Paul Henry’s dickhead privilege vs Max Key’s dickhead privilege isn’t news



Paul Henry has shot his mouth off in an interview while Max Key yells out ‘Real men ride women’ to a bunch of cyclists.



Let’s start with Paul Henry.

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Beyond the teenage giggling over ‘Titties’ and making a women feel uncomfortable in public, beyond the narcissistic self destruction and moaning about his privilege there seems to be a very sad and lonely bloke who can’t connect with others. I’m less shocked and angered as I am feeling pity for him to be honest.

Based on how much he was drinking, he was pretty sauced and someone has to ask hard questions within Newshub as to why he was allowed to do this in the first place. His minders shrugging off of any attempt to reign him in during the interview suggests someone was asleep at the wheel.

What should make us gag is his naked misogyny in a year when locker room talk has taken on some sort of testosterone fuelled sexual assault bragging club where the first rule is ‘I’m only kidding’.

Then there’s Max Key’s juvenile ‘real men ride women’ yelled out at passing cyclists. Is it honestly surprising that the son of a multi-millionaire has all the social awareness of a drunk frat boy at a strip club?

What pisses me off far more than what these clowns have said is that there is so much bloody media focus on them!

We have 41 000 homeless, 300 000 kids in poverty, a housing crisis about to burst, our Government are lying about SAS troops in a war zone, we have over 560 suicides a year, we have massive extensions to secret state powers, pay inequality, a minimum wage that is not a living wage, a Police force who are proactively spying on activists, 10 000 people in a racist private prison empire that is only gaining more power, state house privatisation, CYFs torturing young people, Health services falling apart, record migration scams, crime on the rise, inequality growing and a Government who have cut back so viciously on welfare they have created a $1.8billion tax bribe.

And yet we are eclipsing all that with Paul Henry and Max Key?

Rich dickhead privilege is not news!



  1. Martyn, why even bother to compile an article featuring dickheads when there are so many crucial aspects of society and the environment that are under incessant attack by ‘neocons’ in NZ and elsewhere? After all, we already know the ranting of the featured dickheads is irrelevant crap geared to keeping the masses distracted and entertained, and that is the very reason they are given such prominence by the MSM.

    ‘The true nature of western civilization is hard to grasp from within, says Professor John McMurtry, because we perceive it through media whose primary purpose is not to convey the truth, but conceal it. What is actually playing out is a global war of empire and capital against the Earth and her people, backed up by the omnipresent threat of overwhelming force.’

    ‘The first duty of the mass media is to conceal……..’

    • The concentrating [of powers] in the same hands is precisely the definition of despotic government. It will be no alleviation that these powers will be exercised by a plurality of hands, and not by a single one.
      Thomas Jefferson

  2. If all the “bloody media focus” on these two individuals “pisses” you off is it not ironic that you have seen fit to write an article about them?
    Just asking.

    • Experience hath shown, that even under the best form of government – those entrusted with power, have, in time and by slow operations, perverted it to tyranny.
      Thomas Jefferson

    • Cate and Patrick; I think a bloggers assessment and critiquing the so-called “news” is not the same as the “news” itself.

      For example, one of the main stories on TV3 “News” tonight ( 30 October) was a story of a cat-up-a-tree variation where a fireman happened to fall out of said tree after moggy resented the unannounced “rescue”.

      The “story” (if you can call it that) lasted several minutes and seemed to go on and on, with commentary by a firefighter and the cat’s owner…

      If you don’t like Martyn’s blogpost, why bother reading/commenting on it?

      Why? Because you’re critiquing it.

      • I saw a bit of that “news item” about a cat. I could not believe it, but then, after pinching myself, I realised once again, the “news” at 6 pm are mostly made for the more aged citizens that have settled for the rest of the day on their arm chairs or couches, to watch a bit of old fashioned telly.

        The retired mum and dad, the old lady in the rest home, they are the ones still mostly watching those news, so they need to be “entertained” and also presented the kind of “info” that makes them feel “proud” of their nation and own being here.

        Real news are found in other places now, on websites of mostly overseas based, more professional news makers and presenters, and also on alternative news sites. Those that settle for the TV version may be better served with BBC and Al Jazeera, some prefer RT and so.

        They at least make some effort to present stuff that at least has the appearance of “real news”. Forget TVNZ and TV3, they also tend to present the news from overseas as “news of the day”, while you can watch the same on above mentioned channels or websites the day before, as they do often report live and with breaking news.

        Breaking news in NZ are the car that crashes and kills someone, a firebrigade extinguishing a warehouse fire, or some firemen in Christchurch rescuing ducks or cats from the sewer.

