About Christine Rose

ChristinePortrait-FB-1About Christine Rose.

Christine Rose is a citizen-activist; an environmentalist, a sustainability advocate, an animal rights campaigner and artist.

She has degrees in Political Studies and Philosophy from University of Auckland, and researched Local Government Politics for five years for her PhD.

She served in local and regional government for 15 years from 1995-2010 including time as Deputy Mayor of Rodney District Council, Deputy Chair of the Auckland Regional Council, and Chair of the Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy.

She is a member and supporter of many community, arts and environmental movements, including Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Maui’s & Hector’s Dolphins Education/Action, and also WSPA and SAFE.

She’s a Trustee of the Skypath project to provide walking and cycling across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. She is a public transport user and advocate.

Christine is a lover of the outdoors, wilderness and our natural environment. She’s a cyclist, a tramper, camper and kayaker.