Manurewa Marae allegations were always racist hysteria designed to distract from the real corruption


TDB was very clear at the start of these Manurewa Marae allegations that they were a racist double standards to distract from the real corruption at the top table of this Government!

We argued that Luxon weaponised the public service against Māori Party to create a brown-screen while criticism was attacking his corrupt Fast Track Powers.

Andrea Vance staked all her credibility on leaks from Destiny Church members, if you are going to stake your career on ‘evidence’ from people who think painting over rainbow pedestrian crosses is legitimate protest, good luck to you.

The devastating and forensic evaluation of the allegations thrown at the Māori Party are lead bare by Dr Rawiri Taonui on Waatea today in a way that will leave the accusers gasping…

MĀTAKI INVESTIGATE – Pre-election Data and Enrolment Allegations at Manurewa Marae

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The allegations that Manurewa Marae, Waipareira Trust and Te Pāti Māori misused vaccination, census, and enrolment data are serious. They warrant investigation to “restore public confidence in the census and election processes”, and so Manurewa, Waipareira and Te Pāti Māori “have the opportunity to be publicly cleared of wrongdoing” (Jack Tame, NewstalkZB, 6 June). Te Pāti Māori has welcomed the investigation (RadioNZ, 7 June). 

This column investigates the census and election enrolment process at Manurewa in the lead-up to last year’s election. To date, the media has mainly focussed on whistleblower statements. The writer has spoken with staff and clients at Manurewa,  under the condition of confidentiality, and viewed official information, documents, correspondence, media reports and social media comments, to clarify questions raised by the accusations. 

…it was more important for National to once again use Māori as a political punching bag because:

1 – People wanted to believe John Tamihere is evil.

2 – People wanted to believe the Māori Party were evil.

3 – People wanted to believe their indignation made them morally superior.

None of those 3 things are true ins the wake of Dr Rawiri Taonui’s rebuttal to every allegation thrown at the Māori Party.

Punters pushing the corruption allegations should have pulled back the moment they saw the actual parameters of the investigation

The inquiry will consider, make findings, and report on:

  • the safeguards government agencies had in place to ensure the appropriate use of peoples’ personal information by third-party service providers, and whether those safeguards were effective.
  • what relevant personal information was shared with the relevant third-party service providers, and what mechanism was that information shared under.
  • what concerns were raised with the government agencies prior to media reporting, and what was done in relation to those concerns.
  • whether relevant government agencies had arrangements in place to identify and manage any conflicts of interest of third-party service providers, including perceived conflicts of interest, and whether those were effective.

…those are chump charges that you could drive a van registered to the Māori Party through bro and you all know it!

The lesson here is stick with TDB, because we aren’t fucking liars!

Here’s where the real corruption is happening…

Meet the Government’s ‘independent’ fast-track consenting advisors, their connections and interests

The Government also holds that the current disparate consenting processes insufficiently value the social good of economic growth and development against such goods as protecting and conserving the natural environment.

Critics, on the other hand, say the Government should amend or replace underlying legislation like the RMA if it wants to alter the amount of development permitted (the Government says it’s working on this, but the process is lengthy).

They also highlight the concentrated power the new fast-track plan will confer on just three decision-making Government ministers: Chris Bishop, Minister for RMA Reform, Simeon Brown, Minister of Transport, and Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Development.

…disconnected Māori Whānau getting a KFC voucher they didn’t ‘deserve’ isn’t fucking Corruption, what the most powerful are doing at the top table is corruption you easily led sleepy Hobbits!


  1. Add to that the corrupt MP for New Plymouth who hid the donations he received including a large one from the part owner of an off shore mining company who needed approval from the Parliamentary committee chaired by the same MP. The test for our Justice system will be whether the police and courts accept his “oh I didn’t know it was just a mistake ” defense.

  2. Let’s be straight up here–this was always a Māori bash pure and simple.

    TPM led the fight back on Budget day and are getting closer to a class left position by the day. Debbie Packer openly invites sympathetic pākehā and other tau iwi to join them in struggle. The NZ ruling class do not like that one little bit, and neither do the dark provincial white supremacists whose very existence depends on mental denial and stolen land.

  3. I want to see who exactly the fast track bill consenting advisors, supposedly independent actually are, but I can only see the pic….

    • You can see the article via ARCHIVE.TODAY here:
      Unusually good reporting from the usually suss folks at the Herald. It’s made very obvious how everyone involved is scratching each other’s backs, but not touching their own interests. So, all completely above board!

  4. The proper authorities need to investigate. Dr Rawiri Taonui might be correct but we need more than his investigation to put this to rest for everyone’s benefit.


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