Sweet Jesus! Parents hide your children – it’s that one time of the year Mike Hosking is kinda right

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Labour have to find a solution here or their Deputy Police Commissioner will become a target around their necks.

Run you fools!

Farmers, bring your cattle in from the field.

Parents hide your children.


Folks, it’s that one time of the year Mike Hosking is kinda right…

Mike Hosking: Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha and the witch-hunt into his appointment
At first blush one can only conclude that Wally Haumaha is in some serious trouble, as regards his new job as Deputy Police Commissioner.

After all, why else are they investigating? What are they investigating?
What they’re investigating is whether the comments he made all those years ago around Louise Nicholas were part of the appointment process.

Because only one of a couple of things can be at play here.

One, they weren’t, so therefore the people in charge of filling the role are at fault for not passing on the appropriate material to Police Minister Stuart Nash before he signed it off.

Or two: they were and it got signed off anyway.

You can’t tell me the current commissioner didn’t know because he did, you could argue Stuart Nash should have known but didn’t.

Or – here’s where it gets a bit tricky – did everyone know, and decided that time had passed, remorse had been offered, and we all deserve a second chance?
And if it’s that, why have an investigation?

All this leads us back to the trouble Haumaha appears to be in – the Government is looking for an excuse to get rid of him.

The inference is someone, somewhere along the line should have run the highlighter through that particular part of his career. And at the very least, if not culling him early in the process, someone should have alerted the Commissioner and certainly the minister, who appears not to have been told.

But then we get to the bit the current Government – the very ones looking into all this – tend to favour on past indiscretions, and indiscretions a great deal larger than Haumaha’s.

Things like criminal activity, they favour rehabilitation. They favour second chances, they favour a new start.

Three strikes was gone remember? Andrew Little tells us punishment doesn’t work, rehab does.

Has Wally Haumaha not been rehabbed? It is claimed he’s admitted wrong, repented and gone on to do good work in a reformed and transformed police service of the 21st century.

Is that good enough for the people Wally arrests but not for Wally himself?

Remembering that although what Wally said was repugnant and wrong, it wasn’t actually a crime.

Even if you accept that the police should be above the rest of us in terms of standards, are we saying the sort of wrong Wally committed is irreparable?

Say it, and that haunts you forever, is that our rule?

And given we all make mistakes, and the best we can hope for is to repent, put it behind us, and in a productive and positive way move on.

How are the indiscretions measured? There are thousands of Haumaha-type incidents, is every one of those individuals damned forever? No promotion? No breaks? No opportunities?

The very premise of our system is we learn from our mistakes and wrongs and are given freedom to make amends.

If this investigation is a witch-hunt because they believe they’ve made a mistake that would make them, given their three strikes thinking, hypocrites.

…there is an odd tension at the heart of the progressive movement right now.

Old school class Lefties see crime as a symptom of the hegemonic inequalities within capitalist society which require rehabilitation not punitive punishment, but the new generation of identity politics activists see sexual harassment and abuse as fixtures of a patriarchal rape culture that must be punished, challenged and attacked without mercy.

The Sensible Sentencing victim grief harvesting is being replaced by the #MeToo movement where grievance and micro-aggression policing is subjective, personalised and communicated on social media networks fuelled on algorithms of outrage.

In the post #MeToo world of immediate zero tolerance condemnation, where accusation is the new evidential threshold and due process a dead concept, it doesn’t matter what Wally Haumaha has done in the 14 years since he said he supported his mates in the Louise Nicholas rape case, the woke social media megaphone of the present  is as unforgiving as Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution.

Fourth Wave Feminist Identity Politics activists have bypassed corporate media gatekeepers and have enormous power for the first time through online media platforms. Every movement in history who takes its first gasp of power overcompensate for the centuries of voicelessness and injustice and once having tasted that power, they refuse to ever be silent again.

Labour have to find a solution here or their Deputy Police Commissioner will become a target around their necks.

What should Labour have done? They should have been aware of his comments and they should have gone to Louise Nicholas on bended knee to ask if she would support Wally’s appointment.

That’s what Labour SHOULD have done.

They didn’t and that’s why they are in this mess now.

So what should Labour do now? They should be sending a group of representatives to Nicholas to beg her forgiveness and ask to meet with Wally and allow him to convince her he has changed. If he can do that, then, and only then, Nicholas can give her public agreement of his appointment.

If they can’t get her agreement, they have two choices.

1 – Replace him because it will be untenable for him to hold trust and respect.

2 – Decide to tough it out and retain him.

The first solution is the only durable one. The second solution will only attract never ending social media condemnation which will eventually rot away at everything and everyone around Haumaha.

The current holding pattern of Winston making inquires as to who knew what about Wally is to see how much of a backlash there will be. If the backlash is huge, Wally is gone, if the backlash is minimal they will try and keep him.

Beyond the politics of this and how the new Government must tread is a far wider cultural debate. How do men who have in the past behaved inappropriately make atonement? How do we as individuals find the language to discuss the frayed ends of our pain and abuse? Dave Chapelle in his most recent Netflix stand up set talked about how we needed a truth and reconciliation moment between men and women to find common cause for the victims pain and the abusers repentance.

We are currently very far away from any such moment.

The Minister of Police, Stuart Nash, is in for some long nights ahead.


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  1. cleangreen says:


    Sadly the PC brigade are on the warpath now it appears, and all the more we need a independant non commercial TV channel like we had with TVNZ 7 and we may avoid all these slipups in public media that is heavily baised against the Government now.

