Allow this singular fact about NZ crime to blow your mind


As the Political Right stirs up and harvests the anger generated by our if it bleeds it leads crime porn News, allow this singular fact about NZ crime to blow your mind.

While this Government proposes draconian gang patch rules that breach civil rights, allow this singular fact about NZ crime to blow your mind.

As this Government build a mega prison, allow this singular fact about NZ crime to blow your mind.

Findings of the Royal Commission on Abuse in state care suggest that 80-90 percent of gang members were victims of abuse.

Let’s come back to this issue in a few days time as the enormity of that fact explodes every dumb petty racist crime belief you’ve been fed by the media.

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Take your time.


  1. Add poverty and there is most crime gone .But look at the white collar crime on stuff yesterday .One person deliberatly does not pay up to 500k in tax over six years and gets less than a year on home detention ,another claims 46k in covid payments and she get home detention because she has a new kid ,another one scams 20k of covid payments and get locked up for two years .The last one must have been brown or a beneficiary.
    Had the other two been brown they too would be serving time

    • Seeing your ‘victimised brown people’ regularly walking straight through the supermarket checkouts without paying including yesterday Gordon – only your special brown people as well and now not even any attempt to stop them and I imagine purely off the back of their ‘brownness’ providing some kind of immunity .. and for the record the dude yesterday wasn’t dressed like any homeless etc person that I have ever seen.

        • To be honest yesterday for the first time I felt like I should do something myself about it but wasn’t sure – the guy was a decent size and maybe 30ish but I am bigger and probably stronger.
          To be honest looks like we are the point where supermarkets need security on the door to stop this so that ‘members of the public’ aren’t faced with having to intervene themselves.

          • James B. Streamlined egress with checkout operators, instead of avaricious supermarkets foisting self-checking upon their customers, could help here, as well as providing jobs for N Z’ers.

        • There is actually very little you can do, without exposing yourself to either legal or physical harm.

          “Specifically, the Crimes Act 1961 states that everyone (not just New Zealand citizens) is justified in arresting without warrant:

          Any person found committing any offence against this Act which the maximum punishment is not less than 3 years’ imprisonment; or
          Any person found at night (9pm till 6am) committing any offence against this Act.”

          So shoplifting isn’t covered by this as the maximum sentence is too low. Of course, you could call them out and if they attempted to attack you, you may use any force you deem reasonable at the time, in self defence.

      • yep that happens because people including whites and asians are living in poverty .I had a person aproach me for money when entering the supermarket a while ago .I did not give him money I went in and bought him food instead .

          • Record number of kiwis leaving because of this rancid National government, just rinse and repeat of the damage they created the last time they were in government.
            Nothing to do with Labour no matter how much you try to fudge it Trevor.

            The record poverty as shown at the top of the 6pm news is testament to this Governments punitive policies. Even the police are getting food parcels, never happened under Labour.

  2. ‘Careless driving causing death’ has a standard sentence of one year’s home detention.
    Life is cheap in our district courts.

  3. Once again yesterday I was in the supermarket while a Maori dude just walked right through the checkout without paying – to be honest I get it if they are starving and have no choice but this guy from the way he was dressed etc just looked like someone who has decided that ‘because it is his land etc’ he can get away with it.
    At least this guy wasn’t abusing the staff on his way out I guess but now seeing this happen regularly (and always Maori) and imagine the rest of us (including many who are really struggling and including the vast majority of Maori who still pay) are facing higher prices to compensate for those who refuse to pay.
    Call me racist if you have to – I don’t care anymore.

  4. “Findings of the Royal Commission on Abuse in state care suggest that 80-90 percent of gang members were victims of abuse.”

    This has been known for decades. Most of these guys were doomed the day they were born to solo mums living on welfare. They had no real father in their lives. They were neglected as babies and exposed to drugs. They were bashed as children and then in their teens went looking for a male role model and found it on the street in the form of the gangs: The gang was a place they could call home.

