Crazy shit the right wing are saying about the new Government


One of the most unexpected delights about Labour winning has been the guttural screams of rage by right wingers across the country crying out that National have been cheated, that MMP is rigged and the new Government is a corrupt socialist coup led by a feminist witch who is going to personally wreck the entire economy for shits and giggles.

The sheer scale of desperation being voiced reach its crescendo early this week when National Party MP Matt King posted on Facebook a conspiracy that the result amounted to a coup. 20 minutes after The Daily Blog posted on his comments, he took the post down.

Those on the Right claiming we are now a communist state don’t understand the words ‘communist’, ‘state’, ‘we’, ‘now’, ‘are’ or ‘a’.

Being lectured on MMP math by a Party who argued there was an $11billion hole in the budget that no one else could see would be funny if the motives to delegitimise the Government weren’t so malicious.

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When Patrick Gower of all people argues that the change vote has a mandate, you know how far off the spectrum the Right have become.



  1. I heard Debroah Coddington on RNZ taking about our ‘socialist government’. What on earth is that all about. She is an intelligent woman surely she knows what socialist means and this government ain’t it.

    • Deborah Coddington is an irrelevant, bitter old tart. Best to throw her in the rubbish bin of history with fellow ACT serial whinger Richard Prebble.

    • Deborah Coddington made the extraordinary claim on in the comments section of a Facebook page that New Zealand has never had a Neo-Liberal government.

  2. Slightly off topic but very much focused on right wing delusion is that English’s government has been reestablished in opposition and he is going to lead National into the 2020 election. Really???

    It’s as if the Captain has failed to realise that his ship is, in essence, sunk and having fully lost his mind, remains at the bridge, waist deep in water, still sending commands to his now dead engine room.

    It will be very interesting to see if the rest of Nationals silenced and seemingly unambitionless caucus think reviving the – well passed its used by date – Bill, Paula and Steven show is a go 3 years from now.

  3. Oh the conspiracy theorists, that’ll show who their real nut jobs are. One thing I’ve noticed is tory owned rags claims about the relationship between business and government. They should know it doesn’t follow that an active government is necessarily bad for business conditions. Quite the contrary.

  4. The fact that similar apoplexy occurred post-Brexit and Trump persuades me that it’s not so much a right (or left) wing thing but an “establishment” thing. That’s the common ground linking all three votes. People whose politics are strongly pro-establishment tend to be highly self-entitled. Entitlement and establishment are virtual synonyms.

    • Gower is never right exept with this political leaning. Gower is another sellout.

      “National have been cheated, that MMP is rigged and the new Government is a corrupt socialist coup led by a feminist witch who is going to personally wreck the entire economy for shits and giggles.”

      That is a bit strong for the right wing to say considering all the nine years they have been lying to us all.

    • What a howler!
      How could a person which such broadcasting experience make such a stupid mistake?
      I think I just answered my own question.

  5. “Its sort of legal”…weasel words to go along with whatever else their stooges at Herald etc can add, complete dipsticks.

    Pay the fine and shut up.

  6. Here’s another crazy piece of shit…

    “A very good piece of writing, by a bloke called Stephen Hickson, who teaches economics at Canterbury University. It’s worth a read.

    He explains and defends capitalism. And that’s important because the new Government is telling us capitalism hasn’t worked – and in that, they are wrong. And they were wrong before I read the Hickson piece, he just re-affirms how wrong they are.

    Capitalism has not failed, he says. It is, in fact, the opposite. Capitalism and markets have delivered unprecedented increases in living standards and quality of life across a whole range of aspects that we care about that no other system can match.

    Capitalism shouldn’t even be under this sort of attack.”

    I’ll give you one guess who wrote this shit… you guessed it Mike Hosking, the self proclaimed economist!. I can just see him now frothing at the mouth, telling others how very wrong they are. Just a reminder Mike, for what it’s worth, how does the Maori vote work again?

  7. Thank God for the internet. The Rightist bastards have nowhere private to lurk to fabricate their vile lies.

    • But better than all of that. People came out today to greet their new government.

      They feel hope empowerment and happiness. Missing for 9 long years.

      Herald had 1 photo? Stuff the same. RNZnews had about 20.

      Tamati Coffey has it videod on his Facebook. Great for folk who care but couldn’t be there.

  8. Not so smug when the boots on the other foot, now are they,….

    This is MMP.

    This is tomorrow calling.

    It is no longer 1973.

    And a word to the wise :

    New Zealanders take a dim view of poor losers. The National party lost in an MMP environment fairly and squarely. Its time for those nostalgic yearner’s for past autocratic methods to realize we don’t want that anymore. Its over . Dead. Gone. Finito.

    We wont tolerate your monopoly’s on our democracy.

    So shelve your spite , lick your wounds , grow up and take your medicine and take it on the chin. You were voted out , National : and a majority of people voted for change. And they got it.

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