About Julie Anne Genter

Julie Anne Genter - photo by stepsJulie Anne Genter is a member of the New Zealand Parliament and the Green Party’s spokesperson for transport, commerce and broadcasting, associate economics and associate climate change. 

Julie Anne might (politely) be described as a bit of a geek. She graduated with a BA from UC Berkeley with highest honours and distinction in general scholarship, and spent several years in France, where she received a scholarship to study political theory and economics at the prestigious Sciences Po Paris. Turning her attention to the more concrete problems of town and city planning, she came to New Zealand as a scholar at the University of Auckland, where she gained a Masters of Planning Practice with first class honours.

Before entering politics, Julie Anne worked as a transport consultant. Much of her professional experience centred around ground-breaking research in transport economics and urban design. She may seem a bit obsessed with parking policy, but only because she’s passionate about the new opportunity it offers to advocate for ecologically sustainable, fair, and thriving communities in a way that even the most hardened right-wing libertarian would have difficulty arguing against.

While regularly engaging in all modes of transport, bicycle is her preferred method of travel. She is the proud owner of a Trek 520, a Surly Long Haul Trucker, a classic Dawes Mixte, and a Brompton folding bicycle.

More info at www.julieanne.co.nz or you can follow her on twitter @julieannegenter.

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