MEDIAWATCH: Shane Jones corrupt foolishness exposed on Q+A


TDB was pointing this out in May, that Shane Jones would desecrate our environment for a pathetic 2%

Shane Jones is poisoning the earth, trashing due process and only looking after the interests of his donor mates for a fucking 2% pittance!

…it is more important for NZF to own the libs and start culture war bullshit than have an adult discussion about mining!

The Royalty issue is a farce and a total economic joke that has never added up!!!

Fitch Ratings analysts warned NZ last month that the next 10 years of economic growth was dangerously stunted.

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This matters because it is ratings analysts like Fitch who warn the market if we are good for all the money we borrowed.

They base that on future projections of our economic cycle and their analysis is terrible.

Fitch have made clear to us that Dairy, Tourism and exports to China have waned and can not grow beyond the manner in which we have already grown them…

He told BusinessDesk that Fitch sees the drivers of growth in the decade before Covid as having “run their course”.

In other words dairy, tourism and China export growth – while continuing to be large and core components of New Zealand’s economy – can’t possibly continue on the same dramatic growth curve they did before.

…John Key’s, ‘All our cows in one Beijing paddock’ has not only been geopolitically dangerous, it’s also run its economic course.

So what now?

This Government seem to think mining, gas and oil exploration alongside weakening regulations for donors will unlock NZs next economic cycle but it can’t and won’t…

The idea that we’ll mine our way to prosperity is one of those. It may well be an industry worth promoting, but betting the house (or more specifically our clean green reputation) on it being transformational is just silly.

We mined the big accessible gold deposits in 19th and 20th centuries. The odds of finding valuable rare metals like lithium are very low. It would be great if we did but if that’s this Government’s strategy, they might as well buy Lotto tickets.

Striking oil is also a long shot and the time frames involved to find it and get it out of the ground take us well past 2030 – the date by which the International Energy Agency has forecast the world will face a “staggering” glut.

If Kiwis ever wanted to be a rich oil-producing nation (and a large percentage don’t) we’ve missed that boat.

…if we are to play to our advantages, we need to play to the one that will provide the most impact to all of us.

Cheap, 100% renewable electricity!

This needs to be our focus…

When we look at what gave New Zealand a competitive advantage in the 20th, cheap electric power is near the top of the list.

The dairy industry was built on the ability to turn liquid milk into powder more efficiently than our competitors.

The next wave of global economic growth will involve electricity and lots of it.

Artificial intelligence is incredibly power-hungry. One Chat-GPT search uses 10 times the power of a Google search.

Throw electrical vehicles on top of that and it becomes obvious – only countries with access to a cheap, stable power supply will have a competitive advantage in the years ahead.

There has been plenty of talk about the potential for New Zealand to be a world leader in data centres. To do that we’ll need more and ideally cheaper power.

Collectively, data centres will consume about 200 megawatts (MW) of electricity at peak usage – roughly the amount required to power some 200,000 homes. The average demand in Auckland is about 1700MW. That has been forecast to rise to 500MW of consumption over the next five years based on current plans.

…solar panels on every public building.

Local wind turbine generation.

Community sharing.


Electric public transport.

More Hydro.

Tidal generation investment.

This needs to be our way forward. Not more Dairy and more cheap basic exports to China and Tourism.

Cheap sustainable electricity is our competitive edge, we need to urgently focus on that now!

Shane is in the pocket of Mining, he is gaining Fast Track Power for his donors, not for NZ.

You are being deceived by NZF you muppets!



  1. Windfalls are noisy and ugly .They are dangerous to birds and at present they only have 2 to 3 years of efficient live to compensate for the carbon used to make them.
    Anhydrous scheme is protested by your Green people .On the West Coast 2have been canned due to their protest.
    Tidal regeneration is a good idea but I u derstood the Maori were against it.
    Thermal is the best plan but we are going g to hard pressed to keep up supply of popower with more EVs and AI uses

  2. I’d rather squeeze lemon juice into my eyes, swallow an electric eel, and dip my testicles into a fishtank filled with starving piranha, than listen to the catastrophising brainfarts bile and bluster, and pungent puffs of pomposity, from that sentient whoopee cushion, the flatulent pharaoh of fast track, and most longeved politician never holding an electorate seat, may god have mercy on his soul of antimony and zirconium, bought and paid for by the polluting industry lobbyists, C-listers, and moneyed hangers on.

  3. But what do we sell offshore? Can we sell this energy? We are only as wealthy as what we can earn in foreign exchange by selling stuff offshore

  4. Shane Jones is absolutely correct in what he’s doing/proposing.
    The ridiculous over the top environmental stand by his opponents is naivety.

  5. Unfolding before our very eyes. Knats/Davey Jones really are greedy expedient shortermism personified …and obviously care not a whit for legacy or the future. Or even a successful business outcome. So terribly craven. To our disaster. If Labour don’t get their ass in gear they may well continue on.

  6. That would require importing solar panels from China though, and the freaks in the Nat/Lab uniparty are dedicated to joining Ammurrica’s race war against Chinese people, so that’s unlikely to work out.

  7. Does porky not realise that 2% of fuck all is just that FUCKALL .Then he intends that the taxpayer pays the exploration and clean up costs of the oil exploration that will find nothing .So the end result will be no 2% but billions of taxpayer money down the well so to speak .Then where are the miners going to dump all their tailings .Oh thats right on the doc land next door so when the next big storm comes it all washed away down the river flooding reefton and westport..More billions of taxpayer funds then needed to move those towns to higher non polluted ground .


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