So for 38 minutes the people of Hawaii knew what it felt like to live in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen & other places US + allies bomb


So the good people of Hawaii for 38 minutes knew what it felt like to live in  Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen & other places US + allies bomb.

Except for of course that the people we bomb in those countries don’t generally get a text alert that we are about to blow them up.

How this message got sent, what happened when the White House was informed, (was the White House informed or were they too frightened to tell Trump?) and could these systems be hacked to exploit and frighten  large populations are all questions to be answered, but our Western Privilege desperately needs to be challenged here. Images of terrified people running in Hawaii should be a reminder of all those who never get warnings when American bombs rain down.


  1. When I first heard this story I thought of the history of black flag incidents. Now this isn’t black flag because we know it was a US institution who committed it.

    But if your model of control of citizens is fear of invasion, fear of the other, then generating hysteria with events like this would fit right into that model

  2. The “fat finger” excuse, i.e. that someone “accidentally pushed the button” doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny. For starters, the text message was sent to everyone with a mobile phone – including the guy that pushed the button, as well as military personnel, who would instantly have realised the error and corrected it. That is not what happened. Indeed, a second message, this time on TV, was sent. Apparently something was posted on Facebook/Twitter, but given that the internet wasn’t working (probably due to overloading) no-one saw it. Needless to say, none of the media are asking the right questions.

  3. And where can you run anyway if a nuclear missile is coming your way anyway – typical first world conceit – there is a life saving solution for every situation

  4. Spot on there Martyn.

    Interestingly John Key was in his luxury Hawaiian holiday pad at the time, on the island of Maui.

    I wonder if during those 38 minutes of absolute terror, whether Key gave a fleeting thought to those victims in little Fatima’s Afghanistan village, when the NZ defence forces attacked them without the luxury of being informed prior to the raid(s)? An attack carried with his and his government’s Defence Minister Wayne Mapp’s blessing and support of course!

  5. After extensive reports from unnamed sources and reports from msm.cnn abc fox etc. i can not help but blame THE RUSSIANS!!! And WTF a post like this get’s three comments??? still i suppose thats better than two on the Israeli recruitment poster

  6. Looking forward to the first text alert of such kind for Auckland and New Zealand. Like with past tsunami warnings, many will come out of their homes and look up, trying to get the first and best view of ‘the event’.

    Welcome to the Land of Sleepy Hobbits, where everybody is so ‘happy’.

    And ‘The am show’ is back, wow, they are really ‘cool’ dudes on there, and their female colleague too.

    Infotainment is guaranteed, let there be ROCK(ETS)!

    • Hamas only have relatively little, poor quality Qassam rockets, that will hardly destroy much of a target. Only Israeli propaganda hypes that threat up as something ‘large’, which it has never been.

      You are just playing the devil’s advocate here, I guess.

    • Jim, or more like Palestinians who DON’T have an “Iron Dome” defence system?

      For a missile attack to work, it actually has to LAND on it’s intended target. So far, the Israelis have had nothing to fear. Palestinians in Gaza, on the other hand………

  7. If you rain hatred upon them then surely it will be their God that repays justice and vengeance to you. Mark my words.

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