like – hence the power of the NPC meme.

          If the NPC meme could (in sincerity!) be reversed on the right, I would love to read or see specific examples.

          I predict they won’t be funny.

          • NITRIUM;

            “The right in the US have adopted a new meme that triggers the left-wing like I’ve never seen: “NPC”.

            Why? Because it’s true and they know it.
            The power of these things are extraordinary.

            And what is occurring in America, especially leading up to mid-term elections, is extra extraordinary.

            Thousands of Conservative, Christian and Alt-media websites are/have being purged from the net for the
            flimsiest of reasons, now many getting no reason at all.

            Notice has been given that all “NPC’s will be taken down / censored.!!

            Bloody hilarious. Sign of desperate people.

            To explain and expand.

            “Why The NPC Meme FREAKS OUT The Left”

            “Did You Know That The NPC Meme Is 80 Years Old?”

            “Tech Giants Engage In Coordinated Cyberbullying To Silence American Speech”

            “The Secrets Of The NPC Meme”

            A bit of comedy for a change.


  3. Marama Davidson seems to be self-destructing. If she isn’t attacking left wing women on Twitter for asking valid questions about the BDMRR bill, she is attacking males based on the colour of their skin. I prefer our MPs to judge people by the content of their character not the colour of their skin.

  4. Side note. The house of Saud (Saudi royal family) bought a significant share in the Twitter. Probably not the best thing to be copying there style of thought policing. Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, they’re all becoming sanitised versions of the establishment. Just tactics bro.

  5. Interesting photo. Especially the look on Cloe’s face. It’s almost like ” Gawd! what the fuck is she going to say next!?
    And sure enough ……….

  6. In her tweets, Ms Davidson said “white immigrants” had never been “slayed” by the same derogatory or dehumanising abuse as Asian citizens or people of colour…

    Did she not listen to the tapes, the Pakeha MP was described as ‘fucking useless’ and being delisted because she couldn’t provide $100k in donations…

    Maybe she needs to look around Auckland and companies house and actually find out who owns the wealth in NZ these days… the super rich are much more likely to be migrants and is if fair, that Kiwis who were born here and are constantly subsidising and giving corporate welfare to their enterprises making them richer and richer, while co incidentally it comes out that some enterprising (sarcasm) company gives people in charge of assets free trips aka Mayors in charge of resource consents to China https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/southland/zhang-and-southland-mayor-could-discuss-belt-and-road and $100k donations is all it takes to be an MP these days….

    Even the fucking car parking firm Wilson’s (also supplying the security guards of Narau) are super rich based in Hong Kong… (link is from Oz, because in NZ our politicians and media are so woke left or far right, they don’t even bother to investigate foreign routs on Kiwis and who is profiting…)

    Wilson Parking’s tax numbers appear to defy economic reality

    Or Tegal who wants to stick out an entire town and Marae… also owned by Hong Kong firm…

    Silver Fern Farms now 50%… owned by China

    our water… now owned by foreigners (helped by the Greens who had a massive woke left moment when ticking that one through…

    Seriously, I think it is sabotage, Greens NEVER were such screw ups before the rise of dirty politics and are clearly being influenced into some fucked up non existent position that is manufactured by power interests aka woke lefties that I do not believe exist and in Cambridge Analytica style are creating individual realities for MP’s like Marama who spend way too much time on social media!!!! Get into the real world, Green Party, you are being manipulated, NZ is being sold off and the Greens are asleep at the wheel and worrying about their cunts again.

    They just found out that 9.5 million stolen identities made comments on the net neutrality regulations in the US. They ain’t real people out there in many cases on social media, while real people are now too frightened to submit to governments anyway with the rise in spying on ordinary people!


    Someone save the Green Party by telling them social media reality is as real as the tooth fairy as it the subjugation of the migrants in NZ is like the Santa that goes around all the good kids and gives them presents!!!

    Heres a test for the Greens, go around the soup kitchens and welfare agencies giving out food parcels, and then see what ethnic groups they are… my bet is they ain’t migrants… however a check on satellite families living in million dollar mansions while earning little to zero income and thus qualifying for welfare in NZ might be illuminating, likewise the rise of paying $30k for a fake job.

