The Daily Blog Open Mic – Tuesday 18th April 2017

By   /   April 18, 2017  /   5 Comments

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.



Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Once ..whatever says:

    Yet another case of stating the bleeding obvious, and yet another case for public service reform – both at central and local gubbamint level:
    Words of wisdom from Wilson esquire. Good that it’s an attempt to hold someone accountable but with this government, NOTHING seems to matter unless they feel threatened. It’s full steam ahead on ideological short-sightedness and fuck all else.
    Wake up Auckland! or you’ll continue to get the muppetry you probably deserve.
    Even that ‘light rail’ down Dominion Rd option is more short-termism, and forgets that Auckland Airport is not just Auckland but most of the North Island’s.
    But that’s OK I guess – the end result will be the Port of Tauranga winning for sea freight, and probably somewhere like Hamilton for airfreight – especially for time-dependent freight such as flowers and fruit destined for international markets.
    The same shit seems to be developing in Christchurch because there is this abhorrence of rail.
    And in amongst it all, there’s no recognition of contingencies for natural disasters.
    As things stand, the most sensible transport options seem to be coming from the Greens and NZ First (the latter Marsden Point and rail extensions to Taupo – and that’s aside from reinstating the Gisborne line). I’d have gone further (taking account of the tourist ships) – and that’d be Te Puke/Paegaroa to Rotorua/Ngongotaha linking with Winnie’s proposed Taupo extension (50 or 60 km ffs!, and do we need reminding this is the 21st Century?).
    But no no! must be roads and buses competing with (supposedly governed to 90kmph) trucks of all descriptions…..
    Then we have another muppet leading Kiwirail and quoting all sorts of consultants and reports that only serve to justify the lack of completing electrification of TMTK and elsewhere (and YES, I’m aware of the differences in electrical standards).

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    Correct Once ..whatever

    We need rail more than ever now since the roads always get closed when weather bombs come our way but often the rail service survives especially on the east coast Gisborne Napier area, but this dumb government are navel gazing again and pouring more of our money down the back of a broken roading system that is crumbling under the weight of the heavier longer trucks now and the trucks are shaking the hillsides causing more land slides so Government are brainless wasting our money and should re-instate our rail in every region now.

    More violent storms are coming and more roads damaged.


    Our own Met service is now warning the signs are real that they are measuring real climate change conditions.

    • Pat O'Dea says:

      A message to British Labour.

      Don’t fuck it up!

      Don’t let the neo-Blairites and Clinton wannabes wreck Labour’s chance of becoming the government. Mercilessly squash any attempt by Labour’s right wing to mount a coup against Corbyn.

      As Chris Trotter said of the right wing of the Labour Party here. “They would rather keep control of the losing side, than lose control of the winning side”

      Don’t let the world miss the opportunity to see a British counter to Trump.

  3. Kim dandy says:

    Nothing will change at the hands of this Nat government.
    Let’s be rid of them so we, as a country, can breathe again.