Luxon takes the cake for racist hypocrisy!


Yesterday Christopher Luxon took another hypocrite-of-the-week award…

…Luxon has rightly called out and condemned the attack on a children’s hospital in Ukraine which has killed at least 41 people.

Meanwhile over 38,000 Palestinians – mostly women and children – have been slaughtered by Israel in Gaza and still not a word of condemnation of Israel from the New Zealand government.

Breathtaking hypocrisy!

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Israel’s systematic destruction of all Gaza healthcare facilities, its campaign of collective punishment and use of starvation as a weapon of war have been exhaustively documented by the European Union, the United Nations and international human rights groups.

More bombs have been dropped on the densely populated strip in the past nine months than the combined total of all the bombs dropped on London, Dresden and Hamburgduring the full six years of the second world war.

Luxon is happy to call Gaza a catastrophe but refuses to condemn the industrial-scale killing of Palestinians and pin the blame where it belongs – with Israel’s 76-year project to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Palestine and steal their land.

Racism and cowardice run rampant in Luxon’s foreign policy.


  1. The blatant double standard is appalling. I wonder if any of our journos will quiz him on it when he gets back. Not holding my breath, though.

    • ” I wonder if any of our journos will quiz him on it when he gets back. ”

      That suject would require permission from the American government on whether he can be asked and Luxon is to busy licking American arse to even consider it.

    • No Steve they are not allowed to ask him silly questions, in fact he’s above any questions. And he’s busy arrrse kissing in americar.

    The gaza war will end when IDF have done what needs to be done to Hamas.

    Hamas cannot be allowed to surrender, need to wipe them out and destroy/mine as many tunnels as possible.

    • Which makes you a lazy thinker. Or bog standard racist Westerner. Either way, nothing special.
      There is nothing military about the IDF strategy.
      Remember, this IDF is responsible for the lives of Palestinians day in and out for 76 years.
      What does their tactics show?
      Just the inhuman contempt of a long practised settler colonial ethnic cleansing. Accelerating genocide under a military pretext.

      • I honestly feel it’s a bit slanderous to compare what the zionist beasts are doing against the people who own the land they’re illegally squatting on to what Western Europeans have done. The zionist assault on the Palestinians is (and their orders of attacks on Iraq and Syria by their American and ISIS proxies) is worse than even what Leopold did in the Congo, or what Churchill did to the Bengalis.

        • You’re very quiet on ibn Qasim, Ghazni, Ghori and Aurangzeb’s slaughter rape, and looting of India Mohammed. Are you not proud of your namesakes?

    • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

      Genocide is an internationally recognized crime where acts are committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. These acts fall into five categories:

      1. Killing members of the group
      2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
      3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
      4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
      5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

      (except for the last, ‘forcibly transferring children to another group’ Israel has committed all the crimes internationally codified as acts of genocide)

      “The gaza war will end when IDF have done what needs to be done to Hamas.
      Hamas cannot be allowed to surrender, need to wipe them out…”
      ‘Im right’

      I am probably one of the few people who post here that have actually been to Gaza. I witnessed something that every Israeli know – the closeness of the Hamas leaders to their people.

      Whether they are a Zionist, or not. Whether they support the war in Gaza or not. ‘Im right’ is voicing here something that every Israeli citizen knows. – to “wipe out” Hamas, Israel must ‘destroy in whole or in part’ the Palestinian people.

      To ‘Im right’ and others like him I would like to say this; No matter how misguided or horrendous the crimes committed by Hamas on October 7, nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies genocide, not even genocide justifies genocide.

      “The arc of history may be long, but it bends towards justice” Martin Luther King

      Nothing will erase the stain of genocide from the state of Israel. Not standing beside other nations athletes at glittering international sporting events. Not complicity and acceptance by the Western powers, nothing will remove this stain.
      Eventually the Israeli state will collapse from the weight of it.

  3. Imperialist-backed Israeli mass murder in Gaza: Lancet medical journal estimates Palestinian death toll at 186,000
    Jordan Shilton
    a day ago

    The Israeli regime has killed 186,000 people in its nine-month genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza, far more than the total publicized in the corporate media, according to an analysis by the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet.

    The death toll, based on a conservative methodology applied by public health scientists, underscores once again the urgency of the international working class intervening at the head of a global anti-war movement to put a stop to the Gaza genocide and the barbaric capitalist system that has produced it.

    The report’s chilling estimate took as its starting point the official death toll reported by Gaza’s Health Ministry at the time of the study’s preparation, 37,396. It noted that this figure is undoubtedly a massive undercount. Given that the United Nations estimated that 35 percent of all buildings in Gaza had been destroyed by the end of February, there are likely at least 10,000 bodies buried under the rubble, but not included in The Lancet study.

    According to the study, in “recent conflicts” the indirect death toll has typically ranged from three to 15 times the total number of direct deaths. Applying the lower-end formula of four indirect deaths for every direct death to the Gaza genocide, the report reached its gruesome conclusion of roughly 186,000 victims.