    It is not even clear who needs welfare anymore in NZ, such is the screw up that has been created by globalism.

    • I think this highlights the post no-nukes political consensus basically falling even further away after John Key tried desperately to hold onto the U.S foreign policy train wreck. And we’ve had a bit of a bounce in the kiwi dollar after a year or so of decline so there has been a vacuum in market moving headlines as the dollar has been moving around kind of ho hum. So this has all been very consensual this whole 37%-42% Labour vs 47%-45% National. So what I’m seeing is you could potentially get a squeeze the other way where Labour rallies and National dips as National experiment with horse trading list MPs.

      Something of interest is we had the Bavarian State Elections last week. To put that into context the two major mainstream parties in Germany and Bavaria the CFU and SPD got absolutely curb stomp in Bavaria, they got embarrassed and for the CFU it’s there worst result since the 50s. And again in a major European country we’ve basically seen voters moving away from the centres towards the extremes, as we saw with Trump and Brexit. Could we see similar moving away from the centre of the National Party towards the extremes? Well they may well try and create some fringe party further right of National to take with them into Election 2020. Will we see similar moves from Labour? Probably not while they’re locked into a coalition agreement.

      I’m not sure where the Greens fit in but what’s interesting is the Greens hasn’t been able to convert anything positive, the Tram deal is so underrated rate now, there’s so much money out there for renewables so lots of missed photo ops IMO. We are building more houses and employing more people, why that hasn’t been converted into positive outcomes for vulnerable people the Greens care so deeply about just pisses me off to be honest.

      But to be clear I think the fundamentals are certainly not great for The National Party and I think the Coalition Government need to get a grip on the political consensus falling away post no-nukes and really, really convert it into the “nuclear moment of our time.”

    • It is called ‘economies of scale’, mate.

      Only a handful NZers are mega-rich pricks (e.g. Hart et al).

      In larger economies you have more billionaires, speculators and willing ‘investors’, so a small nation like NZ Inc is small fry and easy pickings for them, no matter whether from China, US, some places in the Gulf or Europe.

      Not only in NZ do many people increasingly feel like being aliens in their own country.

  7. Calm down Martyn, it’s simply that they think the view from the other side of the House is going to be better than from where they are now.

    You know it’s not going to be better, it’s actually going to be fairly similar to what it is now. The main difference will be that while a most of the faces looking at them will be the same there’ll be huge smiles on those faces.

  8. Ahh. The siren screech of the mock-feminist harpies. Also mock-environmentalist and definitely anti-diversity.

    They could fly – if they weren’t so myopic.

    They have a following. Whether it’s large enough to get them over the threshold – who knows?
    Perhaps they could split from the party and find out.

    Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, the Greens are on the rise as being the better option to parties who do nothing more than paste labels on people they don’t like.

    Time for the Greens to reinvent. There’s just about enough time before the next election cycle kicks off. (With National in disarray few would notice…)

  9. I have a question.
    Who cares?
    A tiny little population of narcissists on a lonely few islands thousands of kilometres away from class and culture infighting and squabbling like lazy seagulls over the last of the ever present chips Bro.
    Based on the bigger picture, there’s one word that encapsulates our tedious little politics.
    That word is ‘boring’.
    From reading the above comments I think we all need to get out more.

    • I think the woke left movement is a fake reality and position from the right with very few legitimate supporters.

      This is how neoliberalism works..

      First privatise assets

      Then put up prices

      Then work out how to make more profits when people can’t afford to pay the prices and have other options like welfare instead of lower paid work.

      Keep drugs imports up to keep people disengaged and increase the brain drain, as who wants educated trouble makers! Anyone still there, spy on.

      To help profits and keep wages low, import in cheaper workers and decrease wages and conditions while simultaneously keeping the prices of consumer goods and services going higher and higher through increasing amounts of people competing or needing those services within the country. If they have stopped breeding, then migrate in more people, preferably cheap young ones without much education or life experience and with elderly parents who can destroy the welfare system. Make sure you give jobs and accolades in the interests of diversity to key people.

      Buy up media, to keep the myths going and control all messages and infiltrate everything from political groups to blogs with the same messages.

