Political Caption Competition


I just don’t believe a word of what he says here


    • Deep-brain psychology – is there some sort of creepy auto-reader feeding thoughts in sleep into ‘the grey matter’? Might they do this for ‘top’ students at boarding schools or available for at-home indoctrination – call it internet/tv possibly? There could be money in this – some sharp investor could take further!

      • Greywarbler. Nah. This is just Bishop’s laborious way of telling people that he has no problem sleeping at night. He should.

        Or he may not wake up every day. He may just dream that he wakes up.

        Remember he’s a character who often speaks with one hand in his pocket. In the Celtic tradition, this is disrespectful towards the persons to whom he is speaking. That hand may be signalling what his deep-brain ( chortle chortle) really thinks.

        He went to no ‘top’ school either. Bishop went to Naenae College in Lower Hutt, not exactly the most noteworthy establishment even before the the education system skidded downhill.

        Not sure about at-home indoctrination either, when his dad complained about not being able to buy a hot sausage roll at a Wellington petrol station. No further comment.

  1. Sorry, did I just say “affordability”? Whoops…..what a slip of the tongue. Sheesh, I mean why the f@ck would I want to do that?
    What I meant to say was “I wake up every day determined to try and improve housing profitability in this country.
    That is my driving mission in politics.
    Right, time for a fag before I make another slip.

  2. The sooner MB uses AI to measure a qualifying cap on ” IQ ” for public exposure the shorter Bishop’s et als life span too… Mr. Christie

  3. Pan Face bishop takes about $200 K plus expenses out of our pockets annually. Think about that when you pay your mortgage or rent, if you’re lucky enough to have a house or home.


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