Paralympian Aine Kelly Costello

Paralympian Aine Kelly Costello – I’m a musician, a Paralympian and a lover of languages and of the potential of language itself. I care about working with the systems that currently exist to transforming them into systems that keep nature as happy as possible and which look after Earth’s current and future inhabitants, and also about taking advantage of how fortunate I am in Aotearoa. I’m part of a dedicated crew urging our University to remove its investments from the fossil fuel industry, I work with Transparency International NZ to encourage a culture of greater
proactive release of information, and I’m blind so have extra motivation to regularly remind other humans that they could do more to make everyone feel included. I also jam with my friends at Celtic music sessions, I may be found in parks or bars in auckland with francophones or hispanohablantes aprovechando the fact that Auckland
is cosmopolitan, and I nab the cheapist tickets to watch the New Zealand symphony Orchestra.