Green Party Request The Resignation Of Darleen Tana From Parliament Following Investigation


Following the conclusion of the independent investigation into Darleen Tana, the Green Party has requested her resignation from Parliament.

Green Party co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick said, “Darleen’s conduct has fallen far short of the expectations Marama and I have of our caucus, and of the values the Green Party upholds.”

Her comments follow the Green Party Caucus’ review and discussion of the report from the independent investigation which was received on Friday 5 July.

“Following a careful reading of the report it is clear to us that Darleen’s actions are completely at odds with our party’s values, policies and kaupapa.

“In keeping with the Party’s commitment to natural justice and collective decision-making, Darleen was invited to an urgent caucus meeting on Saturday 6th of July to present her perspective alongside her lawyer and an additional support person.

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“Darleen spoke to the Caucus and was given the opportunity to answer questions from MPs. She then left the meeting to allow her colleagues to consider the report’s findings.”

Caucus was unanimous in agreeing to request her resignation from Parliament.

Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson said “we are deeply disappointed that Darleen Tana has not been forthcoming about very serious breaches of Green Party kaupapa, and has not acknowledged nor taken accountability for the impact of her behaviour on others.’

“We have a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the Green Party kaupapa. All our MPs agree to our collective values and standards and Darleen has clearly fallen short of them.”

Chlöe Swarbrick added, “our preference as Co-Leaders has always been for full transparency and the release of the report, but we also recognise the need to follow good practice around privacy law”.

“The Party has contacted all parties named in the Executive Summary of the report in relation to their privacy interests with the intention of releasing that as soon as practicably possible.”


  1. Maybe the Greens could look less at signalling diversity and more at merit, and stop fucking over the NZ underclass with their support of mass migration.


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