    Wally is a liabillity I am afraid, as the portrait from the baised madia is now suggesting that Labour are all showing some sort of “footrot” as they are all making trouble by putting their own foot in their mouths.

    When making coments about womens affiairs now it does seem that these MP’s need to be cautious 100% now, as the Feminine brigade come looking to score political points.

    Labour are being criticised by the media already looking sloppy at making errors in public coments now.

    It may be wise to get a functional ‘Minister of Broadcasting’ to intervene now as she/he being a repesentative of women/men can now in in a position to step in and be responsible for Government policy and for beginning the new “Commercial free public investigative Jounalism platform promed us last September 2017.


    This would give us un-biased coverage of these MP’s and critics of their words used now firstly before using them in the public media perhaps?

  2. XRAY says:

    Let’s make this sours ear a silk purse.

    Do away with the position altogether, that and the deep layers of rank that make up the police hierarchy because as management models go, it is well out of date and a substantial waste of resources and money. A confused bunch of ambition pointlessly reinventing the wheel to get to that next level.

    If Wally and most of his executive colleagues were beamed up by aliens tomorrow none of us would be any the wiser 5 years from now!

  3. Cemetery Jones says:

    Option 3: recognize that nobody outside the hermetic world of far left twitter is actually talking about this, and act accordingly

  4. G.A.P. says:

    Listening to Louise on radio,if i understood correctly, she has been approached recently with information from various sources that Wally’s attitude has not changed dramatically over the years, hence her opposition.

  5. Pete says:

    Any person who has ever done anything wrong, ‘made a mistake’, clearly has to live with the consequences. There might be things like rehabilitation, moving on, or growing from life’s experiences, but once something has been said or done, that’s it, a label has to be worn or a weight carried around your neck until you die.

    In the world some live in, Wally Haumaha shouldn’t just be unappointed, he should be sacked immediately.

  6. Pete says:

    Of course the irony is that someone like Hosking gets to comment.

    How does the toxicity he brings to our society, the views that are held up as worthy, which many apparently find desirable, compare to whatever toxicity some see in Haumaha?
    Granted, through a Commissioner’s role Haumaha’s impact would be far reaching. On a daily basis, through all the media platforms Hosking is on, anywhere near as community impacting?

  7. Petra says:

    I only have one question: is our pool of promotion-worthy talent really that small?

    • Sam Sam says:

      Let’s remove our collective Steven Joyce / Shiller English hats and out on our Grant Robertson hat, to wit: treasury has no intrinsic value.

      I here that question often, first define the treasury: a bank that can produce its own money through taxation or borrowing with its own protocols and transmission networks. So treasury bounds with a little IOU is often used to manipulate the price of the New Zealand dollar. IRD with an uppercase I transmits through the network it’s protocols on what is or is not kosher, of which only the currency can travel.

      So, let’s assume treasury is a car like a Kia that starts at $20,000 at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year it’s selling for $1.2 million dollars, compared to a Mercedes that was $130,000 at the begging of the year and remains $130,000 at the end of the year. So if everybody, the shillers, the cons look at treasury as a bubble. Of course treasury is a bubble because look how much the balance sheet has increased. I would agree with if we where looking at it from the perspective of a car but, that $20k Kia with over inflated assets also comes with its own roads. These roads have almost no tolls, no bridges. You can go any where in a city, the regions, the nation, you can even go over the seas in this car or if your lucky to low earth orbit or to the bottom of the Hikurangi Trench. You can go anywhere with Internet, road, sea lanes, airbridge, space port or sea port, that makes a car that much more valuable. And that car is faster than all the computer AI cars.

      If you define treasury as having utility value then it’s almost impossible to say that treasury does not have utility value.

      So what is the value or ability to side step the monetary value of banks, the reserve bank and all the banks in the world. Well it’s significant so it can be easily said that the New Zealand’s Treasury department has infinitely more intrinsic value than practically any other currency / commodity that can be thought of.

      So answering the question of where the limits to growth and in this case particularly the boarders that talent can traverse is difficult to quantify because intrinsic value is difficult to quantify. So the intrinsic value is nothing because all value is subjective by the observer that observes something and assess that value from where they’re coming from. So the value exists in our observations and not in the object we are observing. So if one looks at non monetary values of the treasury one can see the intrinsic value placed on protocols, regulation and legislation. I would say if there is any intrinsic value I would say that treasury definitely fits that definition relative to anything else we have to choose from.

      Similar arguments can be made of interest rates. Warren Buffet famously said once if you gather all the gold and melt it into one block all you can really do is ogle over it and fondle it and it has zero intrinsic value what so ever. But again it also disregards the value of the network that gold creates because it’s used as a medium for exchange. The same argument can be made for smart phones. If you gather all the smart phones together all you can do is ogle and fondle it because just looking has no intrinsic to value but that says nothing about the intrinsic value of a network.

      That’s pretty much why people want to come to New Zealand because we have. New Zealand has the lowest tariffs in the world, if you work hard it’s still possible to to look after a family and be comfy in retirement. So reducing intermediaries and reducing the over reliance on banks.

      So a virtual happier guy on top of a treasuries legislative framework / networks sends the extreme conflicts of interest and extreme excesses of bonus compensation sort of long. So basically building a more efficient financial system. So step on toes, be objective and offensively honest.

  8. lloyd jordan says:

    its what happens when you make a known neoliberal hellbent on creating a NWO a minister of Police, current Labour is still riddled with these 5th columnists

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