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About Samantha Anderson

Samantha AndersonAbout Samantha Anderson.

I am a 41 year old stay at home mum. I am married with two children and was born in the UK. I have lived here for 18 years and am a citizen.

I spent 3 years in the Royal Navy in the UK as an 18 to 21 year old, followed by several years at South Yorkshire Police as a civilian. I have been sole charge in retail for 5 years, worked in supermarkets and later been a self employed distributor.

My focus right now is trying to raise two happy and healthy children.

I love to read, I really enjoy watching cricket, and am currently passionate about getting involved to help with the growing social problems in this country especially poverty and youth suicide and the high rates we have here.

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  1. ZzDay says:

    I applied to a handful of MFA programs and a handful of English PhD programs, and I was really torn about what to do. It turned out that NYU offered me money I could live on and New York City, and none of the MFA programs had that combination.

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