NZ Health Minister denies snorting fake cocaine



I love everything about this story in the Guardian…

New Zealand health minister denies taking ‘fake cocaine’ at primary school event

School board apologises after Vegas-themed fundraiser at Northcote primary in Jonathan Coleman’s electorate had icing sugar and razors on trays as props

…poor old Jonathan Coleman, possibly the most boring Minister in history, lives such a dull and grey existence, I’m not sure cocaine would make life that much more interesting for him.

Real questions do need to be asked about why a school thought a gambling night complete with fake narcotics was an appropriate means of raising funds, but this is Northcote on the North Shore we are talking about, where Aucklander’s with no soul whatsoever jump between school fundraisers, driving 4×4 cars that never go off road and  sado-masochistic swinger clubs.

When Aliens invade earth, the UN will ask that Northcote gets bombed first.

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  1. Talking about drugs

    Key today claimed kiwis are all to drugged up to be employable and he carries this as his excuse to push more immigrants into NZ!!!!

    It’s a case of him causing the problem then using it to push for importing cheap labour, thus driving down employment and wages at the same time.

    Key must go pronto. he represents the king of Kiwi genocide, the traitorous animal.

  2. This tool does the standard Sergeant Schultz, “…I see NOTHING! I know NOTHING!”, despite it being as obvious as dogs balls apparently. Is there a single National minister who ever knows anything nowadays?

    And it probably was a keys in a bowl evening.

  3. I have just started following this blog as I felt would only be fair to try and get a balanced view on current affairs other than from middle and right blogs. The first thing I read is a regurgitated leading headline that implies a minister is trying to hide something when he was asked a ridiculous leading question at a social event. I’m hoping you are deeper than that.

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