      Then create a fake reality to the centre left government that it was not neoliberalism that was the problem, it’s just that their workers and middle class complaining about low wages and rising prices are just racist and xenophobic. Globalism and trade is more important than individual people even if it loses thousands of local jobs, because we are all the same and you should worry as much about that billionaire property investor from China or that person paying for the job (so good you make the workers pay to work, brilliant!) as that local who was born there. We are all one people who should be treated the same. In fact white people from a democratic countries are the problem, its now time to learn the Eastern ways of government business..

      Centre left government starts to lose all their voters..as poor, working and middle Class voices are suppressed when they start to complain about the rout. But they are dismissed as being racist and xenophobic. They can apply for welfare what more can they ask for and compete against the new residents for Kiwibuild! A real well paid job, don’t be kidding!

      Alone comes a far right party, that ‘speaks’ to those people and then they partner with the right government, they get rid of the welfare system which the government can afford anymore because most people are too poor to pay taxes, the assets are sold, and the super rich don’t pay any taxes… even if you had a house, if your expenses for it. increase beyond the cost of wages, you will lose the house.

      Don’t forget to get rid of human rights – why do sanctions against Saudi when you might loose your arms sales! Of course pick the money! Who the fuck cares about some fucker, when the greater good is choosing the money!

      The far right and right is returned together, the left withers, the woke left parties die first as they never had any real support it was manufactured, and neoliberalism continues until the planet dies and even then that’s great, shortages of resources, more competition, more profits and power!

      Somewhere along the way, the reality went out the window, especially if you can be on Twitter 24/7 fighting a brave fight against racism and xenophobia that may not actually be a reality but more a manufactured one or created by deliberately impoverishing a nation.

      • Some one with more technical capacity rather than some one with cheap opinions that focuses on slogans with no analysis, no plan, no structure, just stuff about falling living standards while opposing every wage increases through lack of economic knowledge and falling living standards when Greens say we should be tougher at the top and lacks at the bottom. Increase unemployment by basically jeering the government and giving there enemies more bullets and more questions ect. Certainly on a policy bases there’s difference with some one like Bill English but at least when Bill spook he knew what he was saying, “at least he new what he was saying.” Bill English might come from a different stand point but at least he understood the texture of it all. But what’s this Green stuff now a days, it’s like Judge Judy at the Monday night delegates meeting of the Green Party with a suburban solicitor and a modicum of a human rights court room.

        And they’re talking like come on darling give us a go and there’s no strategy to get on with our foreign debt peonage. This is the sort of point that there’s no Green strategy to get on with our foreign debt. Not that the debt strategy is wrong or inadequate or that there’s another alternative posture that the greens would adopt but a bold disparaging strategy to get along better with the National Party and we are supposed to go oh, what a winning thing to do, “wow.” Yknow? So look, just understand this point.

        The problem with New Zealand’s debt to GDP ratio is $150 billion dollars large and exports over $4 billion of extracted wealth from New Zealand just for simple 1 cent cost of financial transactions, and I would question whether or not those fees are actually attached to a financial product. Public debt was taken from$10 billion to $60 now it’s coming back down. The debt stabilises at about 1% of core crown net debt and an underlying bases of 4% so we are running at a loss of 3% of the GDP every year before we even get started. We’ve changed the public sector by -10% one way then back the other way 10%. The savings balance has shifted by twice the Order of magnitude of the problem.

        The fact that the problems are not evident in the government budget is because it got taken up with private investment a la PPP’s and why? Because of the lack of knowledge now for the past 30 years. So the fundamentals remain at negative 3% since 1984. That’s point one about the strategy which isn’t in place.

        The second point is the profit share of the private sector. That is even with a slower economy real labour units are down and profit shares are up. We’ve got a huge shift in the savings imbalance despite the fact that the NZX is under repair and of course a 1% drop in core crown net debt is considered a step towards stabilization.

        So how can the Greens say that the coalition governments strategy is wrong or imply that The National Party needs a helping hand? I mean fuck the National Party, but oh no the Greens would like to define words in a dictionary about denying how fucking stupid it is to reason with hardened climate change deniers. You don’t reason with lunatics you medicate them ie ply them with profit. But if you say the Greens have a strategy I’ll listen but when they waffle on about the symptoms like they are doctors in economics il regard you them a fools which is of course basically that’s what we are left with.