    The gang patch ban is no more than band-aid and not even very sticky band-aid. Designed to look tough for the voters but will achieve little. I say this as someone who voted for my local National candidate simply because the alternative in Labour was far worse.

    If we want to fix the core issue, we need to do something about solo motherhood. My personal view is that we should offer ‘at risk’ women cash incentives for long term contraceptive implants or sterilization in a package with adult education. If you have any better ideas, let me know.

      • I’m just referencing the social science research. The same results have been found in the UK and the USA.

        About 80% of black kids in the USA today are born to welfare mums and the rise in solo motherhood coincides with the rise in crime among the same cohort. Unless of course you think it’s just because they’re black?

        In summary, children need Dads as well as Mums and we are reaping the results of misandrist second wave feminism.

      • you are right there are more solo parents than you realise .A lot are doing well owning their own home and giving their kids a great start to life .My daughter is a sole parent and has put herself through dental and medical training in that time 4 years at least spent getting those qualifications .To blame sole parents is just more right wing bull shit .She also owns her own home and only now has a mortgage less than 100k so get fucked ANDREW YOU ARE IGNORANT

  5. Martyn – Yes…The Link between Gang Members and being abuse victims is strong…however, does not excuse their ongoing open warfare against the wider community.

  6. Yeah but, no but.
    But AO/NZ is an entire and complete crime scene. I mean c’mon..?
    You don’t get 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with a net minimum of $50 mil each and four main banks, now foreign owned, being the second most profitable in the world on a country who’s primary industry is agriculture generated by 50 thousand cockies. Yep. That’s them damned facts. Look em up.
    What’s even more astonishing is that so far I seem to be one of only two who’ve figured that out.
    We have cities within which there are big fancy buildings populated by criminals laundering inbound farmer money daily and likely nightly once they’ve run out of coke and hookers. Our economy is a swindle of admirable dimensions and thanks to a corrupted MSM we’re all entirely oblivious to those crimes committed under our noses and in broad daylight and they’re happening right now, as I write, as we live and breath. Brown Semen wants to toll roads. That, is a crime in the making. Our housing is a crime wave where money’s laundered via an absurd, false-economy, logical-fallacy Bankster cock-wank. If you like irony, a I do, you’ll love the fact that our criminal under-worlders are deliberately tanking our once was world class health systems to force people into the private health insurance racket. Lets think trucking? Now lets talk rail. Where is it? It WAS there and now it isn’t. Where’d it go? Oh. Here it was. 1990.
    Wasn’t that when political Kiwi criminality changed up a gear when roger ramjet douglas popped on donald rumsfelds loaner duck shoes, flipped out his two inch ( 50mm) duck-dick then fucked us with it?
    Farmers? Go in strike. Go on! You can do it. Farmers markets? Just go there. Fuck the insider trading supermarkup cartels.
    Trespass laws ‘not fit for purpose’ – supermarket chain
    Don’t go there then.

    • Bob t f Abusers must be held accountable for their crimes, and MP’s like Tamatha Paul blaming white people and colonialism for their behaviour with no concern for their victims, held accountable also.

  7. Figures for abuse victims who do not go on to become criminals would be helpful, particularly when New Zealand is a world leader in the abuse, battering, and killing of babies and children, irrelevant of race. Furthermore, there was national outrage and opposition against Sue Bradford’s “ Anti-smacking Bill”, designed to prevent violence against children.

    • Annie you are so right ,but this government has to have people to kick to an inch of their lives as they have so many cans to kick they dont know which one to kick so they resort to the so called bottom feeders

      • Gordon W Luxon should never have said “ bottom-feeders”, but he’s just another ignorant vulgarian whose parents left school in their early teens, and it shows. He’s pretty awful, but I don’t know if his crudeness was an ethnic slur, or he simply being a rich jerk per usual.

  8. On a lighter note, the ferry crashed because the crew didn’t know how to turn off the autopilot! Were they having a union meeting ?


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