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Josie Butler
Josie Butler (Muaupoko) is a social justice activist, best known for famously throwing a dildo at Steven Joyce in protest of the signing of the TPP. She has been heavily involved in the anti-TPP campaign for 2 years, and has organised numerous protests and actions throughout Canterbury. Josie works as a Registered Nurse in the Mental Health Sector, and is a staunch advocate for patient rights. She has led numerous voluntary projects both nationally and abroad in the health sector, and h er latest project is a suicide prevention campaign aimed at schools. She is currently studying Maori and Indigenous studies at Canterbury University with an aim of establishing a mental health clinic run by clinicians who have all experienced mental illness, with an underlying foundation of the Maori model of health. In her spare time she enjoys photography, fishing, travel, and spending time with her dog Mister Bojangles.