        The Greens don’t say the changes to the budget was tough enough because they have no patsy questions. They say instead we decry falling living standards to the media. The Greens decry living standards while attacking every agreement with employers, “every agreement with employers.” And yet we are watching the executive salaries in the capitalist class not having 3% wage increase over 3 years but 30% or 100% increases over a year so there’s no agreements. They’ve never said a thing about them because they have to attack them yet they give patsy questions to National, coincidence? Why should micro economic changes be announced during budget statements, why? It’s that bloody doughnuts thing that’s why. In which way does micro economics bring down the fiscal statements on macro economics. In intellectual terms you could ask the greens and get political replies in other words the greens are making tested political points not an intellectual one because we know the Greens don’t really know.

        Of course we’ve had falling benefit payments and WINZ discipline plus debt peonage and taxation relief that The National Party says will save us all and instead of defending The Labour Parties macro reforms against The National party, the Green Party goes ahead and sacrifices it’s patsy questions because Social Justice demands it. I mean come on and give me a brake, this is that bloody doughnut economics again. Yknow the Greens have bitten the bullet when they talk about consumption tax while not even having a clue that that’s what they are even talking about instead disappearing down the rabbit hole of Social Justice in which they think they should build a new Green Party Base in basically whacking all the necessities of life with rising petrol prices, rising food costs and rents just so some debt peon can have survival rations. That’s doughnut economics if it would present a budget of negative 3% or greater negativity in the savings imbalance on core crown net debt.

        The fact of the matter is The National Party always believed that tax cuts and budget cuts would save us all and the adjustments that should have taken place from 1984 onwards where differed, delayed or denied because of the cold conservatism of Labour treasury wonks. And that fiscal hole HAS left our manufacturing in jeopardy and we watch business close in every city of the country. And we all knew at the time because we couldn’t explain it in the 80’s but we all knew it was bad and we only know now how bad it it really is when we attempt to rebuild the capital stock back up. Labour rebuilds the capital stock at 3% every year while in
        Power just to pay Roger Douglas’s penants and we can now get capital stock back to its critical mass. But it will take awhile to get that product from it and then you can whack consumption taxes on it. And when National does a capital stock clearance sale we can lower consumption taxes so Labour or the Greens can rebuild capital stock again. Just got to respond to what’s in front of you with the right strategy because feelings isn’t an argument because the products that shouldn’t come to New Zealand is being sucked up by domestic demand for example debt peonage shouldn’t be a thing but it is.

        So to compensate we have to be able to produce an exportable surplus and that’s why the coalition government continues with the fundamental strategy of venture capital to rebuild the stock and keep a surplus in place against cyclical influences and keep the tone of the budget responsibility rules and keep a tough monetary policy going into the 2020 election with a trade surplus and deductible interest rates for housing and a wages policy that is delivering a living wage through a wage policy of unprecedented demand. That’s the kind of strategy we’ve got in place.

        But would you think for a moment that strategy would stay in place if Labour was defeated. Do you think The Greens Party could hold this strategy together? I mean does anyone truly believe that in a growth economy the most anti growth party in New Zealand, The Green Party would hold any of this together? No they won’t because social justice means more to the greens than economic ability. Wages would blow out on them and the unions would fall out with the left and then when the hard numbers start coming out of the budget all the bravado about syphoning wages from the top to distribute at the bottom just disappears into the outlays and we will see a return to the fiscal cowards of the past.

        I mean Greem Memebrs may think that after finding a pet argument about Social Justice, petting the pet, saying everything’s going to be all right to the pet, talking to the pet in English, treating the pet as if it’s human is an adequate strategy, they may think that, just don’t think for a second The Greens can hold this place together with an anti growth agenda. Don’t believe for a second that all the discipline Labour and NZFirst has under stress, when Labour and NZFirst goes the discipline goes with them and the economic and social justice goes with them and all your left with is The National Parties pet cemetery.

  10. I agree that the woke-left is doing things that will alienate a lot of voters but you’d also have to say this article was pretty alienating to Marama Davidson.

