The Daily Blog Open Mic – 11th July 2024


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    Interesting – historicals can become hysterical but most things are irreplaceable now.
    The gummint efficiency vandals get in and start shifting things around like the Taliban and no-one should be sanguine about the strength of mindset of these officials given their head.

    I have never forgotten the said story of the Canadian Mayor or Governor tossing out scientific annual records on water, climate.
    …Though governments everywhere have handed over their national agenda to corporate interests, Harper’s conflation of the two has been total. His abject servitude to business, especially the oil industry, knows no bounds.

    In his recent speech to the Tory hordes in Calgary, the PM made this frighteningly clear: “In this party,” Harper declared, “we will not accept that environmental protection must stop economic development.”..

    NZ/AO may be facing similar. The Canadian Conservatives tried to avoid climate change policies. Ours could do the same. It all makes sense when staying in power is all that concerns you.

    Also in Canadian politics.
    Stephen Harper: master manipulator
    The Guardian › …Whakamāoritia tēnei whārangi
    15 Oke 2015 — The long read: Despite several scandals worthy of Watergate over the past decade, Stephen Harper could win a fourth Canadian election next …

    In 2023 a byelection was held where the winner defeated 99 other candidates. She was replacing a man who had been found guilty of an affair with a staffer. Whether this would affect his work or the probity of his usual behaviour one does not know. His wife and family wouldn’t like it but this demand of having no personal misdemeanours, even driving ones, is very strange I think in these awful times and is stupid puritan behaviour. I wonder if others feel the same? It provides an excuse for paparazzi to catch notables out and gives front page for women’s magazines when royalty are caught doing whatever.)


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