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Here’s What You Should Do to Get Your Desired Domain Name

            Your business needs visibility to have an online presence. No matter if you own a startup or small business, you need a website and address to get identified online and know about your brand, product, or service. One of the essential components of marketing strategy is establishing a strong online presence, irrespective of the size of your business or the industry it relates to.   Most people search online for local businesses. If your business or retail store is in New Zealand, it should have an online presence to attract local markets and customers. With an attractive, functional, and secure website and NZ domain name, you can have potential customers identifying and visiting it. When more and more local customers search for your product or service, there is a high chance of finding your website. It will increase organic traffic and sales. 
A website with a distinctive domain looks professional and gains credibility in the market. Moreover, the distinguishing name increases the website's ranking and places it on the leading pages of search engines. A recent study revealed that 89 percent of Internet users used search engines to find information about a product or service. For instance, some prominent websites in NZ include ‘stuff.co.nz’, asb.co.nz’, and ‘trademe.co.nz’, which are popular among people in New Zealand.   If you are looking for the right domain for your NZ website, you need to do some research or find a reliable domain registrar in New Zealand to source ‘.nz’ versions of top-level domains (TLDs). Not all TLDs are easy to get. Nevertheless, you may choose country-specific TLDs like .nz, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, and .kiwi.nz depending on their price and availability.    To snag the most appropriate domain name for your startup at a cheap price, approach the best domain registrar in New Zealand who can not only search and register a domain but also renew, transfer, and back order it. However, it is not easy to get a perfect domain unless you follow a few steps like: 
   Find a short, simple, and memorable name for your website
Short and simple names catch your attention, for it is easy to pronounce and remember. For instance, you may have come across attractive domains like ‘google.com’, ‘amazon.com’, ‘stoppress.co.nz’, ‘stuff.co.nz’, and ‘office.com’. People remember them because they are simple, short, and easy to spell. You can choose a word of 5 or 6 letters, which is easy to type on the browser and memorize.    
Choose names that relate to your industry or brand
Some words are captivating that they remain in people’s minds for a long time. Famous brands like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google, and Toyota are short yet attractive names easily recognized anywhere. For your business or online store, have a name from a combination of keywords relevant to your industry or business. With it, your website looks reliable, professional, and trustworthy, which distinguishes you from competitors. 
Don’t use numbers and special characters 
When you type a website address with numbers and hyphens, there is a high chance of making mistakes. Though you can easily find domains with numbers and hyphens, avoid them for they may confuse the user when typing the address.
   Choose the right TLD
Other than the right domain name, choose a suitable top-level domain (TLD) too. With enough choices in generic TLDs, which include ‘.com’, ‘.online’, ‘.co’, ‘.store’, ‘.tech’, ‘.net’, and ‘.org’. Many business websites use the ‘.com’ domain extension with the intention to expand their business to other countries. As for a startup or an online store in NZ, you can choose any of the country-specific top-level domains (ccTLDs) like .com.nz, .nz, .net.nz, .co.nz, or .org.nz. 
Use the domain name search tool with the service provider
A New Zealand-based domain registrar can help you find the right domain name for free if you subscribe to one of their hosting plans. By using a domain search tool, it is easy to find the domain name availability.    The points explained are essential to consider when choosing a perfect NZ domain name for your startup.  

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