Luxon softens NZ up for AUKUS2 before he flies to NATO


Really weird and deeply coded message from Luxon before he flies to NATO where he softens NZ up to join America’s next military adventure…

…he’s effectively claiming that if we all want good public services here, we have to go to war for America which seems a pretty fucking large conclusion to attempt here by Luxon.

Yes geopolitical tensions are threatening us and our economy, hilariously you claimed during the election that wasn’t what was impacting our Economy because you wanted to blame Labour!

Now you are in power it’s suddenly external forces is it Chris?

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We do need a pivot from the economic position YOUR predecessor John Key doomed us to with China and we urgently need a new vision of our defence, our diplomacy and our own resilience, but I have zero belief you will deliver on any of those things and instead will sign us up to some bullshit AUKUS Pillar 2 nonsense because you aren’t very bright.

We really shouldn’t allow Luxon to wander off to NATO meetings without a lot of oversight.


  1. We need to be clear that this sycophantry by Luxon towards his foreign masters isn’t just him being a traitor. It’s an open death threat towards New Zealanders, and we should treated it as such. You just need to look at NATO-organized Operation Gladio attacks like the Bologna train station bombing to see what Luxon is threatening to do to New Zealanders.

  2. US & western countries weaponry is obsolete and this is being proven in Ukraine & Israel Gaza slaughter. Iran and Russia have the best weapons the US has been failing for decades because its become a profit unlike Iranians & Russia that build weapons for a purpose maybe we should be buying quality instead of yesterday gear.

    • Is that why Russia is doing makeovers on 1950 -1960 tanks to fill the gaps due to the number lost . They are not using the T72 as these have auto advanced loading but it is not reliable.

  3. Luxon giving millions more to Ukraine yet back here in his own country has cost us nearly half a billion in canceling much needed ferries. Priorities seem rather askew.
    And just to put things into perspective, this government has been about cuts and savings at this country’s peoples expense.

  4. Martyn – Mixed feelings about ANZUS…great for the movement of ideas…but, the nuclear weapons clause was a deal breaker.

  5. On Twitter, with no transcript. That alone is offensive, when our politicians make statements they should be available to all citizens and certainly shouldn’t be held exclusion on foreign corporate servers.

  6. Message to a failing, decrepit USA. Any money given by Luxon for your proxy war in Ukraine (or your massacre in Palestine) was stolen from the New Zealand taxpayer, much like the US and Europe stole billions from Russia. We are a small, peace loving country in the South Pacific who want nothing to do with your endless wars for profit. We would rather spend money on growing our communities, infrastructure and a sustainable future, not on weapons to kill and destroy countries. Maybe you should do the same. Thank you.

  7. $16 MILLION FOR AUKAS WAR BUT NO FOOD FOR CHILDREN IN NZ .I suppose thats so the kids in the war zones dont feel so bad while they slowly die of starvation.At least they will know kids in NZ have the same problem and are dying of starvation but at least they are not bombed every day as well .

    • The money is to help Ukraine stop being overrun by Socialists who are Labour like. I am happy for him to show our country supports freedom.

      • The Putin administration is Labour like? A narcissist who hides behind god, does all he can to subvert votes against him, and is all about the money at all cost. That sounds very National like Trevor

  8. Ongoing manoeuvres in the Arctic, but also those in the Asia-Pacific region, have something to do with NATO. Although it has the North Atlantic in its name, which is quite a long way from Hawaii or Tokyo, it began years ago to extend its feelers to East Asia, to Australia and New Zealand, through AUKUS and QUAD – clearly for the power struggle that the transatlantic West is waging with China.

    Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is therefore also attending the NATO anniversary summit in Washington. He announced in advance that he is determined to expand cooperation with NATO – and as far as the “North Atlantic” in NATO is concerned: “The geographical border between the Euro-Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific,” Kishida claimed, “is no longer relevant.”

  9. Is that why Russia is doing makeovers on 1950 -1960 tanks to fill the gaps due to the number lost . They are not using the T72 as these have auto advanced loading but it is not reliable.


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