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  1. Woolworths NZ – which also franchises SuperValue and FreshChoice – is asking the government to strengthen trespass laws due to the increase in crime.

    Interestingly, they acknowledge when someone has been trespassed and return to the store it is very much reliant on police resource to turn up in time to deal with it. Understanding the police are under a lot of pressure and are very busy at the moment.

    They also acknowledge growing hardship due to the cost of living resulting in desperation as being a factor in the increase in crime.

    Yet, instead of calling for the government to help address these acknowledged factors, they are calling for trespass orders to be replaced with a workplace protection order. Believing that this is actually more significant than a trespass order.

    A workplace protection order is when a trespassed offender is taken before a judge to be told you will not go back into this location and you will not reoffend.

    The glaring problem with this is you still require the police to front up and it doesn’t address the growing hardship driving up crime.

    Further, they have also failed to realise the courts are also currently very busy and under pressure.

  2. Who was the best talker in the media for the Left? Trotter had more access but faded away from truth. Just by Bryan Gould’s last blog post 6 months ago, he maintained the reality through thick and thin, over his petty pains. He is our Corbyn/ Sanders/ Chomsky/ Reich.

  3. I’m an idle old unsociable bachelor. Hence, the 2nd time round Fascist Musk has prevented me from his X shit on a technical detail I’m still minorly ticked off, having no one to talk to. Not as much as the first time after which I joined up with many, inadequate forae. X is run by a Fascist, the other forums are inadequate. I can deal, now. Why I’m more here!


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