    The ratio of indirect deaths could be far greater, given the huge quantity of munitions dropped on Gaza and the Israeli government’s barbaric policy of denying food, medical supplies, fuel and other basic necessities to the desperate population. The death toll could therefore be many tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands greater than The Lancet’s estimate. A ratio of 10 indirect deaths to every direct death, still well within the range of “recent conflicts” cited by The Lancet, would produce an estimate of more than 400,000 deaths.

  4. The Lancet publishes unverified claims of 186K deaths in Gaza. Hypocrisy does even in start to describe luxtons racist views

  5. To clarify matters, the explosion at the hospital in Kiev was not caused by the Russians but by the missile defence system of the Ukrainians. The war itself is a proxy war between the US and Russia, just as the attack on the Palestinians is a proxy war between the US and the Palestinians. Both are the genocidal wars of US imperialism using its client states, Ukraine and Israel, to maintain its hegemony against the rise of Russia and China as mortal rivals in the plunder of nature to sustain their destruction of the planet.

    • Maybe you could clarify the matter by showing some proof that it was a Ukrainian defensive missile.

      Just for clarity sake.

      Nick J has some links I think that he can probably share with you.

      • Occam’s razor.
        Historically this is consistently the answer when the Ukrainian regime cries “they’re targeting civilians”.
        And Russia could have US-style “shock and awed” Ukraine any time it liked. No reason to trt now. Unlike the Ukraine cross-border strikes made to make Russia “feel the pain”.

          • PC the empirical evidence of this war shows that Russia does not target civilians, it targets infrastructure which is arguably as bad as that has collateral casualties. Ukraine by comparison has no compunction in bombarding Donetsk civilians. Go to YouTube, look up Patrick Lancaster for on the ground reports.

        • Well shit, Scott Ritter informs us that:

          “but the Russians say every missile we launched hit its Target um that this is something else uh probably”

          That is your proof.

          I’m convinced.

          • PC the empirical evidence of this war shows that Russia does not target civilians, it targets infrastructure which is arguably as bad as that has collateral casualties. Ukraine by comparison has no compunction in bombarding Donetsk civilians. Go to YouTube, look up Patrick Lancaster for on the ground reports.

            • Nick I’m sorry I just don’t believe that their is any empirical evidence to support the claim that Russia does not target civilians and Ukraine does. You are giving them a moral high ground that simply isn’t there.

              But there is little point in you and I discussing this because we will never agree. Even this week you cannot bring yourself to admit to the possibility that it was a Russian missile that (even accidentally) hit that hospital. It has to be Ukraine’s “fault”.

              And yes Dave Brown can post Scott Ritters opinions and I can post articles like this from that western puppet Al Jazeera that disagree:


              “Al Jazeera’s verification unit, Sanad, said: “Our verification of the circulating videos showing the moment a missile struck the Ukrainian children’s hospital reveals that the missile is identical to the Russian KH-101 missile.””

              (the same fact checking agency also supports the claims from Gaza)

              But I’m sure it’ll just be denounced it as MSM “lies and propaganda” and the whole pointless debate will continue. So I’m done discussing this because it is simply a waste of time.

    • Pro-Kremlin apologist Dave Brown takes a page from the Zionist handbook of disinformation.
      The Zionists blamed the bombing of the Baptist Hospital in Gaza on a misifired Hamas rocket. Without any evidence to back up his claims, Dave Brown blames a misfired Ukraine rocket for striking the children’s hospital in Kiev

      “….the explosion at the hospital in Kiev was not caused by the Russians but by the missile defence system of the Ukrainians.” Dave Brown

      Dave Brown is such a bullshit artist, if you believed everything Dave writes, you could almost be forgiven for thinking Ukraine invaded Russia, and not the other way round.

      Instead of believing bullshit artists like Dave Brown, listen to what the Ukrainian people think of their invading Russian occupiers.

      ‘It’s You That’s Fascist’: Russian Soldiers Not Welcomed In Ukrainian Village

      What goes for Russian imperialist goons, goes for their Western apologists.

      • I have been arguing that Russia is imperialist since 2015, not the old 3rd camp idea that the USSR was always imperialist, but an emerging post soviet imperialism that must force the US to go to war against it it has by attempting to encircle Russia by NATO.
        So I don’t favour either imperialism and call for workers to turn their wars onto civil wars for socialist revolution. For that to happen workers must base their analysis on reality not fake news promoted by both sides.
        NATO is losing its proxy war in Ukraine and evidence for that includes the ability for Russia to land 6 tracked cruise missiles on a military target but not a stray one on a Children’s Hospital.
        As Scott Ritter argues Ukraine’s air defence system has been destroyed so that attempts to shoot down Russian missiles can lead to failures which take out civilian targets.
        And since the US has tracking methods to validate the hit on the hospital, as does Russia, lets see them make their records publicly available and settle the argument with some basic science.