    It’s really hard to find a debate at the moment where people don’t just end up pushing each other into more and more extreme positions. We all need to work out how to treat each other respectfully and debate that way but I don’t feel like anyone comes to these blogs to hear that.

    Problem is; if we can’t all learn to act with respect then Simon Lusk wins.

    • Really disappointing rant Malcolm. Shame you haven’t been able to hear the message which is that those of us who are ‘othered’ are sick of it. Thank you Aaron. And this thread certainly highlights the thinly disguised racism that sits amongst us and which Marama is drawing attention to. Was that the best way of doing it? Probably not. Is the message valid – yes. Those of us who are female, brown, different in some way struggle with the fact, ‘Kiwis are all all really nice people who care about others’ and yet think it’s ok to make snide racist comments about other people. This post is full of it. And when we talk of Asians how about we start distinguishing what the actual issues are. There’s racism on the ground towards people who look ‘Asian’ whatever that means. We need to address that, because it is not OK to beat someone up or insult them because they look different – especially noting that those young people are often NZ Kiwis – born and bred here and part of us. The other issue is the moneyed person buying up our country. Who are these people and how are they using the land and their property? Targetting Asians again doesn’t work as many of them aren’t Asian. And the third thing is what is the Chinese government doing and how far are they infiltrated into our government. Is that question a racist question or a geopolitical one? I think the latter. So I’m with Marama, if our press spent a bit more time unpicking the real issues rather than trying to sow the seeds of dissent and perception of incompetence, we’d have much stronger levels of debate in this country.

      • It’s probably not a gender or race thing SB but you should paragraph better.
        A good woke rant should be readable at least.

  11. What cunt! Oh well, off to oblivion the widdle Gweenies weenies go. I wonder if anyone told her in her polly training that, sometimes its better to keep your opinions to yourself unless youve got a good sense of who your audience is?

  12. Yea,she’s an embarrassment to the Greens. If Marama keeps making these dumb side show comments then the Greens will suffer. Reel her in or dump her.

  13. Meanwhile, Chloe Swarbrick takes it to the dunderheads. These twats pushing policies that won’t work – for what? Votes?

    Green MP Chloe Swarbrick noted that the Greens opposed a 2014 decision to revoke interim licences that allowed the sale of regulated psychoactive substances.

    “And what did we see?” she said during the second reading.

    “We have seen the proliferation of psychoactive substances and their harm increase as a result of a lack of regulation. The chemicals have got nastier and cheaper to produce and throw together.

    The bill offered nothing to reduce harm, she said.

    “No one here is saying that drugs are cool or fun; what we are saying is that they exist and we have to deal with that. We have to reduce harm, and if we want to do something, why do we not do something that works?”

    There was a heated exchange between Swarbrick and National MP Tim Macindoe after Swarbrick’s speech, when Macindoe asked her how many lives had to end.

    Swarbrick: “Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare.”

    Speaker: Order.

    Macindoe: “How many young people have to suffer—

    Swarbrick: “Before we do what works?”

    Speaker: Order. Order.

    Macindoe: “How many young people have to suffer the dreadful destruction—

    Swarbrick: You’re despicable.

    Speaker: Order!


  14. I think she only wants brown people to engage.
    The truth is that racism against whites is far more pernicious because it has become socially acceptable.
    Gender was able to disparage old white men without any serious problem.
    If one of the Nats disparaged young Maori women the world would have ended.

    • I notice though the woke lefties actually say nothing when real examples come up that don’t fit ‘their reality’ which is why I think most of it is manufactured…

      Aka Swamp house rental. Dominant discourse is that white Pakeha baby boomers are slum lords… and we are better to sell off the houses to foreign interests aka Asian landlords or corporates who will do a better job or sell them all up to first home buyers earning $180k+, (not sure whose renting the houses in the shortage or what happens to those who will never earn enough, but all wrath upon you, if you mention the practical).

      In Swamp house, Pakeha and Maori tenants under a landlord who appeared to be Asian of Indian decent, who ran his rentals through a company and had multiple rentals.