        • Indeed, Mike. At first I thought it would be a 20 second “quickie” story, but then it just seemed to run on and on and on…

          No wonder I switched from TV3 News to TV1 after John Campbell’s show was axed.

          (Interesting point on that; I was chatting with a “swing” voter today; she’s a fairly “common” New Zealander with only minimal interest in politics.

          She told me two things;

          1. The axing of Campbell – who she loved watching on TV3 – was obviously a political “hatchet job”.

          2. She’s voted for John Key the last three times, but will be switching her vote next year. She said Key has become “arrogant and out of touch”; his blokiness was now tiresome; and she couldn’t stand the way he swept homelessness and poverty “under the carpet”.

          It was interesting listening to her to get some insight as to how ordinary, non-political NZers were feeling.

          If her perceptions are not isolated to her, it may explain why National is slumping in the polls.)

      • Frank,
        think you are a tad sensitive here and way below your usual standard.
        ” If you don’t like Martyn’s blogpost why bother reading/ commenting on it?”
        1. How would I know if I like it or not if I don’t read it?
        2. I found it ironic that he should make news about something he believes is non- news. Why critique it at all?
        3. Sounds like you think that you believe that only comments in agreement with the article should be posted.
        Saw the fireman story. It’s called human interest and surprise – lots of people go for that sort of news. So what! The world is made up of different people, most of whom don’t want only gloom and doom news.
        Yawn, what a boring world if we all have to think the same or shut up if we have a differing view – but that’s the far left I guess.

        • If anyone seems a tad sensitive, Patrick, your response to Frank oozes it.

          if you think this is a storm in a teacup, why devote your energy to it? Your kinda proving Martyn and Frank’s point, I think.

          As for Paul Henry, the man is a pig. In the US they make sexist pigs like him presidential candidates.

          Here in NZ, they put him on to.

          Which is worse?

  3. I agree

    But I think your intro has a typo – “real men ride bikes” should be “real men ride women” – (that’s if max key is shouting it – personally, I agree – real men do ride bikes

    • Tyranny seldom announces itself…In fact, a tyranny may exist without an individual tyrant. A whole government, even a democratically elected one, may be tyrannical.
      Joseph Sobran

  4. Donald Trump and some men don’t respect women.

    Real men have respect for women.

    Real men don’t touch up strippers.

    Real men don’t touch ponytails after several warnings.

    Real men don’t lasciviously comment on a woman’s mammary glands, or asked Dr Richardson if she had an affair with Richard Branson

    Real men don’t yell sexist comments at men wearing lycra out the windows of their cars.–what-does-he-know-about-real-men

    Real men aren’t dipshits like Paul Henry, John Key, Max Key, Donald Trump and some of the Chiefs rugby team.

    Real men have respect for women.

    • The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.
      Albert Camus

  5. This is where we are heading, back to the past, not the future. Look at Trump in the US, and how the up to forty percent of potential voters still support the man, no matter what insults, what sexist comments and worse he has been responsible for.

    There is a strong “f*** you” sentiment among a fair share of the populations in many so-called “developed” western nations, and possibly also outside these.

    People are in significant numbers going back to politically incorrect talk and behaviour, and some in the MSM think it is all just fun and acceptable humour.

    “Locker room banter” for some, “horsing around” for others, including our PM, so Max Key may have felt encouraged by the conduct of people around him, maybe even his dad, who gets away with so much.

    With this we are heading to have future dynasties, I fear, like they now have in the US, the Bushs, the Clintons and what else their names are, we will have the Keys and so forth.

    Riches and power corrupts, and while others face the stiff cold wind in their face, when they dare do something inappropriate as a poor sod, the privileged pricks can simply shrug it off, and carry on as usual.

    Paul Henry has been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long, it disappoints me that even Greens, Labour MPs and various VIPs calling themselves “liberal” have frequented his show and the useless “panels” he offers.

    So perhaps we should call them what they deserve to be called also, as they use inappropriate language, we may call them dickheads and what else comes to mind.

    But then again, we will lower our standards too, which they may simply exploit to turn it all up another notch, and to go further down the gutter language alley.

  6. It’s ironic that he made his comment while driving in a car – he didn’t get that, in his own opinion, he wasn’t a real man either.

    And he is 21 – he’s meant to be a grown-up. All these excuses about him being so young – it’s not like he’s 17 so that hormones and sexual insecurity can somewhat excuse it.

    • When you are raised or allowed to roam by rich and elite parents, no matter what political views, many youth like Max Key will take longer to mature, as they will be too protected from the normal social interaction and responses from others, in the form of “social behaviour correction”.

      That is why they easily lose touch with reality, develop arrogance and superiority complexes, and in their later lives they will become the typical sociopaths, as life is catching up with them, but they cannot accept it and treat all others as either servants or just crap.

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