French Left beat Far Right (lessons for NZ) + Starmer hoses down expectations + Biden’s woes get worse after ABC interview + the promise of a new Iranian dawn


4 big political moments over the week, the UK election, the French Election, the Iranian election and Biden’s ongoing meltdown.

French Left beat Far Right (lessons for NZ)

BREAKING: YES! The French Left bloc have shut down the Far Right in France!

A lesson to the NZ Left about what working together actually looks like! The Left block used tactics and strategies to remove candidates who would split the vote, I’ve argued endlessly to the Left that Labour, the Greens and Māori Party need to work together in the exact same way to maximise MMP to take power away from this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government.

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A small mercy, but no Fascists in France!

Starmer hoses down expectations

Smarmer is a Zionist apologist who used claims of anti-semitism to kill off Corbyn. He is a Blarite 3rd way wanker who refuses to tax the rich and as such will underwhelm everyone’s hopes and allow the Reform Party in 5 Years to storm to a fascist victory. As soon as he won he was hosing down any expectations of the change everyone voted for.

Biden’s woes get worse after ABC interview

His ABC interview was supposed to quash all the deep concerns that he’s lost his marbles yet the interview was so bad it ended up becoming more evidence that Joe doesn’t have the mental sharpness to beat a compulsive lying orange Fascist like Trump.

The promise of a new Iranian dawn

The reformist Masoud Pezeshkian won the Iranian elections and despite the low voter turn out, his victory in such a deeply conservative country is a huge step forward for lowering tensions with the West and opening Iran up too the world. My fear had been Iran would successfully test a nuclear weapon before America’s election in November but I think this election changes that equation and lowers the likelihood.


  1. Good news from France. Perhaps Labour should take the obvious lesson- have some actual principled policies, instead of their loser Macronism?

    • Though there is a problem. There are now three blocs in the parliament, none of which has a majority, and no two of which, it seems, can work together. The Macronists and the Left cooperated to block the the RN, but are unable to work together to provide an alternative. What were the left thinking of? They have irresponsibly created a political stalemate, which can only work to the advantage of Macron and/or the RN.

  2. So in other words the status quo may have changed the colour of their caps but SFA will actually change?

  3. Its all a joke spearheaded by Biden and Starmer. All just puppets regardless of what side of the artificial political divide they come from….granted I know stuff all about Iranian politics although they did throw out their own US puppet many moons ago, thus becoming mortal enemies of the US-controlled West.

  4. Yes, some interesting developments lately, including Julian Assange’s release from the Pom torture prison.
    –Starmer is a scabby bastard alright–another LINO type. Nice to see Jeremy thrash UK Labour in Islington North. But little will change for most with Labour HQ full of technocrats and crawlers.
    –Biden will go by plan or acute illness, and as others have said it amounts to elder abuse to put him through this, but if he is mentally debilitated does he realise his own state? Kamala would be fine, it is ABB (anyone but Biden) time.
    –France, like most Euro countries has a throwback culture element which includes fascists and even a communist left along with the centrists, so good result there to keep the neo nazi filth out.
    –Iran, some nice people but basically a terrible authoritarian Theocracy, so any liberal change has to be preferred–but the ruling Clergy won’t be happy.

  5. Yes agree the French just showed if the left and centre work together they can keep the far right racist out. We need to do the same here and we can and I believe we should stop cannabilising their voters. Parties need to put their voters first and compromise. Act and NZF are hurting people and our environment. The bald one needs to go he is fucken useless and talks with a forked tongue.

  6. If Starmer doesn’t address the immigration issue he will be seriously threatened.
    The UK people feel they have lost their identity and culture.

  7. The beat up about the French faaaaaaar right holding power did the trick, the far left may now hold power thanks to dubious candidate switching.

    It’s not a recipe for happiness to deny voters what they might be asking for though.
    It’s going to be an interesting 3 years in France.

  8. RIP France. I predict Shari’a Law in ten years.

    When (not if) that happens I wonder who the left will blame then?

    • Hilarious, you zionists keep pretending that any country that isn’t completely under your control is an evil dictatorship- when the complete opposite is true.

      Pezeshkian isn’t perfect, he supports some of the nasty neoliberal anti-socialist reforms that traitors like Rouhani pushed, but he is still a soldier who fought against you people in the War of Sacred Defence when you zionists and your puppets attacked Iranian cities with chemical weapons. Iran will continue to fight you babykillers until your threat is neutralized.

  9. If the left in New Zealand banded together the right would be gifted power for ever.
    Labour/TPM/Green is a horrifying thought.

  10. The white house seems to think it’s ok to basically gaslight the whole world over Biden. How fucking stupid. Obama is a big dick who is covering his ass and failing the world yet again. Failing to support BS over HC, resulting in a win for DT and then failing to tell the truth about Biden now.

  11. Out of the frying pan into the fire. The French ran from the hard right to the extreme left. They are just as bad.

  12. Kicking the can down the road doesn’t solve the problems that made people vote for right wing parties in the forst place. Le Pen will be back bigger than before unless these are addressed in a meaningful way. Fat chance of that.

  13. anyone who expects anything even vaguely socialist lite from starmer is deluded, capitalism is safe in his soft pudgy fully paid for hands…I fear chippy may be cut from the same cloth


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