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5 classic ways to pair your wedding band with an engagement ring

There is far more precedence given to engagement rings as compared to wedding rings. Engagement rings are typically worn for a few months until you get married. But because so much goes into getting or creating an engagement ring, many women choose to wear it with their wedding rings as well. You can contrast the engagement ring with the wedding band or match it. There are multiple ways to pair the wedding ring and engagement ring. Here are some ideas. __________________________________________________________________________ Stacking __________________________________________________________________________ Stacked rings are in style this season and one can stack their rings to create a unique jewellery piece. Stacking involves wearing multiple rings together on the ring finger. You may have one or two rings with stones, one like an eternity band and another as a plain metal band. Usually, rings of different textures and settings are worn together to stack them up. This looks very fashionable and if you want to look for inspiration check out Ciara’s rings. __________________________________________________________________________ Wearing engagement ring in front of wedding band __________________________________________________________________________ In many countries, brides don’t give up their engagement rings. Instead, they wear it with their wedding rings. During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is on the right hand and once the wedding rings have been exchanged, the engagement ring will go back and sit above the wedding band on the left hand. This way, the brides can wear their rings together and not worry about keeping anything in storage. __________________________________________________________________________ Buy as a set __________________________________________________________________________ Couples can either invest in a bridal set or complementary sets. A bridal set is one where you buy the engagement and wedding ring as a set, at the same time. This way you ensure that they match. You can also look at complementary sets where you can choose rings from a collection so that they match. __________________________________________________________________________ Pairing with stone cuts __________________________________________________________________________ There are special stone cuts on rings and one can match each type of cut with the wedding ring.   __________________________________________________________________________ Pairing with solitaires – A classic solitaire ring worn on engagements can be matched in a versatile manner. You can pick plain wedding rings hatton garden or go with a pave band. Because of the solitaire’s design, you may want to choose a wedding band that is thinner in the center so the two rings sit flush together. __________________________________________________________________________ Pairing with a bezel set – The bezel style is a modern classic that looks best with a minimal wedding band. Choose a band that contours the engagement ring and sits flush. The wedding band can also have a bezel design. __________________________________________________________________________ Pairing with halo – Halo engagement rings are so feminine and delicate that they make their own statement. Because the ring is so sparkly and attractive, you could go for a simple wedding band. The band can also be plain or have a pave setting. __________________________________________________________________________ Mixing and matching __________________________________________________________________________ One doesn’t have to use a similar wedding band to go with the engagement ring. You can simply pick two rings that you like, whether they match or not and wear them. Mixing and matching metal colours and stones are a good idea. If the rings don’t stack then wear one each on each hand on the ring finger. For a cool collection of attractive rings do check out hatton garden engagement rings.

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