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Jessie-HumeAbout Jessie Hume: Like the others Jessie Hume does a whole bunch of different stuff.

Her key areas of interest are feminism and animal rights but she engages on a broad spread of topics. She’s Koori, a parent, a student of the sciences, she has established an animal rights organisation and is a fan of direct action. She blogs about vegan food and participates in all kinds of street-level activism. Is it possible to be an entrepreneurial activist? She is probably something like that. The recent petition of 111,000 signatures she delivered to John Key’s office in a bid to ensure Parliament do their bit to stop rape may serve as a little decorative plumage, and she has more helpy-ideas underway.

Jessie enjoys listening to other people’s stories and is affected by values of service to the community and the importance of speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. Safe to say she’s somewhat radical, but fear not! She reckons all the best ideas once-radical are now seen as self-evident, and this is because many radical ideas are simply bold-but-reasonable.

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  1. Patricia Harris says:

    I have evidence and documents that I would LOVE to forward you! My own court case is still awaiting for the judgement to be released regarding this same psychiatrist Dr Jan Reeves. ACC is very dangerous!!

    Dear Jessie Hume,

    It is with great concern that I attach scu Branch Manager Jeanie Robinson response to the District Court Judge A J Smith hearing that labels an ACC assessor reports as “speculative, unproven, gratuitous and frankly insulting to the claimant” in light of the claimants gang rape. This concern also included a petition signed by seven claimants enclosed having been assessed by Dr Jan Reeves as being dismissed.

    You will note ACC refuse to engage in any matter the seven claimants have raised regarding the safety of this assessor and state that despite seven s(21) claimants signatures they are continuing to use this assessor whom Judge AJ Smith was scathing about as Dr Jan Reeves clearly fails to meet best practice.

    Their position seriously undermines scu ability to provide services to sensitive claimants and shows by this attitude they have no regard for victims of sexual abuse. There is no other place for s(21) claims now other than the court system and this is further abuse of rape and sexual crimes victims.

    As seven men and women who have suffered badly at the hands of ACC sensitive claims unit, we now need help. Please advise….

    Kind regards
    Patricia Harris
    Seriously harmed by Dr Reeves assessment in April 2014

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