      • Pat, how nice you are to fellow Marxist Dave. I have been highly critical of Marxism to Dave, he always gives a considered response, no invective. He is true to his doctrine, which I can respect, and has quite correctly identified who the imperialists are here. You by comparison are probably angered by Russia’s actions in Syria (understandably) in their response to US imperialism. Russian nationalism however aggressive is not imperialism.

  6. The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is less complicated than the Hamas invasion of Israel. For a start Palestinians have never had sovereignty over the land they aspire to. The Ukraine is a sovereign state.

    • And the United States would be happy to have missiles back in Cuba. Yeah right.

      Palestine is not complicated that is the ridiculous excuse been used by the Zionists who want the Palestinians to continue to suffer what the Jews suffered in Germany.
      Criticise Israel and your an anti semite. They should all bugger off to where they came from in their droves to occupy other people’s houses.
      What is going on will simply mean for Jews a rise in anti semitism.

      • Where do those Jews descended from the ancient Israelites who have lived in their ancestral home for millennia “bugger off to” please?

  7. Yeah, the double standard is horrifying. The MSM seems to think we don’t have eyes or ears. All they do is expose the wrongness of the freemarket establishment.

  8. Pure theatre to display obeisance. It includes political zombies Sunak, Schultz, Macron. And an old man with dementia. Our bloke unquestioningly follows the party line that any thinking person can see holes in big enough to drive buses through. We the public are supposed to be impressed. Goodo.

  9. There’s no hypocrisy. Ukrainians don’t hide terrorists in hospitals or drop their own bombs on them and then lie to cover up.

  10. Luxon may be a racist, but actually, John, there is no evidence to back up that allegation. There is spades of evidence that Luxon’s moral inconsistency is politically motivated. He supports the Anglo-American empire categorically, unconditionally, and, I would add, very stupidly. He supports the Israeli genocide in Gaza not because he particularly dislikes Arabs, but because the genocide is a necessary element in the geopolitical strategy of the AngloAmerican cabal of “democracies” which includes the Realm of New Zealand. Luxon opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine for much the same reason. Not because he dislikes the Russians or loves the people of Ukraine but because he has to support the US which is using Ukraine to “weaken Russia” and consequently China, thus cutting off the prospect of rivals or resistance to US global hegemony.

  11. Great news! Meta is planning to stop all you haters using the term ‘Zionist’ when you mean Jews. Your antisemitism is going to be fully exposed for all to see…and be sickened by.

    • …. When gob-shite gaby says “gods chosen People”, he means Zionists … showing his supremacist bat-shit racism for all to see ….

      gob-shite gaby a uber racist and compulsive liar has been an obvious sicko for his entire posting history here at TDB …

      … what is revealing in threads like this ,,,, is how many posters have come out of the closet and have shown themselves to align and stand with him.

      Is Luxon demonstrating to us that this is a ‘right wing’ thing ?????


      Gods knobs kill their own ,,,, and blame hamas

    • Britain’s 2018 refusal of asylum to the persecuted Pakistani woman Asia Bibi exemplifies the hypocrisy of the western world, including those on this site who bleat about genocide.

  12. Literally thousands of missiles have been lobbed into Donbass by the Ukranians killing their own people. Ukraine funded by the US and Europe have committed unforgivable terrorist acts on civilians and infrastructure. NATO and the EU is an aggressive war cabal spoiling for a fight which could incinerate Europe if not the world. Boris Johnson on behalf of the UK/US/West persuaded Ukraine to pursue war instead of peace and a million Ukrainians have paid for it in blood. If you are suddenly outraged by this one unconfirmed report and believe these sobbing actors suddenly stand on the side of all that is right and just, then you have a toddler view of current events and propaganda. The West don’t care about Ukranian lives, they don’t even care about their own people. The only exit for Ukraine is to accept neutrality, pull out of Russian territories, put down the guns and let Russia help them into the thriving, modern society they desire.

  13. No Steve they are not allowed to ask him silly questions, in fact he’s above any questions. And he’s busy arrrse kissing in americar.

  14. `Luxon takes the cake for racist hypocrisy!
    By John Minto -July 10, 2024271091

    He is not the only one, It is not just Luxon, Christopher Luxon is the ball headed tip of an extremely ugly iceberg of hypocrisy and racism. Christopher Lusxon was in Washington as an invited guest to the NATO summit. Luxon is only aping what went on in that summit.

    What has NATO promised Ukraine – and did Gaza figure in summit talks?

    …..the war in Gaza was absent from the bloc’s agenda.

    Another hypocrite who apes the NATO line of ignoring the war is Gaza is Ben Morgan a former Officer in NZDF and TDBs Military Blogger.
    We expect such a gutless performance from politicians like Christopher Luxon,
    Is Ben Morgan’s cowardice in toeing the NATO party line representative of our NZDF community and their leadership?.
    Ben Morgan just like the NATO generals, just like Christopher Luxon, knows exactly what is going on in Gaza, but chooses to draw a veil of silence over it.

  15. What part of Luxons I DONT CARE do you people not understand .He is over there trying to make out he is an important leader .What a fucken joke the man is a skin head gang leader and they will be laughing at him as he just so fucken stupid .


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