      Not a peep of indignation about the ethnicity of the landlord, woke lefties would go CRAZY if it had been a white slumlord baby boomer…

      I’m not saying one ethnic group is better or worse over the other, but my concern is that in EVERY “white man” situation the woke left try to make it about race, apart from situations that don’t fit their reality of race relations, in those cases it is not about race, in fact, you are racist for even mentioning race!

      Woke lefties have many normal lefties so well trained, they even had a whole load of Standard contributors apologising for being white the other day, like some sort of brainwashing … it’s crazy – isn’t racism supposed to be against mentioning race or gender (apart from positive race aka indigenous people get concessions)

      Identity politics has turned it all around… now people are just supposed to judge on race and gender alone. It’s the opposite of what race relations used to be, when mentioning race or gender or age, as good or bad is frowned upon.

      The Greens are the worst, because every five minutes one of them is blasting off against (normally Pakeha and white men in particular) and who do they think they are alienating… clearly judging by the polls where Greens have dropped significantly over the past few years, their voters!!! P.s. Many people are married or in relationships with white men, aka Asians, Maori and Pakeha women!

      Stop the woke lefties making everything about race, gender and age!

  15. Here’s the thing @ Marama Davidson.
    Sure, write stuff when you’re pissed. But DO NOT POST IT UNTIL YOU REVIEW IT THE FOLLOWING DAY. That’s the golden rule of drinking while writing.
    When the wine’s seeping insidiously into your brain stem after a difficult few days you’ll start to feel quite good. Is it worth it then when you’re forced to eat your words the following day as your toes curl and your arse hole creaks shut like a rusty dungeon door when you read what you wrote when you weren’t in your own mind?
    You have been warned by a middle aged white Bro btw.

  16. Once upon a time the only party I ever voted for. They seemed to have real drive and direction under Russel Norman’s leadership but now for this voter at least they seem like a ship without a rudder.

    Really need some new parties to take up the reigns.

  17. After the Green’s struggle to get to 5% and avoid oblivion, I found it hilarious that the Green Party membership elected Davidson as it’s co-leader. Regardless of what you think of her political views, by any standard she is an appalling politician. From not knowing how much her policies would cost (how can anyone take her seriously after that?) To raving on about the word “cunt”, it is clear that she has no strategic forethought or leadership ability.

    I will laugh with glee and celebrate with a glass of scotch when the Greens are ousted in 2020 because it will be the Green Party members own idiotic fault for not electing Genter over Davidson. Genter is smarter, hotter (yes that does matter – do your research on voting behaviour and attractiveness), and is generally far more considered in her thoughts and actions.

    • Well look at it this way. All up the coalition government got about 1.4 million votes which leaves about 1.1 million for every one else. Let’s assume the Greens do did below 5% and the coalition government loses the 150k odd votes. That’s still 150k votes National has to find from some where. Hmmmmmm.

      • Yes, the Green Party is essentially superfluous. Given their ineptitude, I would say that they are basically a joke party like the McGillicuddy Serious Party. The difference being that Greens take themselves seriously – which actually makes them more funny and hilarious to watch.

        Personally, I believe the Shaw and Genter should defect to TOP and leave the Green Party ship to sink. Shaw and Genter are wise beyond their political years and are well matched to TOP’s liberal conservatism.

        • If the Greens want national level influence then they need macro policy. Instead they are weighted by micro policy with desires for change on a national and international level…, Funny, haaaaa. Look, I’ll make another funny…, Shaw will never abandon the Greens, why on earth would he after what he’s been through?

          • Yes he is highly unlikely to leave the Greens. But just imagine if he did! It would be hilarious.

            But seriously, Marama Davidson as a politician is a joke and she’s holding the Greens back. Although she is popular within the Green Party membership, she is universally derided elsewhere. If the Greens don’t accept that she is a liability, then they are toast at the next election.

            • It could be that. Marama got a little bit over 50% of the potential vote to rise to the position of co-leader. It should actually Materia Turei right now. So you could swap any one of them and we’d still get roughly the same results. You just can’t reason with this sect of the Green Party, they will jihad for poverty even if it ailienstes the other half of the Greens.

  18. Yeah the Greens really care about migrants when they are not trying to destroy migrants rights activists. Lol.

  19. Encountered a women’s band in the UK a few years ago. the name was the best thing about it &would suit Marama: Cunning Stunts.

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