Political Caption Competition


New Zealand Feminism 2024


  1. Queensbury rules, brought in by the father of a young man who had sensual attraction for Oscar Wilde. It’s an indication of how force, emotion and rules are intimately connected when there is a battle of the sexes. It’s time modern feminists worked out firm rules of engagement instead of having the mass-hysterical strike out wildly in any direction as they feel.

  2. Feminism? How can you tell? Who’s been pointing cameras upwards for forensic scrutiny? Who knows it’s a real female anyway? That’s right blame females for everything!! (Just being contrary – seeing the duality of everything!)

  3. Thank god the baby in the car was not seriously injured or killed as a result of this manic attack.

    Its sad to read that was not mentioned in your correspondents replies.

    But as New Zealander’s under the exploitative free market social and economic system we are now ” legally ” expendable ” in our courts and our own legislative assembly with adherence to our human rights act that is being contravened by successive neo liberal governments with not whimper of opposition or protest.


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